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The 5 Vegan Alternatives That You Have To Try Out This Veganuary

With demand for meat-free food increasing by 987% in 2017 (1) the term ‘vegan’ is clearly transitioning from niche to mainstream. The trend is not slowing and it appears that more people than ever are promising to turn to plant-based diets as a resolution this New Year. So if you are considering making the switch, or just want to try out something new – we’ve compiled a list of five vegan alternatives that you may want to try out this Veganuary...  

1. Violife Vegan Cheese RRP from £2.00

‘I could never turn vegan because I love cheese too much’ is quite possibly the most contentious debate with oneself when it comes to making the leap to veganism. Upon its first appearance on the shelves in supermarkets, the response to dairy-free alternatives was primarily negative. However as we enter 2019, the quality and impersonation of substitute products has only become better. We recommend that you try the Violife range, it guarantees to have all of your cravings addressed, from cheddar to mozzarella. The best part? They sat you won’t even be able to tell the difference! Check out their range here.

Violife vegan cheese


2. Natruline Vegan RRP £2.99

Most mainstream lip balms contain petroleum, beeswax or carmine to attain a specific texture. This can prove to be a topic of frustration for vegans and organic shoppers. Fortunately, Beauty Kitchen’s new Natruline Vegan Lip Treatment creates a natural moisture barrier which not only hydrates for 8 hours, but also allows your skin to breathe much better than petroleum jellies. Available at The Beauty Kitchen for £2.99.

Natruline vegan lip balm


3. Doc Martens Vegan, RRP from £105

Vegan footwear can often take some searching for, the mainstream use of leather and other animal bi-products in shoe manufacturing often proves a challenge to avoid. Luckily enough, a quick visit to the Doc can amend such an issue. Doc Martens have an entire vegan range to pick and choose from. From the classic DM boot silhouette to a more casual design, the vegan range offers a natural solution for all style requirements. Find the women’s vegan range here.

Black Doc Martens vegan boot


4. YES WB Water-Based Lubricant, RRP from £5.99

What many people don’t understand is that some of the most popular sexual lubricants are not vegan and actually contain enzymes derived from dairy. YES WB Water-based Lubricant only contains natural plant-based ingredients, none of which are derived from animals. Not only are these products certified organic by The Soil Association but they are also approved by the Vegan Society! YES products enhance sexual pleasure and sensitivity, whilst remaining side effect-free, and do not contain hormones, glycerine, parabens or other known skin irritants. YES WB comes in a variety of sizes, with tubes starting at 50ml for £5.99 and 6x5ml single use applicators starting at £11.99.

YES WB water based natural lubricant tube


5. Clearspring Organic Jackfruit Chunks, RRP £2.99

Jackfruit is a relatively recent trend when it comes to meat alternatives, from pulled pork to shredded chicken, it has been described not only as one of the most diverse meat substitutes, but also a superfood. A single jackfruit can grow up to three feet long and weigh up to 45 kilograms, so we would advise you not to purchase a whole fruit (unless you are willing to spend north of £80)! Eaten raw and ripe, the taste has been described as something similar to banana, mango and pineapple, yet when unripe the jackfruit has a far more neutral flavour and can resemble the taste of potato, but more substantial in texture – making it the perfect accompaniment to a curry or BBQ-based dishes. We recommend Clearspring’s Soil Association certified, Organic Young Jackfruit Chunks from the jar, available from Planet Organic for just £2.99.

Jar of organic jackfruit chunks by Clearspring


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