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Lichen Sclerosis


We receive many emails from customers with LS and some from women with Lichen Planus who have found YES products helpful, both as daily relief from the irritation and for use during intercourse. It appears to be quite a personal choice as to which product they choose. You can read their feedback here and choose Lichen Sclerosus from the drop down menu.

We find the majority of our customers with LS seem to prefer YES OB plant oil based as it is a richly soothing emollient and can be used on a daily basis and during intercourse (not with condoms though). YES WB water based is more suitable for intercourse but some sufferers use it for daily moisture and comfort as well. If you are being treated with a steroid cream then it would be best to leave 12 hours between applying the YES oil based and the steroid, as the oil could act as a barrier. YES water based will be quite quickly absorbed so the time between applying it and the steroid cream could be much shorter. You might find it helpful to visit The Association for Lichen Sclerosus and Vulval Health website and the website for the British Society for the Study of Vulval Disease

If you are using dilators or adult toys to aid sexual intercourse, both YES oil and water based are safe to use with these aids.