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"Been using it for some time with flare ups with vuvaldynia and lichen scherlosis it is very soothing wouldn't be without it. " RP, Glasgow (3rd Jan 2018)
"It has helped my sexual relationship be pleasurable and given me confidence due to my medical condition of lichen sclerosus. " CA, New Mexico (1st Jan 2018)
"Always confident using Yes. With lichen sclerosus, it's so important to use the right lubricant. It's gentle, effective, and lasting. " ZO, Dublin (26th Nov 2017)
"Really helpful. I have Lichen Sclerosis and checked products with my Dermatologist and she agreed they were very good. I am so glad I have discovered Yes. Thank you " CT, Chester (9th Aug 2017)
"I have Lichen Sclerosis and have been using Emuaid. I have found that the Yes OB has calmed my itching and soothed the burning internally. " TR, Bedfordshire (4th Jul 2017)
"Absolutely the best product I have ever used. I have Lichen Sclerosus and this has helped me very much. I do believe that it has put my condition into remission. " RV, Malta (18th Apr 2017)
"I have suffer from Lichen Sclerosus and your products have really helped me to feel more comfortable, thank you " EB, Birmingham (16th Feb 2017)
"Yes VM has helped to reduce the burning itch which goes with LS. " TV, Perth (28th Nov 2016)
"I have been very pleased! I have Lichen Sclerosis and your products are just what I needed! Thank you " IY, Yeovil (31st Oct 2016)
"This is my second time ordering from your company. As a woman diagnosed with Lichen sclerosus your oil based product really works. Thank you for helping women and couples all over the world. " YH, Alberta (21st Jul 2016)
"These products have been really good at reducing and relieving my personal symptoms of lichen sclerosis. " WS, Warwick (16th Jul 2016)
"Love your products and the information your provide on your site. I've recently been diagnosed with lichen sclerosis, and was pleasantly surprised to find info on your site about it. " YL, Newfoundland (12th May 2016)
"I like that it is a natural based product and appears to be the only one that helps me with Lichen Sclerosis and Vaginal Atrophy. Pity that its not available to purchase in South Australia and that Health Professionals here don't prescribe it to women. " PE, Melbourne (12th May 2016)
"I used to have the skin on my vulva actually split open and bleed due to Lichen Sclerosis . I use the oil based Yes daily and no longer have that problem. " FP, Polperro (4th Apr 2016)
"It's really helped me with Lichen Sclerosus, which made sex unbearable. Thanks to your wonderful product, we were able to have our daughter! A million thanks. " VW, Bristol (14th Mar 2016)
"The products are a pleasure to use. I use both the oil and water-based products. I suffer from both Lichen Sclerosus and Vulvodynia and recently had a bad flare-up. The oil-based has really helped me over this and I am now able to use less of my steroid ointment. I had found most lubrication products had been very stingy to use, whereas the Yes products are soothing and actually help improve my vulval conditions. " WD, Birmingham (11th Feb 2016)
"I have been suffering with Lichen Schlorosis for some time and the Water Based lubricant is the only thing which has helped. I reacted badly to the steroid cream which gave me a rash all over my thighs and buttocks. I use the WB applicator as an internal moisturiser and on the outside I use the WB from the tube. It's an excellent product which has given me hope! " TF, Tunbridge Wells (22nd Jan 2016)
"I love your products, they're incredible and are so much more healing for my lichen sclerosus than anything else I've ever tried. Because I use creams all day, every day, I really like knowing that I'm not rubbing nasty stuff on myself! " LI, Surrey (29th Aug 2015)
"I have been using Yes for several years to treat lichen sclerosis. The medication the doctor prescribed left me irritated and inflamed but Yes took care of that. I am using only Yes and am totally comfortable and even able to go without treatment except when under stress when I seem to have flare ups. I have recommended it to any doctor who will listen in hopes they will spread the word. It is a wonderful product and I am very grateful that I found it. Thank you so much! " AN, Oxford (24th Jun 2015)
"This is the first product that I have found that reduces the discomfort of Lichens Schlerosis. Thank you so much for improving my life! " DF, Frome (2nd Jun 2015)
"It has helped clear up and keep my Lichen Sclerosis under control! It's great. " SA, Ipswich (16th Apr 2015)
"The oil based lubricant is the best thing I have ever used for Lichen Sclerosis which I have suffered from for 28 years. I have been able to cut back on my Dermovate ointment from every day to once a week and do not have any soreness. We also now have a water softener which seems to alleviate this miserable skin condition. A great product!! " RP, Ohio (3rd Mar 2015)
"Was thrilled to see a nonsteroidal treatment for Lichen Schlerosis!! " OI, Yorkshire (9th Jan 2015)