Ffion’s top foreplay tips to spice up your sex life

What is foreplay? Foreplay is often defined as any sexual activity before intercourse to help prepare both the mind and body for sex. Using foreplay before sex can trigger a physiological and physical response that makes sexual activity enjoyable or in some cases possible. But, intercourse doesn’t actually need to be the end goal of […]

Posted 29/07/2021

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Vulva vs Vagina

Accurately identifying and labelling our body parts is important, especially when it comes to our genitals. Not only is it important for our physical health but it is also important for our sexual wellbeing. The more confidently that we can discuss our bodies, the easier it is to describe something accurately to a doctor or […]

Posted 28/06/2021

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YES Partners with GIRLvsCANCER ‘Feeling Myself’ Campaign

Who is GRLvsCancer? Lauren Mahon was diagnosed with breast cancer back in 2016, and in her own words she was sure they were ‘having a laugh – how could she have breast cancer when her boobs are more of a nod to a boob – a goodwill gesture’. Seeking reassurance and support, Lauren discovered that […]

Posted 14/05/2021

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YES Partners with The Eve Appeal for Get Lippy 2021

This May, The YES YES Company is proud to support The Eve Appeal’s Get Lippy campaign. About The Eve Appeal & Get Lippy Each year in the UK, over 21,000 women are diagnosed with a gynaecological cancer. Early diagnosis is important and many of these cases can be successfully treated. However, some treatments can lead […]

Posted 28/04/2021

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Celebrating the return of the bees with Seedball

Why are bees important to YES®? Spring has sprung and with it, the bees have begun to return from hibernation. Bees are incredibly important to the pollination of plants, dipping into petals to collect nectar and pollen, whilst spreading their pollen from flower to flower. Many plants would not be able to fertilise without bees. […]

Posted 20/04/2021

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Spring Clean Your Intimate Health Routine

Spring is here! A time of natural regeneration, rejuvenation, and revitalization; a chance to re-assess, reset and make steps towards positive changes for the coming year. So, why not apply this to your intimate health? This month our focus is celebrating #yourbodyinbloom, highlighting how your body and sex life can truly flourish with the help […]

Posted 13/04/2021

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Revitalise your home with an organic spring clean!

At last, the lockdown is easing and we all want to enjoy the sunshine with friends and family.  But after a year of hibernation, our homes need a refresh too! Make your spring clean a positive, uplifting experience. Harness the power of nature to create your healthy, happy home by using organic household and laundry […]

Posted 01/04/2021

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Sex & Endometriosis by The Endo Monologues

March is endometriosis awareness month so what better time to talk about how sex and endometriosis have a very, very complicated relationship. What is endometriosis? Endometriosis is a medical condition wherein cells that are similar to those of the lining of the uterus grow elsewhere in the body and can cause a plethora of issues […]

Posted 19/03/2021

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YES x Therapi Mother’s Day Competition

Mother’s Day is a chance to show appreciation for the important women in our lives and there’s no doubt that this year it’s more important than ever to celebrate mother’s everywhere juggling work and family life. This year, we’ve teamed up with mother and daughter founded company Therapi, to offer an organic mother’s day bundle […]

Posted 18/03/2021

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YES partner with Beam for International Women’s Week! 

About Beam Beam is the world’s first crowdfunding platform for homeless people. Through Beam’s website, you can support a homeless person for the long-term, helping them secure a job, earn a living and get back on their feet. You can also send a message of encouragement when you donate to someone, becoming part of their new support […]

Posted 10/03/2021

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International Women’s Week 2021 Competition

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we’re partnering with fellow female-founded brands for an amazing giveaway worth over £90! Soap Folk Behind the brand: Soap Folk use traditional cold process methods to make soaps from organic, locally sourced ingredients. “As the world began to realise that bar soaps are kinder to the planet, my vision was […]

Posted 10/03/2021

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Happy International Women’s Day 2021 #ChooseToChallenge

When Sarah and I started YES, as well as extolling the Goddess Isis, we took great inspiration from Anita Roddick. She was feminine, fearless and a force for good in establishing her Body Shop chain, which challenged the Personal Care Industry status quo, and pioneered ethical business in a revolutionary way. She certainly ‘Chose to […]

Posted 08/03/2021

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Guest Blog: Natracare’s 5 Top Tips for Having Period Sex

When you’re on your period, your hormones fluctuate, and your emotions might be affected by this. For some this might mean feeling teary or easily agitated, for others it might mean feeling more aroused. Increased arousal during your period can stem from many different reasons – whether that’s needing intimacy and closeness, wanting to get […]

Posted 19/02/2021

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Self-Love Week

This February we’re celebrating all different kinds of love. From romantic relationships, to friendships and self-love, we’re covering it all. Right now, it’s more important than ever to spread good vibes and show our appreciation for the ones we love, and (arguably most importantly) showing ourselves a little love too. Self-love can come in many […]

Posted 16/02/2021

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Valentine’s Week

This February we’re celebrating all different kinds of love. From romantic relationships, to friendships and self-love, we’re covering it all. While Valentine’s Day on February 14th is typically a celebration for lovers, this year we thought we’d extend that love out to all areas of our lives for a month-long celebration. Right now, it’s more […]

Posted 09/02/2021

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6 Valentine’s Day Lockdown Date Ideas

With the UK in lockdown, staying in is still very much the new going out. But that doesn’t mean you have to skip the Valentine’s Day celebrations. Whilst it’s tempting to treat 14th February like any other day this year (especially if you don’t do Valentine’s) it’s always nice to have something different to look […]

Posted 09/02/2021

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Galentine’s Week

This February we’re celebrating all different kinds of love. From romantic relationships, to friendships and self-love, we’re covering it all. While Valentine’s Day on February 14th is typically a celebration for lovers, this year we thought we’d extend that love out to all areas of our lives for a month-long celebration. Right now, it’s more […]

Posted 04/02/2021

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Cervical Cancer Prevention

Cervical Cancer Prevention

Let’s face it, with Covid-19 at forefront of our minds this past year, it’s been hard to make room for anything else. We’ve all been challenged to adapt to change and amend our priorities. However, one thing that hasn’t changed is the importance of attending our cervical screening. According to Cancer Research UK, around 3,200 […]

Posted 18/01/2021

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Shipping Delays & Stock Update

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to ship to countries which are part of the European Union. We are addressing this issue with urgency and will reach out to our customers who reside in the EU as soon as we are able to ship again. A heartfelt thank you again for your understanding and apologies for […]

Posted 07/01/2021

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The Best YES Podcasts of 2020

What a year! We’re almost done with 2020 (finally!), So, with just a few weeks to go – and Netflix no doubt already exhausted –  we wanted to give you some new podcasts (featuring YES!) to get you through the last stretch of December. From managing the menopause to saving the planet there’s something for everyone.   Here are some of our favourite YES podcast episodes from this year:  Humans on […]

Posted 22/12/2020

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Guest Blog: Vagina Museum, Busting Vagina Myths

Over the last few months, The YES YES Company has been helping to create a safe space for discussion and education on sex and intimate wellbeing. This week we’re exploring the female anatomy, so what better guests to have on our blog to challenge our misconceptions around our vulvas, than the fabulous ‘muff busters’ at […]

Posted 08/12/2020

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Adult Sex Education: Bridging the Gaps in Our Knowledge

Sex is an integral part of life and when it comes to sexual wellness, information is key to making important decisions and navigating our sex lives. Yet, many of us received sex education in school that was lacking, leaving us with gaps in our knowledge around intimate health going into adulthood. Talking to others about […]

Posted 05/11/2020

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My Menopause Diagnosis, Katie Taylor (Founder of The Latte Lounge)

Let’s face it, for most of us, the journey into menopause is a bit of a mystery. It’s not generally covered in sex and relationship lessons in school, and a quick Google search provides a fairly vague answer to the question ‘How do I know when I’ve started the menopause?’ Part of the problem is […]

Posted 20/10/2020

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YES CLEANSE wins at the Free From Skincare Awards

YES CLEANSE wins at the Free From Skincare Awards 2020

 We’re delighted to announce that YES CLEANSE (Unfragranced) intimate wash has been awarded The Free From Achievement Award as well as being given the gold medal for the Body Care (Rinse Off) category in the Free From Skincare Awards 2020! These awards celebrate and encourage skincare manufacturers who create cosmetics that exclude some of the […]

Posted 20/10/2020

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YES Organic Intimacy Week

Win An Organic Hamper Worth Over £350!*

This Organic Intimacy Week, we’ve gone all out to launch our biggest social media competition yet! To promote the benefits of swapping your everyday ‘essentials’ to certified organic products, we’ve partnered with a handful of our favourite Soil Association certified organic brands for a HUGE giveaway. We’re offering one lucky winner an organic product hamper […]

Posted 03/09/2020

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Why Choose Organic?

‘Going organic’ is one of the best choices that you can make for your health and the planet, but why exactly? The best place to start is to examine what organic actually means… What does ‘organic’ mean? According to the Department for Agriculture and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), ‘Organic food is the product of a farming […]

Posted 01/09/2020

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YES Organic Intimacy Week

YES Organic Intimacy Week 2020

What is Organic Intimacy Week? This week is The YES YES Company’s chance to shout about the importance of organic and why product purity matters. Our certified organic status is at the heart of our value system and our mission to ‘change the world from the inside’. When it comes to skin care, we’re very […]

Posted 01/09/2020

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Vote for YES CLEANSE in the Janey Loves Platinum Awards 2020

One of the most established natural health and wellbeing awards in the UK, the Janey Loves Platinum Awards highlight the excellence and innovation in natural, organic and eco products and services. Judged by a panel of key influencers and respected experts including Zoe Ball, Jo Wood and Glynis Barber, the awards help to introduce new customers to […]

Posted 28/05/2020

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Guest blog: Diane Danzebrink, Menopause and Mental Health Awareness Month

Anyone who has experienced pre menstrual syndrome will be well aware of the emotional rollercoaster that fluctuating hormones can cause but many are simply not prepared for the variety and intensity of those symptoms which affect some women particularly during perimenopause which is essentially the time from your first menopause symptom to the point where you […]

Posted 22/05/2020

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Sexual Wellness And Social Distancing

With social distancing guidelines and lockdown in place, it’s more important now than ever to be aware of and take care of our mental and physical wellbeing. Wellbeing is affected by everything from work, family, health concerns, the food we’re eating, the activities we’re participating in, to the sex that we’re having (or not having). […]

Posted 23/04/2020

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Boosting your wellbeing during social-isolation with sex and masturbation

With social distancing guidelines in place, it looks like we’re set to be spending a lot more time inside. So whether you’re distancing with a partner or by yourself, why not take this opportunity to make the most of the bedroom and get intimate! Did you know that sex can boost your mental and physical […]

Posted 06/04/2020

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Did you know that sex and masturbation can be great for boosting your mental and physical wellbeing? With social distancing guidelines in place, it looks like we’re set to be spending a lot more time inside. So whether you’re with a partner or by yourself, why not take this opportunity to make the most of […]

Posted 01/04/2020

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) update

Dear YES customers Given the situation we all find ourselves in with Covid-19 we wanted to take this opportunity to check in with you. Our team is working from the safety of their homes as much as possible and with the miracle of modern technology, it is business as usual. We are working with our suppliers to ensure […]

Posted 25/03/2020

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To celebrate International Women’s Day we are offering one lucky person the chance win a menopause wellbeing hamper! One lucky winner will receive: YES ‘Menopause Kit’, RRP £64 Including: YES VM Vaginal Moisturiser 100ml, YES VM Vaginal Moisturiser Single-Use Applicators (Pack of 30), YES CLEANSE intimate foaming wash (unfragranced) and YES CLEANSE ROSE. YES products […]

Posted 11/03/2020

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Celebrating YES Founders Sarah Brooks & Susi Lennox this International Women’s Day 2020

To mark International Women’s Day 2020, we’re celebrating the amazing achievement of YES co-founders Sarah Brooks and Susi Lennox, by sharing the incredible story of how they sold their houses and set out to change the world from the inside… ‘YES’ Is The Word Riding the crest of a body and sex positive eco-friendly wave […]

Posted 08/03/2020

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YES products are now available in the USA

AH! YES is the USA version of YES products, we weren’t able to trademark YES in the USA so we’ve picked a catchy new name just for the States. What does this mean for you? Fast shipping. 2-4 days with USPS from our new USA warehouse. Tracked service as standard. YES is called AH! YES […]

Posted 27/02/2020

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Guest Blog: Ruby Stevenson, What good sex means to me

Last year, I was asked what good sex meant to me at the end of my ‘Guide to Pleasure’ event. It’s one of my favourite questions I’ve been asked, because it really took me by surprise! We’re often told what good sex should look and feel like, but rarely are we encouraged to express what […]

Posted 17/02/2020

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*Win a Valentine’s pleasure package worth over £130*

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, love (and lust) is in the air and gifts are on our mind. To celebrate, we’re offering you the chance to win a Valentine’s Pleasure Package worth over £130! One lucky winner will indulge in: A YES pleasure bundle YES lubricants are formulated from plant extracts to give the most […]

Posted 05/02/2020

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“How can using a lubricant transform my sex life?”

One of the most common questions we’re frequently asked is, “How can using a lubricant transform my sex life?”. Commonly associated as a problem solver, lubricants can be overlooked a sexual enhancer as well. Many women experience vaginal dryness and there are a number of factors that can contribute to this. The BBC recently reported […]

Posted 24/01/2020

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Pleasure with Trudy Hannington – How to have the best sex using YES

If you’re going to have sex, you should have good sex. Often, women put up with bad sex or simply have no idea how to get pleasure from sex, and this shouldn’t be the case. In the below video, Sex Therapist Trudy Hannington explores how a lubricant can enhance your sex life and how to […]

Posted 24/12/2019

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Top Tips for a Sustainable Christmas Image

Top Tips for a Sustainable Christmas

Christmas, ‘the most wonderful time of the year’, can often be the most wasteful time of the year. Don’t worry, we absolutely love Christmas so we don’t want to dampen your spirits. Having attended a recent talk by beauty brand BYBI, we were inspired to share a few of the facts we learnt about the […]

Posted 20/12/2019

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Blog image 2

Eco-Friendly Alternatives for a Greener Sex Life

Most of us are beginning to find ways to cut our carbon footprint, whether that’s through recycling, make dietary concessions or buying secondhand. But how many of us have considered how the choices we make in the bedroom can impact on the planet too? According to a recent article in Glamour Magazine, condoms, lube, toys, […]

Posted 14/12/2019

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Blog image

Say YES to Sustainable Sex!

Sustainable sex? What?! No! We’re not talking about sustaining sex for longer, that’s entirely your business! What we want to talk about is making sex more ecologically sustainable. The importance of going green in the bedroom might not seem an obvious consideration, but there’s no doubt that the sex industry has a measurable negative impact […]

Posted 12/12/2019

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Green Friday blog image

Green Friday 2019

Black Friday is so last year – 2019 is all about Green Friday Do we really need more ‘unmissable’ deals on stuff we don’t really need, gifts that loved ones don’t really want? That admittedly exciting, never-ending flurry of deliveries, all with its own ocean-choking phalanx of packaging. Really? Do we? We’re not the only […]

Posted 22/11/2019

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*Win a post-natal hamper worth over £120*

To celebrate our November campaign, “YES – The Best Choice For You”, we’re launching a fantastic competition to win a post-natal product hamper, full of Soil Association certified brands. One lucky winner will receive: A variety of YES Personal Lubricants, Intimate Washes and Vaginal Moisturisers YES products are certified organic, natural plant-based personal lubricants, intimate […]

Posted 19/11/2019

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Blog image for YES - The Best Choice For You

Guest Blog: Vaginal Dryness and Pregnancy, Contraception and Beyond… by Philippa Kaye

Vaginal dryness is extremely common and yet not something which we talk about, resulting in many women not feeling able to discuss this, even with their GPs, though there are lots of appropriate treatments available!  Vaginal dryness can lead to symptoms such as burning or itching and often, painful sex, the need to pee more […]

Posted 18/11/2019

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YES products – no tricks, just treats!

Take a look at some common intimacy products and you may find that the ingredients list is enough to make your hair stand on end! It is likely that you’ll find they include synthetic chemicals, such as skin irritants, petroleum extracts, plastics or even some with hormone mimicking properties. Others’ ingredients are   not declared on […]

Posted 31/10/2019

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How far have we come and what’s next on the Menopause agenda?

As Menopause Month comes to a close, we thought we’d round up the month by examining ‘the bigger picture’. We asked Trudy Hannington (Sex Therapist), Jane Lewis (Author of Me & My Menopausal Vagina), Katie Day (Director of RDP International Ltd) and Katie Usher (Menopause and Relationships Coach) to tell us how far they think […]

Posted 28/10/2019

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Menopause: what does ‘normalising the conversation’ mean? by Katie Day

Location, location, location. Education, education, education. We’re all used to the power of ‘three’. Interesting, then, that last year an academic at Leicester University said everyone, in particular men, should say the word ‘menopause’ three times a day.1 Menopause, menopause, menopause. Hmmm, perhaps not. Whilst we support the energy behind this statement, it runs the […]

Posted 21/10/2019

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Translating menopause – a glossary

When reading around a topic, educating yourself can sometimes be made harder by the terminology used, and menopause is one of those subjects with a complex lexicon all its own. After all, when it comes to menopause vocab, why would you be familiar with it until, you know, you need to be? October is Menopause […]

Posted 18/10/2019

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Guest blog Katie Day: The Menopause – why should organisations bother?

Policies and guidelines around mental health are in place. Established and clear policies have been in existence for pregnant women and parental leave for many years. Ways of recording reasons for absence and supporting staff (via Employee Assistance Programmes for example) are well used. The menopause. Ah. Not so good there then! I find this […]

Posted 15/10/2019

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FIND YOUR TRIBE: The social benefits of menopause yoga by Petra Coveney

As we transition through menopause, the hormonal changes in our bodies also affect our mental health. The drop in estrogen causes a form of menopausal low mood that can lead to menopausal depression. It is important to make this distinction because the biochemical causes are different from other forms of depression due, for instance, to […]

Posted 15/10/2019

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Guest blog: Nicki Hawkins discusses opting for organic after her experience with cancer

Breast Cancer Awareness Month may always be an opportunity to reflect on what I have learned from my Cancer experience as two years ago I was recovering from Mastectomy surgery, still wearing the ‘highly fashionable’ support stockings and wondering if I would ever look or feel like a ‘Real Woman’ again.  Oddly I have to […]

Posted 11/10/2019

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YES VM Wins Janey Loves Platinum Award 2019

We’re delighted to announce that YES VM vaginal moisturiser has been commended as Best Feminine Care Winner in the Janey Loves Platinum Awards 2019!* These awards highlight excellence and innovation in Natural, Organic and Eco products and services, and were judged by a panel including: Zoe Ball, Janey Lee Grace, Glynis Barber, Clare Every, Jo […]

Posted 10/10/2019

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*Win a Wellness Hamper Worth over £300!*

This month we are running our biggest giveaway yet! We’re offering participants the chance to win an exclusive ‘YES Menopause Month: Find Your Tribe Wellness Hamper’ (worth over £300!) filled with treats to sooth menopausal symptoms, and to keep you feeling cool, calm and collected. One lucky winner will receive the following: YES VM Vaginal […]

Posted 10/10/2019

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Guest blog: Jane Hutchison discusses her experience with breast cancer and how it moved her to set up the Hello Beautiful Foundation

We were lucky enough to visit the Hello Love studio through a Soil Association Organic Beauty and Wellbeing Week panel discussion, and having discovered the amazing work that Jane has been doing, we asked her to share with us how she’s making a difference to the community with ‘The first space in London dedicated to […]

Posted 04/10/2019

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Menopause Month: Find your tribe

It’s been said that it takes a village to raise a child. The concept that influence and input from a wide range of people, across generations and extended family and friends, is instrumental in the development a well-rounded child is not a new one. It stands to reason that exposure to a wide range of […]

Posted 02/10/2019

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Guest Blog: Sex Is Good For You; And Even Better When You Go All-Natural

Paying close attention to the ingredients we put into our body is second nature for many when it comes to food, with more people opting for organic[1]. But are we giving the same consideration to the ingredients going into our bodies under other circumstances, like during times of sexual intimacy? We understand and embrace the […]

Posted 18/09/2019

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The truth about harmful chemicals in personal health products

There has been a lot of press coverage in recent years surrounding various chemicals used in the beauty, health and wellbeing industries and as a result, growth in natural and organic product has seen an unprecedented surge. The Soil Association reports that from a survey of 1,000 participants, when shown supposed ‘organic’ products, 76% said […]

Posted 04/09/2019

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*Win an Organic Hamper Worth over £170*

To celebrate Organic September, we’re launching a social media competition to promote the benefits of swapping your everyday ‘essentials’ to certified organic products. One lucky winner will receive an organic product hamper filled with Soil Association certified brands including the following: A selection of YES Lubricants, Vaginal Moisturisers and Intimate Washes Making vaginas happy! YES […]

Posted 02/09/2019

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YES Organic Intimacy Week

YES Organic Intimacy Week

It’s time to get intimate with organic. This month we’re celebrating the start of Organic September with the launch of YES Organic Intimacy Week, taking place from 1st  to 8th  September 2019. What is YES Organic Intimacy Week? YES Organic Intimacy Week is our chance to shout about the importance of organic and why product […]

Posted 31/08/2019

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Guest Blog: Sophie Claus discusses her surgical menopause journey

Surgical menopause hit me like a freight train in February 2018, age just 32. It was just two days after a total hysterectomy and bilateral oophorectomy for endometriosis and PMDD that menopausal symptoms began. What is POI & surgical menopause? POI stands for Premature Ovarian Insufficiency. It can occur for a number of reasons: genetics […]

Posted 14/08/2019

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Alternative uses for YES products

We’re all familiar with the saying ‘you are what you eat’, but how about ‘you are what you put on your skin’? When a product is applied to the body externally, the ingredients within it can actually enter the body through the skin. These substances then pass into the blood stream and circulate around the […]

Posted 09/08/2019

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Post-Pregnancy Vaginal Dryness

It’s no secret that the body goes through many changes during pregnancy and post-childbirth – particularly the vagina. Yet, no one seems to talk about vaginal dryness despite it being a very common symptom experienced by post-natal women. Straight after a woman gives birth, her oestrogen levels drop drastically. Oestrogen is responsible for maintaining vaginal […]

Posted 05/08/2019

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Guest Blog: Exercise During The Menopause By Jane Dowling

It is more important than ever before for women to become physically active when they hit menopause. Menopause is a phase that every woman must go through as her age progresses. Typically occurring between 49-52 years of age, menopause is diagnosed after she goes without a menstrual period for twelve months. However, peri-menopause can start […]

Posted 01/08/2019

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Do we really need feminine washes?

If the vagina is self-cleaning then why would I need a feminine wash? There’s a growing conversation surrounding the feeling that personal care companies are responsible for making women feel they need to use cleansing and perfumed products for intimate areas. It feels as though the ‘feminine hygiene’ industry has worked hard to increase women’s […]

Posted 25/07/2019

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Eco-friendly Swaps – The Menstrual Cup

In recent years we’ve seen the intimate health market boom, with increased consumer demand for chemical-free, natural and eco-friendly alternatives to ‘mainstream’ feminine care products that have previously dominated the highstreets. From reusable panty liners to biodegradable tampons and pads (be sure to check out Natracare’s range made from 100% certified organic cotton) there are […]

Posted 22/07/2019

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Sublime Magazine, Good Brand Award 2019

We’re thrilled to announce that The YES YES Company have been awarded with the Good Brand Award 2019, in recognition of advancing social and environmental sustainability, by Sublime Magazine. About the Good Brand Awards The sustainable lifestyle magazine ‘rewards businesses that can be trusted by customers’ with the Sublime endorsement badge, which demonstrates that services […]

Posted 11/07/2019

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Managing vaginal dryness post-cancer treatment

A common misconception about vulval or vaginal dryness is that it only occurs in the later stages of a woman’s life, often associated with the menopause. When in fact, women of any age can experience this unwanted symptom, whether this is due to medication, diabetes breastfeeding, or even cancer treatment.   What causes vaginal dryness […]

Posted 02/07/2019

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Ditching the non-biodegradable wet wipe: YES explores the alternatives

The wipe-out… In May 2019, high street retailer, health store Holland & Barrett, became the first UK store to announce it would stop selling all 34 products in its wet wipe range across its 800 UK and Ireland stores (and online) in a bid to reduce the environmental damage that non-biodegradable wipes cause to sewage […]

Posted 13/06/2019

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NHS Prescription Changes & YES

Have you been struggling to get hold of YES WB water based lubricant or YES VM vaginal moisturiser on prescription? Firstly, we would like to reassure you that both products are still available on prescription and offer the same great value for money, (did you know they’re less expensive than both Replens and Sylk?). The […]

Posted 05/06/2019

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Guest Blog: Lavinia Winch Discusses ‘Managing Intimate Health’ Workshops at Breast Cancer Haven

Lavinia Winch is our YES Ambassador. She writes and speaks from both a personal and professional perspective, integrating her own intimate health journey with the knowledge she has gained from liaising with Health Care Professionals, and addressing customer’s sexual health issues over the last ten years. As a patient representative, Lavinia’s experience of a mis-diagnosed […]

Posted 01/06/2019

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#StillSexy – Women over 50 defy stereotypes

Getting older is no fun at all, especially if you’re a woman – or is it? A recent study has revealed that older women are hitting back against the clichés of being ‘finished at forty’. Common perception would have us believe that reaching 50 as a woman spells the end: the end to sex appeal, […]

Posted 23/05/2019

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Ditch the taboos! Here’s how YES are sponsoring The Eve Appeal’s #GetLippy campaign this May…

Each year in the UK, over 21,000 women are diagnosed with a form of gynaecological cancer. Sadly, this equates to 58 life-changing diagnoses each day. The Eve Appeal are the UK’s leading charity helping to raise awareness of, and fund research for the five gynaecological cancers: womb, ovarian, cervical, vulval and vaginal. In spite of […]

Posted 21/05/2019

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Busting Taboos with BBC Breakfast

We’re absolutely thrilled to see that BBC Breakfast have launched a ‘Wake Up To The Menopause’ campaign this week (13th May). What’s ‘Wake Up To The Menopause’? BBC Breakfast is running a whole range of news items on the menopause from 6am to raise awareness about the issues faced by women experiencing the menopause. The […]

Posted 15/05/2019

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Visit YES at This Morning Live 2019

Love discovering new brands, sampling street food and listening to fantastic live speakers? Join us at This Morning Live – a shopping and lifestyle festival that brings the award winning breakfast show to life! Visit us at stand A6 where the YES team will be on hand to top up your knowledge of all things […]

Posted 15/05/2019

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YES Have Entered The Janey Loves Platinum Awards 2019

Would you help us get the message about YES out there to even more lovely people? This year we’ve entered a new selection of products into the 2019 Janey Loves Platinum Awards and we’d love it if you could vote for YES. Not only do the awards highlight excellence and innovation in Natural, Organic and […]

Posted 06/05/2019

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Closeup of grass and daisies representing the power of menopause

Guest Blog: The Power of the Menopause by Katie Day

You may find yourself reacting to the above title. Menopause and power are rarely two words that women automatically put together in the same sentence! At our workshops I regularly see fabulous, strong, fierce and talented women who are doubting themselves. Women who doubt they have anything to offer. Women who assume they are now […]

Posted 15/04/2019

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Earth Hour 2019 – Turn off the lights and connect to earth…

What is Earth Hour? Set up by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), Earth Hour is the most participated switch-off event globally. For the first time in 2007, more than 2.2 million individuals and 2,000 businesses switched their lights off for one hour in support of a sustainable future. Jumping forward to 2018, hundreds […]

Posted 29/03/2019

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YES World Health Day Competition – Win a Product Bundle Worth Over £250!

What is World Health Day? World Health Day is a global health awareness day, celebrated on April 7th each year, marking the anniversary of the World Health Organisation (WHO). Each year the WHO selects an area of global public health concern as a theme. For 2019, the theme is: Universal health coverage: everyone, everywhere.   […]

Posted 28/03/2019

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Dandelion with seeds floating away

‘Normal’ Vaginas Don’t Exist – and We Love It!

The Designer Vagina Whilst breast, bum and lip implants are now becoming part of a daily routine for a number of celebrity ‘icons’, the next body modification trend comes in the form of surgically altering the vulval tissues –  labiaplasty. Despite specific cases that require the procedure, most labiaplasty has derived from the idea of […]

Posted 20/02/2019

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Hands holding a pink vibrator in bed to illustrate the history of vibrators

A Brief History of the Vibrator

Female masturbation is a topic historically shrouded in taboo, though slowly but surely the curtain is lifting, as women feel freer to discuss pleasure and how they find it. This is highlighted by the advent and popularity of podcasts such as The Hot Bed Collective and Laid Bare that offer advice on which toys to […]

Posted 13/02/2019

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person holding a basket of fresh fruit and vegetables

The 5 Vegan Alternatives That You Have To Try Out This Veganuary

With demand for meat-free food increasing by 987% in 2017[1], the term ‘vegan’ is clearly transitioning from niche to mainstream. The trend is not slowing and it appears that more people than ever are promising to turn to plant-based diets as a resolution this New Year. So if you are considering making the switch, or […]

Posted 28/01/2019

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cervical cancer prevention week promotional banner

Cervical Cancer Prevention Week – What we’re doing…

Cervical Cancer Prevention Week Monday 21st – Sunday 27th January 2019 marks Cervical Cancer Prevention Week. Naturally, YES are going to tackle the frequently and not so frequently asked questions surrounding the subject. More specifically, we are going to highlight the fundamental signs and symptoms of the gynaecological cancer and what to look out for. […]

Posted 21/01/2019

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Hamper of YES natural intimate products

Lichen Sclerosus UK Awareness January Competition

About Lichen Sclerosus UK Awareness Lichen Sclerosus UK Awareness was created to help sufferers of Lichen Sclerosus, as well as those who believe they may have the condition, to understand the symptoms and diagnosis process. Their keys aims are to raise awareness of Lichen Sclerosus and break the taboo surrounding the condition.   What is […]

Posted 08/01/2019

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No sex today please!

I was interested to read an article in the Times newspaper (September 29th 2018) entitled “No sex please, we’re millennials”. The article was based on a survey conducted by Mumsnet and Relate which states that 25% of couples in their thirties have a ‘sexless’ relationship. (This is officially defined as having sex fewer than 10 […]

Posted 19/12/2018

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friend spelt with wooden block letters

Guest blog: ‘Lube is not shameful; lube is your friend’ by Hannah Cosham

Hannah Cosham writes an honest account on life after a breast cancer diagnosis, volunteering as a Boobette and discovering YES. Breast cancer is one of the most commonly diagnosed cancers in the UK. 1 in 8 women will now experience breast cancer at some point in their lifetime. As such, it is arguably one of the […]

Posted 05/11/2018

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menopause highlighted in the dictionary

Guest Blog: The Menopause Support Guide to Understanding Menopause for Men, by Diane Danzebrink

The menopause can be an overwhelming time in a woman’s life. Due to the drop in hormone levels women experience, this can affect them both mentally and physically. Every woman’s experience is different, however these significant changes can come as a bit of a shock. That’s because the lingering taboo surrounding menopause means that it […]

Posted 29/10/2018

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Lichen Sclerosus – All Of Your Questions Answered

During the year we attend many medical conferences where Health Care Professionals tell us that Lichen Sclerosus is a fairly common condition amongst their female patients. However, like many intimate health conditions it’s not an easy subject to talk about. It is most important if you experience vulval itching, soreness, splitting or changes to the […]

Posted 25/10/2018

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YES best product 2018 spotlight awards

YES VM Wins Best Menopause Product in The Spotlight Awards 2018

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that YES VM has been voted as the Community Choice Best Menopause Product 2018 by Live Better With Menopause! The final results were based upon the number of nominations from both the Live Better With Menopause Community, and the general public. So thank you to everyone that nominated YES, […]

Posted 23/10/2018

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how to choose between YES WB, YES OB and YES BUT natural lubricants

Which lubricant should I use?

“Which lubricant should I use?” is a question that customers new to YES frequently ask. The answer is that the benefits of each product really depend on the individual’s needs. In this article we’ve recommended the best YES lubricants for each of these common uses.  Which lubricant should I use… …for pleasure Our range of […]

Posted 12/10/2018

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Yay simply care box with natural bath salts and YES organic vaginal moisturiser

Guest Blog: Sarah King, Founder of Yay Simply Discusses Her Experience Using YES

Sarah King, founder of Yay Simply, was inspired to create her care boxes whilst sitting at home recovering after the birth of her daughter. She and her partner were inundated with visitors bringing gifts, and on her website she explains that as lovely as this was, all she really wanted was ‘another pair of the […]

Posted 03/10/2018

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Don’t fear your smear – what to expect at your cervical screening appointment and why it is so vital.

September marks Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month and as such, we’re talking about all things intimate health; specifically, the signs and symptoms of the five gynae cancers. As 24th September marks the start of Sexual Health Week, we wanted to focus specifically on cervical cancer. Did you know that cervical cancer is the fourth most common […]

Posted 26/09/2018

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organic your september logo

Going Organic this September – What Are the Benefits?

Organic September So you’ve said goodbye to August along with its fond summer memories, and you’re welcoming in September with an unbearably awkward handshake. We can sympathise. However, unlike our traditional autumnal weather, we would like to remind you that not everything is submerged under a cold, grey cloud of doom. After all, this September […]

Posted 07/09/2018

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The eve appeal Go Red campaign

YES shoots with The Eve Appeal for ‘Go Red September’

Who are The Eve Appeal? You may have heard of The Eve Appeal, one of the biggest UK national charities that focuses on raising awareness and funding research into the five gynaecological cancers – womb, ovarian, cervical, vulval and vaginal. Developing and introducing innovative methods of risk prediction, early detection and screening for these women-only […]

Posted 06/09/2018

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go organic festival in Battersea

UK Festivals Are Going Green

You’re on a long and sunny weekend away with friends, enjoying live music, whilst indulging in all kinds of dreamy food and drinks. Festival season is here, and what’s not to love? Well, whether it be knee deep mud puddles, portaloos or remains of lukewarm alcohol vessels spread across a number of once-thriving fields, the […]

Posted 21/08/2018

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ocean and beach

Five Travel-Friendly Essentials That You Need To Take On Holiday

If a gloriously sun-filled vacation isn’t an excuse to break your typical skin care routine, then what is? Holiday season is well-upon us, so we’ve put together our five best travel-friendly organic picks that you simply can’t miss out on. We can assure you that these five skin-friendly essentials will allow your skin to stay […]

Posted 13/08/2018

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Headshot of baby orangutan Gito sponsored by The Yes Yes Company

Our Newest Addition to the YES Team – Gito the Orangutan!

We’re over the moon to announce that the YES team have collectively adopted Gito, our lovely little orangutan from Borneo! Gito’s touching story has been heard by people across the globe, whereby the International Animal Rescue team found him lying lifeless and looking “almost mummified”[1] in a soiled cardboard box at just 3 months old. […]

Posted 10/07/2018

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product image of yes vaginal moisturising gel

YES VM and the NHS

YES VM and the NHS We are delighted to announce that YES VM has been approved by the NHS and is now on the UK drugs tariff.* YES VM Vaginal Moisturiser, is a long lasting natural vaginal moisturising gel, which matches vaginal pH but does not contain any of the skin damaging or concerning chemicals […]

Posted 07/07/2017

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symptoms of vaginal dryness infographic

Why Can’t I Get Wet? The Truth About Vaginal Dryness

This post and info graphic is from the lubezilla site: http://www.lubezilla.com/vaginal-dryness “Menopause and hormonal fluctuations happen to every woman, but the changes these phases cause our bodies are still seemingly difficult to own and talk about. One adjustment that comes as a woman ages is her lessened ability to get wet naturally. We know that […]

Posted 02/03/2017

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women laughing whilst standing in the sea

Let’s talk about sex after cancer

Liz O’Riordan. Consultant Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon Liz was diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer at the age of 40 in July 2015. She writes with great insight on her experiences of sexual survivorship, from the unique position of being both a doctor and a patient in her own speciality. What patients don’t tell you about […]

Posted 02/03/2017

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mother, father and baby feet in bed

Post-Baby Sex – Where have all the good times gone?

Depending upon individual experience, giving birth can be one of the most fulfilling and joyful life events. The first six weeks following delivery you exist in a haze of mixed emotions – euphoria, exhaustion, celebration, anxiety and the wonder of this new life you have created. Then the six week check-up with your doctor is […]

Posted 02/02/2017

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Menopause infographic

Menopausal Vaginal Dryness, Personal Lubricants and Moisturisers: Key Stats (Infographic)

The menopause can be a frustrating time for many women and with a number of uncomfortable symptoms, it’s hard to know where to turn and who to get advice from. This infographic allows you to view statistics and information on menopausal symptoms, the impact that this can have on your sex life, as well as […]

Posted 18/10/2016

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Organic Beauty week

It’s Organic Beauty Week – YES Free P&P all week

To celebrate this Organic Beauty Week YES are offering Free P&P world-wide on all website orders. This Organic Beauty Week the Soil Association are asking you to Look for the Logo when shopping organic and natural beauty. Organic certification, showing the logo on our products, is critical to our message of purity and naturalness. NO […]

Posted 19/09/2016

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Managing vaginal dryness

Managing vaginal dryness

Dr Louise R Newson BSc(Hons) MRChB(Hons) MRCP FRCGP GP and menopause expert, Solihull, West Midlands www.menopausedoctor.co.uk Many of my female patients are very comfortable talking to be about their hot flushes and night sweats.  However, even the ones I have known for many years are often really reserved and not forthcoming when talking about their […]

Posted 04/08/2016

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Dr Karen Morton

Testosterone for libido? I don’t think so…

Written by Dr Karen Morton, Consultant Gynaecologist and Obstetrician and Founder of Dr Morton’s – the medical helpline© I have always seen lots of women seeking advice about their dwindled sex-drive or ‘libido’. The commonest age group is 40 to 60 year olds. They all hope there is a simple remediable cause such as ‘the change’. If […]

Posted 04/08/2016

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YES is on UK prescription for vaginal dryness

Getting your GP to prescribe YES – one customer’s story

This is a YES customer’s story about how she encouraged her GP to prescribe YES for vaginal dryness Good Morning Lavinia Just thought I would update you on my appointment with the GP yesterday –  it might help someone else. I had my appointment and explained to the GP that I had experienced awful side […]

Posted 13/06/2016

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Natural Anal Lubricant - YES BUT

Launched April 2016 – YES BUT – Natural Anal Lubricant

NOW Launched – another first  – YES BUT is our new approach to anal lubrication. Designed specifically to give long-lasting slipperiness and comfort for anal use with none of the skin damaging or concerning chemicals typically found in anal lubes. Check out our comparison table to show how YES BUT compares to other condom compatible […]

Posted 28/04/2016

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YES wins award for Intimate Wash

Our new intimate wash, YES CLEANSE, Wins Coveted Organic Award

We are thrilled and honoured to announce that our new intimate wash, YES CLEANSE, has won Europe’s Best Organic Beauty Product Award at this years’ Natural and Organics Product show (NOPE) in London. YES CLEANSE is a sensitively formulated intimate wash, designed to respect the delicate vaginal ecology, with a refreshing and effective cleansing action. […]

Posted 21/04/2016

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Happy couple

Customer T(Y)estimonial

This is from Carole, who emailed her story to us. I need to order some more of your products but just thought I would tell you a little story for your testimonials page if you would like. I had a total hysterectomy in 1991 and was on HRT for 10/12 years which worked extremely well. […]

Posted 06/10/2014

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Yes baby applicators

Top Three Fertility Lubricants Reviewed

About.com’s article by Rachel Gurevich on Sperm Friendly lubricants can be found here Rachel discusses the TOP THREE Sperm friendly lubricants, Pre-Seed, Conceive Plus and Yes Baby. Yes Baby is the only product that offers a solution for Vaginal health in addition to Sperm friendliness. Sperm friendly lubricants are designed to match Semen/Sperm pH (pH7-8 […]

Posted 04/08/2014

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South coast business awards 2014 Winner

Yes is a Winner – for Customer Service

We won it!!!!!!! We won the Baker Tilly Customer Service Award – serious congratulations to the Yes customer service team and great thank yous to all our lovely customers who give us such great feedback.

Posted 15/07/2014

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A Picture of Jaqueline Gold

Yippeee – The Yes Yes Co is shortlisted for Customer Service Award

Great excitement at Yes HQ: We have been short-listed for the Baker Tilly Customer Service Award. The South Coast Business Awards aim to reward the best in local business and recognize the achievements of companies and individuals across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. We are more than a bit thrilled to have our customer […]

Posted 10/07/2014

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Plastic bags washed up in Bali

Save Bali from Plastic Bags

The image and text are taken from AVAAZ.org website, follow this link to see the original article. The pictures are shocking: Bali’s most iconic beaches are littered in heaps of plastic rubbish. It’s hard to imagine tourists sunbathing and surfers catching waves amidst the debris, but the monsoon has brought a tidal wave of trash […]

Posted 07/07/2014

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a picture of colourful Beauty products

The ‘organic’ beauty products laced with chemicals found in anti-freeze and floor cleaner

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2334921/The-organic-beauty-products-laced-chemicals-anti-freeze-floor-cleaner.html#ixzz2VAWbRaIs Soil Association highlights greenwash labelling on high street beauty products 03 June 2013 – This is a press release from the Soil Association Speaking today (3 June) at the Organic Natural Beauty Show, Peter Melchett, Soil Association policy director highlights the number of harmful chemicals found in beauty products labelled as ‘organic’ […]

Posted 03/06/2013

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Yes Porduct

Customer Feedback: Yes Natural Lubricants

Please feel free to leave a comment here. Anything you would like to say about our products and our customer service, perhaps new products you’d like us to make or changes to our packaging.  Feel free to add positive and negative comments, we will read and respond to them and take your feedback seriously.  Many […]

Posted 24/05/2013

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A Range of Yes Water based Products

Yes natural lubricants are 10 years old this month

We are celebrating the 10th anniversary of Yes natural lubricants – in May 2003 Susi and i had the idea to make a new generation of intimacy products that are side effect free, non irritant, natural, high performing and discrete. We are celebrating this achievement. Watch this blog or follow us on Twitter or check […]

Posted 20/05/2013

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Can Yes products be used in conjunction with drugs for rheumatoid arthritis i.e. methotrexate and hydroxychloroquine?

This question was posted by Barbara on our website recently: Can Yes products be used in conjunction with drugs for rheumatoid arthritis i.e. methotrexate and hydroxychloroquine? Barbara, our products contain no pharmacologically active components (no drugs or active molecules) and they are applied topically,

Posted 10/05/2013

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Vaginal dryness and Painful Sex Yestimonial

Finding a solution to Vaginal Dryness and Painful Sex We publish customer Yestimonials on our website at www.yesyesyes.org/why-yes/customer-expert-testimonials. A Yes customer emailed this Yestimonial to one of our customer service team this week – she asked to remain anonymous, she lives in UK. “I would like to say thank you to the yes team for […]

Posted 05/03/2013

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Yes is sponsoring Eroticon 2013

Eroticon is the UK’s only conference for sex bloggers and erotica writers. 2012 was the inaugral year and 2013 will be bigger and better, and its this weekend in London, UK. We are one of the sponsors of this event. If you are a sex writer, blogger, editor, publisher, journalist, performer or artist Eroticon 2013 […]

Posted 27/02/2013

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All Natural Lubricants with Preservatives?

We are often asked about the preservatives we use in Yes water-based.  How can we say our products are natural when they contain Phenoxyethanol and Potassium sorbate? Phenoxyethanol and Potassium sorbate are natural molecules Firstly both Phenoxyethanol and Potassium sorbate are found in nature.  They are not created chemicals. But they are commercially available and […]

Posted 25/02/2013

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Does Yes water-based help vaginal itchiness?

  This is a question was asked recently: I was hoping to get a couple of answers regarding your product.   Thank you in advance for your time! I am 38-year old , with occasional/random vaginal itchiness; there is no disease or condition as was cleared by my doctor. I have tried several over-the counter creams, […]

Posted 08/02/2013

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Yes Organic Lubricants go paperless – for invoices

As part of our continuing efforts to reduce our impact on the planet, we are implementing paperless invoices. This means when an order is placed on our website the invoice is attached to the “order shipped confirmation” email, as a pdf and there will no longer be a paper invoice enclosed with the order. This […]

Posted 22/11/2012

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New Yes Natural Lubricant – Vanilla oil-based

Yes has created their first flavoured lubricant by combining the softly evocative mellow notes of Madagascan Vanilla (Organic, of course) with our sumptuous oils and butters for a new, indulgent experience. Yes has until now been very careful to create products that are neutral in smell/taste, as we have believed that too often heavy or […]

Posted 21/11/2012

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Organic benefits found?

USA: Clinical report highlights benefits of organic This is a copy from the Organic-market.info website Source: OTA A clinical report published online by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) highlighting the many attributes of organic foods provides guidance to parents confused by conflicting marketing messages regarding healthy food choices for their children. Calling the report […]

Posted 13/11/2012

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Boots smacked for misleading use of Organic (well, reprimanded)

At last people are taking action in the UK about the mis-use of the word organic on non-food products. When you have worked hard to certify your products as organic – like we have, it is so frustrating that other companies just add the word organic to their product name and unless you know to […]

Posted 29/10/2012

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Mail on Sunday recommends Yes organic lubricants

Sarah Stacy’s regular Health Notes column discusses “Putting the love back into lovemaking” in the You Magazine (Mail on Sunday). It is a good article about the causes of Vaginal Atrophy (Atrophy is severe dryness) and how to manage it.  Vaginal atrophy is usually caused by declining estrogen levels during and after the menopause and […]

Posted 15/10/2012

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Why does pH and lubricant use matter to you?

Firstly, what is pH? pH is a measure of the acidity or alkalinity of a water-based environment. No water present, such as our oil-based lubricant, then pH cannot be measured in the same way. The pH scale is from zero to 14, with pH7 in the middle being neutral or neither acidic or alkaline. If […]

Posted 05/10/2012

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The Ethical Company Organisation give Yes Yes Co TOP Marks

Feeling very proud today, this is what the Ethical Company Organisation said about us: “The Yes Yes Company Ltd is commended for setting and maintaining such high ethical standards within the intimate care sector. The level of detail within the company’s various ethical policies shows a clear understanding of the potential impact of products within […]

Posted 01/10/2012

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Pharmacy Show

Susi and Lavinia are presenting Yes at the Pharmacy show today, it is at the NEC Birminham.

Posted 01/10/2012

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Johnson & Johnson Makes Historic Commitment to Remove Cancer-Causing Chemicals

Great news – Johnson & Johnson, (the makers of KY Jelly) have seen the light, even if they will not complete their commitment to remove these chemicals until 2015. This truly validates the approach we and other companies have pioneered, to provide safe and side effect free products. This is a link to the press […]

Posted 28/09/2012

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Yes Wins again

YES WE WON. Almost the whole Yes team were present to witness The Yes Yes Company Ltd, win the prestigious HAMPSHIRE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE SMALL BUSINESS OF THE YEAR AWARD. Susi and I were thrilled for all of us at Yes to be recognised in such a public and highly competitive arena.  It means so much […]

Posted 28/09/2012

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