Atrophy means the drying and thinning of the tissues of the vaginal wall – not just at the vaginal entrance. The pre-filled water based applicators
(non-threatening!) allows delivery of the moisturising properties of YES to the higher part of the vagina, probably higher than fingers may reach when using our tubes. They are just a convenient, pre-measured and hygienic means of getting the product in the right place. Certainly, a deeper distribution could alleviate any dryness you may be experiencing. If you encounter itching, you will need to apply the product topically where relief is needed.

Using YES as a moisturiser as well as a lubricant for intimate relations is perfectly fine, however you might need to reapply before making love. You can check by sensing whether you are still moist and lubricated or whether you have become a little dry again; use your body as a guide.

If you experience soreness relating to penetration you can protect against that by using the oil-based on your partner (usually enjoyable!) and water-based on/in you, which makes for ease and comfort. If you are comfortable, pleasure is enabled, if you are in any pain, it is hard to relax and feel any pleasure – so, again ensure you use enough.