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"I have been purchasing Yes for several years. First, following menopause for dryness/sex. I was also using Premarin but have stopped as I am now in treatment for breast cancer. Part of my treatment will be taking an estrogen blocker for several years. I am anticipating additional issues with dryness, etc. , so I am increasing my use of Yes to prepare for it. Thank you for addressing these kinds of issues naturally and for continuing to evolve your product line. VM is an enormous help! I tell others about Yes all the time. " FB, Marlow (16th Nov 2018)
"Service has truly been exceptional. The challenge is in how long it takes for shipments to arrive in Canada. I realize that part of the equation is muchlynout of your hands but speaks to the need to have more places here in Canada who sell your product. So far I have found one Canadian website that carries your product, but they have been sold out of the VM for quite some time now :(. Wishing you great success in continued uptake outside of the UK. Your product is a game changer! Thank you!!!!!! " FE, Vancouver (15th Nov 2018)
"Amazing product which we have used for a number of years now. It is really versatile and has really improved our lovemaking. " RT, Reading (14th Nov 2018)
"Best lubricant I have ever tried. My partner and I have had terrible reactions to all other lubricants. I was so grateful to find Yes! " GN, Goring (13th Nov 2018)
"My partner and I have always had a very loving relationship. Getting to the menopause changed things drastically as intercourse became uncomfortable. This product has been a real life saver for us. " NB, Birmingham (12th Nov 2018)
"I am so glad I found your website! I tried estrogen based products for vaginal dryness and had so many side effects that it wasn't worth it! I figured there had to be a better way to address my issue than estrogen based products. I set out to scour the internet and read, read, read. That's when I found your site. After trying your product and the samples you included, I can say I am one very happy lady! Thank you guys so so so much! " KW, Warwick (11th Nov 2018)
"It has made a terrific difference and it hasn't had any adverse effects (my wife is eczematous and reacts to list of things). So very happy " DA, Ludlow (10th Nov 2018)
"You and your staff are great. Straight answers to delicate questions! " HP, Worcestershire (9th Nov 2018)
"Very Happy to have found a natural product to help with health issues rather than the pharmaceuticals with list of scary side effects - so thank you! " LY, Tunbridge Wells (8th Nov 2018)
"I absolutely love this product - have been using it now for 3-4 years. I'd tried everything else on the market but they all caused irritation or soreness. The only thing I wish the plastic applicators were biodegradable. " LM, Bath (8th Nov 2018)
"I have not found anything better than Yes' intimate wash. pH appears maintained and thrush and sensitivities all kept at bay, wonderful stuff." PM, Fratton (7th Nov 2018)
"I had not realised how much difference using Yes could make. I previously used to use a popular lubricant, but it caused irritation and was not that effective, so after sex I felt very sore and uncomfortable. Yes has brought the pleasure back to having sex - so thank you! " KO, Christchurch, NZ (7th Nov 2018)
"They do exactly what they say they will. I was advised by my Gynaecologist not to use soap whilst bathing my intimate parts. Yes became my best friend. " DH, Southend (6th Nov 2018)
"Brilliant I suffer from Lichen Sclerosus your products really help both cleansing wise as well as being able to have sex " KF, Croyde (6th Nov 2018)
"I had seen an advert on TV for another product and thought I'd look up more about it - never dreamt there was an organisation such as yours, which I found by chance. I think it's brilliant, thank you. " SW, Buckingham (5th Nov 2018)
"Amazing product & finally no burning! Thank you " LL, Glasgow (4th Nov 2018)
"Love that its natural. I experience vaginal dryness occasionally but often during sex. This product has been amazing at relieving this and the stress of being affected when being intimate with my partner. " AM, Marlow (3rd Nov 2018)
"I have been using Yes WB pre filled applicators for 30 days now in this time I have not had thrush even though i have had antibiotics within the last 30 days. " WL, California (2nd Nov 2018)
"I am in my early 70s and have a younger partner who I have been with for a long time. Our sex life is great but obviously my age makes me drier which is uncomfortable for both, so after trying the moisturiser, (which is brilliant) and unsuccessfully trying other methods I am returning to YES! " MD, Bridport (1st Nov 2018)
"Used both WB and OB lubricants since new relationship started in 2012, works amazing well, no side effects. Find WB better for me personally. " EG, Bury St Edmonds (31st Oct 2018)
"The pain from vaginal dryness is hideous. This product has changed my life. Couldn't sit on a chair comfortably never mind having sex. I was heading to depression after getting through breast cancer treatment. I can't thank you enough for the vaginal moisturiser product. " CP, Horndean (30th Oct 2018)
"Invaluable after breast cancer treatment " SC, Devon (29th Oct 2018)
"We are grateful for the product you have produced, it is way better than any other lubricant we have tried. Thank you. " LW, Winchester (28th Oct 2018)
"Can't do without VM. I am a swimmer and have discovered it helps keeps my PH in check to avoid yeast infections. Helps keep me comfortable and confident with sex! " KG, Selsey (27th Oct 2018)
"Having previously used Yes I'd just like to confirm there is no other product on the market that even comes close to Yes WB! I am so grateful for being introduced to Yes by my therapist and thankful to have a good and confidential source to purchase the product. " LP, Middlesex (26th Oct 2018)
"I found the samples from the physio very helpful. " JH, Nottingham (25th Oct 2018)
"This product is perfect for my needs " AP, Godalming (24th Oct 2018)
"Both product and service are excellent. Many thanks! " ML, Bulgaria (23rd Oct 2018)
"I find it far more comfortable and long lasting than any other products " LW, Gosport (22nd Oct 2018)
"Great products, with good natural ingredients which do a great job. " GW, Southsea (21st Oct 2018)
"It makes sex possible " FS, Salcombe (20th Oct 2018)
"Fantastic products, so great to use, pure comfort with no after effects. " ZK, Lulworth (19th Oct 2018)
"*BRUTALLY HONEST POST ALERT* Apparently, today is #WorldMenopauseDay (wtactualf!), so I'm using this as an excuse to talk about the Unspoken. In my experience, it's probably still the biggest taboo in discussing our breast cancer treatment and its side-effects. I KNOW that I will have Facebook friends reading this who are suffering, but YOU DON'T HAVE TO SUFFER! We just have to talk about (literally) uncomfortable things. VAGINAL ATROPHY With many endocrinological breast cancer treatments inducing an early menopause, this is something that many of us have become too familiar with, too soon. Even having ceased my Tamoxifen and regained the strength in my joints, this is a lasting legacy that I still have to actively manage every day. Yes, we discuss all the socially acceptable effects of menopause: the hot flushes, the joint pain, the fuzzy head, the hormonal rages.. the stuff the rest of the world sees. We don't talk about the most intimate changes, which have the most insidious ways of messing up so many aspects of our everyday life: confidence, relationships, planning your day... That sensation of needing to pee all the time, even if you don't have a UTI? Uncomfortable sex? These things are a big deal, so we should address them. We worry so much about moisturising our ageing faces; we need adjust our daily routine to apply that regular care to our lady parts. I tried a few different brands of vaginal moisturiser (with hilarious/distressing results! Some brands separated into what I can only describe as "curds and whey", meaning that a while after application I would experience a vaginal flush followed by pellets of cheese- very sexy indeed) before coming across YES - the organic intimacy company! Now, I can't be without these products. I'm not sponsored by them, but I simply can't endorse this stuff enough! YES! has made my life so much more comfortable: water-based for daily maintenance and oil-based for sexytimes. Unlike others on the market, it's also hormone-free, and doesn't contain oestrogen-mimics like soya, so it's suitable for the er+ club. It took me a lot of lonely, uncomfortable, embarrassing and distressing experimentation to get to where I am now. Lube is not shameful; lube is your friend. So is bloody-minded honesty about the real consequences of menopause. Let's talk, and if anyone starts squirming, at least it won't be because they desperately need to pee. " MN, Harrow (18th Oct 2018)
"It was because you sent me some samples (I had looked at the website intending to buy) and I tried them and decided to buy full size products. I like the fact that there is no silicon and the product is more natural. " IN, Warrington (17th Oct 2018)
"I love that you are organic. I haven't found anything here in America that even compares to your products. " Florida Keys (16th Oct 2018)
"Thank you for the free samples - I didn't know I was getting them - that is what prompted me to buy your product 🙂 " TY, Tonbridge (15th Oct 2018)
"You're brilliant and ethical and local. Your old packaging was cooler tho! " DM, Grimsby (14th Oct 2018)
"Made a terrific difference to my quality of life " AJ, Kingston (13th Oct 2018)
"Organic, chemical and hormone free.... natural product .... hard to find.... but that's exactly what we women want these days " JK, Oxford (12th Oct 2018)
"Been recommending YES products to my patients for several years as well as use myself " HU, Ipswich (11th Oct 2018)
"Thank you so much for changing my life! No longer dependant on Vagifem and thanks to your suggestion, my GP is now prescribing Yes Water Based Vaginal Moisturiser when I request it. " HN, Kingston (10th Oct 2018)
"Your products are amazing- they really work! I was diagnosed with a severe case of vaginal atrophy. I had soreness , burning, and bleeding. After countless doctors visits, many lubricants, estrogen cream and Osphena, I was getting more and more depressed. Nothing worked! Then I discovered your products. I started using the VM moisturizing gel. I was discouraged after a week of using it because it stung a little at first and I was still having symptoms. I spoke to a kind, understanding rep from your company who encouraged me to keep trying it - sometimes with severe cases it takes a little more time. I started using the cleanser as well as the WB lubricant. It took a total of two weeks from starting it to see a difference. And what an amazing difference it has made!!!!! All soreness, burning and bleeding has stopped!! Now I only use the VM moisturizer once or twice a week and the cleanser every time I shower, and lubricant as needed. So I encourage anyone who tries these products not to give up if you don’t experience an immediate change - give it time. It really works!!!! " FD, Dallas (9th Oct 2018)
"I had breast cancer at 30, and although I've been as lucky as you can possibly be in that situation, it does seem to strip so much of your "normal" away. But genuinely, after some trial-and-error with similar products, YES has brought me as close to "before-cancer" Hannah as I can be. Who knew that such power was in a little tube of lube! Thank you- genuinely!" JO, Hastings (8th Oct 2018)
"My Dr. was concerned about the condition of the intimacy in our marriage because of vaginal discomfort. She wanted me to start using an estrogen based prescription cream - but I chose your VM product instead. She was a bit skeptical, but was willing to give me two months of using the VM every other day for 2 months and let my pap exam be the test. With great results, not only was I able to tolerate the Pap exam - but she was absolutely amazed at how healthy my tissue looked at 56! And slowly but surely, the intimacy in my marriage has a chance to recover! She also took all the information of your company and the product I was using so she could research it more and consider talking to some of her cancer patience about using Yes products since they cannot use anything hormone base products. So glad I found you! Thank you. " EN, Arizona (7th Oct 2018)
"You saved my intimate life! " ME, Farlington (6th Oct 2018)
"Love this product and passing the word along. " MN, Rhodes (5th Oct 2018)
"It has made so much difference - I now enjoy sex again " CW, Dartmouth (4th Oct 2018)
"Great products. I react to perfumes and other nasty ingredients. The range is so extensive now too. Thank you " ID, Durham (3rd Oct 2018)
"It's really helped cure painful sex thank you " LM, Manchester (2nd Oct 2018)
"The intimate moisturiser has been a life safer. I thought I was destined to suffer great intimate discomfort until I discovered why I was being affected and how to help it with the moisturiser. " ZP, Plymouth (1st Oct 2018)
"Very good product. I have been on Aromasin for eight years and Yes helps me cope with the ensuing atropic vaginitis. " DL, Texas (30th Sep 2018)
"Very good, the only thing that has worked for me " NI, Ipswich (29th Sep 2018)
"Great product and relieved so many different menopausal symptoms " HI, Worthing (28th Sep 2018)
"Has definitely resolved issues with discomfort during intercourse " LR, Luton (27th Sep 2018)
"Wonderful products that have really helped me with post menopausal symptoms, and given me peace of mind in not having to use anything hormone based. " MT, Camberley (26th Sep 2018)
"I have been using YES products for over 3 years. They are the best. Yes is the only product I can use irritation. " AM, Norwich (25th Sep 2018)
"Your Customer Service people are wonderful and have helped me greatly. " RR, Northampton (24th Sep 2018)
"The best ever. Your products are wonderful. So is your customer helpline. They are so helpful and reassuring I'm spreading the word." WK, Newhaven (23rd Sep 2018)
"I have been using Yes oil based for the past couple of years, recommended by my specialist women's health physiotherapist and find it very helpful for the hypersensitivity of my vulval skin and vulvoydynia, pelvic floor dysfunction." LZ, Donnington (22nd Sep 2018)
"I love your products! I thought intercourse after menopause would be forever painful, but thank goodness, with your products, that is not the case. Thank you! " HD, Middlesex (21st Sep 2018)
"It is the best product that I have tried - have tried many others " NA, Rome (20th Sep 2018)
"Find it better and less irritating than eg; coconut oil & vagisil. " AL, Lowestoft (19th Sep 2018)
"When I was first diagnosed with lichen sclerosus I had a hard time dealing with my condition and did not think anything was going to work. I was very stressed out. Now that I have accepted and learned to deal with my condition I have found that your products are the only thing that I can use. Thank You. " IB, Pembrokshire (18th Sep 2018)
"It's the best I've tried " YN, Christchurch, NZ (17th Sep 2018)
"I'm pretty excited about how clean the products are. Every other product I've looked at or tried ( a lot!) has hard to pronounce alcohols or mystery ingredients that sound painful. In fact they have been painful. " MM, Harrow (16th Sep 2018)
"I am so pleased after 25 years of pain to find your product. I am 52 and glad my husband and I can enjoy sex worry free! " WP, Warrington (15th Sep 2018)
"My wife has tried multiple brands of lubricant to help with her post menopausal dryness and found yours to be the most effective " EH, Suffolk (14th Sep 2018)
"Love the stuff made so much difference to sexual intercourse " DK, Poole (13th Sep 2018)
"Cannot believe this product read reviews and still a bit sceptical. Anyway tried product and it is amazing !!! Because of my diagnosis (Lichen Sclerosis) mainly use OB product but find VM useful too. No more rawness, redness, itching, or burning. Would highly recommend. Have given YES leaflet to my GP who has a special interest in Women's Health and she was attending Women's Health Conference. Intend to advise my NHS Consultant Gynaecologist about YES products at my next visit and give her a YES leaflet. By advising doctors I hope to help other women. Also I love the fact that your products are natural, steroid creams and HRT pessaries did not help me and I did not like using them, now I do not need to. Thank you ,Thank you ,Thank you your products have so helped me. Very helpful having advisors whom I could telephone and who gave me advice about your products. Introductory pack and samples helped me decide on products most suitable for me. I have found 40ml size tubes are great to pop in your handbag or using as a travel size for a weekend away or short trip. " JT, Sunderland (12th Sep 2018)
"OMG. I have been suffering for 11 years since ovarian cancer. This is without a doubt the best product I have ever tried. It does everything you claim. Leave it the US to lag behind. Thank you so much!" HB, New York (11th Sep 2018)
"I have found this the one product that does not irritate me after use " NA, Hastings (10th Sep 2018)
"This product has been a blessing, my husband and I still enjoy intimacy after 35 years marriage, Thank you!! " KW, Queenstown, NZ (9th Sep 2018)
"Your oil based product is so much better than using coconut oil! the Water based lube is good too. No weird foaming. Thank you. Sex is pleasurable again and I feel good about what I put into and on my body. This is the best product I've found. I'm telling all my girlfriends! " ER, Peak District (8th Sep 2018)
"Where has this product been all my life? I LOVE Yes, yes, yes OB and WB Lubricants!!! " CF, Bexill-on-Sea (7th Sep 2018)
"Amazing website and second to none customer service. I will never be without your lube and moisturiser. Thank you for all you stand for . Fabulous!! " DM, Grimsby (6th Sep 2018)
"Helped sexual intercourse since the menopause " SW, Milton Keynes (5th Sep 2018)
"Have recommended it to friends and they are really pleased I did! " PP, Brixham (4th Sep 2018)
"Have found these products brilliant. They have helped with my problem and it is fab that they are all organic so do not have any side effects when using them. Have found other products to either make me sore or sting when used. " NC, Huntingdon (3rd Sep 2018)
"Love it. Eager to try the the vaginal moisturizer. I had to have a hysterectomy after a uterine prolapse and my body no longer lubricates well. " NK, Oxford (2nd Sep 2018)
"Have used in the past. 100% best product on the market! " ND, Ipswich (1st Sep 2018)
"Presently, my new daughter-in-law's mom has colorectal cancer; just out of hospital after huge surgery. Total hyst and 1/2 vagina also removed, besides entire rectum, part of colon & permanent colostomy. Have passed along my new (from July order) second bottle of Wash for her to use in shower & have discussed VM or WB on vulva for discomfort, until she can return to enjoying sex again -- then WB. Love what you have done for the women of the world; there is a safe & Highly reliable lubrication for post menopausal women (have had this problem in spite of hormone replacement therapy). Wonderful products! I spread the news to whomever I encounter (as a nurse) who may possibly need lubricant or moisturizer! E.g. Breast cancer survivors --- I do not wait for them to ask, since many women aren't comfortable broaching the subject of their own vaginal dryness. Keep up your splendid work! I will continue purchasing & spreading the word! Loved loved the bag. My DIL is an ER nurse & I passed it along to her!!" " RC, MI, USA (31st Aug 2018)
"I began using Yes VM when I noticed dryness. This quickly turned into our favorite option for lubricant. It doesn't ball up like the main stream lubricants we used at the beginning of our marriage. It is also very important to me that it is natural and cruelty free. Thank you, Yes! " MK, Norfolk (30th Aug 2018)
"I have used your products for many years. I am allergy prone, and I use YES products which are natural and safe for my sensitive skin. YES products are the best! I have recommended YES to my doctor for his patients. " NT, North london (29th Aug 2018)
"Made such a difference to our sex life and to the way I feel about myself. I had come to dread having sex but now I can look forward to it again. " WS, Durham (28th Aug 2018)
"Your products are amazing and an important step forward for woman's intimate health, in an industry so full of toxicity. Thank you for great products " OY, Cambridge (27th Aug 2018)
"I have multiple allergies. YES is the only product line have been able to use. Water based with minimal ingredients - please don't change the formulas!! " LL, Sunbury (26th Aug 2018)
"I am so appreciative that I am not using weird chemicals in my body! Thank you Yes!! " HF, Hereford (25th Aug 2018)
"Love it! Bought some for gifts for other couples! " BC, Birmingham (24th Aug 2018)
"My boyfriend and I love Yes products. I like the WB more than OB because it feels more natural. Also love the Yes But lubricant. Before seeing it I didn't think about the necessity of using a separate product for anal sex. These products add a lot of confidence to lovemaking! " CG, Surrey (23rd Aug 2018)
"My wife has been using your product for several years. It makes a real difference to her.This product has made our sex life much more enjoyable and pain free. " PT, Southend (22nd Aug 2018)
"I have used Yes previously and I'm delighted with it. For me the fact it is natural and organic was most important to me. Thank you. " DA, Yeovil (21st Aug 2018)
"Only brand that doesn't cause discomfort to my wife. Love it " IF, Cardiff (20th Aug 2018)
"A very soothing, non-messy and fun range of products that have felt like a bit of a life saver during some intimate health issues... recurring cystitis and the fall-out from repeat courses of antibiotics. Need I say more?! " RJ, Derbyshire (19th Aug 2018)
"The use of your water-based lubricant has made my sex life much more pleasurable. Thank you!!! " AJ, Somerset (18th Aug 2018)
"For the first time after showering I didnt burn down there. Also have Interstitial Cystitis. The moisturizer is used daily for both Vulvadynia and IC No more burning after showering and no more dryness and itching .. small tears. Your products are awesome. I am very sensitive down there and can.finally have sex again with your lubricant. The oil based one is best as I have to urinate a lot and it doesn't wash away every time I wee. Thank you! " RL, Glasgow (17th Aug 2018)
"Diagnosed with Lichen sclerosis I felt my life was over, so painful could hardly walk. Thank goodness I found your website I am fine now forget all pain, not there. Life is good again only wish that all women with this problem find you. Thank you for this wonderful product " SD, Cambridge (16th Aug 2018)
"Did you know the pill can cause vaginal dryness? I certainly didn't and I hadn't experienced it last time I was on it. The three doctors I went to see didn't seem to know about it either. And yet, apparently it is a thing. And it's a really uncomfortable thing. I couldn't be intimate with my partner without pain and bleeding. It was horrible and with doctors simply shrugging and suggesting more lube I was at my wits end. I tried every product available. Each one stung and it's one place to do nooooot want to sting. After searching the internet I found Yes VM and when it didn't sting upon application I was happy with the momentary relief. And then with repeated applications (I was in a bad way, so sore, so sorry for myself) I began to actually heal. This had been going on for months, even after coming off the pill, but within a few days all felt good again. Best product out there and believe me, I've tried them all. There's a lot of shame and frustration with intimate issues, I'm so relieved I discovered Yes VM." RK, Guildford (15th Aug 2018)
"YES products changed my life. I am commenting in the hope that my experience might be of use to other women. I was diagnosed with genitourinary syndrome of menopause a few years ago. Neither Replens, nor local estrogen treatment addressed my symptoms of a dry and irritated vagina and anus, painful intercourse, and frequent urinary tract infections. Eventually, intercourse became impossible and the opening to my vagina contracted so much that the only option my gynecologist recommended was surgery to increase the size of my vaginal opening followed by regular vaginal dilation and intercourse. Given the guidelines in my country for the treatment of genitourinary syndrome of menopause, co-authored by my gynecologist, did not mention the surgery she was proposing, and given she told me that she did not have data on the efficacy of her surgery, I decided to try daily vaginal dilation first. It worked. After a few months I was able to enjoy intercourse again. I cancelled the surgery. Since I was using so much lubricant (KY jelly) with the dilation, I decided to look for other options as I did not like the stickiness or consistency of any of the KY lubricants. That lead me to the scientific articles on lubricant osmolarity and pH which lead me to the YES products which changed my life as I noted above. YES VM is so much better than Replens. It is soothing and there is no discharge. I use the tube with applicators that I buy elsewhere as this allows me to determine the amount of lubricant based on my needs and it allows me to lubricate both the vaginal and the external genital area. I find the YES WB lubricant works well with the dilator which I still use a few times a week. For intercourse, my husband and I really like the "double glide" (YES WB and OB). I use the YES Cleanse Rose to clean my genital area in shower rather than using soap since the former has the correct osmolarity and pH for this area is it is soothing. Finally, I found that the YES BUT product was able to address my itchy anus and urinary tract infections. I use it as a lubricant to help me clean my anus after defecating. It turns out that my urinary tract infections were due to fecal-perineal-urethral contamination. Following menopause, my anus became so dry and itchy that using only toilet paper to clean the area lead to bleeding and I was not able to clean myself properly which lead to more itching and the above mentioned urinary tract infections . I really like that the osmolarity and pH of YES BUT is matched to the anus. I will admit it is an "off label" use of YES BUT, but (pun intended) it works for me! Thank-you so much for developing your line of products." YU, Canada (14th Aug 2018)
"Last time I ordered YES I received faulty product in the mail. Before I found the time to email your company about the mistake I received a new shipment and a letter from YES apologizing. YES has been a fantastic company to deal with so far! Keep up the excellent work! " OY, Yeovil (13th Aug 2018)
"Best lube ever! Have had lots of issues with other lubricants and a natural lubes, but this one is a keeper for sure. Thanks for making a quality product! " JS, Gateshead (12th Aug 2018)
"Absolutely fantastic product. I'm so glad my practice nurse told me to try this. My husband and I are closer now than we have been for a few years due to your product. Thanks for saving my marriage " OP, Birmingham (11th Aug 2018)
"I'm on Letrozole following breast cancer and dry, itchy vagina is a problem. This is the only non oestrogen product that seems to help most of the time. Glad to have found it. " AL, Harrow (10th Aug 2018)
"Excellent... Yes OB ... will never look back... 100% better than Replens. Will now try YES VM ... " LM, Chester (9th Aug 2018)
"Fantastic, much better than Replens previously supplied on prescription " NH, Essex (8th Aug 2018)
""Yes" definitely enhances the sex life of the octogenarian. " OC, Isle of Wight (7th Aug 2018)
"I have to tell you, that I am beyond pleased with your products. I have been experiencing a very dry vagina since menopause about 13 years ago. And it has truly affected my marriage due to the extreme discomfort. The only options my doctor was able to offer were prescription drugs with serious side effects, which I have refused. Thanks to these products and using them for the past thirty days, my husband and I were able to have intercourse once again! I would love to sell these products in the USA! " KW, CA (6th Aug 2018)
"I cant go back to other lubes... just not good enough, full of chemicals. " DL, Bury St Edmunds (5th Aug 2018)
"My doctor put me on HRT for the dryness, although I didnt want to go on it, as the itching was so bad I took the doctors advise. I was back in the doctors after 3 days as I couldnt stand it any longer. A cream was prescribed but did nothing. I searched the internet and ordered the YES moisture gel. Symptoms improved immediately " PF, Oxford (4th Aug 2018)
"Post menopausal vaginal atrophy this has really helped these difficulties have not only been physical but emotionally a great product " HA, London (3rd Aug 2018)
"Yes products are the most wonderful, natural and soothing products I've ever used. The intimate foam wash and lubricant have completely eliminated my vaginal atrophy and pain. I am a customer for life! " PT, Dorset (2nd Aug 2018)
"Thank you for explaining osmolality and the WHO recommendation. I have been using Replens (prescribed by my GP) with little success and I now realise I may have been doing more harm than good. " AB, Norwich (2nd Aug 2018)
"YES cream is excellent and has stopped me considering hormone medication highly recommend. Excellent for older ladies, life changing actually " LS, Harrow (1st Aug 2018)
"Yes intimate body wash is really fantastic to use its not drying and has really helped with my recurring UTI...plus it lasts for ages. Just adore the rose scented wash!!!! " SA, Reading (31st Jul 2018)
"Used your products previously to treat vaginal dryness and had excellent results in that issued disappeared. Problem has returned, unfortunately, so buying again, confident the all will be resolved given a bit of time and slathering. " IN, London (30th Jul 2018)
"Your product has been a lifesaver and the organic elements just put it over the top! Thanks! " LW, West Yorkshire (29th Jul 2018)
"Finding this website was a blessing. I am now free of the vaginal itching. I have to use it about every 3 days. I love it " DW, Colchester (28th Jul 2018)
"Good to know is all organic, plant based, natural " UR, Wells (27th Jul 2018)
"Menopause has caused many issues I have never had to deal with!! Bought after reading many positive things about your company. The first purchase was water based and oil based. For my personal needs the oil base is a great asset, without any side effects. Thanks and I will continue to spread the word about how wonderful your product is here in he USA. " JC, Ohio (26th Jul 2018)
"This is the best product ever! It really helps alleviate vaginal dryness. Thanks! " NN, milan (26th Jul 2018)
"Just appreciate a great product at a fair price with ingredients that are not hazardous or health invasive. " FG, Bournemouth (26th Jul 2018)
"The Oil Based Lube has been great and makes lovemaking much more enjoyable for me and my husband who knew I had alot of pain from sex due to menopause. We don't worry about condoms now so the oil based product is perfect! " SW, Buckinghamshire (25th Jul 2018)
"Helps reduce my chronic BV infection due to my Chronic liver disease. First time in five years a product does not irritate or have bad after effects on my lady parts. Thank you for caring about our sex lives, bodies and the environment! " WA, St Ives (25th Jul 2018)
"Love the WB lube. We ran out months ago and now I am wondering if that's why sex has again been painful. Can't wait to try the vaginal moisturizer. I am 48 and my vagina needs some serious nurturing. " DJ, Sussex (24th Jul 2018)
"Fantastic. Couldn't do without you " IU, Yeovil (24th Jul 2018)
"Has greatly improved my quality of life with vaginal atrophy. Thank you! " DB, Marlow (23rd Jul 2018)
"I had to call to get help. The help was TERRIFIC! " EF, Gosport (23rd Jul 2018)
"This product works for me when nothing else did. " IC, New Mexico (22nd Jul 2018)
"Yes products are amazing and I have peace of mind knowing they are hormone and paraben free; ingredients that are not harmful to me or the environment. " TR, Reigate (22nd Jul 2018)
"The VM has made a big difference to the vaginal irritation I've been experiencing since my total hysterectomy last year. I've tried the WB lube but it just isn't lasting/stong enough so I'm going to try the OB. Hopefully it helps " IG, Salisbury (21st Jul 2018)
"I like YES as it is made from natural ingredients and has made life better! Sounds dramatic but can't believe that nobody offers help. I had to find out by my own research. Had an early menopause and have never been advised or offered any remedies for inevitable problems that have arisen so I'm really glad I found YES online. Thank you " BY, Oxford (21st Jul 2018)
"I'm very happy to use a product which is most compatible with my bodily needs since the cancer treatments. YES lubricants give me confidence that I am using the best product for me, a chemical-free product! I can enjoy lovemaking again. Thank you, YES! " AN, Malibu (20th Jul 2018)
"After a lifetime of painful sex, extremely fragile vulval tissue and some UTI issues, I can now fully enjoy life with my husband and even ride my bike in the heat and humidity of Minnesota summer. " KS, MN (20th Jul 2018)
"Thank goodness you exist. This is a miracle product! " PS, Portugal (19th Jul 2018)
"Just starting to use VM & feeling more comfortable already thank you " TE, Bexhill (19th Jul 2018)
"Love it! I use the vaginal moisturiser and now I can use the cleanser, just been diagnosed with lichen sclerosus so this will definitely make life easier. Many thanks. " JO, Stoke on Trent (18th Jul 2018)
"Really enjoyable lubrication for us 75 year olds !! " WN, Norwich (18th Jul 2018)
"Wonderful product. My wife is much more interested in sex!!! " BT, Texas (17th Jul 2018)
"Thanks ~ Helped after Ovarian Cancer and Chemotherapy! " AT, Taunton (17th Jul 2018)
"The products have been revolutionary for my vaginal dryness! " KA, Sydney (16th Jul 2018)
"Suffered for a long time before using Yes products. Thank you " SA, Coventry (16th Jul 2018)
"This is my third purchase. I think I found this site when looking for personal lubricants that did not contain parabens. I was horrified when I looked at the ingredients of the locally purchased lubricants and Vaginal moisturizers. " HH, Southend (16th Jul 2018)
"Absolutely thrilled with the product VM. I suffer with severe atrophy and the symptoms that accompany that. VM has made my daily life comfortable and pain free. I am so pleased to have found this product, after trying so many other products in the past which have all irritated me and not helped my condition. " PA, St Austell (15th Jul 2018)
"Amazing, my fave brand of these products by far " IY, Oxfordshire (15th Jul 2018)
"I continue to appreciate your excellent customer service. " CS, Farnham (15th Jul 2018)
"Excellent products. Comforting to be able to use something not full of chemicals " OP, Ohio (14th Jul 2018)
"It does what it says on the tube! " CA, Kingston (14th Jul 2018)
"I am 74 and met my 72 year old boyfriend on a dating website. It had been a long long time for each of us. What I had in my drawer expired years ago. I look forward to more fun. Go go women entrepreneurs. " PL, Surrey (14th Jul 2018)
"Safe for those who are very sensitive! Literally changed my life. " TT, Vermont (13th Jul 2018)
"THANK YOU---I just hope you can keep YesVM available, it is a wonderful privilege to use a product that really works. I hope you realize how important your product is to someone like me who really needs it! " TD, Hong Kong (13th Jul 2018)
"This is the very best product, I have a 68 year old body that behaves like its 30 years younger when I use Yes. My intimate life is very pleasurable which was certainly not the case before I found Yes. There are no words to say how grateful I am for this product. " DW, Durham (12th Jul 2018)
"I can not thank YES enough for your high quality products! I am 34 years old but, I am on my second round of chemically induced menopause to save myself from a hysterectomy. Your products have been a lifesaver through my medical therapy! I have used YES the last 10 years and I love it! Everyone who I talk that complains of irritation with other products I give them one of your 6 pack bags as a gift! Thank you a million times, thank you! " IN, Devizes (12th Jul 2018)
"So impressed, beyond compare " GL, Polperro (11th Jul 2018)
"After prolapse surgery left me with pudendal neuralgia and also struggle with hypersensitive skin. I had almost given up on sex, I have tried virtually every intimate moisturiser but my skin seemed to react to everything. YES OB has not caused a reaction and feels like silk, I feel more womanly thanks to this. " CV, Epsom (10th Jul 2018)
"I received the samples and my first order and have had fantastic results. Within a week I was pain free! " ZI, Bracknell (10th Jul 2018)
"So friendly and positive, discovering this product and your company has cheered me up no end. I was full of dread starting Tamoxifen after breast cancer, and did experience some dryness, but the VM has completely sorted it out, and I have no need for hormonal creams, so far. Hooray! and thank you! I only wish my GPs surgery would prescribe it. " FL, Gillingham (9th Jul 2018)
"I phoned up and spoke to an adviser after my GP wanted to put me on Vagifem, but I didn't want hormone replacement. The adviser was so helpful and sent me some samples. The water based suited me best and the lurking thrush I have had for over 50 years was kept at bay! I found the website easy to use, and I was pleased to read the reviews and see that others had had the same problems as I do, but your products have sorted them. " HN, Norwich (9th Jul 2018)
"I really love your product, its non- irritating and that's very important to me. Menopause has been very hard. Thank you " CC, Brmingham (9th Jul 2018)
"Changed my life and let me enjoy sex again after years of discomfort and burning the VM and lubricant are the best products I'€ve ever used. " AL, Croyde Bay (8th Jul 2018)
"YES is the only product that works and heightens a satisfying orgasm. The oil base seems to our favorite. It doesn't dry out as quickly as water base. This will be forever in our lubricant. Thank you for such a life changing product! " DD, Texas (7th Jul 2018)
"AMAZING! You won't be disappointed and your spouse will thank you. " LG, London (7th Jul 2018)
"This is the best and healthiest lubrication I've ever used. Nothing compares to it and keeps my vaginal tissue healthy. I have lichen sclerosis and using the Yes products has helped to heal the condition. it is also wonderful for intercourse. " RE, Ealing (7th Jul 2018)
"I struggled with painful sex as soon as my hot flushes started some 10 years ago. I tried HRT in the form of cream and pessaries with limited success. Lubricants such as those by Durex didn't help much. I heard about replens and tried that but found it left an unpleasant discharge. I searched the internet for a better product and found Yes. I have been very pleased with the quality and effectiveness of VM, OB and WB (though the OB can be difficult to get out of the tube as it clogs, particularly during colder weather. It has taken time to become more confident with sex because it became so very painful. While not completely resolving discomfort I would say it's a good 80% better. I think it's a great shame women don't talk about lubricants, maybe younger women do, I hope so. " WN, Salisbury (6th Jul 2018)
"So far, I'€ve been quite impressed by your approach. You touched base when an order was left incomplete. When I replied explaining my conundrum, you provided a helpful response in a timely manner. You also shipped samples. All while being helpful and somehow not intrusive or pushy. Not an easy line to walk, but you'€ve been great so far. Job well done! " NU, Newbury (5th Jul 2018)
"YES Double glide has totally given me a sex life again. This time last year I was diagnosed with Lichen Sclerosis, experienced labial tissue loss and couldn't have sex. Thought I'd never be able to have sex or pleasure again. Along with other adjustments/treatments and especially with YES I have an intimate life back - YES!!!!! " ID, The Cotswolds (4th Jul 2018)
"I have Lichen Sclerosis and find your products so helpful - please stress to others that all your products are kind to LS sufferers -as many do not know of you. " AL, Bristol (3rd Jul 2018)
"I did use the lubrication before but didn't really appreciate that I needed it, using the water based and oil based together was a revelation and I will never be without them again. I also didn't realise that the moisturiser would help with the hot burning sensation I'd been getting, I thought it was thrush but it wasn't. I now use it every day and have no problems. I'm so grateful it is organic and chemical free. Thank you yes " YV, Vancouver (2nd Jul 2018)
"Having suffered from lichen planus and lichen sclerosis for many years, suffering pain, tearing and acute burning on intercourse, this product is gentle and soothing and I have been advised to use it as a daily moisturiser as well. I will always have discomfort due to scarring but this product has improved my life enormously. " SD, Georgia (1st Jul 2018)
"Love it, makes sex possible for me. (Extreme dryness and chemical sensitivities and maybe hormonal imbalance, sjogrens syndrome and other autoimmune diseases..) " IR, Norfolk (29th Jun 2018)
"This is my second order for the OB. I suffer from Lichen Planus and I am reluctant to call this a miracle solution yet....but it's getting close 🙂 ! I am trying the foam wash for the first time. " TI, Plymouth (28th Jun 2018)
"It has helped restore one of the things Cancer and Treatment has taken away. Thank you! " WN, Glasgow (27th Jun 2018)
"Love the dual glide! Otherwise penetration is quite painful : ( " UB, Birmingham (26th Jun 2018)
"It€'s made such a difference. Lovemaking was becoming too painful several years after menopause. KY just wasn€t helping. I was unhappy about the chemicals in the KY. Happened to look through a programme from a fair I€'d been to in Bristol and I spotted the info on Yes. I hadn'€t visited the stall at the fair. So glad I found you! " IN, london (25th Jun 2018)
"The best product available...after years of searching Thank you +++++ " ED, Kingston (24th Jun 2018)
"Really happy with the products I am using - WB applicators, and OB moisturiser. Life-changing for women of a certain age! " RN, Port Isaac (23rd Jun 2018)
"It's the only thing that works and it's pleasant rather than stingy . " DH, Harrogate (22nd Jun 2018)
"It€™s amazing - my husband and I really struggled before this was suggested by my gynaecologist " PO, Portsmouth (21st Jun 2018)
"Been using your products for 10 years and have never had a problem with anything ,very natural feeling " TR, Derby (20th Jun 2018)
"I was given two samples by my Gynae...yours was a 10/10 the other sample was an ouchy -1/10 " ID, Portugal (19th Jun 2018)
"Since recommended by a friend, YES products have really helped with the management of recurring UTIs and increased my confidence about having sex without triggering unpleasant infections. " HK, Washington (18th Jun 2018)
"Makes intercourse less painful and actually helps healing. I am allergic to other lubricants so this one is great and is tailored for my specific needs with having lichen sclerosis. " WL, Utah (17th Jun 2018)
"Yes OB has made our intimate experiences so much more successful. Highly recommend the products and about to try new products on the website. " KI, Oregon (16th Jun 2018)
"This is the first line of personal lubricants that DO NOT irritate my personal parts. " TS, Nevada (15th Jun 2018)
"Love the product has saved my health and wellbeing. Painful sex after menopause could not be resolved by any OBGYN for years I have had this problem. Additional all soaps resulted in a tremendous amount of vaginal burning and cracking only the yes products resolved the issue. Thank you " FP, Marlow (14th Jun 2018)
"So glad I finally found this product (VM - I use it internally and externally). Since I've been using it my quality of life has drastically improved. Because I have a lot of allergies, finding a product that didn't cause issues wasn't easy, until I discovered yours. Thank you so very much! " HD, Kentucky (13th Jun 2018)
"After using the WB applicator it's the first time I've not felt sore after sex for years. " AK, Humberside (12th Jun 2018)
"Excellent customer service. I placed an order and commented on what I wanted it for. A few days later I received an email from one of your customer service reps saying she read my comment, looked at my order and wanted to recommend a different product better suited to my needs. I already recommend your products because of their high quality and safe ingredients. I will now include excellent customer service in my list of accolades. " OO, Somerset (11th Jun 2018)
"Best product I have found for menopausal vaginal dryness. I highly recommend it " KD, West Sussex (10th Jun 2018)
"Very easy to use. My cancer specialist gave me two different free samples to try and yours is the best. " SM, Middlesex (9th Jun 2018)
"Terrific products - really work and no chemicals or hormones! " DD, Worcestershire (8th Jun 2018)
"I have had terrible burning and itching after internal vaginal radiation. Yes VM has given some relief. " SL, Kent (7th Jun 2018)
"Really has made a difference to my comfort & enjoyment of life " WL, London (6th Jun 2018)
"I love the results, haven't had any issues. " SP, Oxford (5th Jun 2018)
"Using these products has been so helpful in many ways. After the menopause and treatment for breast cancer I suffered from vaginal atrophy and sex became so painful and something I wanted to avoid. The applicators are so easy to apply. Thank goodness for this product. " UD, Rutland (4th Jun 2018)
"I have been using this wb product for over 3 years now. I love the fact that it is in singles, discreet and does not cause me to have bacterial infections or yeast infection. Thank you " NS, Shropshire (3rd Jun 2018)
"Best intimate products I have ever purchased " BD, Herefordshire (2nd Jun 2018)
"Yes products are great! I have been using them for 1 year. Had a problem with BV, so far no issues with Yes. Addresses my dryness issue. I recommend your product to others all the time! " DU, Cumberland (1st Jun 2018)
"Your products are absolutely wonderful. I have had severe vaginal Atrophy. At the moment I get your VM Vaginal Moisturizing gel and the Intimate VM off my Doctor but will soon be ordering directly off you as I use the Gels every day. I also use your Rose Wash. I was using the Simple Soap but have now changed to your wash " OY, Whitstable (31st May 2018)
"Samples from the doctor have enabled me to enjoy sex again. " KW, Surrey (30th May 2018)
"Thank you it's the first time in a year I've had relief from my problem ... and i'm delighted to find something which i believe to be so pure and that i'm not afraid to use in such a personal area... " NZ, Paris (29th May 2018)
"First time I ordered I spoke to a lady who was very helpful and reassuring. I felt no embarrassment and it was a relief to get some help after years of suffering. " LA, Henley-on-Thames (28th May 2018)
"Thankful to have found your products when Vagifem not quite doing the job! " PU, Sofia (27th May 2018)
"I've used Yes throughout several relationships over nearly a decade, and everyone loves it. Thank you for making such a wonderful product! " TN, Toronto (26th May 2018)
"I was given two samples by my gynae...yours was a 10/10 the other sample was an ouchy -1/10 😩 " IS, Ipswich (25th May 2018)
"Since recommended by a friend, YES products have really helped with the management of recurring UTIs and increased my confidence about having sex without triggering unpleasant infections. " KW, Warwick (24th May 2018)
"Makes intercourse less painful and actually helps healing. I am allergic to other lubricants so this one is great and is tailored for my specific needs with having lichen sclerosis. " LA, Canterbury (23rd May 2018)
"Yes OB has made our intimate experiences so much more successful. Highly recommend the products and about to try new products on the website. " ID, Cumbria (22nd May 2018)
"This is the first line of personal lubricants that DO NOT irritate my personal parts. " IN, Salisbury (21st May 2018)
"Love the product has saved my health and wellbeing. Painful sex after menopause could not be resolved by any OBGYN for years I have had this problem. Additional all soups resulted in a tremendous amount of vaginal burning and cracking only the YES products resolved the issue. Thank you " NF, Reading (20th May 2018)
"So glad I finally found this product (VM - I use it internally and externally). Since I've been using it my quality of life has drastically improved. Because I have a lot of allergies, finding a product that didn't cause issues wasn't easy, until I discovered yours. Thank you so very much! " RE, Coventry (19th May 2018)
"After using the WB applicator it's the first time I've not felt sore after sex for years. " LS, Dublin (18th May 2018)
"Excellent customer service. I places an order and commented on what I wanted it for. A few days later I received an email from one of your customer service reps saying she read my comment, looked at my order and wanted to recommend a different product better suited to my needs. I already recommend your products because of their high quality and safe ingredients. I will now include excellent customer service in my list of accolades. " RO, Marlow (17th May 2018)
"Best product I have found for menopausal vaginal dryness. I highly recommend it " TC, Cardiff (16th May 2018)
"Very easy to use. My cancer specialist gave me two different free samples to try and yours is the best. " DF, Somerset (15th May 2018)
"Terrific products - really work and no chemicals or hormones! " IY, Yeovil (14th May 2018)
"I have had terrible burning and itching after internal vaginal radiation. Yes VM has given some relief. " ZD, Portsmouth (13th May 2018)
"Really has made a difference to my comfort & enjoyment of life " LM, Surbiton (12th May 2018)
"I love the results, haven't had any issues. " CH, Kent (11th May 2018)
"I think its amazing. I backed out of my original order because of postage costs and was amazed to receive free samples in the post and a 25% discount, and now with my order postage is free. Excellent. " YO, Durham (10th May 2018)
"Using these products has been so helpful in many ways. After the menopause and treatment for breast cancer I suffered from vaginal atrophy and sex became so painful and something I wanted to avoid. The applicators are so easy to apply. Thank goodness for this product. " JS, Solihull (9th May 2018)
"I have been using this WB product for over 3 years now. I love the fact that it is in singles, discreet and does not cause me to have bacterial infections or yeast infection. Thank you " PP, Wrexham (8th May 2018)
"Best intimate products I have ever purchased " WK, Ludlow (7th May 2018)
"Yes products are great! I have been using them for 1 year. Had a problem with BV, so far no issues with Yes. Addresses my dryness issue. I recommend your product to others all the time! " HD, Guildford (6th May 2018)
"Once we passed the age of 100 we found it gave us a new lease of life" FG, Wimbourne (5th May 2018)
"Have tried everything. This is the only thing that works and does not cause any discomfort or side effects. Thank you. " LW, Coventry (4th May 2018)
"Your products are amazing. Thank you ~ I would like to thank you for your wonderful products. " RW, Maryland (3rd May 2018)
"I really love the range and now realise that women of all ages have 'dry' problems. Its something that has only become a problem to me since being prescribed Tamoxifen which has completely messed me up but I'm so glad your company was recommended to me " TA, Colorado (2nd May 2018)
"Currently under pelvic physiotherapist as have had vaginal prolapse. Using vaginal moisturiser which has improved the condition instead of oestrogen cream, very impressed. " SF, Forest Hill (1st May 2018)
"As a post menopause user these products have helped me greatly " LO, Plymouth (30th Apr 2018)
"Since my partner has had issues ovarian cysts I have found sex painful. Your products are the only ones that help me and my partner remain intimate " IG, Ipswich (29th Apr 2018)
"Other gels eg. KY have left me feeling sore - Yes products feel OK and work well. The Lichen Sclerosis - a new thing this year - has been cut off. Hopefully that and using Yes products may see the end of it. I am post menopausal but not ready to give up on our sex life. Now if you could do something for achy hips and knees I'd be well away!!! " JI, Durham (28th Apr 2018)
"The intimate wash is perfect for me. I went away recently and forgot to pack it and ended up using soap. After a few days i was quite sore and irritated. Will not forget again, that's for sure. I didn't realise how much it works for me. " HW, Reading (27th Apr 2018)
"I think that all doctors need to be aware of the Yes products to inform their patients of a more natural option for vaginal care. " GB, Richmond (26th Apr 2018)
"YES VM has proved to be the best product for me on the market. Vaginal dryness is something that is not spoken about. " IA, Oklahoma (25th Apr 2018)
"The VM is exactly what I need following vaginal radiotherapy. " ID, Jersey (24th Apr 2018)
"Best products I've used. Have only bought these since first trying " TB, Birmingham (23rd Apr 2018)
"Delighted that it works and sex is more comfy again " LI, Eastbourne (22nd Apr 2018)
"I have very allergenic skin but no problems using any YES products. " YT, Isle of Wight (21st Apr 2018)
"I had not encountered vaginal dryness and BV before I entered menopause and I have found the symptoms quite distressing. Yes VM has really helped me restore and maintain the balance needed. My symptoms have all cleared completely and I feel comfortable and well which I attribute to the daily application of Yes VM. Thank you for putting it out there! " GH, Milton on Keynes (20th Apr 2018)
"Won€™t use anything else " DC, Liverpool (19th Apr 2018)
"Very quickly solved my problem with dryness and painful sex. The gel stays where it's meant to be and doesn't run out like most products bought on the high street. " DA, Halifax (18th Apr 2018)
"The best vaginal lubricant for post menopause. " LO, Oxford (17th Apr 2018)
"It's brilliant. Feels totally natural. The application method is genius. Attractive, honest packaging. The little pouches which contain the tubes are a lovely and helpful touch. Great brand name. I'm hooked! " SS, Hertfordshire (16th Apr 2018)
"I find this product exactly meets my needs for lubrication and enhances my enjoyment. " SM, Guildford (15th Apr 2018)
"Love it, can't find something like this anywhere else in the world " JS, Johannesburg (14th Apr 2018)
"Only product that has helped prevent thrush and cistitus which I have suffered from over last 40 years and now post menopausal is a lifesaver. I'm sure you could be at the forfront of these life damaging issues. " PE, Yeovil (13th Apr 2018)
"It has made a huge difference to my life " JO, Nebraska (12th Apr 2018)
"I ha€ve tried all kinds of creams and gels but Yes is the only one that has helped me with vaginal dryness without leaving me feeling sticky! " KC, Milan (11th Apr 2018)
"Its great, does what it promises to do and is natural " IO, Maine (10th Apr 2018)
"I have suffered with vulvodynia and lichen sclerosus for over twenty years and when I get a horrible long attack it’s the only thing that soothes and helps me, I wouldn't be without it, thank you so much YES.x " LL, harrow (9th Apr 2018)
"Works far better than anything my GP or pharmacist suggested. Have been using it for years! " KO, Ipswish (8th Apr 2018)
"VM is amazing. Changed my life. " LW, Waterlloville (7th Apr 2018)
"The organic quality is the most important part of your product. " JD, Greenwich (6th Apr 2018)
"Thank you so much. Cancer treatment left me dreading intimacy with my fabulous husband of 20 years. Devastating. Tried store options, w chemicals, got infections and itched. Depressed. Sad. Disoriented. Fabulous husband found Yes and it has truly helped along with low dose HRT cream per oncologist's ok. Happier, younger feeling, recognize myself again! " TR, Oxford (5th Apr 2018)
"So far my boyfriend and I love it, we have the WB and OB lubricant and are trying the BUT lubricant for the first time. I am sure we will love it! Thank you for making such wonderful, natural products! " YI, Ipswich (4th Apr 2018)
"Clean. I've used other vaginal moisturisers which cause a nasty visible discharge. YES seems to be absorbed into the internal tissues resulting in no residue. " FF, Oregon (3rd Apr 2018)
"Changed our lives, we don't use anything else " LL, Egham (2nd Apr 2018)
"Thank you so much... to the creators of Yes... Doctors are always trying to push drugs on you, which cause future problems. " GL, Reading (1st Apr 2018)
"Please don't ever stop making the VM!! " MM, Keswick (31st Mar 2018)
"Has helped tremendously - making life much more enjoyable! " DP, Fife (30th Mar 2018)
"This is one of the best products i found for dryness due to Menopause " LY, Suffolk (29th Mar 2018)
"Vastly better than Astroglide " GB, Alabama (28th Mar 2018)
"The only lubricant company I trust. " NK, Rhode Island (27th Mar 2018)
"I have been very pleased with the Yes cleansers and WB products. Cancer treatment has made me very dry and painful. Yes products have helped tremendously. " ND, Norwich (26th Mar 2018)
"I've been using your products for about 4 years. Have recommended them to my friends! " JN, Chiswick (25th Mar 2018)
"Absolute best - not only for lichen sclerosus - but for anyone. Natural & long-lasting. " SI, New Hampshire (24th Mar 2018)
"Liked my first tube of YES OB Lubricant much better than previously used similar products. " FB, Michigan (23rd Mar 2018)
"I've been using OB and WB in combination and have found them a vast improvement on other products available to me in stores. " TV, Indiana (22nd Mar 2018)
"Life changing. Relationship Rescue. Feeling womanly again " JC, Eastbourne (21st Mar 2018)
"Yes Yes Yes has changed my life entirely. Sex was almost non existent due to pain. Vaginal dryness was uncomfortable and painful. Painful to just walk sometimes. I wish I knew about Vaginal Moisturiser earlier. Thank you " SA, Birmingham (20th Mar 2018)
"Your products have been immensely helpful to me in my post-menopausal state " SH, Horsham (19th Mar 2018)
"Lifesaver, marriage saver, sanity saver!! So thankful to have found you! " DC, The Cotswolds (18th Mar 2018)
"I love it! And thank goodness for it - all the products are wonderful. " HD, Durham (17th Mar 2018)
"Very pleased how natural it feels. " JP, Portsmouth (16th Mar 2018)
"After receiving the tip from my physio to try your products, I contacted your company for some free samples, which were sent efficiently and received gratefully by me to try out - and I'm returned to purchase my two favourite products, so thank you for the excellent customer service. " NB, Northampton (15th Mar 2018)
"Everyone very helpful on chat line and phone line - very impressed with quality and professionalism " KD, Belfast (14th Mar 2018)
"Yes plant oil based are quite useful for a busy working single woman like me. Easy to apply and it moisturises long enough through out the day. It gives a long lasting moisturising effect. It was given to me by my Gynaecologist initially I was hesitant and was in denial about using it. But then I tried it and never looked back YES! It's great! " SN, Bath (13th Mar 2018)
"I am really thankful I found your products. They have really saved my marriage because sex was very uncomfortable and painful. Thank you sincerely and also thank you for not making your products super expensive. I truly appreciate your company. " OP, Birmingham (12th Mar 2018)
"I was given HRT for dryness three years ago by a doctor, this made things much worse and caused more dryness and ripping of my vaginal wall during sex. The dryness was possibly due to stress as I am still having periods three years later. Yes could have saved me a lot of pain, anxiety and damage if i'd known about it sooner. " JR, Gillingham (11th Mar 2018)
"Has changed my life quite honestly so thank you! X " LA, Frimley (10th Mar 2018)
"I received samples of Yes products at a Comedy show in Edinburgh and having just recently been diagnosed with Lichens Sclerosus I thought I would try the products. The products are great I especially like the oil based lubricant it feels so much better than the emulsifying ointment, easier to apply as well. I love the fact that the lubricants have natural ingredients that are natural and beneficial to the skin. My husband and I really enjoyed the Double Glide experience. " DL, Glasgow (9th Mar 2018)
"Love it! Significantly better than anything I've bought on a natural food store shelf. " FG, Kansas (8th Mar 2018)
"Wanted an organic products to help with side effects of taking Tamoxifen following breast cancer diagnosis. YES products fit the bill. " LT, Surrey (7th Mar 2018)
"Have used Yes products for the last 2 years. Have found to help with menopausal dryness. Would recommend Yes products " LY, London (6th Mar 2018)
"The Yes Cleanse is a great product. I have a terrible reaction if I use anything that is perfumed, I can'€t even have a bubble bath so to find this product felt like a godsend. " LI, Littlehampton (5th Mar 2018)
"Using the Double Glide of Oil Based on one person and Water Based on the other produces the most amazing long lasting lubrication... perfect! " MH, Manchester (4th Mar 2018)
"Yes has been a life saver for me. Following surgery I was extremely dry and uncomfortable. I was prescribed HRT cream to aid healing but didn't want to use it long term. Your moisturizer is fabulous, I don't know what I would do without it. I have extremely sensitive skin so the Rose Wash has also been a great find. Thank you so much. " UC, Frome (3rd Mar 2018)
"Fantastic lubricant, extremely soothing and nourishing. Would highly recommend. Has been instrumental in healing my dyspareunia, thank you. " NC, Bembridge (2nd Mar 2018)
"Nothing but nothing else has helped with vaginal dryness .... only YES. Thank you! " BA, Bristol (1st Mar 2018)
"Brought back the meaning of pleasure to my life. " WC, Gillingham (28th Feb 2018)
"Most comfortable lubricant on the market " VT, Ohio (27th Feb 2018)
"I have been using this product since post menopause. It was the answer to vaginal dryness and tearing. I highly recommend it for older women. Great product with great results! Thank you. " AB, Birmingham (26th Feb 2018)
"I've bought this product before, amazing feel, forgot to bring it with me to the UK when visiting boyfriend, have tried another lube that was meant to be really good for hypoallergenic reasons but it did not compare at all!! Happily going to continue using Yes products and wish I'd just bought another bottle asap instead of trying something different. Definitely best lube on the market! Me and my partner love it so much, the feel is so soft and sexy really is the best thing out there for setting the mood and having fun in the bedroom! " DK, Copenhagen (25th Feb 2018)
"After trying multiple creams, lotions etc which all, without exception, produced painful burning and intense irritation I asked for a sample of Yes WB, used it and found it very soothing for intense vulvodynia pain. My GP then prescribed a tube which I am now using frequently - a little goes a long way and Yes, we are worth it! " SY, Swindon (24th Feb 2018)
"It's just getting better and I like the fact that NHS endorse your products. Too many woman have put up with discomfort for too long and it's good to be out in the open about vaginal products " GH, Stoke-on-Trent (23rd Feb 2018)
"For the first time I have found a product which actually works and has no side effects. These products have improved my quality of life after a hysterectomy aged 38, I suffered awful symptoms of vaginal dryness soreness and itching, since using Yes Yes products these symptoms have vanished. Nothing available on prescription worked as many of the products contained ingredients that did not aid my symptoms. I thank the scientists who work for Yes Yes from the bottom of my heart. " PD, Canterbury (22nd Feb 2018)
"This product is sooooo wonderful! My body reacts to all other lubricants. This one has saved my husband and I! " EH, Kent (21st Feb 2018)
"Been using the products since July, found your customer service to be wonderful and knowledgeable. Find the products to be amazing, has helped me in so many ways. Praying you will be around for a very long time. " MW, Marlow (20th Feb 2018)
"I would have forgot about you guys forever after a quick google search one day but then you sent me a surprise free sample! I was hooked! Thanks! Will be back to buy more! " KD, Arizona (19th Feb 2018)
"My partner and I had intercourse the other night, and for the fist time in over 6 months I was able to really enjoy sex without pain, and without the need to reach for the lube, I also had my first orgasm in months thank to YES VM. Thank you " ID, York (18th Feb 2018)
"Very good product, has helped me feel normal again " AW, Farnham (17th Feb 2018)
"The vaginal moisturizer has been a game changer. Nothing. Nothing else has given me relief. " NM, Portsmouth (16th Feb 2018)
"Yes WB is the only product my wife and I will use. It's the best. " LH, Oregon (15th Feb 2018)
"Most natural and satisfying vaginal moisturizer I've ever used. " PJ, Aberdeen (14th Feb 2018)
"My partner and I absolutely love the product. It feels so natural and we love that it has no smell or taste. " YT, New Jersey (13th Feb 2018)
"Have been using Yes VM for sometime now and have to say I find the product excellent, I was prescribed an Estrogen cream from the GP but would rather use a natural product, would highly recommend. " JD, Durham (12th Feb 2018)
"My boyfriend has intense allergies - has ended up in the ER because of a different lube. YES WB is the only one we've tried that has no reaction at all for him. " LD, Texas (11th Feb 2018)
"I have been using Yes products for a while now and find that it helps me and I don't get any of the burning sensation had with other products I tried using previously and would definitely recommend Yes. " LP, Gloucester (10th Feb 2018)
"Completely satisfied with this product. It really works. I highly recommend it. " IR, Derby (9th Feb 2018)
"Natural organic sustainable ingredients are a definite plus " LR, Rochester (8th Feb 2018)
"Very good product which sorted out the irritation that I had in my intimate area. " CG, Ipswich (7th Feb 2018)
"Thank you for making a natural product without chemicals, dyes or harsh fragrances. " LH, Southend (6th Feb 2018)
"Thank you for making a product that I don't have an allergic or sensitivity reaction to!! " OP, Southampton (5th Feb 2018)
"I have successfully used your lubricants for some time so I came looking for a VM! " ZU, Cumbria (4th Feb 2018)
"I've been using the Vaginal Moisturising Gel and it's made such a difference, I'm so pleased, thank you !! " NW, Norwich (3rd Feb 2018)
"Good product. Clean and easy to use. No smell, not sticky. VM works well for me " TT, Nottingham (2nd Feb 2018)
"Just superb. So much easier to use than other products i.e. no plastic applicator. And no harmful ingredients which is my main reason for purchasing your product " CY, Devizes (1st Feb 2018)
"Works better than expected. Thank you. " EC, Colchester (30th Jan 2018)
"Your Team have been great to direct me to the right products. Fantastic customer service " AL, Lyme Regis (29th Jan 2018)
"I used your products after being recommended by my women's health physio and they are brilliant. Really easy to use and no adverse reactions " NH, Harrow (28th Jan 2018)
"Great to have a natural product that actually works! The Yes VM applicators work better than Luvena. " RT, Kingston (27th Jan 2018)
"I love this product!! I have previously suffered with Bacterial Vaginosis but since using the intimate wash I have had no reoccurances!! Could not be happier and would definitely recommend to anyone suffering with the same. " JR, Oban (26th Jan 2018)
"After suffering with regular uti'€s for many years I had not had one since using Yes products, I also use the moisturiser and lubricant. Very happy!! " GA, Ontario (25th Jan 2018)
"This product is my best friend, I go nowhere without it!" LD, Liverpool (24th Jan 2018)
"Yes products are the best!, have used other lubricants but ended up having some kind of reaction to them. Yes OB is a brilliant and would recommend the Yes range to others. " UN, Hawaii (23rd Jan 2018)
"I was lucky to meet my husband when I was only 16. He was and remains my only partner and I love him (and fancy him!) as much today at the age of 58 as I did then. As soon as I hit menopause sex became painful. Without Yes it would be impossible. When you have been together as long as we have the intimate part of a relationship is too important to lose. " OJ, Nebraska (22nd Jan 2018)
"Love this product. Highly recommend. Best on market " LS, Sittingbourne (21st Jan 2018)
"Lasts longer and is cleaner that Astroglide " GP, Texas (20th Jan 2018)
"My Mum finds it amazing and more helpful than steroid cream. " RN, Bath (19th Jan 2018)
"Excellent customer service staff who provided really useful and professional advice " PY, Worthing (18th Jan 2018)
"This stuff is saving my sex life. Sex was painful and un-fun because of the dryness. I was also getting VB which I'd never had and realized that I needed a lower pH product to keep things healthy. Love the discreet tubes - no need to make a big production of it. And the Yes But is really great (my husband loves it.) So envious of your NHS and its modern perspective on womens sexual health. Here in the US.... well - we can only hope for national healthcare let alone a focus on sexual well-being. " GF, New York (17th Jan 2018)
"I am not in a sexual relationship at present but am using YES water-based lubricant to heal the vaginal area after a hysterectomy left the area very sore. It was recommended by my local health food store and I have found it very effective. " GW, Warwick (16th Jan 2018)
"No pain during intimacy. If you have had these problems and you finally find a product that works, you are emotionally and phyiscally relieved. " IM, Harrow (15th Jan 2018)
"I have been using YES WB and OB for about twelve months now. I have had a Hysterectomy and do not have a regular partner and so dryness and splitting of the vaginal walls was a big big problem. My Doctor recommended using vaseline and this did not work. The pleasure and confidence l feel now is incredible. I highly recommend using the yes products and could not imagine my life now without them. Wow ladies a real boost!!! " YN, Nottinghill (14th Jan 2018)
"I don'€t know what I'd do without it, as an older woman " TV, Bolton (13th Jan 2018)
"Love the all natural product. I don't have a reaction to any of the ingredients and that was a problem for all others brands I had tried. " TR, Oxford (12th Jan 2018)
"I tried the water based a year ago it was ok, I have vaginal atrophy, I don't want HRT cream you insert as I have fibroids and it would cause them to grow and bleed and risk of uterine cancer. I've tried over the counter creams but they make me so sore and the applicators scratch me inside. This applicator is the best and the fact you don't have to mess around refilling and washing the applicator out always thinking reusing it I could get an infection. Coconut oil is good for such a lot of things. Vaginal atrophy is painful all day long and using just one tube gave me instant comfort. I'm so happy! " BF, Bristol (11th Jan 2018)
"Used VM for first time today and am delighted with the relief from post menopausal vaginal atrophy. " ZJ, St Austell (10th Jan 2018)
"I have used VM and oil-based gel before and love it. Its the first time in over a year, something finally WORKS! " IM, Birmingham (9th Jan 2018)
"Second time to purchase. Love that products are all natural. Wouldn't use anything else. " JN, Limerick (8th Jan 2018)
"Really pleased with products and pleased to find healthy organic products " AN, Arundel (7th Jan 2018)
"I had not recognised my discomfort was related to the reduction in oestrogen after starting Anastrosole. I was given some samples and the relief of symptoms was wonderful. " LD, Durham (6th Jan 2018)
"Your products give confidence as well as satisfaction. " HP, Yeovil (5th Jan 2018)
"Thank you. I a€m still working on treating my vaginismus. Feeling hopeful reading other womens feedback on your website. I love your products, especially the OB lube and the unfragranced wash. Thanks very much. " RT, Jersey (4th Jan 2018)
"Been using it for some time with flare ups with vuvaldynia and lichen scherlosis it is very soothing wouldn't be without it. " RP, Glasgow (3rd Jan 2018)
"I have vestibulitis and chronic yeast and bacteria. This is the only lubricant that makes me feel normal. " LL, Durham (3rd Jan 2018)
"It helps lubricate me so sex is not painful, even with dealing with the vulvadynia and post-hysterectomy vaginal dryness. I VERY much appreciate it not feeling gooey or slimy, and providing the slide I need. Thank you! " GL, Liverpool (2nd Jan 2018)
"It has helped my sexual relationship be pleasurable and given me confidence due to my medical condition of lichen sclerosus. " CA, New Mexico (1st Jan 2018)
"Best lubricant we have used no irritation and brilliant for the menopause! " ER, Cirencester (31st Dec 2017)
"We tried it because other products were sticky and dried out after a while. My wife loves Yes WB. No stickiness. It lasts longer than the other stuff. Doesn't smell after use. Great product. This is our second order, a bigger bottle!! " IV, Ipswich (30th Dec 2017)
"As a woman with FGM, Yes has brought pleasure to my sex life which I never thought was possible. " KG, Reading (29th Dec 2017)
"Best on the market. Nothing else comes close " DA, Cumbria (28th Dec 2017)
"Unbelievable lubricant! I went through menopause and intercourse was painful. No pain with the oil based option. The water didn't help but the oil is amazing. I love that the product is natural! Thank you for saving my sex life!! " SK, Yeovil (27th Dec 2017)
"Used a number of years ago during a 'dry patch' and was very happy with the product. Now approaching menopause and it was the first product I thought of. " TI, Luxemburg (26th Dec 2017)
"Used this product before and it is the best by far. So came back! " UN, Netherlands (25th Dec 2017)
"The best, most natural-feeling product I've found, and the only brand I'd now use. " JF, Ontario (24th Dec 2017)
"I've found the YES VM to work quickly to relieve dryness, feeling relief very soon after. I have itchiness too and that has also disappeared - hurrah! " DC, Dudley (23rd Dec 2017)
"I am 49 and have been having treatment for breast cancer for the last 10 yrs including a hysterectomy 2 yrs ago. I am also on anti depressants for fibromyalgia which lessens my sex drive. I struggle to have sex as it's very painful but with Yes I have managed to have some sexual contact with my husband. Thank you so much our lives are so improved and with my husband being 15 yrs younger than me this is so important. Thank you " SE, Selsey (22nd Dec 2017)
"After a seemingly endless cycle of yeast and bacterial infections, I was still experiencing an extreme and painful amount of dryness. I knew that a lubricant was needed, but was afraid that it could trigger more infections. The Yes WB worked wonders! We also tried the included OB sachet and are now obsessed with that product as well. It has a really natural feel and is better for sex than the WB. So I'm using the WB to maintain moisture and the OB for sex. An excellent combo and I've had no issue with infections! I'm super excited to try the intimate wash, and add it to my overall vaginal health routine. Thank you Thank you Thank you. " PY, Whitstable (21st Dec 2017)
"Absolutely love your water based VM. I had tried other products in the past which only caused irritation. Your VM product is so gentle and provides immediate relief with no nasty side effects or discomfort. " TK, Darlington (20th Dec 2017)
"I like the natural ingredients and improved comfort I experienced. " DK, Boston (19th Dec 2017)
"A site which genuinely seems to understand the concerns of women. " KA, Norwich (18th Dec 2017)
"Amazing - we don't have to suffer discomfort or use nasty chemicals- excellent! " YK, Ipswich (17th Dec 2017)
"Helpful staff..very professional and approachable. Frank information...normalises problems. " OL, Hornchurch (16th Dec 2017)
"Just love it! My husband thought I was self lubricated, that'€™s how natural it feels. " YN, Guildford (15th Dec 2017)
"I don'€™t have problems with thrush since using VM moisturiser " JN, Selsey (14th Dec 2017)
"These natural YES products I have used have helped me enormously and I will continue to use them without fear they will do harm! " RW, Nottingham (13th Dec 2017)
"It's made such a difference. Intimacy became painful after menopause and KY wasn't much help. So glad I discovered Yes. " PI, Ipswich (12th Dec 2017)
"Wonderful .... no more chemicals ..... Replens .... Thank you " LD, Durham (11th Dec 2017)
"This is a fabulous product....would not be without. " CC, Birmingham (10th Dec 2017)
"Best I have tried so far, many other vaginal moisturisers cause a discharge that results in a urinary infection " ZH, Harrow (9th Dec 2017)
"Found your products by chance looking for an intimate wash. The OB range has made such a difference to our post-menopause sex life, it's like being 21 again!! " EA, Esher (8th Dec 2017)
"Been using your products for several years now. They make me feel young again. " DS, Scarborough (7th Dec 2017)
"Have been using VM instead of oestrogen cream with excellent results. Thank you. " TC, Warrington (6th Dec 2017)
"Use it - it does work " DJ, Cork (5th Dec 2017)
"I am always going to use the intimate wash because it is so lovely, and it lasts forever! " TT, Farlington (4th Dec 2017)
"I have been using Yes products confidently for a few years as I know they are natural and they have no side effects to my Lichen Planus " ER, East London (3rd Dec 2017)
"Transforming because of Yes OB's staying power " TN, Inverness (2nd Dec 2017)
"Really glad to have found a good product that can help me through a difficult change in my life (the menopause)! Other products available from the shop shelf don't work as well." SP, Dorchester (1st Dec 2017)
"Really refreshing to see a company that produces products like this with a conscience, it's the first i've come across and i'm actually really excited to use the intimate cleanser - who knew! " PI, Ipswich (30th Nov 2017)
"I have vulvodynia and pelvic floor dysfunction and have found Yes OB very good for making my vulval skin feel more comfortable and less hypersensitive. " HS, Swanage (29th Nov 2017)
"Did the job when my doctor wanted to give me hormone treatment which I didn't want " RV, Sussex (28th Nov 2017)
"My OBGYN advised that my vaginal walls were thinning and dry. She prescribed a cream containing estrogen which was very expensive and not without side effects. I didn't purchase the cream, but did search for alternatives. I purchased Yes and when I went for my annual this year, she advised that my vaginal walls were fine. I advised I was using Yes. You should send information to all OBGYNs. Thank you! " GG, Worthing (27th Nov 2017)
"Always confident using Yes. With lichen sclerosus, it's so important to use the right lubricant. It's gentle, effective, and lasting. " ZO, Dublin (26th Nov 2017)
"The products are outstanding. I've been using them for years, and I plan to continue. YES, YES, YES IS THE BEST, BEST, BEST!!! " AH, Hull (25th Nov 2017)
"Thank you for your safe, organic, pleasure enhancing products. It brings spontaneity, freedom and joy to our love making. Yes products help us, as a mature couple, to enjoy the pleasures of an intimate life together. " WL, Oxford (24th Nov 2017)
"It's fabulous - helps keep menopausal dryness at bay and make sex enjoyable again 🙂 " KU, Penrith (23rd Nov 2017)
"You are such a wonderful company, offering such great products to women. I have written this before, but thank you so very much for what you do! (And this time, I am going to be "brave" enough to send your info to other women I know, with whom I would not normally talk about "vaginal issues" 🙂 " FA, Yeovil (22nd Nov 2017)
"Excellent alternative to over the counter products, as well as some prescription ointments. Provided immediate relief after only one use. Thrilled to have found Yes VM. " YN, Colchester (21st Nov 2017)
"This is the very best product ever. I am very sensitive to many ingredients and this one works great. " EJ, Newquay (20th Nov 2017)
"Has made my life much more bearable with atrophic vaginitis. Thank you. " SK, Birmingham (19th Nov 2017)
"The product has turned my life around. No more steroid creams. Thanks " GH, Amsterdam (18th Nov 2017)
"Love your products. Especially the foaming cleanser. Effective and doesn't irritate " PF, Donnington (17th Nov 2017)
"I bought several of your products few months ago; using them has restored my sex life in terrific ways and additionally, my partner was very pleased with OB and DG used on him! Thank you. " DD, Farlington (16th Nov 2017)
"Yes OB lubricant works beautifully. I highly recommend. " RS, Croydon (15th Nov 2017)
"Great product which quickly relieves vaginal atrophy. " FW, Harrogate (14th Nov 2017)
"Relief to know that there is something that I can use which is not going to cause a whole set of other problems eg: itching irritation etc " MM, Derby (13th Nov 2017)
"Everything is sooooo much better now! No more utis. Partner is much happier - no smell or taste. Thank you! " QL, Shropshire (12th Nov 2017)
"I love how your descriptions are very clear, easy options and navigation. The site just makes you feel like an understood woman, and that it's a source of valuable, dependable information, and problem solving in a healthy way. Love the site & products! I started out with the waterbased lube, and then noticed that the vaginal moisturizer was a new product with wonderful feedback, that seemed to be able to address my issues as well. I gave it a try, and wow!! This is so much better than Premarin cream, in how it feels, how it works, just in every way. I haven't used Premarin in 3-4 months, and things are great! Thank you so much! " DF, Esher (11th Nov 2017)
"This is a really excellent lubricant with no unpleasant smells, tastes or residues. " EJ, St Andrews (10th Nov 2017)
"I bought your small bag of 6 individual VM tubes from amazon just to try. Used one yesterday and wow today what a difference so have come to you today to stock up. " AK, Hull (9th Nov 2017)
"I bought lubricants online (via Holland and Barrett first, I think) an they have had an amazing effect. I have been struggling for some years after being diagnosed with breast cancer and enduring years of hormone treatment. Nobody talks about these issues, especially in younger women who do not expect to get menopausal symptoms/problems nor have peers who are going through similar problems. I absolutely love the fact they are organic too. Thank you so much for developing these products, they have made an enormous difference to my quality of life (and that is no exaggeration!) " RO, Wokingham (8th Nov 2017)
"Amazing, it makes intimacy so much easier and less painful for my wife and I. The organic makeup of the lube helps with no irritation to worry about. Thanks from both of us. " TW, Durham (7th Nov 2017)
"Best thing ever! Finally enjoying sex again! " OI, Rye (6th Nov 2017)
"This product is fabulous! Other products gave me a burning sensation; Yes did not. It is so gentle that I don't think twice before applying it. It's very silky and looks and feels like my own juices. I love it! " GE, Plymouth (5th Nov 2017)
"Breast cancer survivor and your products have allowed me to stop using the estrogen suppository that my doctors told me were the only answer to vaginal atrophy. I have now told my oncologist and she is recommending them to her patients. thanks! " BM, Yoevil (4th Nov 2017)
"Great stuff! Don't know how I'd cope without it. I can't tolerate hormone replacement treatments so this is my life saver so far! " TS, Swatham (3rd Nov 2017)
"I would like to say that the product I have tried VM is truly amazing and has made such a difference to my life. Due to premature ovarian failure at the age of 29 I have had really awful issues and your products have changed that. I will keep ordering from you in the future. " RC, The Dales (2nd Nov 2017)
"I cannot say enough good things about Yes. I recommend it every chance I get. Yes is simply the best. I told my doctor she should be recommending this product instead of the chemical stuff she originally recommended to me, which caused irritation and didn't work well at all. Yes has been a godsend. Truly. Thank You. " TD, Shrewsbury (1st Nov 2017)
"Made all the difference - menopause was a shock, but the biggest one was that I could not enjoy sex due to vaginal dryness, now I feel fantastic, sex is great ! " SU, New Forest (31st Oct 2017)
"I'm sensitive to some natural products and find it hard to buy a moisturiser that doesn't make my skin sore and itchy, so I've been using your oil based lube on my face! Perfect 🙂 " LO, Dorset (30th Oct 2017)
"I was diagnosed with strophic vaginitis and prescribed Esrace. I worried about the possibility of cancer, and my vaginal area felt just as uncomfortable, if not worse, than the condition itself. With the vaginal moisturizer and the oil-based lubricant, I feel "normal" again. No burning or soreness-not constantly aware of that whole area because of discomfort all the time. Thanks!!!! " BW, Isle of Sky (29th Oct 2017)
"Post menopausal woman read about Yes products in Suzi Godson's column in Times years ago....... wonderful products, safe, ethical, and THEY WORK!!! Lovely to have the feeling of natural lubrication again - so sexy. " PR. Surrey (28th Oct 2017)
"I emailed a query about ingredients and had a reply back within 24 hours. " FS, Croydon (27th Oct 2017)
"I suffered horribly from painful sex with my husband. I am a 58 yr old post menopausal woman who was not able to take HRT. My feelings of self-worth were shattered. I tried a lot of products to no avail. I was giving up hope until my husband found the Yes website. The testimonials were amazing! We quickly ordered the Yes VM and Yes WB! I tried the VM for about 4 days straight. It was so soothing and I could feel healing take place in my inflamed vaginal walls! I felt ready to try again! We used the WB and the sample of the OB together. We were able to have enjoyable sex! Every day that passes it gets better and better with the use of these products! Thanks to YES and all their research! " KJ Ohio (26th Oct 2017)
"I am a HUGE fan. your product have been so uniquely great - from my 40's thru to 60! Thank you so much for being there. " IY, Derby (25th Oct 2017)
"This is helped my dryness tremendously. I feel so much better. " RH, Dover (24th Oct 2017)
"THANK YOU for Yes VM I wish I would have found it along time ago, I have needed it for so long and I am so glad you make it available to us in the USA. I am a cancer survivor and choose to not use products that contain hormones. JUST A REAL BIG THANK YOU FOR THIS PRODUCT " DS, Chicago (23rd Oct 2017)
"No more stinging. No irritation and above all 'Yes' doesn't trigger Cystitis! Amazing! Thank You! " AI, Ipswich (22nd Oct 2017)
"The VM has really helped with dryness and does not cause any irritation or burning sensations. The combination of using both OB and WB personal lubes together seems to work very well for us. " LW, Warwickshire (21st Oct 2017)
"I am so happy to have found this site! You are a God send with the Yes products. I never thought I would feel normal again. I tried so many products on the market and they did nothing but make matters worse. I love they are organic! Thank you so much!" EN, Kingston (20th Oct 2017)
"I have a partner for the first time since I went through menopause, and your products are a lifesaver for us. Thank you!!! " SI, Salisbury (19th Oct 2017)
"Thank you for being the only truly all natural line of lubricants. Others may say they are all natural but when you read the label, they are not. You are the best! On behalf of all women...THANK YOU!! :-))))) " AL, London (18th Oct 2017)
"It works and is everything you say in your website. No itching or burning ever. " IB, Colchester (17th Oct 2017)
"I am grateful to have found your products as I have had breast cancer and not wish to add products that mimic hormones. I have decided to eliminate all harmful preservatives from my life. Thank you for providing alternatives to answer the dryness problem. " TD, Plymouth (16th Oct 2017)
"I have tried lots of different brands of lubrication and all of them have caused irritation and burning. Yes is the only one I can use without any problems, it fantastic and knowing that the products are free from all nasty chemicals and preservatives is very re-assuring, have recommended Yes to other people as well. " HD, Grimsby (15th Oct 2017)
"I absolutely love your products. I use your intimate wash & vaginal moisturiser daily to manage my intimate dryness. I cannot live without Yes! (And don'€t want to!) " SF, Tonbridge (14th Oct 2017)
"Tried the samples sent to me and I had relief in a few days, can hardly wait to use the cleansing foam! " RL, Shrewsbury (13th Oct 2017)
"It has helped me regain a sense of normalcy by helping with debilitating dryness. Thank you " CW, Penrith (12th Oct 2017)
"It has improved comfort and quality of our sex life. " SK, Salisbury (11th Oct 2017)
"I'm so very grateful for your excellent products and easy website." TP, Brighton (10th Oct 2017)
"Yes turned what was becoming a problem to no problem at all. Normal comfortable intimacy is restored. Hurrah! " PL, Yeovil (9th Oct 2017)
"The water based lubricant feels like ME--I think it is a brilliant creation. The Rose Cleanse feels completely compatible with my vaginal tissues--it is actually pleasurable to wash with this gentle cleanser. " DO, Gillingham (8th Oct 2017)
"I was given trial sachets of your product by the Women's Health Physio at my local hospital following vaginal surgery. Previous to this I had tried other brands such as KY and Boots own lubrication but your product is by far the best I have tried and really suits me. Thank you 🙂 " EE, Stoke-on-Trent (7th Oct 2017)
"I am new to using YES WB and YES VM and I am so happy to find it. I wish the hospital had told me more about vaginal dryness etc. when I was in hospital after having to have a full, hysterectomy. I am so pleased I have found YES. THANK YOU! " WB, Scarborough (6th Oct 2017)
"Absolutely fantastic results using Yes. Thank you " FU, Reading (5th Oct 2017)
"Fab products for menopausal women who still want to enjoy sex " PD, Cumbria (4th Oct 2017)
"The vaginal moisturizer (pre- filled applicator) is very easy and painless to use. It helps to keep the tissues moist and is very soothing. Have just bought the water and oil based lubricant to try. I love the unfragranced wash-very gentle on sensitive areas! " TI, Falmouth (3rd Oct 2017)
"Made my life a lot more fun and enjoyable as the old man takes Viagra now! From a much happier pensioner! " EF, Guildford (2nd Oct 2017)
"Excellent. Tried other lubricants and was beginning to give up hope of finding one that worked. " IA, Ipswich (1st Oct 2017)
"The only product which doesn't cause stinging on application. 100% natural so can't cause tissue damage " AJ, Newport (30th Sep 2017)
"Feels natural and not sticky like others I have used. " RN, Warwickshire (29th Sep 2017)
"Best product I've had for vaginal dryness, would recommend. " SL, Peterborough (28th Sep 2017)
"I have been using the applicators for a couple of years. I am 59 years old and your product has improved my husband's and my sex life. And he's not even aware that I'm using the water based applicators. " IS, Sussex (28th Sep 2017)
"I have used your products for about 4 years now. There is nothing better on the market !!! " JN, Liverpool (27th Sep 2017)
"My husband and I are in our 70's and Yes has enabled us to enjoy our sexual relationship with no fear of the dryness associated with age. Thank you Yes! " AK, Switzerland (27th Sep 2017)
"Sex just could not take place with out yes lubricant many thanks to your products " RW, Kent (26th Sep 2017)
"A natural alternative to prescribed creams- effective in treating vaginal irritation and discomfort. " TT, Yeovil (26th Sep 2017)
"We have used the oil based Yes products for several years. At age 67 and 69, the oil based product makes intimacy possible and that means a lot. " HM, Oxford (25th Sep 2017)
"I love that you are tackling an unspoken problem in an ethical and healthy way without chemicals. " GH, Luton (25th Sep 2017)
"I was really struggling with intimacy after experiencing the menopause at a very early age. I had tried so many different products on the market, none of which helped and was finally advised to try Yes. I tried both the water and oil based products and was thrilled with the oil based product and have been using it ever since. The fact that it is totally natural and chemical free is fantastic and I advise all my friends to use it too. " YA, Durham (24th Sep 2017)
"Excellent product recommended to many friends...couldn't live without it!! " WL, Plymouth (24th Sep 2017)
"Yes VM is the only thing I can stand to use after a painful vulval biopsy. I have been diagnosed with chronic inflammation due to post-menopausal atrophy. Your chat service confirmed that this is the appropriate product and also suggested OB which I will try. I find the VM product very cooling and soothing and it enables me to go for a walk without pain. " AL, Arundel (23rd Sep 2017)
"It continues to make an enormous difference to the quality of my sex life with my husband. Also - it matters very much to be choosing a product that is so non-chemical and environmentally friendly. We eat organically, use organic cleaning products, and minimise other chemical products as much as we can, so this is perfect! " ER, Cambridgeshire (23rd Sep 2017)
"I have been using these products for a long time and the benefits over conventional methods suggested by my doctor are tremendous. I can now feel totally relaxed that any issues I have had in the past have been resolved. I was embarrassed and feeling quite alone in dealing with my symptoms, but this has all changed thanks to Yes products. " RS, Washington (22nd Sep 2017)
"My partner and I are both in our eighties enjoying the best sex ever with "YES YES YES" " TC, Swansea (21st Sep 2017)
"This product brought love making back to being a pleasure in our 40 year marriage. " TS, Durham (20th Sep 2017)
"Having had hysterectomy 21 years ago have been suffering with dryness and difficult penetration. Used Yes and things improved. Have had to use oestrogen pessaries over the last 4 months without much improvement. Delighted that you have brought out VM and received sample to try. Will be talking to my Doctor about the product. " RT, Texas (19th Sep 2017)
"I swear by your products! I love the water and oil based applicators. They have transformed my love life. The vaginal moisturiser applicators are lovely. They help me feel comfortable on a day to day basis. Thank you Yes! " LE, Norfolk (18th Sep 2017)
"Don't know how I managed without them " RD, Birmingham (18th Sep 2017)
"Great moisturising and lubricating product that feels completely natural. The only one I've tried that doesn't sting because it's pH balanced and has no nasty additives. " YG, Cardiff (17th Sep 2017)
"Going through the menopause and the VM pre-filled applicators have given me my sex life back. " RO, Peterborough (16th Sep 2017)
"After having a complete hysterectomy at a young age because of cancer, I was told I may not ever be able to have intercourse without pain. They were right. I was not going to settle for that so I set out to prove them wrong. I was looking for a water based product that was made of non-toxic ingredients. The very first time we tried YES WB lubricant it worked! That was several years ago. Thanks YES YES YES!... your product gave me my life back!! " AH, London (15th Sep 2017)
"Following a hysterectomy and chemotherapy, I had constant soreness and irritation in the vaginal, vulvar area. Since using Yes products this is now a thing of the past. I get the lubricants on prescription from my GP. " CO, Penrith (14th Sep 2017)
"Thank you for making a product that makes getting older much better! " KG, Skegness (13th Sep 2017)
"This has been the only product I have found that feels natural and not sticky. Excellent product and great service. Thank you. " LZ, Yeovil (12th Sep 2017)
"Thank you! My husband and I are older (62 and 58) and are so grateful to have found your product. It is far and above anything else we have tried in this stage of our lives. " IB, Ipswich (11th Sep 2017)
"Love it! Only lube I've tried that doesn't sting! " EC, Bath (10th Sep 2017)
"My wife has tried a number of similar products intended to help with post menopausal vaginal dryness and your oil based lubricants ease her symptoms better than any other product available " PR, Hampshire (9th Sep 2017)
"I have been using WM, WB and Double Glide for the past few weeks and they have made all the difference to a budding new relationship. " YN, Cheshire (8th Sep 2017)
"Only one that works for me. Doctor gave me Replens and it burnt me inside. KY was useless. " KF, Southampton (7th Sep 2017)
""You guys are AWESOME. I tell every woman in my age range when an appropriate conversation arises of your amazing product and company. Thank you so very much for all that you do. Your products have made a wonderful, positive difference in my life (and for my husband, wink wink)! It got to the point that I was having excruciatingly painful sex, that is when we had it, a couple years ago. The result was we quit having sex altogether because I couldn't hide it, didn't want to, and my husband didn't like hurting me. We just lived with it. I was very healthy otherwise (I walk 2.5 miles 4 to 5 days a week) and eat for nutrition... but had no idea I had vaginal atrophy. Women don't talk about these things that happen to most of us of a certain age. We should. But now, thanks to YES, my body, and my sex-life is 'normal' again. Thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU! :)" " CP, Swindon (6th Sep 2017)
"Really helped with psoriosis in the vaginal area, nothing really had helped and was using washing creams that were petroleum based, which I didn't really feel was right. " PO, Dover (5th Sep 2017)
"I've been a loyal customer for 5 years now. We love it. It's the only lube that doesn't cause any issues for my wife. Your products are fantastic " JA, Stratford-upon-Avon (4th Sep 2017)
"Your product has been a life changer. After menopause, the dryness, itching and pain with sex has been unbearable. Since using your product, that has all but disappeared. I'm going to try the VM product to help with the dryness issues on a more long term basis, but the applicators are the best. I also love the organic nature of your product. I had some bad reactions from most of the over-the-counter products here in the States. YES has never given me any problems. " AL, Oxford (3rd Sep 2017)
"61 years old. Makes all the difference in the world to a great sex life. No vanilla sex here. I've introduced many of my friends to the product. " WB, Teddington (2nd Sep 2017)
"Absolutely love the products, nothing else is quite like it, other products I feel are so irritating to the skin, love love love, wish I had found it sooner!! " IR, Warwickshire (1st Sep 2017)
"At last a non-hormonal new product for menopausal / vaginal atrophy and painful sex. " SK, Yeovil (31st Aug 2017)
"I am post breast cancer, hysterectomy, and tried a bunch of vaginal lubricants and moisturizers all of which were very irritating. I was quite depressed and searching the net for any ideas that might help and found Yesyesyes. As a women and a chemist I was intrigued by the companies founding and mission. And decided to give them a try. I started with the variety pack and have been a loyal customer ever since (6 years). I have told all of my doctors about how great these products are for women like myself. " ES, Cambridge (29th Aug 2017)
"Wonderful products! I wouldn't use any others...everyone should try them. " WD, Birmingham (28th Aug 2017)
"A wonderful product . Daily use of OB lubricant has completely cured my Vulval Dermatitis without using any cortisone. Also, an excellent lubricant for sexual pleasure. Furthermore, I use VM applicators- also excellent. " BC, Colchester (27th Aug 2017)
"Customer service is awesome " LG, Dundee (26th Aug 2017)
"I was very sensitive to other lubricants and the YES products have been the answer for me. I don't have any adverse reaction to the water or oil base. Love the all natural ingredients! " WK, Loughborough (25th Aug 2017)
"Excellent. Certainly helps uncomfortable dryness feeling completely natural. " SR, Milton Keynes (24th Aug 2017)
"I'm susceptible to infections and by using "YES" products, I've been able to reduce the frequency. Very Happy about that 🙂 " EL, London (23rd Aug 2017)
"I have been using Yes for over a year and it has been a wonderful experience! " LM, York (22nd Aug 2017)
"Great products like nothing we find in stores. The quality is great. " TT, Florida (21st Aug 2017)
"It is a great product that both my wife and I love. Improves sex life greatly. " JC, Skegness (20th Aug 2017)
"I've been using your products for years and can't live without them! " PW, Ipswich (19th Aug 2017)
"Love this lubricant! I use the oil based and water based and like both, however, the oil is probably my favorite! The applicators are wonderful to travel with. " DR, Texas (18th Aug 2017)
"My wife and I are having intercourse with no discomfort! Saying bye to KY!! " RT, Chester (17th Aug 2017)
"Thank you for a great product! I was originally prompted to try Yes when I wanted to cut down on the harshness of the chemicals I was being exposed to and your product has definitely made a difference. " AD, Eastbourne (16th Aug 2017)
"The filled applicators are so easy to use and my partner says it feels like silk " LS, Sussex (15th Aug 2017)
"Great product. I did not want to take estrogen because of health concerns. this is a great alternative that works and I don't worry about putting chemicals in my body " YN, Reading (14th Aug 2017)
"This is the most amazing product for older people and we are very happy that it works for us. An amazing product without which we could not have sex. Thank you. " GY, Glasgow (13th Aug 2017)
"Fabulous product. Has given me back sexual pleasure since the menopause. " PA, Eastbourne (12th Aug 2017)
"I had great difficulty with pain after a hysterectomy (for over a year past surgery). Turns out I was experiencing vaginal atrophy and dryness - YES! has sorted the discomfort - I am so very grateful! " CO, Chichester (11th Aug 2017)
"My husband enjoys the natural feel and it really helps in making sex enjoyable again. Thank you " FG, Falmouth (10th Aug 2017)
"Really helpful. I have Lichen Sclerosis and checked products with my Dermatologist and she agreed they were very good. I am so glad I have discovered Yes. Thank you " CT, Chester (9th Aug 2017)
"In a league of its own " ST, Bath (8th Aug 2017)
"Absolutely vital to prevent thrush and painful sex and keep me comfortable day to day. Thank you so much! " NM, Colchester (7th Aug 2017)
"Yes WB is the first product that I've used that really is non-allergic for me. I had no idea that I could actually treat my vaginal atrophy and look forward to trying the VM. " FS, Swanage (6th Aug 2017)
"Recommended by a medical professional. Very easy to use and gave instant relief/comfort. " AM, Swindon (5th Aug 2017)
"I've found intercourse painful since becoming menopausal. Increased anxiety about painful sex made this even worse. I've used WB and OB separately and both together. It's easy to use and I feel much more relaxed making sex a more enjoyable experience again. Thank you. " YN, Norwich (4th Aug 2017)
"I LOVE it! I was having to take antibiotics for urinary traction infection after every session of sex. Haven't had to use antibiotics since I began using Yes. I definitely prefer the water-based product. It feels much slicker. Thanks for a terrific product. I keep telling all my friends. 🙂 " RL, Essex (3rd Aug 2017)
"Every thing I tried that was available here in the United States caused burning and itching. I was miserable. So I went on the internet and Googled it and found YESYESYES !!!!!!! So happy I did!!! " FL, Montana (2nd Aug 2017)
"I thought that my intimate relationship with my husband was fading due to health reasons. After reading up about yes yes products and the reviews from other people, I tried Yes yes and I am so glad that I did. It made a big difference to my intimate relationship. Thank you for Yes Yes. " MW, Middlesex (1st Aug 2017)
"It's a very good product for vaginal dryness in advanced years! " LW, Southend (31st Jul 2017)
"Love the product! It has changed our sex life for the better. My husband and I would love to see some natural flavours though. Keep up the good work! " DL, Derby (30th Jul 2017)
"Perfect, with no side effects " ZP, Tunbridge Wells (29th Jul 2017)
"Very effective. Turns back the clock about 20 years. " KA, Coventry (28th Jul 2017)
"Brilliant! Have tried so many other things but your product made me feel like I used to before the menopause and made sex truly pleasurable again. " LS, Rye (27th Jul 2017)
"Thank goodness I found you! " IY, Conneticut (26th Jul 2017)
"Products are the best I have ever used! " DD, Barnstaple (25th Jul 2017)
"I have used samples of your product and was very impressed " TL, Kingston (24th Jul 2017)
"I think Yes organic products are fabulous. I'm post menopause and suffer from vaginal dryness and consequently sex became painful. I'm so pleased to have discovered Yes VM and Yes WB - which have resolved my problems. " WB, Bolton (23rd Jul 2017)
"I found your products some years ago now. After having a total hysterectomy in my 40s I struggled to find products that didn't leave me more sore or uncomfortable than I already was. I love the oil-based lubricant and these vaginal moisturisers are an absolute godsend (all other well-known brands don't come close). Would recommend anyone to try! " TP, Oxford (22nd Jul 2017)
"I used to suffer with terrible UTI's but since using Yes intimate body wash I have been so much better " AL, london (21st Jul 2017)
"I am very sensitive and I have found that your products to not produce any burning, itching etc. The oil is extremely lubricating and long lasting. " BC, Lyme Regis (20th Jul 2017)
"Really love the VM. I was using hormone cream and the skin irritation was worse than the dryness. I thought that was it for me. I've used your lubricant for some time now so I decided to try the VM thinking it could not possibly work. It works just as well as the Premarin and no irritation whatsoever. I'm amazed! Great products. " RN, Newquay (19th Jul 2017)
"I LOVE your OB lube!!!!! Thank you SO much for making sex fun again!!!! " IN, Ipswich (18th Jul 2017)
"I LOVE YOU!!!! Thank you for changing my life!!! I am very prone to UTIs and Yeast infections and I also have THE MOST sensitive skin on the planet!! I have had NO issues with your products. I'm almost 10yrs post-menopausal and your products take me back to my 30's!!! I am one Happy Camper!!! " LA, London (17th Jul 2017)
"Simply love your products. Thank you for existing. Please don't go away!! " LC, Rochester (16th Jul 2017)
"I love your products and have recommended them to several friends who also love them. " FD, Belfast (15th Jul 2017)
"Very pleased so far - life-changing in fact. This is the only product I have felt comfortable using as I undergo breast cancer treatment. Thank you VERY much. " RE, Swansea (14th Jul 2017)
"This product is paraben free unlike most other vaginal care products. Makes such a difference to my life I am so grateful to those who invented it. " ZT, Munich (13th Jul 2017)
"Works well, keeps prolapsed vaginal wall from chaffing " TN, Yeovil (12th Jul 2017)
"After trying (and wasting) a great many products that have all hurt me, to find a product that doesn't cause a reaction AND works wonderfully AND is almost completely ethically produced (apart from the plastic) is amazing and I am very very grateful!! " RK, Cornwall (11th Jul 2017)
"I can't thank you enough. I thought I was suffering from recurring thrush on and off for two years - couldn't get any answers. Then i thought maybe it wasn't thrush but vaginal dryness and since using VM I've been back to normal and so much more comfortable and no problems since! That's been 8 months now. Thank you " LD, Doncaster (10th Jul 2017)
"A friend turned me on to YES after I rejected my doctor's suggestion to take hormone therapy to relieve my vaginal dryness. I've been using YES for a couple of years now and am completely satisfied. I've told my doctor about this product and I know he noted it down in his notebook. " AK, London (9th Jul 2017)
"I like the water based personal lubricant best but I'm glad there are other options to try in the future. I'm 58 years old and am pleased I can still enjoy sexual relations with my lovely husband. Thank you. " HS, Sussex (8th Jul 2017)
"I've been using this product for years. It's absolutely the best. " EV, Los Angeles (7th Jul 2017)
"Brilliant products. My girlfriend has had vulvademia and other issues causing pain with penetration. These are the only products that have helped us be intimate and they are organic and cruelty free which is important to us too. Love the yes water and oil lubes together. Not sticky at all " WT, Worcester (6th Jul 2017)
"Works for me and makes sex at 77 less of a painful experience! " RY, Harrow (5th Jul 2017)
"I have Lichen Sclerosis and have been using Emuaid. I have found that the Yes OB has calmed my itching and soothed the burning internally. " TR, Bedfordshire (4th Jul 2017)
"The pre-filled WB applicators are a must for any woman (especially of a certain age) experiencing vaginal dryness. Totally changed my sex life. And no scent or stickiness: you really can't even tell you're using something, It just feels like things used to when you were 22. Love this product! Awesome functionality and natural ingredients. I wouldn't use anything else. " IO, Belgium (3rd Jul 2017)
"The best lubricant out there period! I gave you a review a few years ago and will continue to give 5 stars for life. it's remarkable how perfect this product is. NOTHING works like the WB lubricant for me. Zero irritation, zero reactions and feels completely like my own natural fluids. BRAVO! " SH, Kent (2nd Jul 2017)
"It's helped me enormously to get my life back on track after taking breast cancer drugs to block the estrogen. Initially I used it every day for 2 weeks . Then every other day. Now every 2-3 days. So pleased I discovered it in an article in a breast cancer magazine . Wish they had told me about it at the hospital. " EN, Connecticut (1st Jul 2017)
"Love iit! Used it once 5 years ago and spent the meantime looking for a worthy substitute. Found NONE " JH, Denmark (30th Jun 2017)
"I used to have a lot of trouble with getting yeast infections after sex, when not using a lubricant as well as after using the ordinary lubricants from the drugstore. With your water based lubricant the problem vanished. " LK, London (29th Jun 2017)
"I set out to find a natural organic lube for anal play and this is perfect, great for sensitive skin, not sticky and just works perfectly! 🙂 " RS, Vermont (28th Jun 2017)
"I really appreciate that your products are natural and non-irritating and that they work! I'm also grateful for the Yes OB sample you sent last time with my first Yes WB order - it prompted me to buy the DG pack this time! Feel free to send me samples of your other products 🙂 " WI, Oregan (27th Jun 2017)
"Due to menopausal changes I now rely on Yes products for comfort in my everyday life....thank you. " NF, Gloucestershire (26th Jun 2017)
"This is the only personal lubricant that did not burn my vaginal tissues. " RT, Glasgow (25th Jun 2017)
"Hands down Yes is the best lubricant I've used " YB, Wiltshire (24th Jun 2017)
"Really helped with vaginal dryness, made having sex a pleasure again. " PW, Shropshire (23rd Jun 2017)
"These are absolutely the best products on the market - couldn't live without them! I wish you many years of continued success in your mission to provide women with these excellent, safe, ethical products. " AH, Chichester (22nd Jun 2017)
"Your products have transformed my life! and I don't have to worry about any nasty elements or side effects, AND ethical packaging on top! Almost too good to be true. " GF, Ireland (21st Jun 2017)
"Life changing, our experience since using Yes WB has been like going back 20 years....why did I have to wait so long to find it! " LW, Norfolk (20th Jun 2017)
"I have used YES in the past and absolutely LOVE it. It has been a God sent gift. Thank you ladies for creating this product. " SS, Texas (19th Jun 2017)
"Very discrete and very professional. Just perfect! " TW, Cumberland (18th Jun 2017)
"Wonderful, really helps with my medically-induced dryness. " CA, Virginia (17th Jun 2017)
"Nice to be able to avoid dangerous chemicals within the body. " DB, Ohio (16th Jun 2017)
"I am a menopausal women and experiencing extreme dryness, I have used so many products and they all have caused burning during intercourse this by far is the only product that has worked for me, it's also not sticky, perfect. " DH, Norway (15th Jun 2017)
"Great stuff, wife wasn't keen on its use at first, after the first time no arguments thereafter. 🙂 " EN, Suffolk (14th Jun 2017)
"Amazing suffered vaginal dryness after menopause and it has changed my life without the need for hormones. " TL, Isle of Wight (13th Jun 2017)
"Helps with love making - my partner has no idea! He is just amazed how long I stayed moist, your product is amazing, I feel like a new woman!! Thank you very much " NY, Montana (12th Jun 2017)
"My wife & I have used your products for over 2 years now and they are the best. " RL, Hertfordshire (11th Jun 2017)
"I love the Yes vaginal moisturizer. I have IC and PFD and my vagina feels irritated a lot. When I use the moisturizer I feel instant relief. I ordered two this time. I never want to be without it. Thanks! " CW, Louisiana (10th Jun 2017)
"Yes water based is a fantastic product, that has really changed my life, going through the menopause and bladder problems, led to dryness, but this product sorted it out. I told my GP about this product and suggested that he should recommend this to other patient going through the menopause that cant take HRT, it is a life saver, thank you " RL, Merseyside (9th Jun 2017)
"Smooth, non-sticky and I feel better knowing that it's all plant-based and natural, both for me and my partner. " CE, Swansea (8th Jun 2017)
"Fantastic lubricant, works extremely well and is very soothing. Would highly recommend to all women, especially those who have had problems with dryness, dermatological or pelvic pain conditions such as vulvodynia, vaginismus or dyspareunia (pain with sex) as it is an essential treatment component. It's also very good at helping prevent and sooth yeast infections because of the PH. " DU, South Yorkshire (7th Jun 2017)
"This is an amazing product that helped me to become sexually active again after menopause. I cannot thank you enough for your work to help women. " FS, Normandy (6th Jun 2017)
"I love the OB lubricant. Post childbirth, I've been so unnaturally dry and it just makes everything right again. " TB, Manchester (5th Jun 2017)
"It works for me beautifully " WK, Chichester (4th Jun 2017)
"Love the products. The new moisturizer is an amazing product. " AL, Surrey (3rd Jun 2017)
"Has really helped with urinary incontinence " BN, Warwickhire (2nd Jun 2017)
"Yes has become one of my regular bathroom products and has made a big difference to my marriage. " LG, Edinburgh (1st Jun 2017)
"Due to M.S., neurogenic bladder, chronic, almost antibiotic-resistant UTIs, my husband and I went for 14 years with no intercourse. Now in our mid-sixties, we are benefiting from an enlightened doctor's advice on how to completely avoid the UTIs. Resuming intercourse for us involved both vaginal hormone treatment and Yes lubricant in addition to K-Y jelly (a generic brand of same). We consider "Yes" to be a godsend. I showed it to our doctor, who will recommended to others. " RN, Coventry (31st May 2017)
"Recommended by Macmillan nurse as I cant use hormone based products as my breast cancer was estrogen positive (fed). " OD, Brighton (30th May 2017)
"Called and spoke to a very helpful friendly lady who understood how I had been suffering for years. Been to the GP several times but got no relief from the pain. Just so relieved to have found this site. I am so grateful. Thank you so much x " PL, Devizes (29th May 2017)
"I love Yes products!! Makes life great for a woman in her 70's - and my husband is happy I found your website too! " DJ, Durham (28th May 2017)
"Fantastic, I've tried Replens and similar but am susceptible to candida and I believe the glycerine makes the vagina sugary. Plus Replens irritated. Yes moisturiser is the only one (of many) that does not irritate and truly seems to have a long lasting moisturising benefit. " EM, Porstmouth (27th May 2017)
"This is the only product which I can use post menopause. It has given me peace of mind, confidence continued happiness with my husband. Thank you! " WC, Denby (26th May 2017)
"YES is the only product that does not feel like it's burning/hurting me. 🙂 " YN, Forest Hill, London (25th May 2017)
"I could not be intimate with my husband without it, menopause has many challenges to your relationship and without Yes products I would have closed myself off to the sexual side of life as it was simply so painful and frustrating. " RC, New York (24th May 2017)
"I have been using the product for two years.With the applicators especially, it is very discreet and natural to use. The product makes intercourse after the menopause possible and pleasurable once again. " ZH, Christchurch (23rd May 2017)
"Great natural safe effective products! " SL, Belfast (22nd May 2017)
"After my cancer treatment I suffered with a dry vagina and sore, irritated vulva. I used Yes moisturiser on the advice of a gynae nurse following a check up and am now using the wash as well. " GK, Yeovil (21st May 2017)
"I have tried about everything else with no help...this product is so helpful and healthy. Thank you! " BJ, Bath (20th May 2017)
"This is a fantastic lubricant and it is so good to see someone taking seriously the need for a specific anal lubricant. From a member of the gay community, a big thank you. " MW, Warwick (19th May 2017)
"Loving it so far, all other brands had caused my bad itching so assumed that was normal as had never known differently. " SF, Southampton (18th May 2017)
"Thank you for providing a telephone number for discussion.Very Helpful. " DN, Chiacgo (17th May 2017)
"It's transformed an older persons life and built my confidence as a woman. Thank you " PH, Harrogate (16th May 2017)
"I have tried every other brand out there and this is the only one I love and can use. I am allergic to latex so thank you so much. " LG, Cardiff (15th May 2017)
"Really great. Super feedback on my comments, great service. A really good company, not just the products! " RR, Birmingham (14th May 2017)
"Excellent product. For those of us with sensitive skin and mucous membranes, this is the best product I've ever found. Prefer water base, as it feels more natural. " TA, Somerset (13th May 2017)
"It solved my problem 100%. I feel like a real woman now. " SJ, Cambridge (12th May 2017)
"Trying your product is one of the best investments I ever made! Nothing I tried has ever worked as advertised until I found your website. " OG, Guildford (11th May 2017)
"Discovering Yes has without doubt extended our lovemaking by many years! We both love it. Very natural. " DK, Chester (10th May 2017)
"I was recommended oil based lubricant for dryness and am very impressed with its effectiveness. I also use it to smooth on bladder opening as I have an irritable bladder and it quickly relieves symptoms of cystitis. " TI, Yorkshire (9th May 2017)
"Love, love, love your products!! Has truly made sex a lot more comfortable and enjoyable since I've been treating VA with VM and using the WB and OB " ER, Kansas (8th May 2017)
"Having a bad menopause and very low estrogen levels I developed an atrophy of the vagina + I also have a damaged cervix. Sex was very painful and my husband gave up on me and took a mistress, putting our marriage under very severe strain. We are now able to have sex again (I am enjoying sex and it is mostly pain free) the mistress has gone, sadly not so sure about the marriage! " ID, Doncaster (7th May 2017)
"These new oil based lubricants have been a God send to me - I am now able to move comfortably at long last! " FL, Redditch (6th May 2017)
"I really like the WB lube and feel confident it won't cause yeast infection, etc. I am excited about the introduction of the moisturizer--great idea. I sometimes want a moisturizer just like for anywhere else but you can't use a regular moisturizer. Yay you gals " BA, Michigan (5th May 2017)
"Nicest lubricant I've used - never causes any stinging and post intimacy comfort is always better with it than any other band I've tried " GJ, London (4th May 2017)
"Having been using these products for sometime now and very happy with results " LD, Durham (3rd May 2017)
"Easy to use (Yes VM in applicators) The washes are nice to use too. I like that the products are natural and not full of nasty chemicals or hormone replacements " FK, Harrow (2nd May 2017)
"Using Yes VM regularly has made me feel normal again, no dryness and pain during sex and so much happier! " DN, Bristol (1st May 2017)
"Used the VM moisturizer for a couple of weeks and it has changed my life!!! Hardly any pain during intercourse now, amazing!!! I am sure the more I use it the more effective it will be. Love it, yes, yes, yes!!! " PW, Portsmouth (30th Apr 2017)
"Amazing products I'm allergic to everything but these products don't make me sore or react in anyway " DL, Edinburgh (29th Apr 2017)
"Brought me back to life! " LC, Fife (28th Apr 2017)
"Have bought this product before and it is the best I have ever used, fantastic product. " RL, California (27th Apr 2017)
"Helping me to cope with very severe dryness " EC, Merseyside (26th Apr 2017)
"I have been very happy with the products that I have bought. I have also recommended your products to friends. " BO, Humberside (25th Apr 2017)
"Best lubricant even been recommended by hospital and easy and convenient to use " WM, Warwickshire (24th Apr 2017)
"When my husband died, I had not had intercourse for 20 years. Thereafter, I met a wonderful man my age (early 70s) and our attraction was very strong. I went on line and found YES, ordered, and now that's the only product I use daily for perineal moisture and intimate lubrication. Thank you for your wonderful product. " EN, Farnham (23rd Apr 2017)
"It has made my life great again - best product i have come across in years " CA, Arundel (22nd Apr 2017)
"I started using Yes when cancer treatments caused me to have intense and sudden dryness. I really loved the feel and results of the OB but because I was on tamoxifen and they couldn't guarantee I was post menopausal I needed to use condoms so switched to WB which I was given on prescription. I have now had it confirmed that I am menopausal so want to use OB as I found it made a huge difference. I am also going to try some of the new products because I really like the idea that they are all natural. " SL, Sussex (21st Apr 2017)
"Thank you for offering ORGANIC lubes!! Amazing now my vagina can be as organic as the rest of me! Thanks again " WT, Stoke on Trent (20th Apr 2017)
"Your products have transformed my life! I love the OB and VM internal applicators. So easy to use and incredibly effective! Making love is a joy once more. I can't thank you enough! " TR, Sweden (19th Apr 2017)
"Absolutely the best product I have ever used. I have Lichen Sclerosus and this has helped me very much. I do believe that it has put my condition into remission. " RV, Malta (18th Apr 2017)
"Recommended to me by my Gynecologist, cannot recommend enough for people with sensitive skin or painful sex. " YP, Kingston (17th Apr 2017)
"Product is 100% wonderful. WB lube is a great product. Very superior to anything we've ever tried before. " TC, Colchester (16th Apr 2017)
"I am 55, menopausal and was continually getting thrush last year until I discovered Yes V M applicators....and a pack of 30 has lasted me for months. " TC, Liverpool (15th Apr 2017)
"Makes life more comfortable after the menopause " WO, Warwick (14th Apr 2017)
"Great products. Being chemically sensitive, it's so difficult finding intimate products to use. Also, the combination of the WB applicator gel and WB lube have eased menopausal symptoms of dryness hugely. Thank you! " DE, Poland (13th Apr 2017)
"Brilliant! It enabled me to have a smear test which a few months ago wouldn't have been possible! I found the link to information about osmolality of Yes and different products and research etc. very interesting too " TZ, Camberley (12th Apr 2017)
"Far better product than the one recommended by the oncology team and gynaecologist. I wanted an organic product, but the only one recommended was full of chemicals. Will definitely approach my GP about a prescription. " TS, Tonbridge (11th Apr 2017)
"Excellent products that really do what they say. Pure quality and life changing. Thank you. " AL, Sweden (10th Apr 2017)
"I love the variety that you offer and the osmotic effect of your products. I give your lubricant samples out to all of my Sex Therapy clients. " EB, Brighton (9th Apr 2017)
"So far I have found the OB product better than anything my surgery has given me. " OC, Cambridge (8th Apr 2017)
"The idea of using KY jelly fills me with as much dread as putting an insane amount of chemicals on my new baby's skin courtesy of Johnson and Johnson and Pampers (and many others besides). Thank you for offering an alternative so I don't have to put chemicals in my vagina so I can be intimate with my husband again. " RS, Sussex (7th Apr 2017)
"Thank you for creating this product! We are surrounded by so many chemicals in our every day life ...is good to know that we have better options. Have been customers for a while now, and we (my fiance and I) love your products! I can't see ourselves using a different product any time soon 😉 " DP, Peterborough (6th Apr 2017)
"I am so glad there are people who make natural lubes like you guys! If it's going into my body I feel so much more comfortable when I can read the ingredients and I understand what they are...unlike other lubes which are filled with chemicals that only a scientist could comprehend! And I'm so glad it's healthy for my vagina. " TS, maidenham (5th Apr 2017)
"Love it!! I have my life back thank you " LA, Andover (4th Apr 2017)
"Very distressed, beyond belief that I thought my sex life was over. Now I know it's not I could cry !!!! " IN, Crewe (3rd Apr 2017)
"Glad you give ingredients of products to customers. " TE, Bexhill (2nd Apr 2017)
"Super friendly service! The first time I came to this website I wasn't entirely sure what I was looking for. I was getting married a virgin and I really didn't know what to expect. The person who helped me was so kind, she really went above and beyond with helping me chose the right product for me. Using the water based lubricant allows me to relax during sex since I am not concerned with infection or how it could negatively interact with the male condom. Thank you for making such high quality products! " HM, Marlow (1st Apr 2017)
"Having had vaginal atrophy diagnosed using Yes has improved our sex life tremendously " WL, London (31st Mar 2017)
"First class results for vaginal dryness and prolapse " RC, Swindon (30th Mar 2017)
"Amazing! We use it all the time!!! " WV, Dartford (29th Mar 2017)
"Very good product! I cannot go back to the store products. Yes is long lasting and it has helped me deal with serious issues related to menopause and my sex life. " TC, New York (29th Mar 2017)
"Thank you. Your products work like no others " LO, Dublin (28th Mar 2017)
"I have over 70 allergies. The Yes product line never gives me problems. " IA, New Jersey (27th Mar 2017)
"Absolutely love all the products " RM, Devizes (26th Mar 2017)
"I love the fact that all of your products are Organic. Made by wonderful women who truly care about our well being. Congratulations on all of your award winning products. Cheers!! " YL, Polperro (25th Mar 2017)
"Yes is the only lubricant that is effective for me. I love your products! " DD, Fareham (24th Mar 2017)
"It's the best product ever! " NO, Oxford (23rd Mar 2017)
"I never had any lubrication problems until I was done with menopause. Yes products help immensely. I can now enjoy sex with my husband again! " TK, Bethnal Green (22nd Mar 2017)
"Love them and thank you!" SN, Salisbury (21st Mar 2017)
"Prior to using YES lubricant I experienced perfuse itching and burning in vaginal area and dryness. That has all gone away. I am grateful that YES met my needs naturally because I refuse to use prescription remedies from the pharmaceutical industry. " ID, Ipswich (20th Mar 2017)
"Loved your story, made me trust you and want to purchase from you. Well done and well researched " AL, Woking (19th Mar 2017)
"Best lubricant I have ever used! So gentle I can use it everyday, keep it up!! " NE, Chester (18th Mar 2017)
"The yes products do exactly what they say on the label. The intimate wash leaves one feeling clean and fresh and the water based lubricant is long lasting and natural feeling. " LN, Liverpool (17th Mar 2017)
""best lube we've ever used" per my lovely lady!! " FJ, Egham (16th Mar 2017)
"Tried a number of other lubricants but this range works best for me " MM, Belfast (15th Mar 2017)
"I like it- good for sensitive skin " LH, Hastings (14th Mar 2017)
"I love your products. I travel quite a bit and I love your tubes as they don't leak when placed in checked luggage. " RC, Durham (13th Mar 2017)
"Yes WB is the perfect everyday lubricant for post-menopause dryness. I've recommended it to my doctor as a healthy and effective alternative to Vagifem. " LY, Bristol (12th Mar 2017)
"I have suffered with Vaginismus, vulvodynia, painful sex, recurrent thrush and UTI's since my early twenties and I'm so glad I discovered YES! I have been using the water based lubricant every time I have sex for around the last 5yrs and I am now 95% of any of my previous conditions and at 28 years old I can finally enjoy sex for the first time in my life! These products have changed my life! " TB, Warwick (11th Mar 2017)
"I found out about your product by searching on line when I having a lot of problems with lubricants recommended by my doctor. It was very comforting to then be recommended this product at my last consultancy clinic. Long may it be available. I use it together with an eostrogen cream and my symptons are getting better. Thank you " Reading (10th Mar 2017)
"Love it all. OB, WB and wash have changed my life for the good. " WD, Hereford (9th Mar 2017)
"I love this product! OB/GYN had prescribed cream for vaginal dryness which was horribly irritating to my skin. Yes has been perfect!! " RN, Newbury (8th Mar 2017)
"I am 55, menopausal and was continually getting thrush last year until I discovered Yes VM applicators....and a pack of 30 has lasted me for months. " PD, Donnington (7th Mar 2017)
"Makes life more comfortable after the menopause " YN, teovil (6th Mar 2017)
"Great products. Being chemically sensitive, it's so difficult finding intimate products to use. Also, the combination of the WB applicator gel and WB lube have eased menopausal symptoms of dryness hugely. Thank you! " LL, Glasgow (5th Mar 2017)
"Brilliant! It enabled me to have a smear test which a few months ago wouldn't have been possible! I found the link to information about osmolality of Yes and different products and research etc. very interesting too " UB, Birmingham (4th Mar 2017)
"Far better product than the one recommended by the oncology team and gynaecologist. I wanted an organic product, but the only one recommended was full of chemicals. Will definitely approach my GP about a prescription. " EA, Eastbourne (3rd Mar 2017)
"Excellent products that really do what they say. Pure quality and life changing. Thank you. " DL, Texas (2nd Mar 2017)
"So far I have found the OB product better than anything my surgery has given me. " FN, Nottingham (1st Mar 2017)
"The idea of using KY jelly fills me with as much dread as putting an insane amount of chemicals on my new baby's skin courtesy of Johnson and Johnson and Pampers (and many others besides). Thank you for offering an alternative so I don't have to put chemicals in my vagina so I can be intimate with my husband again. " AM, Manchester (28th Feb 2017)
"Thank you for creating this product! We are surrounded by so many chemicals in our every day life ...is good to know that we have better options. Have been customers for a while now, and we (my fiance and I) love your products! I can't see ourselves using a different product any time soon 😉 " UD, Swansea (27th Feb 2017)
"I am so glad there are people who make natural lubes like you guys! If it's going into my body I feel so much more comfortable when I can read the ingredients and I understand what they are...unlike other lubes which are filled with chemicals that only a scientist could comprehend! And I'm so glad it's healthy for my vagina. " SB, Brighton (26th Feb 2017)
"Very distressed beyond belief that I thought my sex life was over. Now I know it's not I could cry !!!! " DC, Colchester (25th Feb 2017)
"Glad you give ingredients of products to customers. " TV, Ealing (24th Feb 2017)
"Having had vaginal atrophy diagnosed using Yes has improved our sex life tremendously " PN, Chester (23rd Feb 2017)
"First class results for vaginal dryness and prolapse " RC, Durham (22nd Feb 2017)
"I have used Yes WB lubricant for about a year now and find it to be absolutely excellent. I'm 59 yrs old, post menopausal and I suffer from vaginal dryness which in turn makes intercourse painful. I've tried a few different lubricants before I discovered Yes WB, such as KY jelly and Liquid Silk, they were some help but also caused irritation and/or stickiness. I'm so pleased to have discovered Yes WB. I tried to get it on prescription from my GP, she'd never heard of the product and I was prescribed it once - probably to make me go away, but the GP told me I was unlikely to get another prescription as "it's not the sort of thing we generally prescribe". I got the impression that she just regarded it as a lubricant purely for sexual purposes. I'd printed some info off your website to show to the doctor but she wasn't interested in even looking at it. At the time I was being prescribed HRT pessaries to combat vaginal dryness - they helped but nowhere near as much as Yes WB, but the doctor wasn't interested in hearing about that. Needless to say I've stopped the HRT pessaries and I'm sticking with YES as it's much more effective and soothing. I've now ordered some YesVM for the first time so I'm looking forward to trying that. " KE, Reading (21st Feb 2017)
"Thank you for filling a vital need! " LD, Durham (20th Feb 2017)
"Highly recommended, I tried it and agree it is first class " WB, Warwick (19th Feb 2017)
"Your cleanser is great. It truly is a ph wash. It is the only cleanser I buy. " SL, Peterborough (18th Feb 2017)
"Yes WB lubricant is the only product I can use that doesn't give me an allergic reaction and just a small amount relieves the painful dryness. Thank you so much for this wonderful product. " TN, Nottingham (17th Feb 2017)
"I have suffer from Lichen Sclerosus and your products have really helped me to feel more comfortable, thank you " EB, Birmingham (16th Feb 2017)
"It's great to have a product that truly is sensitive " SU, Swansea (15th Feb 2017)
"Oil based lubricant may has made my marriage ROCK again !!!!! I am a Pastor's wife and I may have to share with my lady friends. Thank you for making this time in our life vibrant again! " YM, Illinois (14th Feb 2017)
"At 76 years of age, and with what is described by the medical profession as "extreme atrophy" of the labia etc., this lubricant is an absolute godsend to help in keeping my younger and still very fit husband! " TV, Derby (13th Feb 2017)
"Excellent products. Very glad that I found you. This is the 2nd time I am buying from you and I am buying products for my daughters and my sister too! " DD, Warwick (12th Feb 2017)
"Great products, work better and with more comfort than any of the non-natural ones I tried. Life transforming " WH, Grimsby (11th Feb 2017)
"My wife is delighted with your products and has used them for 4 years without side-effects " AJ, Stirling (10th Feb 2017)
"Brilliant products,helped ease me into a happy and fulfilling love life with my new partner, post menopause and post divorce , 60 is the new 40! " BD, Southend-on-Sea (9th Feb 2017)
"Excellent products. Enables me to continue my sex life in spite of vaginal atrophy. Hope for all women especially post menopausal. Thank you . " LR, Hampshire (8th Feb 2017)
"Comfortable, no irritation. Easy to use.. Odourless, tasteless. " KH, Harrow (7th Feb 2017)
"Wonderful. I ordered the VM single applications last time and haven't looked back. I was so sore and irritated down below. Now after only a few weeks I feel so much better, even after a few applications the improvement was immense. Thank you. " AK, South Wales (6th Feb 2017)
"It's absolutely transformed my life. I thought there was something seriously wrong with me. One application a day and I am fine! Thank you. " WR, Hawaii (5th Feb 2017)
"I love using WB applicator & VM applicator for love making. My husband uses the OB Lubricant. The pain I had before buying these products was intense and i did not want to even think of being intimate. Thanks for that! I also do use the VM every few days for my own health. It does help with burning urination! " EB, Brighton (4th Feb 2017)
"Yes has given me my confidence back. " RN, Holsworthy (3rd Feb 2017)
"When I received my order I was absolutely in agony and could hardly move without a great deal of pain. I straight away used the cream and by bedtime I was feeling so much easier and I managed to get a reasonable nights sleep for the first time in many months. Today I have been almost completely pain free. I can't explain just what a relief it has been so thank you so much for all the advice and help. I feel that I can resume living again. " ER, London (2nd Feb 2017)
"Very very pleased with the water based lubricant that my doctor prescribed has changed my life after 9 months of extreme discomfort " OA, Suffolk (1st Feb 2017)
"Loved it! Really appreciated all the backstory on the founders. That's what inspired me to try the product. " PL, Cornwall (31st Jan 2017)
"Wonderful, non sticky to use. Feel like I've got my mojo back and some! " WC, Derby (30th Jan 2017)
"It seems using the oil based lubricant helps somewhat for the burning sensation during intercourse so I ordered it again.... " Barcelona (29th Jan 2017)
"I have had a serious problem for over 20 years and since using yesyesyes my life has been transformed. Thank you! " NK, Kansas (28th Jan 2017)
"Absolutely the healthiest and best anywhere. Cannot do without your products. " OP, New York (27th Jan 2017)
"The products have really made a huge difference in my intimate life. Your products work where others have failed! " JK, Portsmouth (26th Jan 2017)
"It has exceeded my expectations. My gynecologist had prescribed vaginal estrogen creams, but they caused severe reactions. Commercial lubricants did the same. It was my gyno-urologist who told me about Yes. She was right about it being the best for sensitive/allergic women like me. " ET, Essex (25th Jan 2017)
"Love all your products, and am very glad you are still developing new ones. These are the only products that do not bother my sensitive skin. They are wonderful and helpful and I can't thank you enough for making them. " YN, Bath (24th Jan 2017)
"These are the best personal products I have ever used. " BN, Nottingham (23rd Jan 2017)
"Love the product. Only lubricant I use " PL, Aberdeen (22nd Jan 2017)
"Its fantastic....So glad to have found these products,they work amazingly for me….Thank you !! " SM, Hampshire (21st Jan 2017)
"I was given samples of YES by my physiotherapist and was pleased to try two of them before buying. I like the idea of using two products together GLIDE. I also like that natural products are used. I had immediate relief from an itch. I have confidence in your products I am 77 years old. " RC, Buckinghamshire (20th Jan 2017)
"Really pleased with products " AF, London (19th Jan 2017)
"I found your site a few years ago. There is no other product like it on the market that works as good as yours that is safe and hypoallergenic. " TG, Somerset (18th Jan 2017)
"I use your product because it gives the best results. I am prone to UTI's, but the applicators have kept them in check for over a year now. I am very grateful for your products. " PK, Kingston (17th Jan 2017)
"It's great!!!! Glad I found this product. My sexual experience is much more intense with this product " DE, Detroit (16th Jan 2017)
"It's a great product and reduced my Thrush problem to zero! This is amazing! " NF, Ipswich (15th Jan 2017)
"It's wonderful that they made the coconut oil oil-based lubricant, as I am allergic to sweet almond oil. " WM, Norwich (14th Jan 2017)
"I have been using Yes for couple of years now. It has 'saved my life'! Awful problems with vaginal atrophy/dryness after menopause, this has completely solved my problems. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful product! :)) " EC, Warwickshire (13th Jan 2017)
"Here's to being 'real and natural', much like our marriage of 36 years! Thanks for the difference you continue to make in the world! Peace 🙂 " ED, Glastonbury (12th Jan 2017)
"Yes Baby helped me conceive the first time. I'm back for more to have baby 2! " RZ, Amsterdam (11th Jan 2017)
"First lubricant I have used that has not caused me irritation - now not worried so much about sex causing a cystitis or infection! " JB, Birmingham (10th Jan 2017)
"I absolutely love your products. They've helped me tremendously, within a few weeks. I couldn't be happier and I'm very glad I found you. " UC, (9th Jan 2017)
"I used to use Neogyn. I find the Yes Products to be much more soothing and effective. I currently use the water based moisturizers. " DF, Texas (8th Jan 2017)
"It's changed my personal life! " DY, Portsmouth (7th Jan 2017)
"Finally a product that I am not allergic too! Glycerin is in almost every product and I am highly allergic. Very good product, highly satisfied " KS, Sissinghurst (6th Jan 2017)
"I'm so glad you have the pre-filled applicators! I've been using a prescription of Premarin and have been so concerned about the health issues of estrogen. Since I've started using the Yes VM I've been able to stop the Premarin without any discomfort. Such a mental relief, thank you! " AJ, Cardiff (5th Jan 2017)
"I love that it has a very classy feel - doesn't have the nasty image that can be associated with this sort of product. Great work! " RN, Dublin (4th Jan 2017)
"I have only tried the WB so far, but it is such a smooth consistency - never sticky! I am excited to try the other products that I placed in my order today! " EA, Twickenham (3rd Jan 2017)
"These products could be marketed at breastfeeding women who may not realize such products are available " GH, West Sussex (2nd Jan 2017)
"I'm on my second batch of 6 VM apps and so far it has been extremely helpful. I'm delighted with the results and would like to say a huge thank you to the YES team! " VY, Yeovil (1st Jan 2017)
"I am peri menopausal and this is the only thing that helps my valvular irritation. " PL, London (31st Dec 2016)
"I was both widowed and diagnosed with cancer 3 years ago.; now in remission and a hopefully, lasting new relationship. I tried your WB product with some success and am now, after reading all the info, going for both oil based and WB. The WB has already helped tremendously with internal dryness and soreness after showering. " TB,Marlow (30th Dec 2016)
"Nice to see a conception related product that is also organic and concerned about both the male and female parts. We've been struggling to conceive after a cancer episode. Only recently read that our lubricant could be causing some issues. Happy to see this product on the market! Here's hoping it works for us! " DE, Eastbourne (29th Dec 2016)
"My husband and I have been using yes baby TTC for a month, the best sperm friendly lubricant system that finally did not give me an infection due to the vaginal pH change " TN, Totnes (28th Dec 2016)
"Amazing. I don't recognize much about how my body feels or looks since menopause. Yes allowed me to connect with my lover again without pain. " CB, Cornwall (27th Dec 2016)
"I think I was allergic to all other products. Only Yes helps my condition " SH, Surrey (26th Dec 2016)
"Best lube ever! Too many of the water based lubes don't last long enough. Yes lasts and lasts. " WC, Colchester (24th Dec 2016)
"Feels really natural and sensuous " IN, Merseyside (23rd Dec 2016)
"Excellent product, no chemicals! " NG, Essex (22nd Dec 2016)
"Far superior to other brands, not irritating at all. " CS, Washington (21st Dec 2016)
"This product is amazing. I don't want to be without it. " TT, Maryland (20th Dec 2016)
"The best lubricant I have ever used. It does not get sticky and does not irritate. Great product! " RG, Ohio (19th Dec 2016)
"Very easy to navigate website, typically I receive my product by the 5th day after ordering, considering it is coming from across the pond, that is impressive. " LK, Minnesota (18th Dec 2016)
"Thank you for including ingredients online! " EN, Lincolnshire (17th Dec 2016)
"Very effective, no side effects, have been using over a year and highly recommend! " YN, Northamptonshire (16th Dec 2016)
"Easy enough to follow even for an 80 year old. At my age I need all the help and satisfaction I can get, YES does it all. " CM, Reading (15th Dec 2016)
"Really soothing and great to know it won't upset my pH balance " WK, Kings Lynn (14th Dec 2016)
"It is a fantastic product for treating vaginal dryness and great because it is all natural products. " YN, Yeovil (13th Dec 2016)
"Lovely comforting feeling and long lasting. " RS, Sussex (12th Dec 2016)
"I think your product is superior and it makes me so happy to know there is something so natural and so close to feeling like the real thing... Thank you " AD, Perth (11th Dec 2016)
"I would like to buy a 1 Litre version of your Yes Yes Water-Based lubricant 🙂 It's that awesome. 🙂 " FV, Epsom (10th Dec 2016)
"We got pregnant our first try using Yes Baby and had a successful pregnancy and perfect baby girl! We are now excited to start trying for number 2! " IB, Ipswich (9th Dec 2016)
"Thank you for letting me find out I can have pain free sex with my husband again, it has been wonderful for both of us after years of struggling... " ON, Nottingham (8th Dec 2016)
"We received some samples from the cancer clinic and found them to be brilliant. Thank you. " EB, Durham (7th Dec 2016)
"I've been your happy customer for over 9 years. I find that as I've aged and my needs have evolved, your product line has expanded to meet my needs. Thank you! " RB, Bolton (6th Dec 2016)
"Cancer treatment caused me to go through the menopause at 30 years old. The side effects of this were uncomfortable to say the least. I tried several products, none which have compared to YES. Keep up the good work! " EB, Birmingham (5th Dec 2016)
"I love your product. You have saved my relationship with my sweetheart as I have been in menopause for the last 7 years. The last year has become more difficult until finding your products. Thank you so much! " HM, Harrogate (4th Dec 2016)
"Amazing products. The VM has been a lifesaver after a forced early menopause after hysterectomy. I would recommend YES products to anyone in a similar position. " LK, Kingston (3rd Dec 2016)
"Your products are the best! There nothing like this on the market! You saved me! " MC, Dallas (2nd Dec 2016)
"Best personal product I have found .. " ZL, Plymouth (1st Dec 2016)
"I have so far used the WB lubricant the unscented intimate wash, which are both quite simply, first class products " RD, Salisbury (30th Nov 2016)
"Just so good to find an intimate product that doesn't irritate and sting when using. " PL, London (29th Nov 2016)
"Yes VM has helped to reduce the burning itch which goes with LS. " TV, Perth (28th Nov 2016)
"Yes products are an absolute godsend! " DB, New York (27th Nov 2016)
"These products have turned my life around. " YM, Newfoundland (26th Nov 2016)
"Love it!! It has changed my sexual life around following ovarian cancer " SC, Bristol (25th Nov 2016)
"As a cancer survivor have to take a drug that causes severe vaginal dryness. I found your products and couldn't be happier. I've told all my doctors at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX about your products and they have made note to pass on to their other breast cancer patients. Thank you for helping us feel more normal about sex and alleviating the pain!!!! " JN, Houston (24th Nov 2016)
"For health reasons I cannot use oestrogen and other lubricants have caused soreness or skin reactions. Yes has changed my sex life " OG, Reigate (23rd Nov 2016)
"Every time I use yes I am completely satisfied " SE, Brighton (22nd Nov 2016)
"Love that these products are organic, safe, not perfumed, and effective. Thanks! " KR, Londonderry (21st Nov 2016)
"I was recommended this product over a year ago and it is fabulous! " RB, Kent (20th Nov 2016)
"Love the product. I am a sex therapist and I recommend "Yes" all the time. Keep the sample sizes in my office so I can send out with clients. " LF, Durham (19th Nov 2016)
"Thank you for making body friendly products! " MC, New Mexico (18th Nov 2016)
"It has really helped with pain after Prolapsed bladder surgery. " CL, London (17th Nov 2016)
"It was a great relief to find your products & I would definitely recommend to friends in my age group " BN, Cornwall (16th Nov 2016)
"I appreciate your company so much! You have a great product that has allowed me to enjoy intimacy in spite of my age and health. Bless you 🙂 You're the best! " LY, Epsom (15th Nov 2016)
"Love it - it's the only brand that my husband and I use, and I recommend it to everyone. I love that it's NOT bad for us, and that it can be used with a diaphragm. " NO, East Sussex (14th Nov 2016)
"Your product is wonderful. I really appreciate the fact that it is organic oils that are used. Thank you " SH, Humberside (13th Nov 2016)
"I finally don't have constant yeast infections, or irritation after sex! " EB, Ohio (12th Nov 2016)
"Tried many other hypoallergenic lubes. Wife was still reacting to them. This is the first one that works for her. Thanks so much for a great product! " LS, Montana (11th Nov 2016)
"What a great product. More doctors need to hear about you! " SC, Buckinghamshire (10th Nov 2016)
"Really makes a difference!! If you are of a certain vintage it's use it or lose it. Don't lose it!! Yes Yes will help me celebrate 60!! " RT, Bath (9th Nov 2016)
"I have tried a lot of lubricants and YES works very well. So glad I have found YES. Recommended it to my Doc. Who has many menopausal women who complain about painful intercourse because of dryness. " MB, Madrid (8th Nov 2016)
"Organic ingredients is the key for me! When researching for a lubricant my husband found your company. Love the name ""YES""! I'm so against anything with petroleum in it. It's toxic to the body. I have given your information to my Gynecologist for her practice. She was recommending KY Jelly. I said there is something better and gave her the ""YES"" information. " UL, Dover (7th Nov 2016)
"I've used a Yes lubricant before (as all others give me a stinging sensation) and it is amazing:) no sting! " DN, Paris (6th Nov 2016)
"Love it! It's saved my sex life after a hysterectomy and also being on Tamoxifen for breast cancer treatment. " PM, California (5th Nov 2016)
"Very helpful Customer Service and the product is awesome. " IM, Prague (4th Nov 2016)
"This product has been a life saver. I tried several different options and this is the only one that really delivered. " RN, Portsmouth (3rd Nov 2016)
"Honestly the best brand I ever used, I am SO glad! And eager to try the YES But ; I couldn't trust any other brand for my bum <3 " WZ, Havant (2nd Nov 2016)
"I love your company and tell everyone. " DW, Washington (1st Nov 2016)
"I have been very pleased! I have Lichen Sclerosis and your products are just what I needed! Thank you " IY, Yeovil (31st Oct 2016)
"Yes is the first lubricant brand that my partner and I have loved and used continuously. Most other brands irritate one or both of our tender tissues. We feel better knowing the products are safe on and in our bodies. I recommend Yes to all my clients as well! " FS, Salcombe (30th Oct 2016)
"Like the fact that purchases are mailed in packages that are not printed with the companies name or what product is. " TT, Colchester (29th Oct 2016)
"We have used Yes products for some time and would recommend there products. " AD, Liverpool (28th Oct 2016)
"I have used many personal lubricants such as sylk, replens and many others, I have had reactions from them all. I discovered yes by doing a search online and your products are the only ones I can use without causing me any unpleasant reactions and I like the fact that there are no chemicals and preservatives in your products, I'm very glad I found your website, thank you for your products and great service you provide. " LO, Liverpool (27th Oct 2016)
"Best pH wash I have found. Since I found it I have had no problems. " JU, Tunbridge Wells (26th Oct 2016)
"Love, Love, LOVE all your products! I'm allergic to many of the "additives" of other products, and ecstatic to have found you! " SD, Rome (25th Oct 2016)
"I have always adopted a 'use it or lose it' approach to post menopause sexual intercourse so wasn't too surprised, after an accident which involved a short period of enforced abstinence, when I found that penetration was initially a bit uncomfortable. However, over time it became increasingly painful, and terribly stressful for both my husband and I, and made me really fear that my sex-life might be over. Yes products seem to have sorted out all the dryness and irritation, and feel like a mini miracle - and I've got my Mojo back! " NH, Harrow (24th Oct 2016)
"Brilliant product. Couldn't live without it. Been using it now for about 4 months and feel brilliant. " IK, Bournemouth (23rd Oct 2016)
"Amazing. The only thing that has given relief in 15 years. " JN, Normandy (22nd Oct 2016)
"Fantastic product. We use the oil based for him and the water based for her. Before using yes I used to get irritation and infection from the chemical types. Yes solves this in the most pleasant way imaginable. " LD, Durham (21st Oct 2016)
"So grateful to have found these products. Nice one ladies. " TT, Berlin (20th Oct 2016)
"I love that you have a anal friendly lubricant. " RB, Austria (19th Oct 2016)
"Awesome website, especially personal story and video of two female owners! " JH, Queensland (18th Oct 2016)
"Been using your products for years. They are great, actually use the oil based lube on my hands if I run out of moisturiser! " ID, North Yorkshire (17th Oct 2016)
"Very interesting - just came across it when I was trying to find an alternative to Replens - as (1) expensive, and (2) I usually throw 1/2 tube away as it seems to solidify inside the tube - and my latest tube was worse. Google listed 'yes'& I was delighted to find a dedicated team of understanding women who know what us women need, to ease years of dryness and medical problems, and at a much reduced price " WS, Lancashire (16th Oct 2016)
"Safe to use, natural and the only product that has given relief to vaginal dryness without any side effect. " ED, Hampshire (15th Oct 2016)
"Yes products make our more mature sexual appetites possible and pleasurable every time! " OL, Derbyshire (14th Oct 2016)
"Super easy! When I have ever had to call, each representative has been courteous, helpful and very patient. " YU, Northamptonshire (13th Oct 2016)
"I have been using YES for about a year and it has helped with everything! Every other lube I have ever tried from other company's has burnt or was extremely sticky or both. YES has helped with my vaginal dryness and also the broken skin I get down there from dryness. Thank you for making me and my sex life more comfortable. " RW, Edinburgh (12th Oct 2016)
"I have total confidence in your products. They solve a problem and do not do me any harm. " YF, Switzerland (11th Oct 2016)
"Yes VM has completely alleviated my Vagina atrophy and stopped pain and burning during sex. After Cancer treatment that involved completely blocking of any oestrogen I had dryness and (unknowingly) Vaginal atrophy. When I began a new relationship I was shocked an totally embarrassed at the difficulty I was having when we became intimate, the atrophy and dryness was that painful I thought it was all over, at 45 years old I was completely gutted. What the doctor prescribed helped slightly with the dryness but was very messy and sex was still too painful. The vaginal moisturiser has been that effective I don't even need lubrication now I just use this every 2-3 days; it took a good few weeks for everything to settle but it fantastic now. I have recommended Yes to my friends, GP and my BC Nurse so many women suffer post Cancer treatment and through the menopause. I think Yes products should be available from the GP for these symptoms , the other products they are able to prescribe which are sub standard in comparison are actually more expensive over the counter. Anyone reading this, just give it a go, it works! And they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. " DT, Tunbridge Wells (10th Oct 2016)
"Took me a little while to understand the products and the differences between them (oil v water) but once I'd navigated my way around the website and watched the videos - I found the information I needed and hope I've made the right choices for my personal needs. Thank you for making me feel less isolated and more confident about the future. " PH, Herefordshire (9th Oct 2016)
"I did not use oil based lubricants previously because I expected them to stain the bedding. Yes doesn't do this and is very comfortable and delightful to use. " DA, Arundel (8th Oct 2016)
"I've been struggling with endometriosis and this really takes the anxiety out of sex. I love sex but the endometriosis was causing pain and this had devastating effect on my mood. But yes really helped eased the pain so a can enjoy sex again. " TF, Durham (7th Oct 2016)
"Thank you for sharing your knowledge about women's health! You certainly understand exactly what a woman is concerned about and it shows in the products, information and directions. Please keep doing what your doing, many of us greatly appreciate you caring what we put into our bodies! " WR, Georgia (6th Oct 2016)
"Good friends gave us samples of yes products and they are the best we 've tried. " RC, Louisiana (5th Oct 2016)
"I think it is absolutely wonderful, just what I needed, especially as its natural and organic. So pleased you have come up with a natural product that is not chemically infused. " KL, Manchester (4th Oct 2016)
"Wish I'd discovered you a long time ago. Wonderful products. " SC, Salisbury (3rd Oct 2016)
"As usual, you are brilliant - your products are awesome, it is enables me to have a full and enjoyable sex life - Thank you and I hope that you will continue to grow and produce new products !! " TB, Derby (2nd Oct 2016)
"Fantastic - I am so relieved to find a company that has addressed these problems in an intelligent, ethical manner, enabling me to reclaim my femininity during my menopause. x " GB, London (1st Oct 2016)
"It's a great product and I am so thankful I found you! " CW, Croyden (30th Sep 2016)
"Having had vulval surgery for VIN 3 and I am extremely delicate. Have tried just about every other product. Yes is the only one for me. " ED, Swindon (29th Sep 2016)
"Your products have restored the natural moisture that was lost due to post menopausal changes. Thanks! " KR, Belfast (28th Sep 2016)
"Love it. It has made a real difference to our sex life. Love that it is safe and natural. " VH, Gloucestershire (27th Sep 2016)
"Fantastic stuff! I went from feeling so miserable to such relief! " NK, West Sussex (26th Sep 2016)
"Brilliant product and has improved intercourse to that experienced when we were thirty years younger. " AC, Berkshire (25th Sep 2016)
"After my hysterectomy, I was always as dry as the Sahara Desert, and sex was excruciatingly painful! Before YES, I tried every lubricant created and hated them all! Until I tried YES I thought there was no hope for me. All I can say is YES, YES, YES is THE BEST BEST BEST!!! Thank you for making me feel "normal" again!! " HN, Hertfordshire (24th Sep 2016)
"I love EVERYTHING about your wash and lubricant. " CM, Berlin (23rd Sep 2016)
"Absolutely Fabulous product. Only products I can use on intimate area, everything else makes me sting/burn. Thank you for YES " RW, Swansea (22nd Sep 2016)
"Already bought the WB lube and Yes But and love them so much more natural than other lubricants " BN, Norwich (21st Sep 2016)
"Great - couldn't have sex without it - I am 73! " EC, Warwickshire (20th Sep 2016)
"I really enjoyed video's on Youtube! Seeing the owners/ creators casually talk about their product, and explain why and what goes into their product actually made me trust the brand- as a first time buyer. I also have incredibly sensitive skin, the video's helped boost my confidence that I wasn't just throwing money away. " IG, Glasgow (19th Sep 2016)
"I've had painful dryness from vaginal atrophy for the past 2-3 years. Replens helped a bit, but KY was very irritating and stung. Intercourse was painful, not fun, and had me gritting my teeth. I just tried using Yes VM applicator for several days, then used Yes WB app + Yes OB app for intercourse. It was amazing! It was like erasing the years of menopause. Intercourse was as enjoyable as it used to be!! Thank you for your wonderful products!!! " CW, Exeter (18th Sep 2016)
"After suffering for 6 year with severe vaginal dryness yes oil base was recommended by a gynecologist. Since then my life have gone back to normal that was over a year ago. " DH, Harrow (17th Sep 2016)
"I just wanted to let you know how amazing your product is! My partner and I are both over 65 years old and met 6 months ago. We were both nervous about any sort of sexual relationship at our age but I can only tell you that since I found your products we have enjoyed a superb sex life. So thank you so much for sharing this product with us and allowing us to have a fulfilling and exciting time together." TY, Surrey (16th Sep 2016)
"Marvelous the only thing that works after 20 years of pain " WS, Portsmouth (15th Sep 2016)
"You are amazing for providing such a great product, its life changing thank you. " IJ, Kuala Lumpa (14th Sep 2016)
"We got pregnant with our first child the first time trying Yes Baby! Now we are going to try again, so I'm doing everything the same 🙂 " IB, Birmingham (13th Sep 2016)
"Far superior to anything I've tried. It feels like me and has virtually no taste or smell ... it's given me a normal sex life again. " BV, Derbyshire (12th Sep 2016)
"It's the best thing that could have happened to better our sex life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! " IM, West Suffolk (11th Sep 2016)
"Have been using for about 18 months now and am highly satisfied with results " MK, Oregan (10th Sep 2016)
"This product is brilliant. I am in Australia and it is not widely known here but I have left samples with my doctor so that she can inform other patients. I am just so grateful to your company and glad that I persisted in my internet searching, thank god for google! Please start marketing in Australia. " CB, Perth (9th Sep 2016)
"Fantastic I tell all trusted friends " ER, Oxfordshire (8th Sep 2016)
"Love your product, natural, safe, effective - It has really enabled our intimate life to thrive where we had real trouble before. " DW, New Mexico (7th Sep 2016)
"I am a retired nurse midwife and Homeopath. I now have YES Wb on prescription having told my GP about it - please do your best to make your other products available on prescription too - women deserve the best natural products not the ghastly harmful stuff doled out on the NHS. " DS, West Midlands (6th Sep 2016)
"Absolutely delighted to find you have introduced VM which I discovered on Menopause exchange newsletter. Was using Balance Activ Menopause Gel which is no longer available. Thrilled also to discover the wash as the EPADerm I am prescribed contains horrible ingredients " ED, Durham (5th Sep 2016)
"Girls in the group say that your products are the best on the market. " YR, Hertfordshire (4th Sep 2016)
"I've had severe postmenopausal vaginal atrophy for several years. I was trying to avoid using estrogen and had tried the major brands of lubricants and vaginal moisturizers. Nothing worked 100%, still painful. I found your site by searching for different vaginal moisturizers (the previous brands helped at first then started burning after a while). I've only used your VM twice so far but I can already feel the difference. Both times, no pain or burning with intercourse, for the first time in 3 years!!. I am ordering more!! " RF, Maine (3rd Sep 2016)
"Very pleased, love making is not so painful now, still a little painful, but it is so much better. " OP, Idaho (2nd Sep 2016)
"Best lubricant ever used. Does not dry out. No side effects. " GH, Bedfordshire (1st Sep 2016)
"Only product I can use that does not cause soreness " LI, Ipswich (31st Aug 2016)
"I had some sample sachets from my post hysterectomy physiotherapist. I didn't even realise I needed lubrication and that this would help with the pain I had been experiencing, as it was deep / dull abdominal pain, not the more obvious dryness pain in the vagina. It was a fantastic revelation and our sex life has dramatically improved, thank you!! Yes yes yes :)" YK, Yeovil (31st Aug 2016)
"This is literally amazing! I have Vaginismus and vulvudynia and I thought that was it I'd never have sex again and when first diagnosed at 23, I was so depressed, but this stuff has changed my life - I can't thank you enough! " RW, Blackpool (30th Aug 2016)
"Works great- no issues afterwards like yeast infections, vaginal infections, etc. That's what happened with other products. " CH, Harrow (29th Aug 2016)
"The VM product is the best ever! Very happy to have found it and it is helping me. Thank you! " AJ, Bournemouth (28th Aug 2016)
"This is an amazing product!!! It's given me a new lease on life! again! " RU, Norfolk (27th Aug 2016)
"I have been using it for 3 months now and it has changed my life - no more pain in intercourse - wonderful " ED, Derby (26th Aug 2016)
"Made a massive difference to my well being. I was desperate as nothing seemed to work. Yes changed all that. " BN, Manchester (25th Aug 2016)
" I have been waiting with baited breath for my parcel to arrive and today it was delivered safely, thank you so much. I am ovulating, not a good time of the month for me, at least not in recent times. My outbreaks are so severe that I am unable to leave the house. Very dry and inflammed, itchy, some vulval pain, little has offered any long term relief, especially at this time in my cycle. So I quickly read the leaflet to make certain the application was correct and I jumped right in, fingers and toes crossed for a good outcome. I have purchased the water-based vaginal moisturiser as well as the cream for external use. I can't tell you how pleased I am that the relief was instant and it has now been six hours since application with no itch or pain. The strange feeling in my abdomen has subsided and I feel better than I have in months, just incredible. And so lovely to know that I am not introducing a product with all the 'unpronouncables' to an already vulnerable system and possibly making things worse. I will continue to use the products and will stay in touch as I go. I would like to thank you with all my heart for your kind help with my questions and I will pray that your work is blessed and that you can continue. So far, I'm speechless and thrilled to feel better so quickly. I called my sister who is a little younger but starting to experience similar issues with atrophy and she too will be purchasing the products. Thank you, thank you, thank you." RT, London (24th Aug 2016)
"It actually works! " NM, Chichester (24th Aug 2016)
"I'm a repeat buyer & have found the products gentle but effective, it's a comfort to know that the products are organic & safe to use in the most intimate of areas. " YD, Chester (23rd Aug 2016)
"The MOST natural-feeling lubricant I've ever used. Period. " HC, Kansas (22nd Aug 2016)
"I love the VM, it has changed my life for the better, after my hysterectomy intimacy was impossible and no treatment from dr helped, but the VM has made a wonderful difference......Thank You!!! " DV, Durham (21st Aug 2016)
"I receive water based on prescription. Very happy with natural feel " OI, Warwickshire (20th Aug 2016)
"Best lubricant we've ever used. " SW, Perth (19th Aug 2016)
"Brilliant range of products and so natural I have recommended you to my friends have purchased and am using the vaginal gel and it's fabulous " NF, Reading (18th Aug 2016)
"Just "great" changed my life " MH, Manchester (17th Aug 2016)
"This is a very high quality product! " SD, Dorset (16th Aug 2016)
"I am a sixty seven year old woman and I was constantly getting water infections especially after we had sex. Since using your water based lubricant I haven't had any at all. This is my second order and we would thoroughly recommend your products. " HF, Birmingham (15th Aug 2016)
"Yes products have taken me from despaired to repaired. Thank you x " GY, Somerset (14th Aug 2016)
"We first bought Yes Baby (which was a success!) now we're planning on baby two so back to what worked for us in the past... Watch this space 😉 " OM, Essex (13th Aug 2016)
"As a former Pfizer employee from Headquarters in NY, I was thrilled to learn your back story and applaud Susi Lennox and Sarah Brooks for a wonderful line of products that give women the option of not having to use synthetic, chemical laden products for intimate health. Thank you. " TA, Bath (12th Aug 2016)
"Brilliant products. I have been suffering for months and can't quite believe my luck in finding this. " WJ, Oxfordshire (11th Aug 2016)
"Superior product in comparison with KY jelly! " OL, Oxford (11th Aug 2016)
"The product and the staff are outstanding. Thank you so much. " RE, Marlow (10th Aug 2016)
"I’ve had pelvic pain for 15 years and one of the most challenging aspects has been comfortable sex with my partner. Yes products were the first thing in years to actually help provide comfort and even pain free sex and the ability to desensitise. I use both water and oil for easing uncomfortable days also. It’s an amazing fundamental leap in a very long exhausting emotional journey. If has given me important aspects of my life back. I had almost given up hope of anything working and I’m so pleased to have found this. " UF, London (9th Aug 2016)
"I’ve had pelvic pain for 15 years and one of the most challenging aspects has been comfortable sex with my partner. Yes products were the first thing in years to actually help provide comfort and even pain free sex and the ability to desensitise. I use both water and oil for easing uncomfortable days also. It’s an amazing fundamental leap in a very long exhausting emotional journey. If has given me important aspects of my life back. I had almost given up hope of anything working and I’m so pleased to have found this. " UF, London (9th Aug 2016)
"Have used before, returning customer, can't live without it " WS, Kentucky (9th Aug 2016)
"Sexual life saving products!" PL, London (8th Aug 2016)
"OB yes has made a big difference. Less pain and more pleasure." TR, Nottingham (7th Aug 2016)
"I have always had a lot of sensitivity to personal lubricants, stinging, sticky, etc. With Yes products there are none of these problems. Just as advertised, feels like me again. I have recommended Yes to other women because I trust it to be safe and effective for all. " IL, Ipswich (6th Aug 2016)
"Your apps in a lovely bag are a must have for every woman over 50. " LK, Bude (5th Aug 2016)
"Since having severe menopausal systems including dryness, lichen sclerosis etc, I found your website and have been using your water based and oil based products together with the wash for about 6 months. What a difference this has made to me. Although I am still on some mild form of HRT, I can honestly say that your products have changed my life. Intimacy with my partner had become very strained but now we can honestly enjoy our time together without the anxiety we had both experienced before. Thank you so much. Thank you does not seem enough for the way you have improved my life with your products but I recommend your products to friends and to the consultant at my local menopausal clinic. " ER, Middlesborough (4th Aug 2016)
"I was having pain during sex for the last several years, which made it impossible to enjoy it & be with my husband. It has been a relief to find your oil based formula - no more pain, good for very sensitive area, no toxic ingredients. Thank you!! " RC, Colchester (3rd Aug 2016)
"This is the best lubricant I have ever used, the water based feels so natural. I love it. It makes me enjoy sex so much more. " PI, Cumbria (2nd Aug 2016)
"This product is wonderful for both health and pleasure " SW, West Sussex (1st Aug 2016)
"Yes VM Moisturiser is amazing, so natural feeling! " RF, Cambridgeshire (31st Jul 2016)
"Great products and a great company. Post menopausal vaginal atrophy was so very uncomfortable. Also had frequent UTIs. Unable to use Premarin cream due to irritation and rash. Thank you for YES. have recommended products to other women. " CM, Suffolk (30th Jul 2016)
"I LOVE YES! It is the only thing that gives me some relief and isn't irritating to my sensitive skin. I recommend it to everyone! " TG, Bournemouth (29th Jul 2016)
"Love the fact ingredients are safe, hypo-allergenic. Have successfully used both water & oil based products without discomfort or burning sensation. Looking forward to trying the intimate wash. " FR, Maryland (28th Jul 2016)
"This stuff really works!! My wife had not been able to have intercourse without pain for over a year. We tried YES and wow!! We are back in the saddle. 🙂 " AW, Surrey (27th Jul 2016)
"It's made a huge difference for me, both in daily comfort due to post-menopausal dryness, and for making sex pleasurable again! I love that it's organic and has no synthetic additives. Thank you. " NM, Hampshire (27th Jul 2016)
"I'm battling breast cancer and I'm not able to use anything and Yes is helping me for dryness " LK, Circencester (27th Jul 2016)
"I was trying everything because of vaginal dryness and nothing worked except Yes.. " AW, Norwich (27th Jul 2016)
"Yes products provide amazing results. I am a very satisfied customer. " FJ, Havant (27th Jul 2016)
"These products are AMAZING!!!!!! Thank God for Yes..... menopause sucks, and life is now getting back to normal!! Have shared my experiences with friends and will continue to promote your product. I tried many other types of healing lubrication..... nothing compares!!!!!! " LM, Kingston-Upon-Thames (26th Jul 2016)
"I like the choice of convenient applicators, the texture of both OB & WB non fragranced. It was first time I tried the combined lubricant. I would like to say Thank you. " RB, Turkey (26th Jul 2016)
"Made my life more live-able " IM Brittany (26th Jul 2016)
"This product is amazing. I used to struggle with vaginal thrush after intercourse and now after using this product this is now longer an issue for me. " PI, Frome (26th Jul 2016)
"So far, awesome products!!! I am telling everyone and I mean everyone I know, just told my GYN and she wrote info down for patients. " TW, Salisbury (25th Jul 2016)
"My first experience of contacting the Yes Yes Company was very positive. I spoke to a really lovely, helpful lady who was absolutely wonderful and gave me great information. I wish all people that I have ever had to deal with over the phone were as good. Unfortunately I can't remember her name but you should treasure her! " UN, Lymington (25th Jul 2016)
"Thanks for making great products. They have changed my life and help me heal. " KF, Kent (25th Jul 2016)
"Yes is amazing - we tried so many other lubricants and they didn't work, didn't feel right or were sticky . Going through menopause is hard enough as it it - but Yes definitely made it better for myself and my husband . Thank you for a great product ! " KO, Worcester (25th Jul 2016)
"My husband and I have been using "Yes" for over 5 years now and it has transformed our sex life! We recommend it to everyone we know who we talk to about relationships and sex -and as Tantra teachers that's a lot of people! " LW, Bath (25th Jul 2016)
"It has given me back a sex life. Thank you. " CC, Coventry (24th Jul 2016)
"The combo packs are the only thing that helped with my issues of dryness and painful intercourse after chemotherapy. I am grateful to have heard about YES. " AH, Eastbourne (24th Jul 2016)
"Finally a product that allows for comfortable sex. We had almost given up. " PM, Portugal (24th Jul 2016)
"Great products and great to see new products being added, amazing company. " YN, Glasgow (24th Jul 2016)
"I tried several lubricants suggested by my OB/GYN, but each one caused irritation and vaginal yeast infections. It was a miserable three months until I used YES. It works perfectly and I've had no problems with irritation or vaginal yeast infections since then. " TR, Reading (23rd Jul 2016)
"The best lubricant. Period. " IL, Birmingham (23rd Jul 2016)
"This the best lube you can buy, my wife and I love it , thank you " IM, The Midlands (23rd Jul 2016)
"Wonderful product, can't live without it! I have told many friends who now purchase your products! " GK, Oxford (23rd Jul 2016)
"Women should learn about using Yes after cancer treatment, having done elective surgeries to prevent cancer, menopause, etc. It does make a whole world of a difference in sex. " SW, Southend-on-Sea (23rd Jul 2016)
"Greatest product for myself and my husband! " PI, Somerset (22nd Jul 2016)
"I see a pelvic floor physical therapist who recommended this product, so you know you are out there getting good words from professionals! " JB, London (22nd Jul 2016)
"Been using your products for years. Love using the WB. It's very clean and non sticky or greasy. Your delivery is extremely quick considering I'm as far from you as geographically possible. Look forward to trying the new VM. " LD, Melbourne (22nd Jul 2016)
"Yes WB has been a thrilling discovery. It has helped me continue to be sexually active and still maintain my vaginal pH thereby avoiding the repeated incidences of bacterial vaginosis. " CW, Essex (22nd Jul 2016)
"Love the product, ingredients & company. Thank you for helping me enjoy intimate relations with my husband again. Early menopause & OTC lubricants that don't work as promised. It's nice to trust organic again. " GB, Normandy (22nd Jul 2016)
"I hadn't had pain free sex in a year and now using oil based for me and water based for him, can enjoy it again. There are no oil based lubricants I could find in the U.S., just water based - and those don't work for me. " ZS, Mississippi (21st Jul 2016)
"Yes vaginal lubricant has changed my intimate life. Thank you! " IJ, Humberside (21st Jul 2016)
"Quality products. First that my wife has found effective. " CG, New Jersey (21st Jul 2016)
"I was skeptical at first but can't believe the difference it has made to my life! EVERYDAY! Not just in the bedroom 🙂 So glad I found you. " HG, Kent (21st Jul 2016)
"This is my second time ordering from your company. As a woman diagnosed with Lichen sclerosus your oil based product really works. Thank you for helping women and couples all over the world. " YH, Alberta (21st Jul 2016)
"My girlfriend introduced this to our 'play-time' and I have to say it's been a healthy, exciting addition. I usually order from Amazon, but wanted to try another supplier as I am weaning myself off Amazon. " RF, Durham (20th Jul 2016)
"First time used samples of YES oil and water based sachets after appointment from hospital and has very happy with them. Had no reaction from either product and no sticky feel. Excellent, will not waste my money on any other product. My favourite at the moment is the oil based. " IK, Northumberland (20th Jul 2016)
"Great product! You should be in every drug store around! " EL, FL (20th Jul 2016)
"Best Lube product on the market. None else comes close and we have tried a bunch of different ones " TT, Connecticut (20th Jul 2016)
"It is my lifesaver. I had never found a lubricant that worked and didn't cause burning, etc. What an amazing product! I have recommended it to friends also. " DW, Kansas (20th Jul 2016)
"The oil based in applicators is dreamy - just a thought, but I would imagine you could market it in its own tubes as a ‘light’ version of the original. I’d buy it! " DD, London (19th Jul 2016)
"This is an absolutely incredible product, the only one I have used which does not irritate my skin. Thank you, thank you, thank you! " LU, Cumbria (19th Jul 2016)
"Appreciate privacy options for receipts and shipment " WF, Marlow (19th Jul 2016)
"I love the water based personal lubricant that comes in applicators. I am 57 years old and have tried many different lubricants and yours feels very natural. " RE, Dorking (19th Jul 2016)
"Thank you for everything. Your product has changed my life, and I am forever grateful. I appreciate your thorough website, your discrete packaging, and your wealth of information. Thank you for also creating new products. Thank you forever. " MT, Derby (19th Jul 2016)
""GREAT PRODUCT!!!!! Love, Love, Love it!!! Yes solved my yeast problem I always get yeast infection using OTC products..... Again thanks to yes I'm yeast free :)" " SF, Portsmouth (18th Jul 2016)
"It has enhanced our life together and brought us closer " RT, Norwich (18th Jul 2016)
"Your product is awesome! It has helped me in so many ways!! " DR, Reading (17th Jul 2016)
"These products have been really good at reducing and relieving my personal symptoms of lichen sclerosis. " WS, Warwick (16th Jul 2016)
"I love your organics choices. I love the fact that you serve the sexual pleasure side of life so positively. Yes is our favorite word and gives us the confidence to explore our love making in a shared open environment. Thank you! " DF, Florida (15th Jul 2016)
"We had almost given up on sex and were very disappointed with other lubes, as they are all chemical, unhealthy and many hurt as much as sex. We tried yours and !!!!!!!!! We feel young again. Thanks so much for what you have done " IL, London (15th Jul 2016)
""YES! is Excellent. Made all the difference to lovemaking, after menopause. Easy to use, handsomely packaged, only good ingredients used. Truly, I have nothing to add but compliments for your wonderful products !" " JB, Bristol (14th Jul 2016)
"My wife no longer experiences pain and/or discomfort when using your products during lovemaking. " WH, Harrow (14th Jul 2016)
"Found it worked immediately without any side effects " MN, Dorchester (13th Jul 2016)
"The new OB (with coconut oil) is amazing...I bought a 6 pack as a trial & love it. Unfortunately I had to stop using the other OB product due to irritation from the almond oil component. About to try the other new product for vaginal dryness... see if it helps reduce irritation from minor lichen sclerosis ... will let you know how it goes. Thank you so much for these products. I read some of the testimonials each time I order... it's so wonderful to see so many women worldwide getting the help and relief so badly needed. These products are a God send for so many. Myself included. Thank you. " LP, Cornwall (12th Jul 2016)
"I had tried many lubricants but Yes WB was the only one that didn't irritate. " EK, Vancouver (12th Jul 2016)
"Great product - now have water based applicators on prescription after asking GP. Love the oil based too. Tried wash and loved it hence now purchased 3. " AC, New York (11th Jul 2016)
"Incredible product! Pleasure is pleasurable again! " CB, Essex (10th Jul 2016)
"No one prepared me for menopause. I had a strong libido and always ready, but then Vaginal atrophy hit me two years after menopause. I hit menopause at 55 . I couldn't let a man penetrate me...too painful and burned. My vulva was also dry. I cried. I researched and found Yes, moisturizer and lubricant. My boyfriend is much younger and the process is humbling, but he was non judgemental and loved how the lubricant felt when inside me. Thank you. You saved my life, my relationship and took the pain away. " AC, Colchester (10th Jul 2016)
"The WB product is excellent. Not messy. My wife is very sensitive and gives this product high scores as well... " BN, Salisbury (9th Jul 2016)
"By far the best lubricant I have used I have lichen sclerosis I don't use steroid cream anymore thanks to Yes. " LP, Devon (8th Jul 2016)
"Best thing I've ever found, apart from my husband that is! " ER, London (7th Jul 2016)
"The best product on the market. There is nothing like it in the USA. I've tried them all and was so discouraged and then I found your product. I spread the word to anyone who will listen! " IR, Idaho (6th Jul 2016)
"Regained a love-life! Lubricant products like the natural thing-discreet and easy to use. " CW, Bournemouth (5th Jul 2016)
"I was unsure of buying at first and I was so very surprised when I received samples in the mail, without asking! That sealed the deal for me and once I tried the products.. will never buy anything else! Thank you! That's top quality customer care. 🙂 " AR, Blackpool (4th Jul 2016)
"I love Yes! I have been suffering from increased intimate discomfort over the last couple of years and now use the intimate wash every day. I am very grateful that Yes is providing such a sensitive range of products to address this and the many other concerns women face and trust Yes wholeheartedly. Looking forward to trying the VM and other products that may come to follow! " EB, Chester (3rd Jul 2016)
"You have saved my life, thank you so much. Tried everything I could find on the Internet for menopausal women but didn't get on with any of them, then discovered Yes and my sex life has returned to as good as, no better than it was in my twenties! " HS, Harrow (2nd Jul 2016)
"Wonderful product. Have been using the Oil Based Yes for a couple of years now. Amazing products. The oil based lubricant has basically changed my life (living with VA). I feel completely normal again. Can't wait to try the new moisturising product. " IV, Virginia (1st Jul 2016)
"Now more than ever in menopause Yes is the only lubricant that really feels natural. Never want to be without it. " UM, Liverpool (30th Jun 2016)
"The products I have bought are fantastic and have definitely worked. " RK, Swansea (29th Jun 2016)
"It has saved my femininity, my health and my pleasure........thank you so much " BW, Somerset (28th Jun 2016)
"Great products. suffering from vaginal atrophy and dryness, very soothing and has eased almost all symptoms. Thanks " ED, Kent (27th Jun 2016)
"I like using Yes products because they are so natural and safe to use and would recommend to anyone. " CA, Hampshire (26th Jun 2016)
"It is very easy to use and there are no unwanted after-effects. I like to avoid products with lots of chemicals, so Yes lubricant meets my needs. " LL, Montana (25th Jun 2016)
"I phoned to acquire information about the products and to see which were compatible for me. Lovely lady on the phone, very helpful. Lovely to talk to, Thank you very much. " ND, Surrey (24th Jun 2016)
"The oil based lubricant is WONDERFUL! So much better than KY or Replens. " SH, Sussex (23rd Jun 2016)
"Have been using Yes for quite a long time now, it is a wonderful product and I was thrilled to see the vaginal moisturiser now in the range, Thank you! " YB, Vancouver (22nd Jun 2016)
"Love YES products... don't know what I would do without them!! " LD, London (21st Jun 2016)
"Over the last 5 years, I have tried oestrogen creams and just about every other moisturiser on the market for severe vaginal atrophy/lichen sclerosis . All have caused irritation. The oil based product is the first purchase that has relieved this daily misery. I originally bought the WB and was sent a sample of the OB and I am absolutely delighted after a week of using. " CW, Warwickshire (20th Jun 2016)
"Odourless lubricant feels natural and good value for money " ES, New Jersey (19th Jun 2016)
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