Revitalise your home with an organic spring clean!

Revitalise your home with an organic spring clean!

At last, the lockdown is easing and we all want to enjoy the sunshine with friends and family. But after a year of hibernation, our homes need a refresh too! Make your spring clean a positive, uplifting experience. Harness the power of nature to create your healthy, happy home by using organic household and laundry products. Breathe in the pure aromas of organic essential oil blends as you clean or practice mindfulness as you focus on your tasks.

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Plan & organise

First, plan your clean. If you are working from home, it is good to break up the day and begin to declutter during your down time. Create your own road map and imagine how you want your home to look during the balmy, summer months. Try to keep to the critical path but make sure your spring clean is scalable - this may mean laundering your rugs and throws now and planning to clean windows in April/May. Prepare a cleaning basket to include clean washable cloths, multi-surface sprays, t-towels, polish and floor soap. If you are trying to reduce the number of products you use start with an organic castile soap which can be used for almost everything. For the optimum spring clean invest in a HEPA filter vacuum cleaner and a steam cleaner if you can.

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Let’s get creative

It’s great to personalise your spring clean so why not add a few home-made products to the mix? Start with an organic non-scented castile soap – a perfect foundation for your own unique products. Lemon juice, organic vinegar and organic essential oils especially eucalyptus, peppermint and lavender will enhance your clean and freshen your surfaces.

Spring cleaning tips

To get yourself in the spring-cleaning mood, turn on your diffuser and use an organic essential oil blend to gently cleanse and purify your working environment. A steam cleaner is great for tackling curtains and soft furnishings. Steam clean when the windows are open and curtains and blinds should dry quicker. Hard blinds should be wiped with an organic multi-surface spray on a washable cloth. Machine wash throws, blankets and cushion covers on low temperature settings and air dry. Choose a sunny day if you have a washing line outside and let the sun zap any remaining winter germs. Make sure you use an organic laundry liquid for delicates and woollens. This is a great time to indulge in an organic laundry conditioner which will make your fabrics feel really luxurious. After COVID-19 we must continue to be mindful of the need to reduce bacteria & viruses in our homes. All contact points such as door and window handles, light switches, taps, tables and devices need regular cleaning. Spray an organic multi-surface product on a washable cloth, wiping the surface thoroughly and then rinse the germs down the drain.

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Don’t forget your pets!

If you have pets, now is a great time to wash bedding, winter coats and clean out baskets. Using an organic multi-surface spray and floor soap is a perfect solution as you can be sure there will be no nasties or toxins to poison your animals. Revitalise your home with an organic spring clean and you could feel re-energized too!

Written by Christina, Greenscents Voted most ethical UK brand for household cleaning products, Greenscents mission is to produce sustainable and ethical lifestyle products with a fantastic fragrance.