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Published July 2016

Sex Toy Compatible

YES WB water based is safe for use with latex, plastic and silicone toys and YES OB plant-oil based is fine for use with plastic and silicone toys.

Published July 2016

Condom compatible

YES WB water based is compatible with Polyisoprene and Latex condoms and YES OB plant-oil is not compatible with any condoms.


Published July 2016

My GP has not heard of Yes

Yes water-based lubricant is available on NHS prescription. It is listed in the C&D (Chemist & Druggist) price list. The PIP codes are:

  • 345-5805 (Pack of 6 Applicators)
  • 345-5789 (75ml tube)

It has been included in Part IX(A) of the Drug Tariff under Vaginal Moisturisers since 2014 and available as an ‘over the counter’ product since 2006.

You can also suggest that they visit our website page for Health Professionals: www.yesyesyes.org/nhs

Published July 2016

Why natural and organic?

By working with nature and avoiding pesticides, chemical fertilisers and genetic engineering, Organic production promotes the health of the soil, plants, animals and us in the following ways:

1. The Quality
2. The Health Benefits
3. The Standards
4. The Environment
5. The Future

1. The improved quality of organically produced crops and therefore of our ingredients

  • No growth hormones, chemical fertilizers or damaging pesticides are used
  • No genetic engineering

2. The health benefits associated with using pure ingredients

  • No synthetic chemicals present to be absorbed by the skin
  • 60% of all chemicals put on the skin end up in the blood stream

3. The rigorous standards for certification

  • No compromise on ingredient quality
  • No Parabens allowed for preservation

4. The positive environmental impact

  • In the UK, organic farms have 44% more birds and more than five times as many wild plants

5. The future looks better for all of us, when sustainable crop production methods, that work with nature, are employed

Published July 2016

What is the difference between WB and VM?

Both YES VM vaginal moisturiser and YES WB water based lubricants are pH matched to typical vaginal pH which means both are ideal for vaginal use. A perfect vaginal lubricant’s osmolality would be hypo to iso-osmotic, this means it would release water more rapidly, rehydrating tissues and enabling intercourse

YES WB is slightly hypo-osmotic which means it is designed to release water more rapidly than YES VM, to instantly rehydrate and lubricate dry tissues to enable intercourse immediately.

YES VM is Iso-osmotic which means it is a perfect vaginal moisturiser because its osmolality is iso-osmotic, this means it is identical in water concentration to vaginal tissues and will release water as and when it is needed over extended periods, such as 1-3 days.

YES VM Vaginal Moisturiser is designed to release water to rehydrate dry vaginal tissues as needed, over extended periods, such as 1-3 days. YES VM will instantly sooth and calm irritation, itching and burning as does YES WB. YES VM is more of a slow release moisturiser, the rate of moisturising is determined by the degree of vaginal tissue dryness. The drier they are the more water will be released. YES VM puts your body in control of rehydrating herself.

Published July 2016

Why are Osmolality and pH important?

Osmolality – defined by The Yes Yes Company Ltd (with thanks to Smitten Kitten too)

Osmolality, a more formal definition, is the measure of dissolved particles per unit of water in a solution or plasma (also called the concentration). The osmolality of a lubricant is important because the epithelial (outer) layer of skin is constantly trying to maintain an equilibrium of osmolality (remember Osmosis from school biology lessons?) between the skin cells and the lubricant on the outside wall of that cell.

  • Osmosis is the process where water moves back and forth across cell membranes in response to the concentration of chemicals in the liquid (here we mean lubricant) on the outside of the cell. Osmosis tries to balance the concentration on both sides.
  • When a lubricant has a higher osmolality than human cells or bodily fluids (like blood) it is called hyper-osmotic. When tissues are in contact with a hyper-osmotic lubricant they try to dilute the lubricant by releasing water. This can cause the cell to die as it becomes super concentrated and no longer able to function. The net result is the layer of cells break down and the body’s barrier to infection is compromised
  • So hyper-osmotic lubricants can irritate the skin, cause the barrier layer of skin to be damaged and dehydrated and leave a mucous membrane (anal or vaginal) more susceptible to bacterial infections or STI contraction
  • When a lubricant has a lower osmolality than human cells or bodily fluids (like blood) it is called hypo-osmotic. When tissues are in contact with a hypo-osmotic lubricant they try to pull water from the lubricant into the cell. This means that a slightly hypo-osmotic lubricant would rehydrate dry tissues, but an extremely hypo-osmotic lubricant could cause these cells to burst.

Therefore in our view:

  • A Perfect Anal Lubricant’s osmolality would be iso-osmotic, meaning it would have identical osmotic pressure, or its concentration would be identical, to the tissues to which it is applied
  • A Perfect Vaginal Lubricant’s osmolality would be hypo to iso-osmotic, meaning it would have similar osmotic pressure, or its concentration would be similar, to the tissues to which it is applied
  • A Perfect Vaginal Moisturiser’s osmolality would be iso-osmotic, meaning it would have identical osmotic pressure, to vaginal tissues as it can be present in the vagina for extended periods, like 1-2 days.
  • A Perfect Sperm Friendly Lubricant’s osmolality would be iso-osmotic with semen, which is slightly higher than typical human tissues.
  • An iso-osmotic lubricant, to most human tissues, would have an osmolality of 270-310 mOsm/kg as this encompasses the osmolality of human plasma.

Published July 2016

My local chemist does not stock Yes

Your local chemist or pharmacy may not yet stock Yes so you will need to ask the pharmacist to order it in for you.  Once ordered It should be delivered within 24 hours.

The pharmacist can order Yes water-based using the following codes:

  • Pack of 6 Applicators – PIP Code 345-5805
  • 75ml tube – PIP Code 345-5789

Published June 2016

What will my parcel look like?

Discretion and your privacy are hugely important to us, so your order will be sent to you in a plain box or padded envelope. The ‘Yes Yes Company’ name will not appear on the outside of the package and the return address label on your package  (which we are required to provide) will show as:

3L Trading Ltd., Trademark House, Ramshill, Petersfield, GU31 4A


Published June 2016

My GP will not prescribe YES WB – what should I do?

The first thing to do is ask the GP why they will not prescribe Yes when you have requested it.

Although Yes water based is listed on the Drug Tariff under Vaginal moisturisers and is available on prescription, there may be a number of reasons why a GP chooses not to prescribe it.

This could be related to the budget of the practice or the local Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and a decision may have been made not to prescribe any products that can be bought over the counter.

There may also be an impression that Yes is more expensive than other vaginal moisturisers, which is not correct.

If you are not satisfied with the response that you are given and would like us to investigate further, then please send us an email to: nhs@yesyesyes.org and provide the GP’s name and contact details for the surgery and we will see if we can help.

Call us 24/7: USA/Can 1-888-777-0125, UK 0-800-978-8525 & Rest of World +44-1420-538743