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"I have an extremely sensitive vulva, everything irritates it and leaves it dry. I came upon Yes by accident on Google, I decided to give it a try. Boy am I glad I did, the gentle foam was great on my vulva area without ANY irritation. Plus, Yes left my intimate area moisturized. I would recommend this product to any woman. Thank you Yes! " CN, Cardiff (11th Feb 2022)
"The best lubricant I have ever used. I have vaginismus and Yes OB has helped me so much. " IR, Reading (25th Jan 2022)
"Such a lifesaver for me over the past 2 years. I really couldnt do without my VM and oil based. Oil based in fantastic for my vulval eczema. " PY, Tottenham (10th Apr 2021)
"Couldn't live without the products-miserable having vulodynia but these products make life a lot more bearable-recommend to all " SD, Falmouth (3rd Nov 2020)
"These products are pretty much the best it's possible to get. Anyone with vulval issues should try them. I credit the Yes vaginal moisturiser with helping me recover from a particularly vicious and lengthy period of yeast/bv infection (on top of vulvodynia - extremely painful and debilitating). It was such a help. " RL, Lulworth (10th May 2020)
"I love the product, i have some nerve damage in the vulva area, and this has helped to reduce that irritation and pain. The OB is the best for me. " NO, Ipswich (15th Jan 2020)
"I have suffered from vilvodynia for a fee years now and sex was painful so it happened very little. My relationship was struggling and your products have saved it. Thank you. " VW, Cardif (6th Mar 2019)
"This is my second order for the OB. I suffer from Lichen Planus and I am reluctant to call this a miracle solution yet....but it's getting close 🙂 ! I am trying the foam wash for the first time. " TI, Plymouth (28th Jun 2018)
"After trying multiple creams, lotions etc which all, without exception, produced painful burning and intense irritation I asked for a sample of Yes WB, used it and found it very soothing for intense vulvodynia pain. My GP then prescribed a tube which I am now using frequently - a little goes a long way and Yes, we are worth it! " SY, Swindon (24th Feb 2018)
"Thank you. I a€m still working on treating my vaginismus. Feeling hopeful reading other womens feedback on your website. I love your products, especially the OB lube and the unfragranced wash. Thanks very much. " RT, Jersey (4th Jan 2018)
"I have been using Yes products confidently for a few years as I know they are natural and they have no side effects to my Lichen Planus " ER, East London (3rd Dec 2017)
"I have vulvodynia and pelvic floor dysfunction and have found Yes OB very good for making my vulval skin feel more comfortable and less hypersensitive. " HS, Swanage (29th Nov 2017)
"I have suffered with Vaginismus, vulvodynia, painful sex, recurrent thrush and UTI's since my early twenties and I'm so glad I discovered YES! I have been using the water based lubricant every time I have sex for around the last 5yrs and I am now 95% of any of my previous conditions and at 28 years old I can finally enjoy sex for the first time in my life! These products have changed my life! " TB, Warwick (11th Mar 2017)
"Having had vulval surgery for VIN 3 and I am extremely delicate. Have tried just about every other product. Yes is the only one for me. " ED, Swindon (29th Sep 2016)
"This is literally amazing! I have Vaginismus and vulvudynia and I thought that was it I'd never have sex again and when first diagnosed at 23, I was so depressed, but this stuff has changed my life - I can't thank you enough! " RW, Blackpool (30th Aug 2016)
"The best product for post menopausal dryness. Thank you for being there. I recommend it to our scleroderma patients with great results. www.scleroderma.org or www.FESCA.org. Both my husband and I are very pleased with it. " IR, Plymouth (16th Jun 2016)
"Your product has literally changed my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you for helping me to have a sex life and to get rid of discomfort for an undiagnosed vulva condition. I use your products every single day. Much love. " MP, Amsterdam (10th May 2016)
"It has really helped my lichen sclerosis but I had a recent flare up and it wasn't really helping so I used the oil based sample along with the water based and the relief was immense, I was so stressed and tearing my hair out and I just couldn't believe the massive relief using both had given me so thank you so much for selling these wonderful products. " CB, Bournemouth (25th Mar 2016)
"Very comforting to know this product works for vulvodynia in other women. " TY, Alabama (13th Mar 2016)
"I have been suffering with Lichen Schlorosis for some time and the Water Based lubricant is the only thing which has helped. I reacted badly to the steroid cream which gave me a rash all over my thighs and buttocks. I use the WB applicator as an internal moisturiser and on the outside I use the WB from the tube. It's an excellent product which has given me hope! " OL, Cornwall (10th Mar 2016)
"Excellent website. Also the lady I spoke to, on the online chat, was extremely helpful, very sympathetic and understanding at a time when I was getting quite desperate. The products are excellent too. The products are a pleasure to use. I use both the oil and water-based products. I suffer from both Lichen Sclerosus and vulvodynia and recently had a bad flare-up. The oil-based has really helped me over this and I am now able to use less of my steroid ointment. I had found most lubrication products had been very stingy to use, whereas the Yes products are soothing and actually help improve my vulval conditions. " SO, Porstmouth (19th Feb 2016)
"This is the only website and product that speaks directly to lichen sclerosus. Moreover, the person I spoke with on the phone was very knowledgeable, helping me to make the right selection best suited to my needs. The site and the phone representatives are clear and easy to access. Much appreciated!! " LL, Coventry (12th Feb 2016)
"I have lichen sclerosus, and all of the lubes I've tried are of limited benefit. When Yes was recommended by an online LS group, I was skeptical but gave it a try. Yes (oil based) is significantly different than any other, and I couldn't be more pleased! It's easy to apply, really feels silky and protective at the same time, and isn't sticky. It lasts, too, so no need to stop and reapply. I am now able to enjoy more pleasure and noticeably less discomfort with intimacy. A huge thank you to the researchers who developed this product!! " RL, london (11th Feb 2016)
"I'm pretty sure that the oil based Yes, which I apply daily, is keeping my LS under control because although the condition might be progressing I don't get any symptoms now. " ID, Montana (7th Feb 2016)
"I used to have the skin on my vulva actually split open and bleed due to Lichen Sclerosis. I use the oil based Yes daily and no longer have that problem. " MK, Maryland (30th Jan 2016)
"This product has given me some relief from my Lichen Sclerosis. The product is awesome and is the only thing that I've tried (and I've spent plenty looking for relief) that has actually done what it promised. " EC, Middlesex (18th Sep 2015)
"Have suffered with lichen and vulvodinia for many years, yes oil based is fab for soothing my condition, wouldn\'t be without it. " CA, Arundel (30th Aug 2015)
"This is the first product that I have found that reduces the discomfort of Lichens Schlerosis. Thank you so much for improving my life! " LS, Blackpool (19th Aug 2015)
""Absolutely fabulous product..Have been diagnosed eventually with vulvodynia, after 10yrs of misdiagnosis etc and experimenting with all sorts of remedies, all of which increased my vaginal irritation and decreased my sex life to practically nothing. Thank god a female gynaecologist at the Ulster Independent Clinic diagnosed my condition and highly recommended your product. ... I have used the water based lubricant for a while....marriage saviour!!! Recently I have experienced itching and dryness prior to my period...I have decided to try the applicators now to combat these symptoms, after reading other testimonials. . So fingers crossed!! " KI, Normandy, France (9th Aug 2015)
"It is such a relief to be able to control my Lichen Sclerosis with this products!!! I use the oil based externally and the water based internally. " AD, Donnington (6th Aug 2015)
"I have been using Yes for several years to treat lichen sclerosis. The medication the doctor prescribed left me irritated and inflamed but Yes took care of that. I am using only Yes and am totally comfortable and even able to go without treatment except when under stress when I seem to have flare ups. I have recommended it to any doctor who will listen in hopes they will spread the word. It is a wonderful product and I am very grateful that I found it. Thank you so much! " SC, Plymouth (3rd Jul 2015)
"I was still experiencing severe burning and soreness from atrophic vaginitis on top of vulvodynia. I was not in a good place. Decided I've nothing to lose so I tried the water based applicators and immediately found some relief. I have been using it now for a few days and it is definitely helping, I am now purchasing more as it's the only thing that's brought me any relief from atrophic vaginitis and to my delight has also soothed the vulvodynia pain as well. Thank you for a great product! " SW, Cardiff (27th Feb 2015)
"A marriage saver!!! I suffer from Vestibulitis and without this product I could not have intercourse.. One last point, there is absolutely no irritation.. Thank you!! " IJ, Ilminster (4th Feb 2015)
"I have Vulvodynia and Yes makes me feel more comfortable and I can forget my condition. Oil is more effective. " DF, Cumbria (7th Dec 2014)
"I suffered from Vulvodynia and it disrupted my life to the point that I didn't want to get out of bed. Hours and hours of laying in bed or on the couch with a heating pad and/or ice pack to stop the gnawing pain that wouldn't go away no matter how hard I tried to relieve it. Started to search the internet for answers or help with my problem and realized that I am not the only one with this kind of problem. I decided to try the Yes product based on all of the positive testimonials I read on your website, and was hoping that I would get the same positive results. Without a doubt, these products helped me almost immediately, and I am no longer afraid of intimacy with my partner. Thank you so very much!! " AS, Bristol (4th Nov 2014)
"It has helped reduce the symptoms of my lichen Sclerosis. I'm able to use steroid ointment less frequently and have not had a serious flare since starting using Yes daily. I use the oil based Yes daily and water based for sexual intercourse. I'm so happy to have this chronic condition under control. " CN, Oxfordshire (30th Sep 2014)
"I have tried everything under the sun for vulva itchiness. Everything irritates me and burns. Your water based product does not cause me any issues. Thanks so much for a wonderful product. " DS, Somerset (31st Aug 2014)
"It helps my vulvodynia if I use it a couple of times a week. It coats the sore skin & keeps it moisturised. it also helps to make sex less painful. " HK, Suffolk (2nd Jul 2014)
"I have Lichen Sclerosis and this is the most comfortable lubricant I have found. " JR, Bath (30th Jun 2014)
"I am 69 y/o and sexually active with my husband of 43 years. However, due to Lichen Sclerosis, sex had never been normal. With the diagnosis and control of LS in the past two years, I was finally fine. Then breast cancer (DCIS) took me off of small doses of Premarin 2/wk leaving me with vaginal dryness yet again. I tried Replens and got two huge thrush/yeast outbreaks requiring prescription treatments to cure. I was determined to find an alternative. I somehow found Yes online and wish I had known about it years ago. I've never felt so normal or ready for sex if I want. Bless the Brits again! The quality of your work with natural products (e.g., at Neal's Yard) is superior to any I've found in the U.S. " TA, New York (23rd May 2014)
"The website contained lots of really useful information about my condition - which my doctor didn't give me. It gave me confidence in what I was buying. Now, there is pleasure to my love-life. Would recommend to all to give it a try. " HA, Auckland, NZ (6th May 2014)
"I have to use cream as I suffer with a bladder prolapse which is uncomfortable. Have used many types and have found Yes to very effective. " Alison, Kent (10th Feb 2014)
"Life saver! Every other product which I had tried would aggravate dermatitis and I would be back to square one. Since removing soap from my daily routine and replacing it with oil based cleansers, only wearing cotton pants and using Yes products, the oil based is the best for me, I have a healthy vulval area and a rewarding sex life at 60 years of age! " Elsbeth, Yorkshire (10th Feb 2014)
"Return buyer here - having vulvodynia/vulvar vestibulitis, this is the ONLY lubricant I have found that does not further irritate the vulvar area. YAY!! 🙂 " Laura, Cheshire (15th Jan 2014)
"After 3 months of being in pain due to symptoms of vulvodynia I am finally able to go with out pain during sex and the water based product is helping my body heal. I now have hope that life will be less painful. My man absolutely loves the product. " Sherri, GA, USA (14th Oct 2013)
"I love this product. I have vulvar vestibulitis and it works fantastic with this condition. Thank you so much!!!!" B Armstrong, AL, USA (31st Aug 2013)
"I have been suffering from vaginitis for a few years now and dreaded having sex. With a clean eating diet free of sugar (Candida diet) and oil based Yes lube, I can’t have enough amazing sex with my boyfriend no other lube has been this effective and natural feeling. You MUST buy this and at least try it out! I bought the small travel size but I'm back for the next size up." Vanessa, CA, USA (24th Aug 2013)
"Our sex life had been nonexistent for two years due to Lichen Sclerosis pain. We used the oil based Yes for external issues and the water base applicators for internal dryness. All I can say is WOW! And Thank you Yes!" B Clear, OK, USA (4th Aug 2013)
"I tried Yes after seeing it on a web site for lichen sclerosis and found it a lot better than other lubricants I have tried." Sue G, UK (4th Aug 2013)
"I love your water based product. I have seen a specialist for my Lichen and have given him your website in the hopes he can pass on the good word." Mary, NY, USA (13th Jul 2013)
"YES is the best product on the market for women who suffer from Atrophic Vaginitis." Maria, IN, USA (26th Jun 2013)
"I found out about "Yes" after spending days on end researching a solution to my doctor’s diagnosis of vulvodynia. I was told that sex is actually a good thing because it massages the muscles and helps the area relax but I was struggling to find a lubricant that didn't burn or hurt somehow... and trust me, I tried them all. I'm thrilled to say that after 5 months of consistent use of your water based "yes", I no longer suffer from pain during intercourse. Thank you so much to the makers of this phenomenal product. " Tiffany, New York (25th Jun 2013)
"Thank you for such a brilliant product I have just been diagnosed with lichen planus I use your oil based product, I not only use your product for sex, I also use every morning after a bath as a moisturiser. " Gloria, Middlesex, UK (20th Jun 2013)
"I tried the "yes" water-based after being diagnosed with severe vaginal atrophy. I had tried ky, but it was irritating as was Replens ... liquibeads didn't irritate but has disappeared from the market. I was desperate and when directed to your website read the glowing testimonials. I was not disappointed -when I received my order and tried the lubricant, sex was painless and felt natural again, with zero irritation/burning! I find that I need lubrication more than just for sexual relations, so I am now trying the applicators. Thank you for your product! It is amazing and has given me back a semblance of normalcy. " Nancy, California, USA (1st Jun 2013)
"It has helped the dryness and although there is no cure for vulvodynia this has helped to ease the pain quite a lot. Thank you." Miss Ashman, Devon, UK (20th May 2013)
"I am so pleased to have found the Yes product range which has made me far more comfortable than I have been for some years. It has allowed me to have sex with my husband for the first time in a year which is such a relief for us both and which has caused much distress. It has made my Lichen Sclerosis easier to cope with - thank you so much to the Yes team - I am really grateful." Mrs Johnson, Heswall, UK (16th May 2013)
"Just to let you know that I think Yes is the most amazing product. I have suffered from cystitis for years and had to have massive drugs and also a few visits to the hospital. With Yes the cystitis has completely gone and my partner and I can enjoy the closeness and intimacy that was cautionary before. Thank you Yes. I will be ordering more! " Jenny, NSW, Australia (8th May 2013)
"Dear Yes Company,I have been battling vulvodynia for over 15 years & about 6 months ago was diagnosed with severe atrophic vaginitis. I am very chemically sensitive & was informed by my gynecologist that estrogen therapy was my only alternative. It was not the route I wanted to take since there has been much breast cancer in my family & too all the other possible side effects that goes along with estrogen therapy. A few months ago I "accidentally" came across your product from the internet & cannot THANK YOU ENOUGH FOR ALL THE EFFORT that went into making this non-irritating, unscented products THAT ACTUALLY WORKS!!! RELIEF AT LAST!!!!!!!I have shared your website with my Dr., pelvic floor physical therapist & friends who are having similar problems.I want to especially thank your office telephone receptionist, Lynn, who I have spoken with several times in the past few months. She has been very kind & so patient with my many questions. Lynn's genuine concern to bring relief to my suffering has been quite evident. Lynn, may God bless you for the kindness you have shown me. Sincerely,A very grateful YES customer" Kathy, IL, USA (7th May 2013)
"I always hesitant to try new products , especially for intimate spots . I went online and found "Yes" .. it is the BEST ..I have atrophic vaginitis , and this product has allowed me to enjoy intimacy again !! It is not sticky , nor does it burn like other lubricating gels ..My husband loves it since it feels natural , with no odor . I would say this product really lives up to its reputation , and I plan to purchase more right away ! Thank you , thank you , thank you !!!! " Nancy, California (7th May 2013)
"I have used your product before. I have Lichen Sclerosis and your product is the only one that really helps. I would recommend it to others definately. " Sarah, Cleveland, UK (7th May 2013)
"The BEST product for women who want to feel natural and keep it a secret. I have atrophic vaginitis and YES is so natural and discrete that I don’t have to be embarrassed or explain my condition anymore. " Marie E, IN, USA (7th May 2013)
"This item has been significantly helpful with severe vaginal dryness, menopause and vulvodynia. All other products cause severe side effects." Ms Falberg, New York (2nd May 2013)
"Thank you for being there. I know three other women with LS. And, until now, we have all felt that we live in a world where we are abnormal and uncared for. The very fact that you have products that can improve our quality of life makes us better than second class citizens. Speaking about the vulva is taboo and in the same place as breast examination was fifty years ago. We need to normalise regular examination of the vulva and speaking about it if we are to address diseases, including cancer. " Mrs T, Buckinghamshire, UK (3rd Apr 2013)
"At 22 I was diagnosed with vaginismus and couldn't have felt like more of a freak, but this product really has helped! " Miss William, Hertfordshire, UK (15th Mar 2013)
"I would not be without it, it brings comfort and relief to my painful symptoms" Lynda, Stevenage, UK (12th Mar 2013)
"I have Sjogrens Disease and your product is a lifesaver." Jan, UK (7th Mar 2013)
"Suffered from atrophic vaginitis but thanks to yes oil and water based products my sex life has improved fantastically." Karen, Cheshire, UK (28th Feb 2013)
"This stuff is wonderful! I have vulvar vestibulitis and secondary vaginismus, since I was 20. Yes gave me back my sex life and the hope for a passionate marriage. I have many allergies as well and can't use most commercial lubricants. Please don't ever stop making this product. " Sydney, Texas, USA (28th Feb 2013)
"I have been diagnosed with Lichen Sclerosis and using your products has given me the first pain free sex in two years. Many thanks!! " Carole B, Devon, UK (27th Jan 2013)
"My doctor did not tell me that a side-effect of my hysterectomy would be severe vaginal atrophy. I ordered the intro package and had immediate improvement and feel that your product can get me back to my pre-operation sex life with my husband of 37 years." Frances, TX, USA (18th Jan 2013)
"It’s been brilliant at helping me manage vestibulitis." Isabella, Surrey (16th Dec 2012)
"Yes water based is the only moisturiser without irritating chemicals. Helps my vulvodynia symptoms." Dee D, MI, USA (6th Dec 2012)
"Thank you so much for creating such a great product, I suffered from agonising pain from both bladder and vaginal problems and was sick of using pharmaceutical products to help both (none ever did). My sex life was greatly affected. Health Matters in Dublin strongly recommended Yes to me for both my bladder and pain problems and I am so happy to say now that I have been pain free ever since (through a combination of coming off the Pill, changing my diet and using Yes)." Mrs K, Dublin (18th Nov 2012)
"I bought this product after reading it offers some pain relief from vulvadynia. It works really well and hence my order. " Mrs A, Devon, UK (5th Nov 2012)
"Helps with vaginal atrophy and vaginismus." Anne, IL, USA (22nd Oct 2012)
"Just so grateful to have found you as I've suffered from vaginal atrophy since going through menopause a couple years ago and it's been an agonizing journey to find something that works! I tried the hormone cream and reacted to it, and other things like 'Replens' just don't work for me. I am so grateful! Please never go out of business! I will spread the word to all my women friends! " Mary B, CA, USA (13th Oct 2012)
"Its a great product for post menopausal women with lichen sclerosis and vaginismus, thank you. " Carole, Exeter, UK (5th Oct 2012)
"Suffer from vaginal atrophy as a result of early menopause and cancer treatment many years ago. Cannot use hormonal products and other lubricants sting. This product eases the discomfort." Lynn, Glasgow (25th Sep 2012)
"My nurse recommended it to treat vestibulitis - and I used the product as a daily moisturiser as well as for sex. It has really helped and I would recommend it to anyone else with this condition as it's made a huge difference - thank you!" Isabel, Surrey, UK (28th Aug 2012)
"I suffer from lichen schlerosis and I cannot use any other lubricant than Yes water based. All of the others I have tried cause the skin condition to flare up or result in yeast infections. I am recommending your product to my physician." Mrs Pankow, NY, USA (28th Jun 2012)
"Tried it before and it's an amazing product! It really helped my problem (Vulva Vestibulitis)." Maria, Herts, UK (28th Jun 2012)
"LOVE the oil based lube. It has helped my vaginismus treatment, and has helped my boyfriend and I achieve intercourse for the first time in 2 years!" J Betancourt, CA, USA (28th Jun 2012)
"I also have vaginismus and I ran out of Yes and used another company's product and there was a noticeable difference -- the dilator exercises I do were much more uncomfortable with the other product. It's Yes from now on. Also, even though the orders ship from the U.K. they've arrived here in the U.S. really quickly!" A Linthicum, MD, USA (28th Jun 2012)
"Having not been able to face sex for reasons I'm sure most of you will already understand, me and my partner actually managed to have sex last night , I think it's the first time in nearly 12 months. Pretty unbelievable really considering I've not been using the dilators I was prescribed as I should - in all honesty I can't stand the fact I have to use them, its a chore I could do without[:-|] Anyhow, I put the 'success' down to Yes, I had a sample to try out, in comparison to other lubricants I've tried the burning and discomfort I usually feel was massively reduced and all that when I was feeling like things might be flaring up a bit. I was thinking that as someone with LS, who is prescribed dilators, lubricant is therefore essential and so it would be really helpful if it was something a GP could prescribe." (1st Apr 2012)
"I use it for the treatment of vestibulitis on the recommendation of my nurse. It's not curing it (didn't expect it too) but it certainly keeps the symptoms under control probably more than the anaesthetic creams I was using. Thanks!" Isabel, Surrey, UK (1st Apr 2012)
"I was provided with some samples by the hospital nurse for vestibulitis - and it seems to have worked more effectively than the anaesthetic creams I was using." Isabel, Surrey, UK (1st Apr 2012)
"The product is amazing, providing moisturization which makes daily life much more normal." Norma B, Ontario, USA (1st Apr 2012)
"Best lube I have used, has resolved my virginal dryness" Linda H-S, Romford, UK (1st Apr 2012)
"Fantastic products The resumed sex is obviously a wonderful bonus for my very patient and loving husband." I Davies, Mid Glamorgan, UK (1st Apr 2012)
"I have Vulvar Vestibulitis and sex can be very painful. Yes was an answer to a prayer!" Kim V, Essex, UK (1st Apr 2012)
"I have lichen sclerosis, this product has changed our love life. Now pain fee and more spontaneous." Jacqueline, USA (1st Apr 2012)
"Have used the water based product only once so far but the results are amazing and instan" Maria, Birmingham, UK (1st Apr 2012)
"I am 54 and have dryness more than ever. This is something that restores me to feeling 20 again. Best thing so far. So I am very pleased with your product." Virginia, KS, USA (1st Apr 2012)
"I am 54 and have dryness more than ever. This is something that restores me to feeling 20 again. Best thing so far. So I am very pleased with your product." Virginia, KS, USA (1st Apr 2012)
"I am older and suffer from extreme vaginal dryness and your product seems to help better than any other I've tried." Kathy, Florida, USA (1st Apr 2012)
"Suffering for years from extreme vaginal dryness, sores, bleeding, blisters etc, 'Yes' was a great discovery. It doesn't cure the problem but it certainly makes life for me and my other half so much more pleasurable." Mrs Cheshire, West Yorkshire, UK (1st Apr 2012)
"Very pleased with water based product - saved me having repeated urinary tract problems. Fantastic." Mrs Simpson, West Somerset, UK (1st Apr 2012)
"So happy to find this product. Had my ovaries out and could not take any hormone replacement. This prevents vaginal dryness. Great product." Mary, Glastonbury, CT, USA (1st Apr 2012)
"I was so pleased with your products (introductory offer) that I had to re-order. Vaginal dryness and bleeding have been a huge problem for me in the last few years and I did not want to carry on using prescription creams that did not work. Your products work." Lesley, Devon, UK (1st Apr 2012)
"This stuff works great!! This is probably too much information, but I was having very painful intercourse due to vaginal dryness - I am 53 years young - and this stuff does the trick and I can feel safe about using it. Thanks. Also, you should sell this product in 1.5 ounce containers so that you can take it on the plane in the US without having to check it in your luggage." Catherine, New York, USA (1st Apr 2012)
"Someone posted a comment about Yes under the topic Lichen Sclerosis on the Oprah website/Dr. Oz and said it was a great lubricant that was all natural and non irritating for people - like me - who have been diagnosed with LS. It has been a lifesaver both as a lubricant and as a moisturizer and has actually improved my condition (or at least its symptoms). It has helped with the dryness and burning. We use it for sex (four or five times a week) - which with my condition was almost impossible until we found Yes, plus I use it multiple times a day as a moisturizer. It is very cooling to inflamed vaginal tissues and actually takes away some of the inflammation. I'm so glad I took you up on your free offer! You have saved my sex life and have made my days much more comfortable!!! Thanks!" Mrs Moler, IL, USA (1st Apr 2012)
"After having children, lubrication became a necessity yet intercourse always left me feeling so uncomfortable. 'Yes' water-based lubricant has changed that. No longer am I having to spend several days after intercourse feeling horribly sore or on antibiotics for urinary infections. My husband no longer feels anxious about what might happen to me. It has literally changed everything and I couldn't recommend it enough." (1st Apr 2012)
"I have been using your water-based product for well over a year now, in fact ever since I was diagnosed with Lichen Sclerosis a year and a half ago. I use it every day and the last time I visited my gynaecologist he said how pleased he was with my condition. I know that there has been a big improvement in the symptoms and I believe this to be in part down to your wonderful product which I use every day. I also take a supplement of sea buckthorn oil which I believe has also helped. I am very grateful that such a pure and natural product exists and I hope that other people with the same condition may be encouraged to try it and see if it helps them in the same way. Many, many thanks from a very satisfied customer." (1st Apr 2012)
"I Have a condition called Lichen Sclerosis. The yes sample you sent me meant that we had sex without bleeding occuring. Whilst it will never be pain free at least we can be intimate again. Thank you." (1st Apr 2012)
"I tried several other products and ended up with a urinary tract infection(complete with fever and vomiting.) My situation is complicated by the fact that I am not only post menopausal but my husband, a cancer survivor was impotent for a few years due to the pain medication he was on. As he decreases his medication he is becoming more of his former self. Yes has enabled me to have sex again without pain or fear of another UTI. Thanks very much." (1st Apr 2012)
"Excellent product. I have used it before and am back for more. Due to vaginal atrophy I was looking for a product to soothe and heal and this is great for my issues. Thanks!! Love the water based YES." (1st Apr 2012)
"I wanted to say I have been suffering with bacterial vaginosis for 10 months now. This has been one of the hardest things to deal with. My husband and I are pretty active. (yes together) and I have been feeling VERY dirty and not pretty at all. Dealing with smell you can't control is very depressing. After using this product I have been cured and no longer need the antibiotics that cause me to have yeast infections. And have to say im soooo happy with YES YES YES... I highly recommend to every woman besides our own spit this is the closest to the safest product out there. So thank you YES.:-)" (1st Apr 2012)
"Yes has changed my whole view of sex. It used to be a nightmare of cystitis and urinary tract infections, which would develop the day after I'd had sex. All of that ceased with Yes. It has made a huge difference to my outlook - no more urinary tract infections with this absolutely brilliant product. It's fantastic. Thank you" (1st Apr 2012)
"It is the ONLY moisturizer that has worked for my vulva (not vaginal) skin. Whenever I feel dryness, I just add some and it really heals!!! Prior to discovering this product, i was uncomfortable a lot of the time. thank you!!!!" Susan B, CA, USA (1st Apr 2012)
"I suffer with allergies so it is good that there is a product on the market that can be used without causing irritation having tried various others as I thought that was normal until I tried YES." Carole L, Staffs, UK (1st Apr 2012)
"Love the products have used them since they came out and I recommend them to my patients." Alicia S, Surrey, UK (1st Apr 2012)
"Do I think Yes lubricants are wonderful? Yes! Yes! Yes! and so much so that I am going to recommend the product range to many other women in an international vaginismus forum which I am a part of. I am sure they will be delighted and once they try it they will definitely say Yes too! I am surprised that Yes is not advertised more widely. It truly is a winner and no other off the shelf lubricant can compare. I enjoy using both the oil and water based lubricants and both are doing a great job, but I have really fallen in love with the water based lubricant and could never be without it. (How funny that sounds) It gives a perfect glide and feels amazing. There's no stinging or burning irritation or even parabens to worry about unlike other lubricants. What a great relief and a Godsend!" Sophia (1st Apr 2012)
"I suffer from Lichen Sclerosis, yes works for me so thank you!" Gita, Brighton, UK (1st Apr 2012)
"After years of painful and distressing vaginal atrophy, yes has made the most amazing improvement to my personal comfort and pleasure. Thank you so much." Christine, East Yorkshire, UK (1st Apr 2012)
"Being newly married at age 52, my body didn't want to do what my heart did. It rebelled and I was diagnosed with atrophic vaginitis (old lady vagina! Yikes!). Since love-making is a very important part of our relationship, I researched and found your product. All I can say is "Thank You, thank you, thank you". My husband adds his thanks too! We are doing great!" Mr&Mrs Hall, California, USA (1st Apr 2012)
"I have been using your product for three years now and would never contemplate using anything else. I was diagnosed with Lichen Sclerosis at that time and although I may not be cured, I feel I am managing the condition through continual use of your aloe product and that makes me feel more in control. Thank you so much for your amazing product." Mrs G, Stafford, UK (1st Apr 2012)
"I have Genital Lichen Sclerosis and my consultant recommended it. I have had a sample from you before and had no allergic reaction." Julie, Bedford, UK (1st Apr 2012)
"If you are experiencing vaginal dryness, this product will help alleviate the problem for most of the day. Very soothing for vaginal tissues. No irritants."" Mrs&Mrs S, Chislehurst, Kent, UK (1st Apr 2012)
"Great product. I was having age-related problems with dryness and was fearful that nothing would work without harmful side effects. I (we) are very pleased with the results." Christie, WA, USA (1st Apr 2012)
"I like your product and was grateful for the comment from the person with Lichen Sclerosis. I bought the product just before I was diagnosed with the same condition. I know how gentle it is and derive much confidence from what that person said. Thank you." Rosemary, Derbyshire, UK (1st Apr 2012)
"This product has been a godsend for women with endometriosis. Must avoid hormones and parabens and other products have made me so sore afterwards." Mrs L, Worthing, UK (1st Apr 2012)
"I suffer from endometriosis which can make sex painful however using yes has improved this and lessens the pain" (1st Apr 2012)
"After testing 6 different ones YES was the best: it didn't irritate me (I suffer vestibulitis) and it didn't feel sticky when drying. I have passed this information to Mary Clegg website who sent me a sample of YES Water based and to my doctor." (1st Apr 2012)
"As a woman with vulvar vestibulitis (a condition that makes the vagina highly sensitive and prone to both yeast and infection), a product such as YES is a blessing. Other personal lubricants like to make claims such as "glycerine won't cause yeast infections" but they do." (1st Apr 2012)
"I use Yes to soothe my burning and intense itching. I have been on other medical sites of ladies who have suffered - and I have recommended your excellent product." (1st Apr 2012)
"I was diagnosed with vulvar vestibulitis 5 years ago and this is by far the best lubricant I have found. Intimacy is enjoyable again where previously it was not. Way to go YES! And the name is great too!" Mrs B, MA, USA (1st Apr 2012)
"The water-based gel is the most wonderful product. I am convinced it has been one of the main reasons for keeping the Lichen Sclerosis that I have been diagnosed with under control and much improved. Thank you very much for a fabulous product." Mrs G, Stafford, UK (1st Apr 2012)
"For some time now my Wife has suffered from Lichens Sclerosis which basically means the splitting of the vagina lips, which as you can imagine does nothing for ones sex life, we have for quite some time tried all sorts of lubricants both expensive and economy ones from supermarkets, none of which 'worked' and indeed some even increased the discomfort." (1st Apr 2012)
"I suffer from Vulvodynia which causes immense pain, discomfort and also means you have to be very careful what you put in and on yourself. In the past I've slathered myself in cheap, nasty lubricants only to yelp in pain or suffer flare ups from the horrible, artificial ingredients." (1st Apr 2012)
"It's a perfect product which i write rave reviews for wherever possible and recommend to friends and fellow VVS sufferers at every opportunity. I think my boyfriend wonders how i can get so excited over 'a bottle of goo' but i can truly say, without exaggeration that Yes has changed my life. Thank you so much for this wonderful product!" (1st Apr 2012)
"Having suffered from very sensitive skin since birth and psoriasis for 19 years, I have always had to be very careful what products I use on my skin. I paid so much attention to the skin on the outside, I forgot to think about what products I was using internally. For 20 years I have experimented with different lubricants each one claiming to be gentle and natural but always leaving me very sore or itchy and cystitis became an almost regular occurrence." (1st Apr 2012)
"I have never ever written a review for anything before but I simply had to let others know that if they are having similar problems then please give it a try. To be honest, I was sceptical at first, but I am so glad I gave it a try and now won't be buying anything else." (1st Apr 2012)
"I suffer from Lichen sclerosis, when I saw my nurse she gave me your details. She thinks it is brilliant, the best thing for the condition. So much better than the steroid cream which thins the skin. Thank you." (1st Apr 2012)
"I received some Yes a couple of days ago, on the fourth. Upon my first use, it cooled immediately and afforded me relief from some itching I was still experiencing. I've used it again since then, and when normally I would be spending a good part of the day in uncomfortable itching, I'm pleased that that no longer seems to be the case." (1st Apr 2012)
"Yes has completely cured my atrophic vaginitis which had plagued me for many months before I discovered you purely by chance when looking on the internet - I cannot thank you enough for your wonderful product. I apply it every morning and evening with a vaginal applicator. " (1st Apr 2012)
"I have suffered from vaginismus and vulvodynia for years, and this is the first lubricant that causes me no pain or irritation. It will have a major impact on overcoming my conditions in the future. " (1st Apr 2012)
"For some time now my Wife has suffered from Lichens Sclerosis which basically means the splitting of the vagina lips, which as you can imagine does nothing for ones sex life, we have for quite some time tried all sorts of lubricants both expensive and economy ones from supermarkets, none of which " (1st Apr 2012)
"I am a 33-year-old woman who had a hysterectomy almost 10 years ago due to endometriosis, since then my body has changed dramatically due to surgical menopause and HRT. My vaginal atrophy and dryness made it excruciating to have intercourse. There wasn't a single time I didn't bleed and would be sore for days after sex. I tried hormone creams and many different kinds of lubricants with little to no real results. It was a true blessing when I found YES. I ordered your sample pack and tried it. WOW!! There was no pain at all, it was me only better! I finally enjoyed sex for the first time in almost 10 years!! I have recommended your products to all my friends. It is the perfect personal lubricant. You barely even notice it is there. It isn't thick and never sticky and it truly lasts! I personally use both the applicators along with the water-based lube for reapplication. It has changed pain into pleasure for me for the first time in so very long. All I can say is TRY IT you will be so happy you did! I couldn't begin to thank you enough and will be a grateful and satisfied customer for life! " (1st Apr 2012)

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