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Experience more than just Enhanced Feminine Lubrication with Yes


Certified Organic and Natural Yes® water-based enhances feminine lubrication in many ways:

1. Immediately resolves and soothes any vaginal dryness
2. Effectively moistures the vaginal lining during sexual intercourse and stimulates the body’s own lubrication
3. Enhances intimacy and sensitivity irrespective of your natural lubrication level
4. Feels so silky and indistinguishable from your own lubrication
5. Regular use as a vaginal moisturizer will re-moisturize your vaginal tissues

Only Yes® water-based has the dual function of outstanding lubrication and deep re-moisturizing. 

Yes® water-based represents the purest possible solution for all women who want to treat their bodies with respect.

YES® products contain:
No Hormones
No Glycerin (may cause Thrush outbreaks)
No Petrochemicals (such as Parabens, Glycols)
No Sugars
No Skin irritants (such as Grapefruit seed extract)
No Silicone (acts like Clingfilm on skin)
No L-Arginine (causes Herpes outbreaks

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"…your Yes lube sample arrived with beautiful timing, as we set off on a holiday to celebrate our Ruby wedding!  My husband asks - do you supply it in five litre cans?"

"Yes is a step above everything we have used before"
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