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10 Eco-Friendly Products Under £20

10 Eco-Friendly Products under £20

There’s nothing better than finding a product you love that’s also kind to the earth! We all know how important it is to shop in an eco-friendly way, but the products that are best for the environment aren’t always so kind to our wallets. That’s why we’ve put together this list of 10 products under […]

22nd September 2020

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Guest blog: Diane Danzebrink, Menopause and Mental Health Awareness Month

Anyone who has experienced pre menstrual syndrome will be well aware of the emotional rollercoaster that fluctuating hormones can cause but many are simply not prepared for the variety and intensity of those symptoms which affect some women particularly during perimenopause which is essentially the time from your first menopause symptom to the point where you […]

22nd May 2020

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Did you know that sex and masturbation can be great for boosting your mental and physical wellbeing? With social distancing guidelines in place, it looks like we’re set to be spending a lot more time inside. So whether you’re with a partner or by yourself, why not take this opportunity to make the most of […]

1st April 2020

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Cartoon with a before/after image of a couple on relationship issues

This is why you’ve lost your libido during menopause

Maryon Stewart B.E.M., the pioneer of the natural menopause movement, is attempting to quantify the effect menopause has on relationships. She would be grateful if you could spare a few moments to complete her latest anonymous survey so she may raise awareness and bring additional help and support to women and their partners.

14th March 2018

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