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What makes Yes® revolutionary?

The founders of Yes® set out to create intimacy products which would outshine the category.  It has taken three years of profound research and creative development to create lubrication which:

personal lubricant Offers exceptional performance without compromising purity
personal lubricant Is non-derivative, having a new concept formulation which is totally unlike the tired well worn variations on silicone or glycerin based lubes
personal lubricant Is based on an ingredient with a outstanding (6,000 year) pedigree as a healing skin food
personal lubricant Has powerful moisture retentive properties
personal lubricant Is bio-adhesive to mucous membranes (inner skin environment)
personal lubricant Is composed of other organic, cosmetic and food quality ingredients
personal lubricant Is actively nourishing of the mucous membranes
personal lubricant Has a sublime consistency
personal lubricant Is as nature identical as possible
personal lubricant Does not expose intimate parts of the body to potentially damaging synthetic chemicals
personal lubricant Can be dispensed discreetly and efficiently
personal lubricant Deploys a valve closure which is hygienic and reduces the amount of preservative required
personal lubricant Is packaged in an aesthetic way
personal lubricant Can look stylish enough to be happily bought and left on display
personal lubricant Offers all the reassurance of a natural product, with the premium performance of a synthetic one
personal lubricant Changes your world from the inside...
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