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YES Menopause Month

Welcome to the Find Your Tribe campaign by YES for Menopause Month 2019

October is Menopause Month and this year we’re launching the Find Your Tribe campaign. Whilst the menopause is a liberating and positive transitional phase of life for many, with symptoms ranging from mildly irritating to entirely debilitating, it can also be a challenging period in a woman’s life. For too long society has put the unrealistic pressure on women to navigate this stage seamlessly, while still juggling their normal lives.

Well, we say no. Managing in isolation or struggling with symptoms is unrealistic, overly demanding and unnecessary. We say that women need their peers, their tribe to talk to, to share the ways they have found to cope, to offload and to offer support.

By generating more conversation about menopause, we can work together to break the taboo around menopause, which still exists in society today. The idea behind the phrase ‘tribe’ is that we battle the ‘lonely generation’ epidemic that social media has contributed to (we’re all so connected that it’s actually making us more isolated) by going back to our primal instincts of building comfort and resilience from the people in your ‘tribe’ and the traditions of generations passing down advice.

To get things started this Menopause Month we pledge that we will be part of your tribe. We are here to help – to answer your questions or help you connect where we can and help redirect you where we can’t. We’re available, on the end of the phone, by email, on live chat, at events…whenever you need us.

Find your tribe, your friends, your family members, co-workers, those women who are sharing experiences with you. Share with them and let them support you while you support them. We’ll see you there.

Go back to nature, go organic.

Whilst revisiting our primal instincts, why not consider ‘going back to nature’ and seeking relief through products formulated with natural and organic ingredients. During the menopause, hormonal changes cause disruption to women’s bodies, so why not consider avoiding adding to that burden and nourish your body with incredible skin foods such as YES?

When is the campaign?

The campaign will run from 1st October to 31st October 2019 (with World Menopause Day on 18th October).

What are we doing?

Enter our exclusive YES Menopause Month social media competition to win a wellness hamper worth over £300, filled with treats to sooth menopausal symptoms and keep you feeling cool, calm and collected.

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Keep an eye out for our informative menopause blog series, ranging from topics such as ‘The menopause glossary’ and ‘What’s next on the menopause agenda?’ to ‘The menopause – why should organisations bother?’

How can you get involved?

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