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Relieve Vaginal Dryness Symptoms FAST

Safely and surely with YES water-based

Vaginal Dryness

The unwanted symptoms of this distressing condition can be experienced at any stage of your adult life, affecting your physical ease, your peace of mind and your sexual confidence.
A comfortable, naturally moist vagina which responds to sexual arousal with a surge of vaginal lubrication can be something most women take for granted.

The loss of this response, temporary or otherwise, can come as a shock. You may find that making love becomes painful, which is upsetting in itself, as well as having to cope with a dry, itching or inflamed vagina.

Naturally you want to restore your familiar, normal vaginal environment in a way that does not further complicate the symptoms or compromise your well-being.

Rapid Relief

Formulated for maximum moisturizing, YES water-based rapidly calms irritated vaginal tissue and is so pure that it feels to the body as comfortable and familiar as your own lubrication.

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