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Published May 2019

YES Have Entered The Janey Loves Platinum Awards 2019

Would you help us get the message about YES out there to even more lovely people? This year we’ve entered a new selection of products into the 2019 Janey Loves Platinum Awards and we’d love it if you could vote for YES.

Not only do the awards highlight excellence and innovation in Natural, Organic and Eco products and services, but they also help to showcase these products to a wider audience and subsequently introduce new customers to a fantastic range of brands.

As our YEStimonials demonstrate, YES products really have changed lives, providing relief and comfort to those seeking to improve their intimate wellbeing. We would be so grateful if you could to help us share YES so that even more people can experience the benefits of organic intimacy products.

For 2019, we have entered the following products into the ‘Health & Wellbeing’ category:

  • YES VM Vaginal Moisturiser
  • YES CLEANSE Feminine Intimate Foam Wash
  • YES DG (Double Glide) lubricant multipack

Here’s why we think you should vote for YES!


Why vote for YES VM?

YES VM is a long-lasting vaginal moisturising gel, designed for daily use.

A natural alternative to Replens and many other vaginal moisturisers currently on the market, YES VM helps to replenish moisture and soothe dry and sensitive vaginal tissues, without the use of parabens or chemical irritants.

The pH level of the product has been carefully designed to match the typical vaginal environment.

YES VM has been recommended by medical and sexual health professionals and is currently also available on NHS prescription. You can find out more about YES VM here.

“Absolutely thrilled with the product VM. I suffer with severe atrophy and the symptoms that accompany that. VM has made my daily life comfortable and pain free. I am so pleased to have found this product, after trying so many other products in the past which have all irritated me and not helped my condition.” YES Customer.


Why vote for YES Cleanse?

Traditional soaps and shower gels can disrupt the vaginal pH balance, causing irritation and discomfort.

Our luxurious range of sensitively formulated intimate washes are pH balanced, designed to respect and soothe the vaginal ecology whilst effectively cleansing and refreshing the intimate area.

YES CLEANSE is certified organic, natural and hypoallergenic.

Available in two varieties: Unfragranced and Rose. Find out more about YES Cleanse here.

“The Yes Cleanse is a great product. I have a terrible reaction if I use anything that is perfumed, I can’t even have a bubble bath so to find this product felt like a godsend.” YES Customer.


Why vote for YES DG?

YES DG (Double Glide) combines both YES WB Water-Based and YES OB Oil-Based personal lubricants into a single pack.

You can either enjoy each product separately or in combination. This product enables a fantastic new dimension for lovemaking, by layering the Water-Based on top of the Oil-Based for a longer-lasting glide.

Both products are hypo-allergenic: formulated to be side-effect free and reduce the risk of allergies. Both are also individually certified organic products by the Soil Association. You can read more on YES DG here.

“Using the Double Glide of Oil Based on one person and Water Based on the other produces the most amazing long lasting lubrication… perfect!” YES Customer.


How do I vote?

Simply follow this link to nominate your favourite YES product from the selection above!

For more information on the Janey Loves Platinum Awards, check out the official website here.



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