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Published March 2021

International Women’s Week 2021 Competition

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we’re partnering with fellow female-founded brands for an amazing giveaway worth over £90!

Soap Folk

Behind the brand:

Soap Folk use traditional cold process methods to make soaps from organic, locally sourced ingredients. “As the world began to realise that bar soaps are kinder to the planet, my vision was to create a product that would stand head and shoulders above the rest in terms of its ethical and sustainable credentials, whilst also being a truly luxurious treat for the skin” Fiona McBryde – Founder & Soap Maker.

You can win…

Soap Folk Mindful Bundle, RRP: £15

A thoughtful selection of three soaps to soothe mind and body this little bundle of natural soaps includes:

Calendula – unscented, for gentle cleansing of delicate and dry skins, perfect for handwashing.

Rose Geranium – a mood lifting floral blend

Lavender & Oatmilk – a relaxing fragrance combined with skin-softening oatmilk

Luxuriously nourishing and gentle on the skin, these soaps are an eco-conscious treat. Handmade with a blend of certified organic and natural plant oils and butters, these soaps are completely biodegradable and kind to the skin and the environment. RRP £15 per bundle.

Terre Verdi

Behind the brand:

Terre Verdi makes eco-luxe plant-based creations, certified organic with Soil Association COSMOS, to embrace you and the planet! Handmade in the UK and inspired by Sicily, the skincare range is 100% natural, vegan, and cruelty-free approved. Terre Verdi encompasses a range of award-winning products suitable for all skin needs including ageing skin, children, pregnancy and sport.

Founder Alessandra De Gregorio explains “Our products have been formulated with both the family and the environment in mind, using only the very best ingredients to nourish and care for our skin.”

For Alessandra, founding Terre Verdi represented a powerful way to return to and honour her roots, as well as to share her values with the rest of the world. Growing up in Sicily, she developed a close affinity with nature and its formidable bounty, learning to love and respect everything it offers us.

You can win…

Terre Verdi FranChouliPom Nourishing Facial Serum RRP: £38

Perfect for feeding dry or maturing skin as well as helping to fight against the damaging effects of stress and premature ageing. Ingredients such as Pomegranate Oil (with its antioxidant properties to help tackle free radicals and delay the signs of ageing), Frankincense Oil (stimulates cell regeneration), and mood-boosting Neroli Oil (which not only smells amazing, but also replenishes skin and locks in moisture).

Rub a few drops between your palms and inhale the aroma before pressing onto the face after cleansing.

99% organic | Certified by Soil Association COSMOS | Cruelty Free Approved | Vegan


Behind the brand:

Almost forty years ago, Margaret Weeds – Nottingham native, contemporary of one Anita Ruddock, and qualified in herbal medicine and aromatherapy – was suffering with very sensitive skin. She wasn’t alone: eczema ran in her family and she and her children were all plagued with sore, dry, itchy patches. Armed with her exceptional herbal knowledge, she started creating remedies with organic herbs, plant oils and natural active ingredients that were kind to super-sensitive skin. The result was a small range of gentle, effective, all-natural skin care, hair care (and later) makeup. On the strength of these results, Margaret and her daughter Abi launched Odylique in 2003, a company with a passion for the power of genuine natural skincare.  They’re still a family-owned company run by Abi and a dedicated team of skin-loving experts in rural East Anglia. Every single one of Odylique’s products is handmade in their Suffolk eco-HQ.

You can win…

Odylique Gentle Herb Shampoo 500ml, RRP: £22

This herbal shampoo will bring shine and vitality back naturally to even the most sensitive scalp. A 100% natural, vegan, certified organic shampoo – the first shampoo that ever achieved Soil Association approval. It is bursting with organic herbal ingredients and coconut oil to nourish the scalp. It is free from all sulphates (including SLS, ALS, sodium coco sulphate), silicone, salt, fragrance and artificial preservatives, making it the ideal shampoo for sensitive scalps.

A clarifying, ph balanced shampoo that is balancing and conditioning for all hair types, including dyed hair. It is ideal for problem skin and may be suitable for scalps prone to psoriasis, dermatitis or eczema. Handmade with the goodness of natural herbs and oils and without harsh detergent, after a week or so of regular use, many people find that they don’t need a separate conditioner.

How to enter

To enter our YES International Women’s Day competition to win an organic beauty bundle and YES DG, please sign up to the newsletter below by entering your details and tell us who your top inspirational woman throughout history is!

All answers are anonymous. Competition closes Sunday 14th March 2021.



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