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"Great products which have made a huge difference to my life. " ZS, Chester (27th Jan 2016)
"Best product on the market for dryness I have found. Never stings. I love it. " MN, Ipswich (26th Jan 2016)
"Very pleased with this product. Regular use of the water based lubricant in applicator has dispelled vaginal dryness due to menopause. Delighted. Sex is no longer painful " AJ, Birmingham (25th Jan 2016)
"I have used the water-based applicators for 4 months to treat vaginal dryness and narrowing of vagina (almost closed). My gyneacologist inserted the first applicator since I couldn't even find the vaginal opening. The results are next to miraculous. The vaginal opening has enlarged and the burning and itching are almost non existent. Thank you Yes " NH, Harrow (24th Jan 2016)
"Has transformed my life. Prior to using other types of products always triggered me to have BV. I'm also pre menopausal and suffer vaginal dryness and painful intercourse. Because the products are more nature they are aligned and in balance with my body. Can't praise enough. Had never heard of you till a nurse recommended you due to the extent of my problems. " LY, London (23rd Jan 2016)
"After seeing my Gynecologist I called the freephone number to ask a question about water vs. oil and the staff were excellent and extremely helpful and polite! I look forward to receiving my first order! " PW, Somerset (22nd Jan 2016)
"Great for the older woman helps to give us pleasure for longer can't live with out it! " SC, Colchester (21st Jan 2016)
"I have many allergies to many cosmetic and preservative ingredients, also to other ingredients, such as Aloe. I am really happy that you list the ingredients!! I know there are no chemical ingredients that would bother me! I would have tried the water based, and like I said, I'm glad you list ingredients...Aloe would have turned my experience into a nightmare!! I have purchased a 2.6oz Oil Based previously and it has helped my whole menopausal, dryness, itchiness etc. very much. Thank You!! RE: Website..simple and straight forward...PERFECT!! :-) Going through menopause and already battling allergies, excema, etc. my whole life!! Well, I have had the WORST case of dry skin Everywhere!! I am very delighted that I have found a natural product that I could actually use (no allergens) and it definitely helped to eliminate my dryness in my privates!! Thank You!! " SG, Glasgow (20th Jan 2016)
"Fabulous products that have made a real difference. No longer fearing the menopause. " RF, Surrey (19th Jan 2016)
"In 30 years this is the only personal lubricant which has not caused stinging, soreness or itching. THANK YOU so much! When I found your website I burst into tears at the thought of finally getting some relief. Your product is awesome! " JN, Norfolk (18th Jan 2016)
"It's helping me to feel normal again, I'm not there yet but your products are really helping. " PM, Middlesex (17th Jan 2016)
"Easy to use. The product is amazing and has changed my sex life!! I've even sent the product to my mother... Thank You. I use Yes Oil with an applicator prior to sexual intercourse...it is much better than just having my husband apply. I am now pain free. " EF, Havant (16th Jan 2016)
"Wouldn't want to be without it now, true life saver " LM, Gloucester (15th Jan 2016)
"My sex life would be non existent if it was not for yes products. " SW, Bristol (14th Jan 2016)
"I'm a repeat customer. This is the only product which I am not allergic to, tastes fine and is pleasant for both my partner and myself. I actually put a little dab in in the morning after showering and it keeps my vulva soft and comfortable. Thank you " HN, Wiltshire (13th Jan 2016)
"I am already coping with menopause as I can't have HRT due to breast cancer. This product has given me my sex life back. I could not even sit in a chair properly due to dryness and pain never mind have sex and if I did I would be in pain for weeks afterwards and perhaps end up with thrush. This product has helped improve my marriage. " LD, Blackpool (12th Jan 2016)
"Yes oil lubricant is wonderful as it has ended some serious issues for both husband and myself. We are a loving couple and have been together for over 28 years. The natural aging process creates issues for both the male and female in a heterosexual relationship. This product has given us back our "lovelife." It has harmless ingredients and is very pleasant to use. Thank you! " TS, Salisbury (11th Jan 2016)
"I love YES, thank you for everything you do. I'm sure you know it's about more than just providing lubricant in the manner of other competitors - this product is actually stopping pain, and for that, you deserve enormous success! " DG, Surrey (10th Jan 2016)
"My friend got me some as a wedding pressie x best ever x " OP, Plymouth (9th Jan 2016)
"I thank God for (yes) it's exactly what I needed for my condition . It's very gentle and natural and my husband and I love it we are able to get back to normal intimacy yes for (Yes) " AD, Eastbourne (8th Jan 2016)
"Definitely a great product - tried another highly recommended, widely available product before but got unacceptable amounts of very uncomfortable vaginal discharge. Yes water based, is clean, clear moisturiser and lubrication that leaves me feeling healthy, and has no unpleasant side effects. I see no need to look for any other vaginal moisturiser and very glad that I came across the product review in my search. " IG, Edinburgh (7th Jan 2016)
"We have been very pleased with the oil based Yes; it is far better than anything else we have tried in the past and we will not use anything else in the future. " SL, London (6th Jan 2016)
"All the difference to whether I can participate in love making or not!!! Many thanks for such a helpful to what is seen as generally a natural and bonding of couples in their relationship ..but for those like myself have been afraid to for the pain and soreness involved without 'yes'... I still need a good week ahead of to build up enough protection which all creates a 'planned' event unfortunately but a vast improvement of not. " VG, Vauxhall (5th Jan 2016)
"Would recommend the product and the website to anyone. Fantastic product can not be without it. " KO, Oxford (4th Jan 2016)
"Much more pleasant to use than other lubricants. My skin feels more comfortable with Yes products. " AS, Worcester (3rd Jan 2016)
"Still the best intimate lubricant/rehydration product on the market. Nothing comes close used almost on a daily basis for many years. Never irritates the purity of the product clearly speaks for itself. " SN, Nottingham (2nd Jan 2016)
"Have already said this in the past - but using Yes has helped me to keep my marriage together after menopause and other issues made sex so painful. Thank you! " LP, Basingstoke (1st Jan 2016)
"Brilliant product; has made a big difference to my health. " ML, London (30th Dec 2015)
"The most effective product ever for dealing with my problem after years of misery. Thank you seems so inadequate. " RC, Colchester (29th Dec 2015)
"My sex life is so much better using YES oil based other well known brand of gel was very stinging to use and turned me off sex until i found YES life is great again. " UG, Portsmouth (28th Dec 2015)
"I think your product is absolutely brilliant and would not be without it. " AW, Devices (27th Dec 2015)
"I love your product and am so happy to be enjoying a sex life again with my wonderful hubby. " YD, Canada (24th Dec 2015)
"I have tried using different products since my menopause but they seem to make matters worse and sex was not enjoyable in fact downright painfull! I use yes water based applicators two-three times a week and before sex - problem sorted thanks. " AR, Aylesbury (23rd Dec 2015)
"It's a wonderful product and without it I would not be able to make love with my partner without pain. " TT, Sussex (22nd Dec 2015)
"My wife swears by your product which has restored her confidence in intimate sexual relations. " FR, Rome (21st Dec 2015)
"This is a brilliant product for menopausal women who want to carry on enjoying a fulfilling sex life. I have used it for 5 years and it is an integral part of managing life after menopause. Thank you. " IT, Tidworth (20th Dec 2015)
"Brilliant product, I use oil based as it lasts longer on the body. Helps soreness and dryness. Far superior to most OTC products. " AD, Somerset (19th Dec 2015)
"I have recommended your products to a gynaecologist and am now hoping to get the water based applicators on prescription. Even if I don't, I will continue to buy them, along with the oil based products,as they are excellent products. What a difference they have made to my sex life and comfort. Well done! " TE, Bexhill (18th Dec 2015)
"I am struggling with POST menopausal dryness - this is seldom discussed and poorly understood by medics. YES oil based gives me more relief than Vagifem. My GP had never heard of YES. I have informed her that she can prescribe the water based product. " EA, Tunbridge Wells (17th Dec 2015)
"Overall the product is outstanding and so is the customer service " TD, Bath (16th Dec 2015)
"The water based single applicators are excellent. Very easy to use, a discreet size and very effective. They have improved my life considerably. " IK, Sweden (15th Dec 2015)
"It is great; the oil based lubricant is so warming and natural feeling. Has really improved our sex life! " SH, Brighton (14th Dec 2015)
"Invaluable, due to effects of prostate radiotherapy side effects " CG, Chester (13th Dec 2015)
"As good as hormone treatments but without the awful side effects " PN, Norwich (12th Dec 2015)
"Going through the menopause and having awful pain, trying Replens on prescription to no avail, I stumbled on the Yes website and haven't looked back since! I wouldn't buy anything else " NM, Yorkshire (11th Dec 2015)
"I have used the product and it is great my partner loved it, it really helped her, it prevents the condom drying up quicker and make our time together more intimate " IY, Cornwall (10th Dec 2015)
"I bought a small amount to try it out. OMG can't find anything like this in the USA. i am back to buy MORE!!! " LO, New York (9th Dec 2015)
"I love your products!! Changed my life! Amazing for sensitive skin. Changed sex for the better for me. Thank you " EC, Chichester (8th Dec 2015)
"I suffer with vaginal atrophy and every time I am intimate with my partner, I get thrush. Your products have really helped to calm and sooth the affected area when it's inflamed - they are brilliant products, thank you! I shall now speak to my GP regarding a regular prescription which will really help financially. If you have any suggestions or advice about how else I can manage my condition, I would be so grateful - thank you so much for such wonderful products " TH, Herefordshire (7th Dec 2015)
"Your website site is one of the easiest to follow. The response re your chatline is fantastic as are the ladies who reply. they are informative lovely to correspond and oh so very helpful. All round a five star service, thank you " RF, Southend (6th Dec 2015)
"Just five star, thank you! " IK, Ireland (5th Dec 2015)
"Although my most frequent use of your products is the obvious one, I also have lymphoedema and both oil and water based are very useful for my manual lymphatic drainage efforts - they're very good to the skin on my face and neck. Win Win Win, Yes Yes Yes " RD, Durham (4th Dec 2015)
"Nice to see it recommended through the NHS and author Marilyn Glenville book on the menopause " HW, Liverpool (3rd Dec 2015)
"Life changing amazing products. The only product that works. " RF, Reading (2nd Dec 2015)
"Wouldn't be without ever!! " LK, London (1st Dec 2015)
"YESYESYES is simply the BEST, bar none! " AJ, Glasgow (30th Nov 2015)
"Brilliant lubricant, makes everything a pleasure " VS, Sussex (29th Nov 2015)
"First lubricant that was consistant, not sticky, or itchy. " NH, Harrow (28th Nov 2015)
"Works wonderfully for vaginal dryness and lasts more than one day.. love the applicators.. less chance of urinary tract infections and organice products..showed my OBGYN..really relieves the burning of the tender, thin skin. " ED, Worthing (27th Nov 2015)
"After months and months of trying different lubricants, with symptoms of vaginal thrush and painful sex, I finally found something that I can trust and feel good about. And it does feel good! Thank you so much for making this possible. " WD, Vancouver (26th Nov 2015)
"My wife suffers but this helps a lot " PL, Surrey (25th Nov 2015)
"The response regarding your chatline is fantastic as are the ladies who reply. they are informative lovely to correspond and oh so very helpful. All round a five star service, thank you" RE, Dorset (24th Nov 2015)
"Love y'all and all the joy your pH balanced products has finally brought me! Keep up the great work! Amazing! Never a yeast infection! " TR, Virginia (23rd Nov 2015)
"Returning customer. Nothing in the stores comes close to the quality and satisfaction Yes Brand products bring us as a couple. Yes allows us both to enjoy the comfort of each other pain free. " LW, Liverpool (22nd Nov 2015)
"Great. Partner doesn't know. " KL, Kingston (21st Nov 2015)
"You are so helpful when I have called and I love this product! " IL, Cornwall (20th Nov 2015)
"Your products have solved one of the difficult aspects of my breast cancer treatment, which is vaginal dryness due to an estrogen blocker I am currently taking. They help me to feel better about myself as a woman and sexual partner, and I am so glad that you use organic ingredients. Thank you. " BN, Nottingham (19th Nov 2015)
"Thank you for your easy to use website, your discreet shipping, and your discreet name on bank statements. Your website is easy to navigate and filled with a lot of thorough information. I also appreciate the "friendly" and "fun" vibe of the site, as opposed to a dramatic or clinical feeling site. As I use your product to help with depressing vaginal pain conditions, your cheery and hopeful site helps make me feel more positive about things. I adore your products and they are the most helpful ones I've ever tried in 10 years of treating my condition. Thank you. Your product is life changing for me. Thank you " EI, Cumberland (18th Nov 2015)
"Yes is a terrific product for sexual health, vaginal dryness, and prevention of yeast infection (candida). I am SO glad I discovered it! " LF, London (17th Nov 2015)
"As a woman in menopause, I'm VERY grateful for your products. It's also a relief to use something that doesn't contain potentially irritating ingredients. Don't know how I'd be having any sex at all without YES! " AJ, Oregan (16th Nov 2015)
"Finally! I have tried so many products, including those recommended by my gynecologist. But sex was so terribly painful that I was avoiding going to bed, much less having sex. Needless to say, our intimacy was suffering, and that didn't help the marriage. Then I did a web search for natural lubricants and discovered Yes. I loved everything I read, and the fact that you're a woman-run organization made me say "oh, yes!" So I sent for the sample package. The first time I used your product (the water-based applicator*) I knew immediately that this would be a different experience. And it was! It was the best sex we've had in years and I was 100% pain free. My husband is as thrilled as I am. It was like opening up a whole new world for us, and we're now devoted fans of your products. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!! *By the way...I didn't even read the instructions for the applicator. The easy, snap-off tip was fast and self-explanatory. Great idea! " ED, Derby (15th Nov 2015)
"Best lubricant product in the world, in my opinion! Thanks! " RT, Arizona (14th Nov 2015)
"The produce has changed my intercourse experience for the best. Easy to use and lasts, I can now enjoy the experience rather than worry about the pain. I even mentioned it to a friend. " CG, Oxford (13th Nov 2015)
"Our sex life has improved dramatically since we started using your water based lubricant " OL, London (12th Nov 2015)
"It is so good to know now that dryness and discomfort aren't going to happen and spoil our pleasure together. " TC, Tottenham (11th Nov 2015)
"These are wonderful products. We have used them for a few years now and I would recommend them to anyone. " CS, Cirencester (10th Nov 2015)
"Thank you for this product - it's truly a God send " RP, Portsmouth (9th Nov 2015)
"Fine oil based product that is best for "pain free" intimate contact. " DR, Dudley (8th Nov 2015)
"Yes has made me so much more comfortable. The absence of soy/estrogen products is so important. Thanks. " OL, Leicester (7th Nov 2015)
"So glad I found 'Yes', feel more at ease using a non hormone based product that feels so natural, hubby & I wouldn't be without it! " ER, Worthing (6th Nov 2015)
"Feels completely natural. Very pleased with it. " LU, Madrid, Spain (5th Nov 2015)
"Only one that works, very gentle. " TT, New Jersey, USA (4th Nov 2015)
"Great Product, stopped my recurring yeast & bladder infections. Great lubricant also. " ED, Brighton (3rd Nov 2015)
"Couldn't live without YES - vaginal dryness was so uncomfortable following early menopause brought on my chemo therapy. I would recommend it to anyone who suffers with vaginal dryness. " YL, Yeovil (2nd Nov 2015)
"It's all good! There is nothing that compares with your products. " SG, Oxfordshire (1st Nov 2015)
"Excellent! I use it all the time to keep comfortable" AJ, Norfolk (31st Oct 2015)
"After having my ovaries out I suffered with water infection after intercourse so found these to help lubricate and keep me free of infections and make in less painful " DV, Doncaster (30th Oct 2015)
"I was so pleased to have found you " ED, Gloucestershire (29th Oct 2015)
"This is a FABULOUS product and you guys are doing a super job! I truly appreciate the questionnaire above asking your client base what they would lie to see added to the range of products. What a blessing and God-send the organic products have been to me. They have helped me regain a frequent and fulfilling sex-life with my husband that was once very painful and frustrating. But that is now in the past! Keep up the good work. I am hoping your products will be around for a very long time!! :) " AC, Cambridgeshire (28th Oct 2015)
"I am so sensitive to the ingredients in other lubes that my husband and I could only use silicone lube. Silicone is very messy and it's easy to use to much which decreases sensation. Your water based lube is WONDERFUL! My husband says it feels completely natural and we both love it. I feel like I am doing something good for myself instead of wondering if it's really OK to put this or that chemical in THERE! :) Thank you! " OL, London (27th Oct 2015)
"I believe it saved our marriage! " WS, Sussex (26th Oct 2015)
"Beautifully created. Love your products can't wait to broadcast. " TR, Reading (25th Oct 2015)
"Reading the other testimonials made me cry, this is life changing... " YB, New Zealand (24th Oct 2015)
"Thank you so much, your product has literally changed my life and greatly improved my quality of life, helping with a undiagnosed vulva problem. I cannot thank you enough. " WA, Hampshire (23rd Oct 2015)
"Fantastic products. Using the water based lubricant via applicator every few days has almost completely cured my vaginal atrophy. Thank you for giving me a sex life again. " IJ, Southampton (22nd Oct 2015)
"For ever grateful to the founders of yes!!! The only product that doesn't irritate and feels great! Also a great lubricant, the best so far! " PH, Harrow (21st Oct 2015)
"Have used Yes for several years and have found it very effective in easing dryness. Has made lovemaking possible and pleasurable again after menopause. " BN, Brighton (20th Oct 2015)
"Absolutely love it. I use it daily for dryness, it feels like the real deal. It isn't runny so it doesn't leave a mess on my undies. " LR, Surrey (19th Oct 2015)
"Since finding the product some years ago I have never looked back - it is FANTASTIC and I wouldn't be tempted to use any other product. " FC, Fife (18th Oct 2015)
"Wonderful product, has enriched lovemaking " AW, Cornwall (17th Oct 2015)
"I'ts my first visit to the website so I wanted to ask a couple of questions, these were dealt with most efficiently and quickly and without any embarrassment! Thank you " WS, Windsor (16th Oct 2015)
"This is my second purchase - the first was made by telephone. I have been most impressed by your website and your staff on the phone were incredibly helpful, understanding and supportive. Thank you. After using Yes for the first time it restored my feelings of being feminine. Hugely impressed. " NJ, Norwich (15th Oct 2015)
"My wife has been on a cream from her doctor for 3 years, did not work at all and was not good for her. After the 2nd use of your water based the pain having sex was reduced by 90 % in the first week and better since then! " RD, Chester (14th Oct 2015)
"Love it, so much so that I'm sending some to friends in Spain! " ES, Glasgow (13th Oct 2015)
"As we are an older couple sex had become painful but with your gel it is a pleasure once again. " OK, Worcester (12th Oct 2015)
"Love your product! Thanks so much. " ED, Durham (11th Oct 2015)
"Thank you - you have made sex more pleasurable for my husband and myself. " IF, London (10th Oct 2015)
"Tried to find local substitutes and nothing is as good or as pure! " SD, Sussex (9th Oct 2015)
"Fantastic product, better than anything out there, no irritation, stinging or bad reactions. Would recommend to anyone. " KD, Porstmouth (8th Oct 2015)
"I'm very happy to have found a personal lubricant that works, doesn't cause irritation and is effective. Thank you! " WC, Milan (7th Oct 2015)
"Excellent product, no side effects and no clumping. " IK, NY, USA (6th Oct 2015)
"Best product I've used. Helped me so much. " RC, Peterborough (5th Oct 2015)
"I love Yes! Even the gentlest commercial lubricants give a slight stinging feeling - which is not what you want for the most sensitive part of your body. By contrast, Yes is a pure joy. Takes the stress out of dryness during sex and restores lubrication in the closest possible way to nature. Whereas other lubricants are a drag, I am excited when I have an opportunity to use Yes! Thank you for making this wonderful product. " AD, Weybridge (4th Oct 2015)
"I love your product! It works! " RA, Milton Keynes (3rd Oct 2015)
"Your water-based personal lubricant is THE BEST. I am VERY sensitive "down there" and most other products irritate my skin or even give me an infection. Yes feels and acts exactly like my body's own lubrication. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to be able to enjoy pain-free sex again and not have to worry about infection or skin irritation. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making this amazing product! " DE, Cirencester (2nd Oct 2015)
"I love love love yes, we started using yes in 2014 where I had some vagina dryness and my husband had some pain when we have too much sex but with Yes we can go for hours with no pain and the vanilla scent is just heavenly! " OI, Barcelona (1st Oct 2015)
"I loved the product information and looking forward to receiving the products. I am very conscious of what I put in my body and so happy there is a product like this, not full of chemicals. " TT, Isle of Wight (30th Sep 2015)
"I absolutely love your products. There is nothing like them on the market! Thank you for creating such amazing, health conscious products. I am a customer for life... " SR, Devizes (29th Sep 2015)
"After the menopause, and extreme dryness this product is brilliant with no unpleasant irritant after effects. " KG, Norfolk (28th Sep 2015)
"I like it that the packaging is discreet. " WC, Southend (27th Sep 2015)
"I am impressed with your product. Other products I have tried do not work and I really feel much better about it being organic. " OM, London (26th Sep 2015)
"So nice to have a product available with no nasty chemicals in it. I have tried many lubricants in the past and was not able to use them since they irritated my skin and made sex uncomfortable. Oil based yes lubricant works wonderfully and is not irritating at all. It is very moisturizing and is pleasant to leave on. A nice change from other sticky lubes I couldn't wait to wash off. " DE, Cardiff (25th Sep 2015)
"I am so happy I found your website! I am very excited about receiving my order and trying the products. Your customer service people were very helpful and answered my e-mail promptly and completely. Thank you so much! :) " RC, Newquay (24th Sep 2015)
"After a rectocele operation I ordered the sample pack. Found the applicators to be very soothing. Once I got over nerves after surgery things are looking good. Very pleased I saw the article on best 6 lubricants on internet. Thank you. " GH, Ipswich (23rd Sep 2015)
"Thank you - such a relief to be able to use lube without getting thrush! " IR, Suffolk (22nd Sep 2015)
"I have had a lot of help with relief from burning (and painful sex) with your oil-based lubricant and am very grateful. " SC, Colchester (21st Sep 2015)
"After having chemotherapy for breast cancer fifteen years ago, I experienced painful vaginal dryness. I have tried many treatments and even prescription medicines. It is not an easy topic to discuss, and having found your product, I no longer have to worry. I appreciate your keeping the product and ordering it very private, as I had many awkward moments when I did Internet searching for a product to help with this condition. " WF, Winchester (20th Sep 2015)
"I've used the products before and I love that they allow me to enjoy sex without any discomfort " FV, Italy (19th Sep 2015)
"This product has given me some relief from my Lichen Sclerosis. The product is awesome and is the only thing that I've tried (and I've spent plenty looking for relief) that has actually done what it promised. " EC, Middlesex (18th Sep 2015)
"It's the best lubricant on the market " IN, Nottingham (18th Sep 2015)
"I love using the water-based on myself and the oil-based on my partner. It feels so lovely and suddenly there are less problems getting in the way of enjoying myself! " TB, Cornwall (17th Sep 2015)
"This is an excellent product reflecting the thoughtful solution to a very real problem affecting many otherwise healthy vibrant people. " ZP, Cardiff (17th Sep 2015)
"Thank you "Yes" you have changed my life and love life. Wow " OJ, Ohio (16th Sep 2015)
"Love your products! Great customer service! " RT, Kent (16th Sep 2015)
"Love your products! Great customer service! " CO, Surrey (16th Sep 2015)
"It's been a true blessing for my wife, with definite "pass along" blessing to me also! " BD, New Zealand (15th Sep 2015)
"I am a returning customer for a reason!! " FV, Reading (15th Sep 2015)
"This is an amazing product. It has actually helped with not only yeast issues but has helped with some recurrent uti's I was getting. I am extremely sensitive and desperate. This is the third time I have ordered. Never stop making this stuff! " CC, Dublin (14th Sep 2015)
"Love the oil and water based lubricants! So nice to once again look forward to and enjoy sex without the pain and discomfort. My hubby loves the smooth sensation, too! Thank you!!! ; ) " PT, Norfolk (14th Sep 2015)
"We were looking for something that would last longer than KY and found YES. YES lasts longer and makes it more enjoyable for my wife. " BV, Birmingham (13th Sep 2015)
"Easy to use. I like the ethical packaging and the brand name is of course brilliant! " NM, Arundel (13th Sep 2015)
"Best stuff ever!! We have tried many and this is amazing! " IK, Lancashire (12th Sep 2015)
"I was struggling with recurring vaginitis due to menopause and the change in my vaginal PH. This product has changed my life - it's absolutely wonderful!! " AT, Bexhill-on-Sea (12th Sep 2015)
"My husband and I love the fact that water-based Yes lasts as long as we do. As a post-menopausal woman, dryness was a problem. I was sensitive to silicon and other oil-based products. Water-based Yes is perfect for me. It feels natural and doesn't cause any irritation. I highly recommend it. " HS, Essex (11th Sep 2015)
"This is a fantastic product. My husband and I are not as restricted by my condition and can enjoy our time together without me suffering the discomfort and avoiding intimacy. " KS, Merseyside (11th Sep 2015)
"Good product has restored sex life. Replens has caused me irritation/soreness " IV, Yorkshire (10th Sep 2015)
"Yes provided great satisfaction with vaginal dryness and allowed us to enjoy sex again.. " UC, Paris (10th Sep 2015)
"Certified Organic Products...safe...something that is safe and will NOT dry out...absorbed by skin is great!! " OA, Arizona (9th Sep 2015)
"I received samples & was very happy with your product. " FS, Somerset (9th Sep 2015)
"This is the only lubricant my wife will accept. She will not try hormone therapy, and I don't blame her. This stuff works, and then it disappears into the skin the next day, which can't be bad. The smell is neutral to wonderful (vanilla) and she doesn't complain ...ever, unless we are out. Then I'm out... of luck. " JC, Brighton (8th Sep 2015)
"Very happy with the products. Natural healthy ingredients, smooth as silk experiences. Used for pleasure and for a pessary! Highly recommend! " LD, London (8th Sep 2015)
"The only product that works!! I have been so happy with Yes! " JV, Herefordshire (7th Sep 2015)
"This is brilliant! Love the products, keep them coming! " ID, Amsterdam (7th Sep 2015)
"Fantastic feeling " ED, Boston (6th Sep 2015)
"I feel totally safe and my partner also likes how it works as a lubricant. " SC, Colchester (6th Sep 2015)
"Very satisfied with this product " WS, Solihull (5th Sep 2015)
"I use Yes products because they do not cause irritation and soreness like other products do. Have tried many others but the Yes products are more superior than the others that i have tried. " WS, East Suffolk (5th Sep 2015)
"Best ever tried. " TD, Bristol (4th Sep 2015)
"It works and it's organic which is very important to me. " OH, Denver (4th Sep 2015)
"So thankful that your lubricants do not disrupt hormone levels or have carcinogenic chemicals which could lead to estrogen positive cancer concerns. " DO, Essex (3rd Sep 2015)
"My husband and I totally enjoyed our encounter using YES! This product very much enhanced our romance. " EF, Florence, Italy (2nd Sep 2015)
"I've used Yes for years. It is the only one that doesn't have harmful chemicals and really works well for me. " RL, Bath (2nd Sep 2015)
"I am obsessed with the oil based lubricant. I love the fact that it is non irritating to the skin. The fact that it is a solid but then turns into a gel/oil is genius too. It prevents any product being spilt onto the sheets. Thank you, I love your product. " RH, Harrogate (1st Sep 2015)
"The products are brilliant and do the job perfectly " ID, Durham (31st Aug 2015)
"Amazing, could not live without it, it helped so much " TI, Tyne and Wear (31st Aug 2015)
"Thank you for providing a non toxic alternative!! :-) " YT, Nottingham (31st Aug 2015)
"Excellent product. Does what the adverts say. " TF, Southend (31st Aug 2015)
"Have suffered with lichen and vulvodinia for many years, yes oil based is fab for soothing my condition, wouldn\'t be without it. " CA, Arundel (30th Aug 2015)
"Have been using it for a number of years - nothing better " WS, Hampshire (29th Aug 2015)
"Best products ever! Thank you from a still active 73/74 year old couple! " IG, Holland (29th Aug 2015)
"I can't believe I no longer have vaginal dryness. I was going crazy when my insurance wouldn't refill my vaginal estogen inserts (I had been worried about using it anyway since my mom died of breast cancer) A friend told me about Yes and if I use the applicators 3 times a week I have no dryness. The Estroven was much more expensive and harmful. I couldn't be happier. Thanks so much! " IH, Colorado (28th Aug 2015)
"Simply the best product, especially for someone who is allergic to so many other products. But it also is health-wise and functionally superb. " ED, East Sussex (28th Aug 2015)
"This is the best lube I have ever used hands down. I have very easily upset lower regions when it comes to lubes, they have often irritated me, but this lubricant has never caused a single issue. It also has never ruined any sex toy I have used it with! It feels natural and healthy unlike so many other chemical ridden products on the market. Fantastic! " FG, Sussex (27th Aug 2015)
"My wife is post menopause and is in need of a little `assistance` as it were. We have tried many types of lube and YES is the best, other lubes have caused irritation which does not help. p.s. Thanks " UL, Seville, Spain (27th Aug 2015)
"Love this product. It has improved my intimacy issues tremendously. Thank you!!! " PL, London (26th Aug 2015)
"Works for us and I'm in my eighties!!! " WD, Wirral (25th Aug 2015)
"It's helping me have a normal sex life after months of horrendous pain and discomfort and me not wanting any intimacy at all of fear of pain. Thanks. " FC, Salisbury (24th Aug 2015)
"I have been using this product for approximately 3 years and have been very happy with both the products and the customer service " CW, Cumbria (24th Aug 2015)
"We have tried a lot of lubricants that haven't worked, or that stopped working before sex should be over, or that irritated me. It's great to find one that does work, and that lasts a long time. " SA, Surrey (24th Aug 2015)
"Best oil based lube on the market both in quality, it holds well over a long period without barely any reapplication required. The fact that its genuinely organic is fantastic because when using lube regularly I will only ever chose to use organic over synthetic. " OJ, New Zealand (23rd Aug 2015)
"Have tried many other lubricants, have suffered many problems with them. My GP gave me replens and sylk, both of these caused me irritation and soreness, had to stop using them. I found your product while surfing the net, so glad I did! Never looked back since. I get on really well with the oil based one, thank you so much for such a brilliant product." SE, Barcelona, Spain (22nd Aug 2015)
"I like the way it is "good" for me. All natural. Never any after effects from sexual intercourse when using Yes. Thank you, girls. " LI, Ipswich (21st Aug 2015)
"Easy. Not sticky. And oh, so good! " DF, Cirencester (20th Aug 2015)
"Best product I've tried. " KD, Isle of Wight (20th Aug 2015)
"This is the first product that I have found that reduces the discomfort of Lichens Schlerosis. Thank you so much for improving my life! " LS, Blackpool (19th Aug 2015)
"Couldn't be more satisfied. This stuff works! Love the oil based lubricant. " HM, Salisbury (18th Aug 2015)
"I suffer from atrophic vaginitis and since using Yes products my condition has greatly improved. " TG, Madrid, Spain (17th Aug 2015)
"So happy I found this product. Other lubes irritate and burn. I am on Tamoxifen from post-breast cancer treatment and have been exceptionally dry from menopause. Tamoxifen makes the dryness worse. This is the only product that has helped. " DM, Surrey (16th Aug 2015)
"Finally! Only product that prevents painful sex with my 53 year young wife " JK, NY USA (15th Aug 2015)
"Best thing since sliced bread! " AP, Arundel (14th Aug 2015)
"I feel so blessed and grateful to have found your product. A product developed by smart caring women, cheers! " IL, London (13th Aug 2015)
"I LOVE your product, your site, etc - I can't speak highly enough about your company and products. Seriously, you make me want to be your Canadian distributor. Your site itself does a wonderful job of being sensual and honest and open yet also acknowledging that this can be a topic of shame and embarrassment. It's brilliant - one of the few sites I would recommend to young women and older women for similar struggles. I work in health care as a psychologist, and I can sincerely say that you've hit the nail on the head. " WC, Vancouver, Canada (12th Aug 2015)
"Just the best thing I have ever come across, and I tried all sorts in the process! No irritation, no odour and so soothing. " IG, Farnham (11th Aug 2015)
"I am only 32 and had a hysterectomy at age 29. I have had severe dryness and painful sex since then. YES is the best product I have ever tried. " ED, Berlin, Germany (10th Aug 2015)
""Absolutely fabulous product..Have been diagnosed eventually with vulvodynia, after 10yrs of misdiagnosis etc and experimenting with all sorts of remedies, all of which increased my vaginal irritation and decreased my sex life to practically nothing. Thank god a female gynaecologist at the Ulster Independent Clinic diagnosed my condition and highly recommended your product. ... I have used the water based lubricant for a while....marriage saviour!!! Recently I have experienced itching and dryness prior to my period...I have decided to try the applicators now to combat these symptoms, after reading other testimonials. . So fingers crossed!! " KI, Normandy, France (9th Aug 2015)
"I had taken my natural speedy lubrication for granted my whole life - menopause, cancer treatment and so on were a real shock. I hated the smell and taste and texture of the various lubes my partner produced. YES lubricants are obviously designed for women - I feel I have ownership of my body back. Thank you. " LO, Devizes (8th Aug 2015)
"After surviving breast cancer, it is wonderful to have a suitable safe product to address personal intimate needs . Your product -water based, has been passed as suitable by my oncologist. " CW, Bournemouth (7th Aug 2015)
"It is such a relief to be able to control my Lichen Sclerosis with this products!!! I use the oil based externally and the water based internally. " AD, Donnington (6th Aug 2015)
"Love the natural products and they work. Love that it was invented by women! A life saver these products " FB, Looe (5th Aug 2015)
"Changed my vaginal atrophy from agony to ecstasy. It gave me a hormone free solution instead of the GP recommended HRT inserts which is just a NO NO with endometriosis. " GH, Witterings (4th Aug 2015)
"Love it. Great natural feel. No irritation. " AM, Hampshire (3rd Aug 2015)
"Reviews rated much better than Replens which was advised by GP, GP did not offer YES until I asked. Wanted a more natural product. " OD, Wareham (2nd Aug 2015)
"Great product! We love it! We have tried them all and yours is the best by far. " NR, Essex (1st Aug 2015)
"I am very, very happy with the results of your product. Thanks, I was about ready to give up on finding a good lubricant and the applicator makes all the difference in the world. " WF, Liverpool (31st Jul 2015)
"A little goes a long way and little residue. Great experience. " LL, London (30th Jul 2015)
"Have tried your product for a week. So far, for the first time, I have not suffered an allergic reaction. " OA, Italy (29th Jul 2015)
"Very helpful staff " KI, New York (28th Jul 2015)
"Very Good, Very informative and amazing Chat Live " IG, Goring on Sea (27th Jul 2015)
"My OB/GYN put me on Esterase, which contains hormones. I ended up having breakthrough bleeding and still had the dryness. Yes solved my problem and without hormones! " PD, Michigan (26th Jul 2015)
"An excellent lubricant which lasts a lot longer than others that I have tried. " SM, Marlborough (25th Jul 2015)
"Love your product. It's made things much better. " AC, Grimsby (24th Jul 2015)
"The best lubricants I have ever used. " WN, Nottingham (23rd Jul 2015)
"Yes made our love life a beautiful, sensual experience! We are in our mid sixties and love the freedom of enjoying intimate moments frequently due to the ease of use and feel of the Yes products. We don't leave home without it! Also, many friends report great results with it! " DC, Durham (22nd Jul 2015)
"One really important outcome for me (as I am menopausal) is that I no longer get UTI's after intercourse." PL, Norwich (21st Jul 2015)
"It was very effective and certainly notice the difference without it" YD, Canada (20th Jul 2015)
"I liked being contacted by a rep while I was looking through your site. She provided good information for me to make my first purchase. " UJ, Surrey (19th Jul 2015)
"I am so thankful for Yes! It has given me a pleasurable pain free sex life again! My husband and I thank you! " SF, France (18th Jul 2015)
"I love love love this stuff!! You need to get this to Australia, I'm always telling my friends about YES! YES it's awesome!" ED, Melourne, Australia (17th Jul 2015)
"Only been using oil based product for a couple of weeks and I have see a big improvement. " NR, Chester (16th Jul 2015)
"I purchased you water based product two months ago and it has helped immensely with vaginal atrophy and painful relations. Thank you. " CS, Suffolk (15th Jul 2015)
"I would not be able to have sex if not for your product. " WD, Durham (14th Jul 2015)
"Yes is natural feeling even after it dries. Other lubricants leave a sticky film. My husband and I thank you, this is the best lubricant we have ever used. " EP, Sussex (13th Jul 2015)
"Yes allows my husband (of fifty years next month) and I pleasurable and pain free love making. Thank you." RF, Norfolk (12th Jul 2015)
"I tried out the sample today, and I was very very impressed. " AD, Middlesex (11th Jul 2015)
"Changed my life! Suffered from condition for 20 years it's nice to feel normal again. " UL, Northern Yorkshire (10th Jul 2015)
"Was sent a free sample and now much prefer it to anything else!! " KS, Kent (9th Jul 2015)
"Changed sex life changed life! Always used to get thrush after painful sex " YN, Nottingham (8th Jul 2015)
"I emailed you for guidance before ordering and you answered right away. Thank you it was just the help I needed. " EW, Eton (7th Jul 2015)
"Love the video, that sold me " PP, Kentucky (6th Jul 2015)
"What a great website - I'm a "first-timer", had never imagined I would ever have a dryness problem and so miserably uninformed. In ten minutes you had given me all the information I needed! " LW, Wales (5th Jul 2015)
"I was anxious about using product as I am hypersensitive to a wide range of products and not sure if I would react to any of the natural ingredients in Yes. I am delighted with the lotion - no stinging, good glide and absorption. Thank you " FB, Newcastle (4th Jul 2015)
"I have been using Yes for several years to treat lichen sclerosis. The medication the doctor prescribed left me irritated and inflamed but Yes took care of that. I am using only Yes and am totally comfortable and even able to go without treatment except when under stress when I seem to have flare ups. I have recommended it to any doctor who will listen in hopes they will spread the word. It is a wonderful product and I am very grateful that I found it. Thank you so much! " SC, Plymouth (3rd Jul 2015)
"Love this stuff. Bought one 6 pack box and was impressed after the first use. There was no irritation at all. Also I had forgotten how good sex felt until I tried Yes. Thank you. " RL, Isle of Wight (2nd Jul 2015)
"Very happy with your products as they are organic and really work! " EG, East Sussex (1st Jul 2015)
"Brilliant products, they bring back the pleasures of my younger days!!!! " KO, Oxfordshire (30th Jun 2015)
"The best lube that my wife and I have used... and we have tried about 12 different ones. " WN, Nottingham (29th Jun 2015)
"I have pretty much been able to discontinue using Vagifem because your water-based product is so good. Since I'm at higher risk for uterine cancer and have had polyps, this is good. " IC, Colchester (28th Jun 2015)
"Have been using for a couple of years and it has made my life so much nicer, easing the painful sex and dryness issues. I am so thankful to have found this product! Having many issues with irritation and reactions to chemicals, this product is perfect for me. Never a reaction and I used to get UTI's frequently, but so far, none since I began using "YES". I love it. " FH, London (27th Jun 2015)
"Brilliant product, have tried others but this wins hands down, even the hospital knew all about you. " WP, Portsmouth (26th Jun 2015)
"I'm pregnant. First try with Yes Baby, first success! I was so surprised and excited :) He or she will be born at the end of October, perhaps for my birthday. Such a great gift ! Thanks " SD, France (25th Jun 2015)
"Brilliant product, as a health professional myself I have even recommended to patients and explained its availability on NHS well done! " EH, East Sussex (23rd Jun 2015)
"I absolutely LOVE using this product. It is the closest to how my body used to feel before I hit the peri-menopause stage...My only regret is that I didn't know about this earlier. That knowledge would have saved me and my husband 2 years of a whole lot heartache and pain!! It truly is the best product on the market. " AK, New York (22nd Jun 2015)
"This is the only vaginal lubricant that I did not have an adverse reaction to and I feel like I am on my way to being back to normal. " IL, Ipswich (21st Jun 2015)
"Used for a few years now excellent, a product you can rely on. " CD, Arizona (20th Jun 2015)
"YES stood up to the company name I was skeptical at first, but YES does work I would recommend the product to women seeking relief from vaginal dryness. " SW, Hove (19th Jun 2015)
"I have used these products for a short time having purchased through a health store, I have been very pleased with the reduction in discomfort and feel more feminine and relaxed in my own skin. They also feel amazing and have enhanced my sex life as I no longer feel anxious. " DG, Reigate (18th Jun 2015)
"Love it. Most comfort I've had in 20 years. " LD, Dudley (17th Jun 2015)
"We believe the States are long overdue for a "culture change". Good by KY / Hello Yes. Oh Yes! We remain so thankful you for the profound difference you are making in the world... one individual (or couple) at a time! " OL, California (16th Jun 2015)
"This will be my second purchase, and Yes is by far the best lubricant I have tried. I can't believe how well it works! " KE, Edinburgh (15th Jun 2015)
"Glad I found it. Nothing else worked. Thrilled that I can feel like a normal woman and enjoy a fulfilling life in my maturing years. " DL, London (14th Jun 2015)
"A great product. Has eased my discomfort considerably. " JP, East Sussex (13th Jun 2015)
"An amazing product, silky smooth and soft to the touch, adds that bit of extra zing in the bedroom. " EH, Harrogate (12th Jun 2015)
"I can't find another lubricant that has so natural ingredients. I am very allergic to perfumes used in beauty products and other ingredients. " AC, Coventry (11th Jun 2015)
"1st class product, discreet delivery and perfectly packaged " IG, Essex (10th Jun 2015)
"Only just tried the water based lubricant. I have ordered the oil and more water based products. I am pleased with the water based product, it has relieved my irritation due to dryness, menopause & cliches planus. " SK, Tunbridge Wells (9th Jun 2015)
"I have been using the water based lubricant, I have been very sore due to dryness and even has cystitis symptoms, all of these alleviated by using Yes " ZA, Cumbria (8th Jun 2015)
"Very pleasing. Wonderful to find Yes products. Thank you " LL, Ireland (7th Jun 2015)
"love this product! I've been a long time customer " CN, Marlow (6th Jun 2015)
"Saved our sex life after gyn cancer & radical hysterectomy caused severe dryness and pain. Almost back to our old selves! " SJ, Arundel (5th Jun 2015)
"I asked a few questions, which were answered in a lovely, helpful way so I felt very safe ordering! Plus I discovered this company was created by women! So, excellent. Thank you " WD, Durham (4th Jun 2015)
"Love this product, feels like my own lubrication. Can't do without it :) " EP, Somerset (3rd Jun 2015)
"I love your product. Intercourse was painful for me until I found your fabulous product! Thank you! " KF, Kent (2nd Jun 2015)
"Our first two experiences with Yes were wonderful! Brand new to the full range of menopause symptoms, sex had become very painful. My therapist gave us two sample packs to try and we're sold! Thanks " GB, Brighton (1st Jun 2015)
"Fantastic product. Haven't suffered a single outbreak of thrush since I started using the water based 2 years ago. " PO, Southsea (31st May 2015)
"Have been using this product for ages and have found it so much better than the other lubricants out there. " WS, Dublin (30th May 2015)
"Great natural product without any chemicals. Doesn't cause stinging or thrush. " TH, Ipswich (29th May 2015)
""Thanks for providing this product; I feel like a sexy woman again." " OL, Norfolk (28th May 2015)
"Great Product. Sceptical after using similar products but starter pack was a useful introduction. Now ordering more !! Really helped our sexual relationship at the start of the menopause which unexpectedly started in 40's. " GH, London (27th May 2015)
"It's fantastic, I love it. Other lubricants give me Thrush but this doesn't. " DM, Shropshire (26th May 2015)
"Lovely, like being younger again! I had forgotten what that felt like, making love is easy and so much better. " ED, Essex (25th May 2015)
"I have tried other lubricants but they don't last and caused soreness. Yes not only works but doesn't cause any problems with soreness. " LF, Cornwall (24th May 2015)
"Just amazing. Has changed our lives. " UJ, Glasgow (23rd May 2015)
"My wife and I love your products! We are definitely life long Yes customers! Thank you so much!! " IG, Kent (22nd May 2015)
"I love it, it works wonderfully. It saved me " OA, New York (21st May 2015)
"Having used water based yes for approx. 2 years I couldn't be without it. Vaginal atrophy and dryness previously made sex painful - it's made a huge difference. " CF, Swansea (20th May 2015)
"It feels natural, and never irritates my sensitive skin. It doesn't even taste bad. It's my favorite. " SI, Kentucky (19th May 2015)
"After having my baby I became very sensitive/allergic to lubes... Every reaction would then turn into an infection... It was rough... all of that stopped when I started using yes.... It is an amazing product and I'm so glad I found it " NM, Leeds (18th May 2015)
"The products have changed my sex life beyond recognition. " WS, Berkshire (17th May 2015)
"Relief on first application, I feel normal again! I didn't realise how bad this was before I started using this lubricant. " TO, Surrey (16th May 2015)
"Very efficient and friendly staff when I contact by phone " YG, Kent (15th May 2015)
"I'd like to like you on Facebook but am too shy to shout it out to everyone. But the rest of the "church ladies" should know! I was really starting to have difficulty with painful intercourse. Mostly it literally feels like a hot poker after my husband comes. Like the sperm was causing the pain. YES has saved the day. We enjoy both the water and oil products. I found you on line after doing a search to find out if I was the only one with this problem. Guess not! And so happy to find a safe, organic natural product I can trust. 59 years old married 37 years. Thanks for helping us "keep the romance". " OP, Iowa (14th May 2015)
"Thank you! Your site, your products and your personnel are fabulous! YES! Yes makes our passion expand! Thank you! " WC, Chichester (13th May 2015)
"I love that I was able to email someone with questions and got a response the next day. AMAZING! Plus, the deciding factor in ordering beside the answers to my questions were the amazingly positive reviews written by your customers. " SD, Arizona (12th May 2015)
"This product is absolutely brilliant and has been a life changer for me (and my husband) but more importantly, it has stopped the daily burning irritation and discomfort I had been experiencing. I can't thank you enough!! " RE, Pennsylvania (11th May 2015)
"I am newly menopausal and have been plagued over the last 6 months with (alternating) BV and yeast. Rephresh and Replens were irritating and not helpful. Your product is irritation free and I have not had any itching or soreness since I started using the water-based product as an every other day moisturizer. The combination of the oil and water based products has given me back my sex life. Thank you so much for such a female friendly product! " SW, Sussex (10th May 2015)
"I have used the internal and external lubricant. They are both excellent. They have made a huge difference in my vaginal dryness. And it gives me great peace of mind to know I am using a natural product. Wonderful product! " DD, Nottingham (9th May 2015)
"It's just great and highly pleasurable! " OI, Washington (8th May 2015)
"It's the best and only option " OF, Normandy (7th May 2015)
"Your products are fantastic and you all are great to work with. Thanks a million for your service and co-operation! " ED, Bath (6th May 2015)
"Awesome product line, and the cleanest, healthiest I've been able to find. I hope you stay in business for a very long time! " AK, London (5th May 2015)
"Brilliant product - has made such a difference to my life " YD, Merseyside (4th May 2015)
"I am over 60 and it is great to find a product that helps me to maintain the pleasure of life I had at a young age. " CG, Utah (3rd May 2015)
"Can't go without it. " JN, Christchurch, NZ (2nd May 2015)
"So far so good... been a blessing to me as for 10+ yrs suffered with with bad LS and cream hospital gives me causes flare ups etc, not had sexual intercourse for over 10 yrs and using this has given me back my life. " DM, Manchester (1st May 2015)
"I use Yes oil based frequently and have combined it with the water based product which I think makes a very good sensation during physical intimacy. It has solved the problems I was experiencing following chemotherapy for cancer and its side effects. " DS, Yorkshire (1st May 2015)
"I tried other lubricants. This lubricant is best for intimacy and ability to engage in sex. Helped with vaginal atrophy. " PH, Cumberland (30th Apr 2015)
"It is the BEST lube I have found and feels completely natural. This product changed our sex life. " RF, Maryland (29th Apr 2015)
"Has changed my love life. After 34 years of marriage I thought it was all over but Yes has turned it all around. " WS, Indiana (28th Apr 2015)
"Great product. The best out there! " AK, Cumbria (27th Apr 2015)
"I was at my wit's end with vaginal dryness and discomfort, having tried several other products, until I saw Yes mentioned on a website and thought I'd give it a whirl. Both the water and oil moisturizers have been terrific. I'm definitely going to recommend to my gynecologist, none of whose other recommendations worked for me. " RN, West Midlands (26th Apr 2015)
"Excellent product and customer services. I have allergy using KY type products. With YES I did not have any side effects, allergy or itching. " JU, New Mexico (25th Apr 2015)
"This product has saved my marriage - very grateful for it! " GH, Harrogate (24th Apr 2015)
"OMG, this saved me! I would get many bladder infections due to extreme dryness at the uretra being dry. I was diagnosed with DCIS and thus could no longer use Estrace Cream. I didn't know what I was going to do! But found your product and I am Saved!!!! Thank you so much for your wonderful product. " WR, Bedfordshire (23rd Apr 2015)
"Love your product, which has made all the difference in the world for me! " IJ, Glocsestershire (22nd Apr 2015)
"Best lube I have ever used " SF, Virgnia (21st Apr 2015)
"This is an amazing product. Because of sensitivity to many other lubricants, we are limited in our choices. All the other water-based lubricants we tried ranged from mildly helpful to harmful. It is not an exaggeration to say that 'Yes' has significantly improved our marriage. Thank you " TD, South Carolina (20th Apr 2015)
"Very helpful. Have sensitive skin and other products contained too many ingredients that I am allergic to. I am so glad to had found YES! " OL, Michigan (19th Apr 2015)
"I have experienced terrible pain during intercourse for the past 18 months. I have tried everything from the doctors with no benefit. I was so happy on trying the "Yes" trial pack, amazing. We can now make love without pain. Thank you so much! " KS, Southsea (18th Apr 2015)
"Excellent products. I use the water base lubricant almost on a daily basis and it relieves dryness for the whole day. The oil base lubricant is wonderful for painful sex. " PL, London (17th Apr 2015)
"Best product in the World!!! I will never buy anything else. " TY, Yeovil (16th Apr 2015)
"I appreciate the ingredients being so "clean" - organic and natural. " EN, Shropshire (15th Apr 2015)
"This is the only lubricant that does not cause me problems, eg thrush. I have told my GP about this product. " WE, Essex (14th Apr 2015)
"Discovered YES on Google. Have recommend Yes to many friends .. Everyone who has tried it loves it! " SC, Durham (13th Apr 2015)
"Love it. Makes life comfortable instead of hurting all the time! Femara is a cancer drug which stops all production of estrogen. This creates intense vaginal drying and can produce caruncles. I had one of these. Yes REALLY ALIEVATED THE PAIN, ITCHING AND BURNING! " PL, London (13th Apr 2015)
"I LOVE your product AND I especially like your applicators... Get's your product to where it is needed with no mess... THANK YOU! It's changed my life. REALLY! " TD, Arizona (12th Apr 2015)
"The best product I have used, even better than one prescribed by a consultant gyneacologist! " ED, Sussex (11th Apr 2015)
"Hi Yes, I or should I say "we" think your product is the only and best product on the market! My husband and I are celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary this fall and taking you to Italy with us for 3 weeks! Thank you for bringing such a wonderful safe oil product to us in Canada! For us menopausal women, it rocks!" WC, Georgia (10th Apr 2015)
"I ordered your product months ago, and was very pleased with the packaging and use of color. FINALLY got a chance to try it. It was very natural feeling and non irritating. ..and the results were amazing!! I will spread the word. I had given up hope. Thank you so much." SC, Colchester (9th Apr 2015)
"I am post-menopausal and gradually, vaginal atrophy set in. Horrid. Didn’t know what to do. The Dr.’s answer was HRT cream which I didn’t want to use. I tried natural remedies but they didn’t work. Constant rounds of Cystitis and anti-biotics. Also horrid. Finally, a couple of months ago, I was at my wits end and just wondered if somehow the world had moved on and somebody may have produced something that was entirely natural and worked to alleviate this for me. Well, straight away I found your products on the internet. I saw what other women had written on your site and decided to try them. Goodness me. My life has been transformed (and my husband’s who thinks it’s all pretty wonderful as he has his old wife back again). I am my old pre-menopause self. I feel so much better. Life has returned to full colour. I cannot thank you enough but in any case, thank you, thank you, thank you!!" DE, Dulwich (8th Apr 2015)
"Simply 'Thank you ' again for your wonderful product! 'Yes' has transformed my life! " DF, Florence (7th Apr 2015)
"I started the menopause with a bang at 47! and had little or no intimacy with my husband due to the pain I was experiencing, I had replens on prescription, but didn't help so I searched the internet and found YES! with using just a few applicators I have no pain at all during sex, I can't believe this product, it's saved me from feeling like my sex life was over! I cannot praise it enough it truly is amazing and I will never be without it. thank you YES! " DR, Reading (6th Apr 2015)
"It's absolutely wonderful stuff! Please don't stop producing it as there isn't anything else like it. I was heading for despair when I discovered it, quite honestly, and it just turned my life around. Thank you. " CD, Dallas (5th Apr 2015)
"It made a world of difference after using it for just a few times. " PK, Norwich (4th Apr 2015)
"I am finding the water applicators hugely helpful. I have also had some brilliant advice after emailing for advice. Thank you for offering such a great product and such compassionate helpful advice. I now feel there is hope for me to begin to enjoy my sex life again after many years of vaginal dryness and painful sex. I have had more help from your staff than from many medical staff I have seen over the last few years. Thank you. " HY, Surbiton (3rd Apr 2015)
"I feel happy using your products on a daily basis, no nasty additives! I have regained my femininity and confidence. Thank you so much! My husband loves you too !! " GD, Cloucester (2nd Apr 2015)
"It's better than any other lubricant or vaginal moisturiser I have tried and I like the ethical/organic aspect too. " LO, Oxford (1st Apr 2015)
"Yes sent complimentary sachets for me to try when I was unsure about buying and that has made me see how truly amazing this company is. " DF, Falmouth (31st Mar 2015)
"Yes is just what I was looking for! It has transformed the pain that I have experienced since the menopause - both with washing and with sexual intercourse. Now I feel comfortable again and reassured that I am not using harmful ingredients. " TD, Wiltshire (30th Mar 2015)
"My husband and I have used Yes Oil-based for about 8 years. It's a lovely product of consistently high quality: no perfumes or other irritants. We are obviously very happy with Yes. " LD, Lancashire (29th Mar 2015)
"I had a complete hysterectomy 22 years ago and was unable to find anything that worked for my vaginal dryness and PH imbalance, UNTIL I used YES water bases moisturizer! I can't wait to try the oil based for summer swimming! " DG, Goring on Sea (28th Mar 2015)
"We love your water based YES!!! My wife does not feel any burning like she has with other lubicants. We've been married for nearly 45 years, and I still love being intimate but now we find that is only possible using YES because it allows her enough time without that burning sensation of other lubricants with chemicals that can cause that. Your YES water based product has allowed us to continue to enjoy our special times when for a while we thought they were over. Thank you so very much for your most wonderful product!!! " IO, Manchester (27th Mar 2015)
"It works better than the rest. " AG, London (26th Mar 2015)
"I LOVE YES!! It makes my vagina so moist without feeling gooey and sticky. I really love that I can insert he water based lubricant and still receive oral sex. This product is nothing short of a miracle for women with vaginal dryness. " EE, Lyme Regis (25th Mar 2015)
"I've been using your oil-based lubricant for several years now and I just wouldn't consider buying any other product ~ it is just brilliant. I use it every day and I now feel like I did in the years before major gynaecological surgery, so thank you very much from the bottom of my heart x " IH, Ipswich (24th Mar 2015)
"It is a brilliant, life changing product. " FY, Florence (23rd Mar 2015)
"I love this product I don't know what I would do without it - brilliant !! " AW, Melbourne (22nd Mar 2015)
"Better than any other lubricant that we have tried! " IC, Croyde (21st Mar 2015)
"I wanted to say thank you for sending me samples. I was in the process of check out when I was called away and couldn't finish the order. A week or so later I received samples in the mail because I had filled in my address. I appreciate your having reached out to me. This act of kindness made me believe there are real human beings behind the scenes at your company. That makes me all the more willing to come back and make the purchase. Thank you. I look forward to trying yes baby. " OD, Durham (20th Mar 2015)
"You're so amazing and so are your products thank you and bless you. " PL, Liverpool (19th Mar 2015)
"Using YES products because I'm a breast cancer survivor & the safe ingredients of the Yes products " RL, Cumbria (19th Mar 2015)
"I take yes products with me everywhere, so thanks for the product range (travel pack etc), though i would love to see a 1000ml pump dispenser of yes lube added to your range, so i could keep it on my nightstand for quicker application :) and there would be more lube in bigger package! Anyway, I also do like the squirt bottles they're especially nice with water based as you can sometimes just aim and squirt, ha ha. The oil-based makes my insides feel smooth for days and water-based is great as it doesn't stick to your fingers. Yes is the only brand that doesn't give me instant rash or yeast infection and it goes well with my all-natural ideology in life. I love that you don't need to wash it off afterwards and can just go to sleep :) and in the morning there is no icky residue. Thanks, love love love Yes, keep up the good work, amazing product you have there!" WS, Hertfordshire (18th Mar 2015)
"Very easy to use as well as informative ! You guys really educate the clients as to why you have the superior product, as opposed to relying on gimmicks and hidden agendas. Top notch class acts ! " RG, Brighton (17th Mar 2015)
"I've quite recently started a new relationship, which is not bad at 71! I've always enjoyed good sexual relationships, but at my age, without 'Yes' it would be a lot less fun! Thanks. " RF, Worthing (16th Mar 2015)
"Works every time. Thank you. " WF, Farringdon (15th Mar 2015)
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"Did not expect terrible dryness & tightness after hysterectomy with tubes & ovaries removed as well. Quite dispiriting - was not counselled on this possibility. Thanks to Yes have experienced first orgasm after 5 months. " HY, Harrogate (12th Mar 2015)
"It had been 16 yrs since I had intimate relations. I didn't think it would be possible. I can not believe that after using your product 1 time that all my problems are gone!! I feel normal again!!! " IY, Cumbria (11th Mar 2015)
"I had some free samples given to me by the clinic and I found it amazing. No more dryness and soreness, wonderful. " SW, Surrey (10th Mar 2015)
"Completely changed everything! Could never use a lube before- too irritating. Cycles of yeast infections, then BV when yeast was treated. Yes leaves me happy and comfortable! " ID, Durham (9th Mar 2015)
"I didn't quite get the name until my husband and I made awesome sex/love making - Yes all the way!!!!! This product is the best I've tried, thank you for making me feel like a woman again :) " LL, Dallas (8th Mar 2015)
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"It has changed our lives and our sex lives - I have been in despair for nearly 2 years and tried every form of treatment I was recommended and could find. It was a desperate comment to my nutritionist, that I thought I should consider hormone treatments that made her jump out of her chair and grab the samples of YES. One use and I knew we were on the right track, that penetration after a year of none, was still possible. Three uses adn we felt like we were young again. Thank you so much for developing this product. you saved me, my marriage and my self-esteem. " GH, Hereford (6th Mar 2015)
"Very helpful with all of the "Yestimonials" which are true! I have been using this product for a while now; I used to use it in addition to my Estrace Rx, now use "Yes" exclusively and I feel like I have my life back pretty much. I love it. " PO, CA (5th Mar 2015)
"There is a definite improvement in comfort and I am feeling more at ease and more confident." DF, Paris (4th Mar 2015)
"Products greatly reduced/eliminated painful intercourse due to vaginal dryness. " SA, Selsey (3rd Mar 2015)
"We tried the sample and finally did not have pain for the first time in years. " ED, Hertfordshire (2nd Mar 2015)
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"The most wonderful product in the world!! You saved my life!!! " KL, London (28th Feb 2015)
"I was still experiencing severe burning and soreness from atrophic vaginitis on top of vulvodynia. I was not in a good place. Decided I've nothing to lose so I tried the water based applicators and immediately found some relief. I have been using it now for a few days and it is definitely helping, I am now purchasing more as it's the only thing that's brought me any relief from atrophic vaginitis and to my delight has also soothed the vulvodynia pain as well. Thank you for a great product! " SW, Cardiff (27th Feb 2015)
"Fantastic. A healthy alternative to hormonal pessaries. " RF, Hove (26th Feb 2015)
"The BEST product I've ever used for vaginal dryness!! " WS, Eastbourne (25th Feb 2015)
"I am a pharmacist and I have recommended this product to patients I'm so pleased its now prescribable " FN, Newbury (24th Feb 2015)
"The oil based lubricant is the longest lasting we have come across. There are no reactions or stinging from either the water or oil based, so top products & it's BRITISH yeh! " DF, Vauxhall (23rd Feb 2015)
"Great product which we have been using now for over 3 years and would not go back to the old sticky stuff supplied by other producers of products for love making. " HI, Ireland (22nd Feb 2015)
"Nice story and great effort. Being a chemist and working in pharmaceuticals I greatly appreciate the commitment of the founders. " SP, Sussex (21st Feb 2015)
"I was given a sample of the oil based product and can't believe how nice it is to use. Really impressed and my partner was pretty happy too! " LO, Oxford (20th Feb 2015)
"I am extremely satisfied with these products " FG, France (19th Feb 2015)
"Just received the sample packet and loved the product. After just using for two days, I feel more lubricated and sex is more comfortable. Thank you. " SW, Worcester (18th Feb 2015)
"I am 50 yrs old, I am feeling the same sensation as a young lady. " SA, Ascot (17th Feb 2015)
"My girlfriend and I got a sample kit and was impressed how well it worked so here we are buying more. I would recommend it to anyone dealing with menopause symptoms (or just because it works) " DR, Rochester (16th Feb 2015)
"First thing that works well and so far there have been no adverse side effects " SC, Somerset (15th Feb 2015)
"Fantastic product, my wife no longer has pain with sex. " TH, Harrington (14th Feb 2015)
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"Only product I can use without having a reaction! Love the water based lubricant! " RD, Darlington (11th Feb 2015)
"Love, love, love your oil based lube. It lasts a long time and is not messy. It absorbs nicely like lotion for your privates when you are done. " HN, Northampton (10th Feb 2015)
"I feel very comfortable and safe using Yes because of the plant based organic ingredients. " OP, Plymouth (9th Feb 2015)
"Such a quality product and very safe. I have terrible dryness and suffer from thrush from time to time which is very uncomfortable but the applicators water based are very soothing and help calm things down " WS, Durham (8th Feb 2015)
"It almost seems that the world is so unfriendly to women, especially in the United States. Individuals that do not have a uterus do not comprehend that everything related to the female reproductive system is a health issue. Thank God your website understands this and offers products that improves our health. I will be visiting and purchasing from your site often. I will also encourage my friends and family to do the same. " EL, Swindon (7th Feb 2015)
"Suffered from candida for years and would get thrush every time I had sex, yes has pretty much stopped this it's amazing! " CD, Chichester (6th Feb 2015)
"Makes lovemaking a pleasure in later life! " HY, Yeovil (6th Feb 2015)
"I got a sample from my gynocologist. It has been wonderful! " TR, Twickenham (6th Feb 2015)
"This is a wonderful product. I have recommended it to many friends - older than I am and also thirty-somethings. " LS, Cirencester (5th Feb 2015)
"I love your products, they're so gentle and soothing to a very delicate area. With other brands I experience stinging. " RE, Ealing (5th Feb 2015)
"Really helps, couldn’t manage without it! " ED, Exeter (4th Feb 2015)
"A marriage saver!!! I suffer from Vestibulitis and without this product I could not have intercourse.. One last point, there is absolutely no irritation.. Thank you!! " IJ, Ilminster (4th Feb 2015)
"A pleasure to use for BOTH of us " PL, York (4th Feb 2015)
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"I am almost 69 and still enjoy intercourse with mu husband of 46 years. however I am very dry P V so it was not very comfortable, KY was not much help, but I have found a combination of oil based and water based Yes works . " KD, Donnington (3rd Feb 2015)
"Yes water based feels so natural we forget that we are using an artificial lube. Great stuff! " FB, Bolton (3rd Feb 2015)
"No pain-just pleasure! " WA, Birmingham (2nd Feb 2015)
"It has made lovemaking easy and relaxed. Without there is anxiety, pain and possible cystitis - no pleasure for either person. I am 66. " ZO, Spain (2nd Feb 2015)
"It is the closest product to natural lubrication I have found for the intended use. Never sticky or drying. Seems to stay fresh for a longer period of time than over the counter products. " PG, Gosport (2nd Feb 2015)
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"Sex success and activity aside - after only a brief trial I have reason to believe that yes water base creates an environment where my body can heal/take care of itself as it used to do when I was younger. It's like a friend accompanying me instead of something I'm imposing on my sexual organs. Although I'm mostly oriented toward water based, the oil based is outstanding - very fine product - smooth and no goopy mess. " LD, Kansas (31st Jan 2015)
"Better than any other lubricant I've used " AK, Swansea (30th Jan 2015)
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"I have had problems with yeast infections for over 20 years. This is the first product I have used that didn't cause my infection to come back. My husband loves the oil based Yes. It helps him last longer. " YS, HI (27th Jan 2015)
"Yes is excellent in every way. Excellent ingredients, easy application, and outstanding results. " GD, Suffolk (27th Jan 2015)
"Very satisfied with your water based product and I wouldn't be able to have intercourse with my wife without it. " AS, Sussex (26th Jan 2015)
"It's a big help not only to me (menopausal symptoms) but to my 14 year old daughter when she inserts tampons. " PI, Exeter (26th Jan 2015)
"This product makes all the difference in the world to our marriage. I love this stuff and so does my husband, especially the vanilla. " DN, Poole (25th Jan 2015)
"After going through chemotherapy ten years ago, vaginal dryness was a real issue, and not until Yes as anything effective yet safe. " SO, Middlesex (25th Jan 2015)
"It WORKS!!! I love being able to use an all natural alternate to hormones! " KI, MD (24th Jan 2015)
"This is the first product used that did not cause irritation or burning. Absolutely love this product. " LL, Blackpool (24th Jan 2015)
"Love it that it is all natural and gives immediate relief from dryness and soreness. " SB, Harrogate (23rd Jan 2015)
"A little pricey but definitely definitely worth it. The smaller bottles are very easy to tuck into your handbag if going to stay the night somewhere, and are very discreet and easy to use. I love how the consistency liquidises as it warms up, and it is odourless and naturally subtle. " HN, Cheshire (23rd Jan 2015)
"This is the best intimate product I have ever used. I am a returning customer. " RD, Bristol (22nd Jan 2015)
"LOVE LOVE LOVE :) I cannot say enough about the product line, I love it! look forward to you expanding the line :) " LC, NZ (22nd Jan 2015)
"I am 64 and a health professional and this is much better an estrogen cream or coconut oil.............no coital pain!!!! " OW, London (21st Jan 2015)
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"My skin is extremely sensitive and I found this product on the web a few years ago. It's a life saver! " SW, Yorkshire (19th Jan 2015)
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"Saved my marriage " OP, Italy (7th Jan 2015)
"We have been using Yes for several years. It is the only one that actually works well while doing exactly as it says and leaves no stain. " RP, Norfolk (6th Jan 2015)
"I LOVE this product. Due to previous cancers I cannot take estrogen (which I really didn't want to do anyway). This helps so very much with the painful intercourse I was experiencing. Customer for life!! " RJ, Spain (5th Jan 2015)
"It's been very helpful. I have much less pain than I used to. It has helped so much! I also love that it doesn't have parabens, or propylene glycol, or petroleum derivative ingredients! That's very important to me. " TY, Paris (4th Jan 2015)
"I love this product, it has helped my husband and I tremendously, we could never find a lubricant that felt good to both of us, it allows us to relax and enjoy our intimate moments without one of us feeling we aren't doing something right. It is by far the best I have ever tried and believe, we tried a bunch. Thank you for making such a great product! " CF, Northampton (3rd Jan 2015)
"I love your products. They feel so natural and yummy. " LB, Swansea (2nd Jan 2015)
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"I absolutely love Yes!! After my hysterectomy I was very uncomfortable being intimate with my husband. Yes changed all of that!! Thank you Yes!! " WK, London (30th Dec 2014)
"Have used water based lubricant for a long time now as being post-menopausal suffer from dryness which has led to irritation etc. Yes water based has solved the problem with no side effects. Highly recommend these products. Thank you. " DP, MI (29th Dec 2014)
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"I purchased the product in Scotland this summer and was comfortable for the first time in years. " RH, Yorkshire (23rd Dec 2014)
"It is an awesome product. As a diabetic and sensitive personal requirements, other products I've tried give me a bladder infection...Yes Yes intimates don't. " WS, Birmingham (22nd Dec 2014)
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"Wouldn't use anything else - really pleased with the product. " FG, Texas (19th Dec 2014)
"Very informative with all ingredients shown which I think is fantastic as a lot of skincare products will only tell you the active ingredients and its normally the base ingredients that cause skin problems " BB, Surrey (18th Dec 2014)
"Yes is amazing - my wife is going through menopause so needs the lubrication and Yes delivers beautifully!!! " DC, Colchester (17th Dec 2014)
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"Love love this product. Highly suggest for those suffering from vaginal dryness. Nothing worked, and I have tried them all. This is the best product I have tried. Water based works wonder for me, no more every day discomfort. Thank you. " CY, West Sussex (15th Dec 2014)
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"A great product. I can trust it. No adverse effects. Regular, daily use completely heals the soreness and discomfort that I had with vaginal dryness. I can't imagine life without it now. " LS, Glasgow (9th Dec 2014)
"We have found them very successful and a lot better than other off the shelf brands. " AW, Nottingham (8th Dec 2014)
"I have Vulvodynia and Yes makes me feel more comfortable and I can forget my condition. Oil is more effective. " DF, Cumbria (7th Dec 2014)
"I'm finding Yes very helpful in regaining my sex life after many years of pain and distress " PS, Somerset (6th Dec 2014)
"Goodness knows what women did years ago but Yes has helped my husband and I to maintain an important part of our lives that keeps us connected. " SD, Suffolk (5th Dec 2014)
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"An excellent product, the best we have found and no hormones " IL, Isle of Wight (3rd Dec 2014)
"After getting recurrent very severe urinary tract infections, a friend recommended your product - who was recommended it by her consultant. I now use it morning and evening and( touch wood ) it is so much better. " JC, London (2nd Dec 2014)
"I'm delighted to have discovered Yes after years of vaginal dryness through needing a hysterectomy in my early 'twenties, and being unable to take HRT. Wonderful ! " HN, Southend (1st Dec 2014)
"I have come to love this product, especially the water based lubricant. I love that there is no smell, or sticky residue after using the water and oil based lubricants. I am so thankful that this wonderful and most importantly efficient products were created by women for women, while keeping in mind the sensitivity of our vaginal needs. I also love how the products are not just sexually focused, but that they also tailor to women's health needs and concerns. I am an extremely satisfied and lasting customer. " PN, New York (30th Nov 2014)
"I was very pleased with the efficiency and delivery of the products, It was a joy to use, no stinging no pain, I will most definitely be using the products for the foreseeable future. " WL, Cheshire (29th Nov 2014)
"I love using this product, it's the best on the market and I recommend it to all my friends and more recently my Doctor..!!" OH, Eastbourne (28th Nov 2014)
"I love the product!! It has helped me more than you can know. I have suffered with urethral irritation. I always had the feeling that I was getting a UTI, with a sense of urgency. Since using this product those feelings are gone. If I miss using the Oil based a couple of days the feeling starts to come back. That's when I realized that it was due to the product that the irritation was better. " AD, Edinburgh (27th Nov 2014)
"Better than Replens. no white discharge and no feelings of cystitis symptoms. " RO, Peterborough (26th Nov 2014)
"It is a great product that has helped greatly in improving our most precious moments. " JD, Somerset (25th Nov 2014)
"This stuff is absolutely TERRIFIC. Tastes great, fantastic slide-y-ness and doesn't quietly reek of petrochemicals. We love it and have immediately ordered more - both our water-based favourite and the oil-based one now too.... Can't wait to try it. " KL, Surrey (24th Nov 2014)
"I am so pleased to find that Yes is now available on prescription I have been prescribed Replens for many years but I always hate the thought of using it. I've been buying Yes so I am going to ask my GP for the prescription to be changed immediately....A Huge Thank you " AH, Shropshire (23rd Nov 2014)
"My wife is very allergic to so many products. At last we have found something which is safe. " WA, Norfolk (22nd Nov 2014)
"I like the fact that it's all natural. Many say organic and all natural and they contain saccahrin. I don't want that in my body! " IS, Cornwall (21st Nov 2014)
"Thank you for having natural products to use for the vagina instead of chemical, synthetic, toxic, medicated product that either doesn't work or causes additional complications. " ES, London (20th Nov 2014)
"Thank you thank you thank you! From my husband and myself. " KO, West Sussex (19th Nov 2014)
"I have been wishing I could find something that actually seems "healthy" to put on a vagina :-) instead of all the current lubricant products that seem full of chemicals. Thanks for making this! " IG, Worcestershire (18th Nov 2014)
"So much nicer and better than using KY Jelly. My wife and I find that KY slightly irritates us both, is thicker in consistency and doesn't do the job as well as Yes. We've done a comparison test and Yes is by far the superior and most natural feeling lubricant. " DE, West Suffolk (17th Nov 2014)
"The oil based product is fantastic, I have had problems with dryness, tried lots of products that result in thrush or more soreness, this is the only one that works. " IM, Somerset (16th Nov 2014)
"It was a real find for me because I had tried many other products and nothing worked. Yes is the BEST!!!! " OL, East Sussex (15th Nov 2014)
"It's a truly great product. Extremely effective. I couldn't be happier to have stumbled upon it via my search engine when the products I had been using were no longer working for me... " JN, Durham (14th Nov 2014)
"I love your product and your attitude. I am new to this situation an am grateful you are here to help us all. The things we were never told about.... " FH, Newport (13th Nov 2014)
"Love it. Thank you for making such a fabulous product. Beats any drug store brands I've found. No burning or irritation from Yes products. " LY, New Hampshire (12th Nov 2014)
"I love this product! I find that I don't get the same irritation or yeast infections after sex that I used to regularly get before I started using this (I use the water-based product). " WA, Washington (11th Nov 2014)
"I have atrophic vaginitis and am trying to heal the vagina. Having used the water and oil lubricants made intercourse finally comfortable. So nice to have intercourse and not have to be apprehensive about discomfort. " IC, New York (10th Nov 2014)
"I have suffered this condition for years all alone. I didn't know other women were having my same issues. I kept telling my doctors how uncomfortable I was with no suggestion except to take hormones which I refused. I don't feel alone nor helpless any more. The water based product is so light weight and not messy. I don't even have to wear a panty liner. " SG, Michigan (9th Nov 2014)
"Such a find -- I was so happy to find a water-based lubricant. Helped me through cancer treatment and ever since. Thank you!! " DC, Reigate (8th Nov 2014)
"Love Love Love these products! I tell other women about it all the time! " BP, Buckinghamshire (7th Nov 2014)
"Having sensitive skin issues all my life, finding a safe and healthy product was my first concern after reaching the time in life when dryness and painful intercourse issues approach. I consider myself one of the most discerning consumers one could meet, so I have tried them all. This is the only product i can use without suffering skin irritation and other major consequences that come with products loaded with fragrances and other irritants making empty promises for me. " IW, Cardiff (6th Nov 2014)
"YES is the best lubricant I have ever found. It is far superior to any product sold in the USA. I will be 70 years old this year, and have searched many, many years for a safe and effective lubricant, suitable for "mature" sexually active women. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! " HC, New Mexico (5th Nov 2014)
"I suffered from Vulvodynia and it disrupted my life to the point that I didn't want to get out of bed. Hours and hours of laying in bed or on the couch with a heating pad and/or ice pack to stop the gnawing pain that wouldn't go away no matter how hard I tried to relieve it. Started to search the internet for answers or help with my problem and realized that I am not the only one with this kind of problem. I decided to try the Yes product based on all of the positive testimonials I read on your website, and was hoping that I would get the same positive results. Without a doubt, these products helped me almost immediately, and I am no longer afraid of intimacy with my partner. Thank you so very much!! " AS, Bristol (4th Nov 2014)
"My wife is very pleased with your product. Very natural, mimicking natural lubrication in a way no other product does. " MM, Iowa (3rd Nov 2014)
"The products are perfect for couples of any age-- " OD, Portsmouth (2nd Nov 2014)

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