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Say YES to Sustainable Sex!

Say YES to Sustainable Sex!

Why should I consider going green in the bedroom? 

Sustainable living has become more than just a trend, it’s a lifestyle choice and a necessary one. Most of us are beginning to find ways to cut our carbon footprint, recycle, make dietary concessions and buy secondhand, all in the name of reducing our negative impact on the planet. But what about making changes in the bedroom?

 The importance of going green in the bedroom might not seem an obvious consideration, but there’s no doubt that the sex industry also has an impact. According to a recent article in Glamour Magazine, condoms, lube, toys, the pill all contribute to 222.9 million tonnes of waste in the UK.[1]

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Not all lubes are created equal

Unfortunately, much of this waste also contains chemicals that are harmful to the planet. Many lubes on the market are full of concerning ingredients such as parabens, which can make their way into sewage systems and disrupt wildlife.[2] Not only are these chemically-derived ingredients harmful to the planet, but they are also a concern for the human body, causing irritation and even tissue damage.[3]

The good news is, there’s no need to renounce sex to save the planet just yet. With YES you can make love and save the planet at the same time! YES products are without a doubt, a cleaner alternative to other brands on the market. Our packaging is FSC recyclable and all products in the range are plant-based, Soil Association certified organic and made without parabens, skin irritants and hormones.

During this campaign, we aim to promote the importance of responsible consumption and making the best choices for your body and the planet.


When is the campaign?

We will be running this campaign from 9th December 2019 to 31st January 2020 – there’s so much to cover!


What are we doing?

Enter our exclusive 12 days of YES social media giveaway running from 25th Dec to 5th Jan. We’ll be offering you the opportunity to win a YES product each day, so keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts for updates!

Explore our Sustainable Sex blog series, where we’ll be providing tips on how to enjoy a greener sex life with eco-friendly alternatives, and how you can shop more sustainably over the festive period. Plus, keep an eye out for guest blog posts including ‘How to have the best sex with YES’ by Sex Therapist, Trudy Hannington.


How can you get involved?

Follow us on social media and sign up to our newsletter to receive the latest campaign news and exclusive offers.


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