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"I had a complete hysterectomy 22 years ago and was unable to find anything that worked for my vaginal dryness and PH imbalance, UNTIL I used YES water bases moisturizer! I can't wait to try the oil based for summer swimming! "
DG, Goring on Sea (March 2015)

"I've been using your oil-based lubricant for several years now and I just wouldn't consider buying any other product ~ it is just brilliant. I use it every day and I now feel like I did in the years before major gynaecological surgery, so thank you very much from the bottom of my heart x "
IH, Ipswich (March 2015)

"I absolutely love Yes!! After my hysterectomy I was very uncomfortable being intimate with my husband. Yes changed all of that!! Thank you Yes!! "
WK, London (December 2014)

"Only product that helped after my hysterectomy. Great and natural. "
SH, Norfolk (October 2014)

"After two years of fearing sex after a hysterectomy, I have finally found my sexuality again and it is just fantastic! Thank you! "
ES, West Sussex (September 2014)

"I am 53 and just recently have stopped using hormone replacement prescribed by my gynecologist. After having a complete hysterectomy at the age of 29, I have battled issues (vaginal dryness, yeast infections, etc..) for years. Recently, things have gotten really bad and after reading reviews online about Yes, I ordered both the oil & water based product. I absolutely love the new comfort level I feel with the water based. After using everything on the market & getting basically the same mediocre results, I am thrilled to find a product as valuable, high quality & natural as yes. I will be a customer for many years to come. Thank you for finally coming up with something that not only changes your life, but is designed with your health in mind! "
FA, Norfolk (July 2014)

"The Yes products have given my husband and me hope that we can still make love and enjoy being intimate even after my cancer and hysterectomy. Your products have helped tremendously with vaginal dryness and atrophy. I am so blessed to have found Yes! And my husband is a very happy man. :-) "
Rosie, Middlesex, UK (December 2013)

"It is wonderful...gave me my life back after my hysterectomy. Thank you so much!! Been using it for years now and won't use anything else!! "
Lynn, Surrey, UK (November 2013)

"I had to have a hysterectomy because I had endometriosis and this caused dryness. I cannot use products that contain hormones and YES is great because it is all natural."
Mrs H, Yorkshire (August 2013)

"I'm so thankful that Yes has saved me from the perpetuating feelings of inadequacy in the bedroom, and helped so much with this hysterectomy dryness issue."
Mrs King, TN, USA (June 2013)

"I also use it on my abdominal hysterectomy scar which was very painful and the skin is now much better and it no longer "pulls"."
Mrs Gray, Bucks, UK (June 2013)

"Saying yes to "yes" has put the magic back into my relationship, after a Hysterectomy, I have been taking Livial for 10 years and decided to come off it, the vaginal dryness was horrendous and other lubricants didn't work or gave me thrush, but using " yes" oil and water together has really worked for me..thank you "
Angela, Aquitaine (May 2013)

"Awesome product. Have had terrible dryness since hysterectomy. This is the ONLY product that has given me relief."
Mrs Cole, TN, USA (April 2013)

"This product is fantastic! Tried so many others and my husband and I are thrilled. We're in our 60's and still have an active sex life but due to menopause things changed. Well this product has brought it all back!"
Chapmen, WA, USA (March 2013)

"I just received my intro pack yesterday and my husband and I of course had to try it out! I absolutely love the oil based lubricant. We'll try the water based next. After a recent hysterectomy and complications, lubrication and moisture make our experience much more comfortable and pleasurable. Thank you for a great product!"
Lynda, TX, USA (February 2013)

"This is the only one I have found that does not irritate me and after my hysterectomy I needed help. "
Mrs H, Burgess Hill, Surrey (January 2013)

"Since having a hysterectomy in January I was really upset by vastly reduced natural lubrication. Thanks to 'Yes' things are so much better."
Mrs P, Devon, UK (December 2012)

"I have eczema mostly in THAT intimate area and also had a hysterectomy two years ago. I am 41 and not enjoying my surgical menopause!! I have tried a number of skin irritating, weird smelling, ugly result making vaginal moisturizers. All were, frankly, rubbish in some way. Yours came up in my searching and I tried a bottle... Blissful, happy, sparkly joy! Love it!"
Mrs A, West Midlands, UK (November 2012)

"I am 68 years old and after a total hysterectomy at 38 years old, sex had become very painful. Now, my husband and I enjoy great sex two or more times a week with little or no pain. Doctors were of no help! Two of them , one of which was a woman, offered no help and the male even had the nerve to ask in a sarcastic tone, " Are you still sexually active?" My husband is as excited about this product as I am. We are both active people. He is a 4.0 tennis player and I do the gym. We also enjoy hiking. I wish you'd get the word out even more about this product, especially for people who encounter pain during sex! This product has brought us so much joy!!!"
Maria, TX, USA (October 2012)

"This is my second YES order, as a woman who had a hysterectomy for medical reasons early in life with complications such as having to use a catheter now to empty my bladder, I have issues with dryness all the time but significant issues with dryness and sex. I tried other products, but found them to be sticky, did not feel natural and because I have to catheter myself I noticed an increase in UTI's after the use of other personal lubricants. My husband & I went from having sex 1-2 times a week to 1-2 times a year because it was so painful. We are not back to our "normal" but it is not as painful either. Thanks for making a product that helps, especially in complicated cases like mine."
Mrs M, GA, USA (August 2012)

"Your products are great and have helped us considerably; following a hysterectomy I suffered considerable discomfort. Not any more though! Excellent Service and Products"
Mrs S, Oxon, UK (August 2012)

"Love this stuff! I have issues with a dry vagina and pain and easily get infections. Had a hysterectomy years ago and this stuff is great."
Laura, IL, USA (July 2012)

"Fabulous product. Had to have a hysterectomy, which, in my 30s was very young to have to go through dryness. This has been a life-saver."
C McEvoy, N. Ireland (June 2012)

"I am a repeat customer and have recommended your product. "YES" is wonderful with no irritants and feels so natural. After a hysterectomy, it has made me feel like a woman again. Thank you so much!!"
L Dilks, NJ, USA (June 2012)

"Just wanted to say thank you for making a truly wonderful product, i have spent years trying lubes but have been allergic to all of them except Yes, and I've needed them from the age of 24 once I'd had to have a hysterectomy, so 20 years of allergic reactions lol not pleasant I can tell you lol, so thank you for putting that to an end."
V Howes, Coventry, UK

"Having had a full hysterectomy a year ago was getting desperate for a good lubricant so searched web and I'm giving your product a try as it seems just what I'm looking for!"
Liz, West Yorkshire, UK

"There is a love life after hysterectomy!"
Shirley, Tyne&Wear, UK

"Four years ago I had a complete and radical hysterectomy which resulted in very painful sexual intercourse. I was very dissatisfied with the OTC and doctor prescribed products I tried. As a result, my husband and I avoided sexual intimacy. I happened upon the YES web site and products. After reading about the products felt we should try these. I placed my order and received your products in a timely manner. I purchase both the oil based and water based products. What a difference the YES products have made in restoring sexual intimacy back into our 40 year marriage."

"You're lube is the best thing that ever happened to my post hysterectomy sex life. Please don't ever go out of business."

"I do not normally give feedback but your product really works, I have extreme dryness after a hysterectomy so need it for moisturising not for sex, and your excellent product works so well I can cut down on the hormones - which is always good."

"The free sample was superb - water based really helps me - and immediately - post hysterectomy for CA womb - nothing else did."
A Bewling, London, UK

"I am a 33-year-old woman who had a hysterectomy almost 10 years ago due to endometriosis, since then my body has changed dramatically due to surgical menopause and HRT. My vaginal atrophy and dryness made it excruciating to have intercourse. There wasn't a single time I didn't bleed and would be sore for days after sex. I tried hormone creams and many different kinds of lubricants with little to no real results. It was a true blessing when I found YES. I ordered your sample pack and tried it. WOW!! There was no pain at all, it was me only better! I finally enjoyed sex for the first time in almost 10 years!! I have recommended your products to all my friends. It is the perfect personal lubricant. You barely even notice it is there. It isn't thick and never sticky and it truly lasts! I personally use both the applicators along with the water-based lube for reapplication. It has changed pain into pleasure for me for the first time in so very long. All I can say is TRY IT you will be so happy you did! I couldn't begin to thank you enough and will be a grateful and satisfied customer for life!"

"Highly recommended by others who have had to have a hysterectomy and go into surgical menopause with resulting dryness. Lovely website, had dreaded feeling tacky when buying such a product, but it was fine. Thanks."

"After my hysterectomy, vaginal dryness has been a very real problem for me. I tried many different types of lubricants and kept having repeated infections. Yes gave me my intimacy back as well as daily comfort. Thank you so much for making such a wonderful product."

"After having a hysterectomy we were looking for a natural, non-hormonal based product that would allow us to resume our sex life. My husband and I love your product. It is an effective lubricant that allows us to enjoy each other. Thank-you. "

"After having my hysterectomy at the age of 32 and then being on HRT for the last 18 years, my Doctor has been weaning me off since my 50th in September. No major symptoms so far apart from vaginal dryness "

"What a great product. I recommend it to everyone I know. It has given me my confidence back following a hysterectomy."

"I have had years of problems and recently decided to try Yes. What can I say? I am on here now ordering bigger packs. I recommend this to anyone who has had an early hysterectomy "

"Post-hysterectomy, and needing testosterone patches because of it, needed a good lubricant, and for the first time in years, because of the oil-based one, I can go for a wee afterwards without it stinging!! Thank you - it's also great during, by the way!!! "