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FAQs – Frequency and dosage

The purity of our products mean they are entirely suitable for daily use and can be applied as frequently as your body tells you it needs. You can use as much or as little as feels right for your body.

How much to use each time depends on whether you are using YES WB as a vaginal moisturiser (as much or as little as you need – typically 3-5mls per application) and/or for sexual intimacy. For making love you will need to use more as it will get “used up” more quickly.

Also if you are experiencing soreness when making love try and combine them by using YES OB plant-oil based first and then YES WB on top, as this can give greater protection and increased longevity.

Essentially it depends upon on how your body reacts and the degree of vaginal dryness you experience, as to how much you use and how often.






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