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"It is the best Vaginal Lubricant for Post-menopausal women, and it really works!! They are all natural ingredients, to match the PH balance." PR, Reading (3rd May 2022)
"It has been a godsend, which is somewhat of an understatement. It has helped me so much as I am allergic to oestrogen creams. The problem is not cured but your cream makes my life an awful lot better. Thankyou." SD, Dundee (29th Apr 2022)
"I have used this product for a few years now and it really does work. A few years ago sex became quite painful after the menopause but this has certainly helped . " FS, Manchester (23rd Apr 2022)
"Yes has helped me so much during menopausal symptoms thankyou ladies " IB, Birmingham (7th Apr 2022)
"As a menopausal woman I love it 10 out of 10 makes sex pleasurable again and vagina and vulva friendly and that's really important for women of all ages " HD, Dover (6th Feb 2022)
"Thank you, I'm so pleased to have found a UK company, founded by women, understands menopausal symptoms, and that uses natural ingredients! " JK, Wiltshire (30th Jan 2022)
"Finally a company that seems to understand menopausal women. " SK, Manchester (27th Jan 2022)
"It is just such a great product. Since the menopause I have suffered dreadfully from vaginal atrophy and urinary tract infections. This product as solved it all. I do use it more than every three days though. It really is a life changer I cannot recommend this enough. " NT, Tottenham (29th Dec 2021)
"Bloomin excellent. I have tried various products to deal with post menopausal vaginal dryness and Yes is definitely the very best. " DW, Dudley (19th Dec 2021)
"Fantastic product pre, during and post menopause. " SM, Farnham (11th Dec 2021)
"I have post menopause vaginal atrophy and without YES products I would not have a sex life. Thank you YES! " CN, Ludlow (13th Nov 2021)
"Used these products for years, only things that have given relief from menopausal dryness " DD, Emsworth (23rd Oct 2021)
"It is really good for my menopausal vaginal dryness " HN, Aberdeen (15th Oct 2021)
"Ordered before and an outstanding product for post menopausal, very sensitive women. " GN, Glasgow (8th Oct 2021)
"This OB product really has helped with easing the burning due to menopause. " FN, Falmouth (2nd Oct 2021)
"We tried many lubricants, but Yes is the only lubricant that does not cause a burning sensation for my wife who went through menopause in her late 30's. " LN, Lulworth (20th Sep 2021)
"Thank you for creating a natural product that helps alleviate post menopausal symptoms. " CB, Clevedon (21st Aug 2021)
"I am 5 years into the menopause and intercourse had become impossible due to the extreme vaginal dryness, which meant that it was very painful and I tore nearly every time. I have been using Yes Yes Yes for a year now and it has enabled us to get our love life back on track, which I thought would never happen. Great natural products that really do work. " LL, Perth (18th Aug 2021)
"So glad I found YES , the products have changed my life (am 56 going thru menopause) . applicators are easy to use, can be used discreetly beforehand, so that sex is not interrupted . has made me feel young and sexy again. husband also very pleased with the level of lubrication and my renewed enthusiasm for sex " HN, Rotherham (17th Aug 2021)
"The best lubricant I've tried. Has solved the problem caused by the menopause without the use of hormones. Very pleased I have found this product. " EL, Shropshire (12th Jun 2021)
"Have been following since entering a competition on My Menopausal Vagina! And realising it's not just your face that needs moisturising! " WN, Southampton (6th Jun 2021)
"Love companies set up and run by women. Companies based on outcome not income. The ethics that companies like yours are based on and how they treat they are customers is always exemplary. Wish women like you were running the world but for now I am very happy that you are transforming womens lives one by one. Thank you. Ps. Louise Newsome from MenopauseDoctor.co.uk Podcasts is awesome! Think that is how I heard of you... " LY, Surbiton (25th May 2021)
"I had an early menopause and initially had oral HRT but even with that I began to have dryness and bleeding. I tried all of the vaginal moisturisers on the market but couldn't find one which worked without stinging or burning. My GP diagnosed me with lichen sclerosis and acute vaginitis as I have multiple immune disorders and gave me vaginal oestrogen cream which I used initially with some success. In 2013 I saw an advert for Yes products and began using the Water based moisturiser with the oestrogen cream and my condition improved dramatically. I changed to Vaginal Moisturiser about 3 years ago as I wanted to stop using the oestrogen cream and am now completely pain and itch free! I have recommended your products to many other women and all have been amazed at the results." RM, Reading (26th Mar 2021)
"Feels very natural and stops any discomfort from post menopausal vaginal dryness. " GB, Lymington (13th Feb 2021)
"So grateful for your products. They make such a difference to my menopausal body :-)" FN, Penrith (8th Feb 2021)
"Very informative. Everything i needed to know. Thank you. I have used these products before they really helped. Its also great to know that im not the only one with my problem! I cant thank you enough. I also have MS which does make vaginal dryness worse...along with the menopause...aarrrrgh." GF, Whitby (6th Feb 2021)
"Using the yes VM has made such a difference to my life. I am struggling with menopause symptoms and the product has been life changing for me, thank you so much!! I did not want to use any products really that were hormone based and like to use natural ingredients where I can do. Yes products are all natural and that it what drew me to them in the first instance. But using them... what can I say!! I would not use anything else, AMAZING!" KN, Ipswich (28th Jan 2021)
"Cannot believe how fabulous this product is. Has changed the life of this post menopausal woman" DK, Dudley (16th Jan 2021)
"The vaginal moisturiser (both via the tube and the applicators) is a great way of stopping dryness and preventing thrush... I am 59 so post menopausal. It doesn't cause any irritation and is very effective. " TP, Tottenham (9th Jan 2021)
"This is my second order and I have experienced considerable improvement. I'm still using the prescription HRT 10mg twice a week but your product has given me more relief that 10 years of using this. Can't thank you enough and I'm so please I found it " NW, Norwich (2nd Jan 2021)
"Cannot believe how fabulous this product is. Has changed the life of this post menopausal woman " DB, Birmingham (29th Dec 2020)
"Thank you making products for sensitive bodies. My early menopause and sensitive skin are not obstacles to my pleasure any more. " IT, Godalming (22nd Dec 2020)
"It's made such a difference. I can still enjoy a sex life despite having gone through menopause years ago. " TM, Essex (2nd Dec 2020)
"Due to menopausal changes and ongoing discomfort, I rely on Yes products for daily comfort...thank you. " KJ, Kingston (17th Nov 2020)
"Using YES WB has been life changing and has helped me deal with the menopause. Thank you, thank you, thank you! " LL, Harrogate (23rd Oct 2020)
"After a year of discomfort resulting from vaginal dryness due to peri menopause, many trips to the dr and chemist for thrush treatments, washes, and more, I came across this product by chance late one night. It was the best discovery ever. My issues have cleared, and my sex life has benefitted too. Thank you! " RT, Rochdale (27th Sep 2020)
"Love Yes VM and has allowed menopausal intimacy to remain as wonderful as before with no allergic reactions - & I am super sensitive to most products. " NB, Birmingham (12th Sep 2020)
"I am almost 54 and have been battling through peri-menopause for 3 years now. I will officially be menopausal in October as that will mark one year of no periods. Along with the hot flushes, night sweats, headaches, memory loss, cognitive decline, hair loss and palpitations, I got extremely dry. The dryness meant that intercourse became extremely painful to the point where it was almost impossible. I tried the leading brand in the supermarkets (KY), but the burning and stinging sensation when it was applied was horrendous and it seemed to make matters worse in the long run. Maybe it contained alcohol, which has a drying effect on the skin. It certainly didn't help. One google search later and I found Yes Water Based which we have used for over a year now. Intercourse was way less painful when using it, but the initial penetration was still uncomfortable. There was no stinging or burning when it was applied and it has good staying power. I was reading the leaflet that came in the box and read about the 'Double glide' effect of putting oil based on first and then water based on top. I ordered a tube of the Yes Oil Based and have not looked back. Using both oil based and water based, intercourse is now 99% pain free, which is incredible after so many years of discomfort. My husband loves the sensation of it and is very happy to use it. I would say to any peri-menopausal, or menopausal woman out there to try the double glide affect. Water based will help you a lot, but putting both on has transformed our sex life. Menopause is tough enough as it is, without having to grit your teeth during sex! I hope this Yestimonial helps other suffering 50 somethings out there! IT WORKS!!!! " GH, London (22nd Aug 2020)
"Our excellent sex life suddenly impeded by my menopausal symptoms now back to virtually what it was before because of your products! No adverse reactions from my sometimes sensitive skin/intimate tissues either. Thank you for helping me and my endlessly patient partner physically, and if I'm honest regarding myself, mentally too. " BC, Birmingham (18th Aug 2020)
"I thought my days of intimacy were gone once I hit the menopause. The pain was unbearable. I tried other lubricants... the pain was still there. But when I tried Yes Yes.... I am all woman again!!! Would recommend it 100% " TB, St Just (31st Jul 2020)
"Fab product....VM....couldn't manage without it!! " IY, Merseyside (22nd Jun 2020)
"It's a beautiful product for women like myself who has gone through the menopause and it's so safe I would definitely recommend it to my friends " HY, Cardiff (9th May 2020)
"Have been using the Yes moisturizers and lubricants for some time now, and absolutely no complaints. The VM product has been a welcome relief from vaginal dryness and also beneficial with urinary and bowel issues; the moisturizer penetrates the skin barriers and I'm certain prevents dryness in other areas of the pelvic region. Menopausal symptoms are simply horrible and so debilitating. The Yes products have restored some sanity to my life. " DL, Alabama (8th May 2020)
"Makes being post menopausal more comfortable. " CW, Sevenoaks (26th Apr 2020)
"Helps our sex life through the menopause changes " PC, St Johns (25th Apr 2020)
"My intimate life is great again. My husband and I were not enjoying penetration at all due to pain and discomfort. My menopausal symptoms of dryness have improved so much.....I could barely walk previously due to soreness, dryness and total discomfort. " KM, Buxton (17th Apr 2020)
"I think your products use high standards and have been very helpful with the changes in my body after menopause. " EL, Kent (14th Apr 2020)
"I am so impressed with the product! The website as well as all of the information and purchasing experience is above and beyond professional - everything you could ever want from a buying experience online! I has taken me a long time to find such a wonderful product - but better late than never! I am still in the beginning phase of treating menopausal dryness but I am confident that continued use of of this product will only yield better and better results - I am already noticing far less discomfort than with anything else I have tried - Thank you for all that you do! " JU, Manchester (7th Apr 2020)
"Has made sex pleasurable again post menopausal " FB, Corfe Castle (1st Apr 2020)
"I'm very happy that this product exists. It has been a great benefit to our sex life and my post-menopausal vaginal dryness. " LK, London (31st Mar 2020)
"These products work and are safe. Going through menopause has been much more enjoyable. Thank you for providing natural and safe products for women to use. " RT, Rustington (12th Mar 2020)
"I finally am able to do away with the dryness from menopause. It's very uncomfortable to live with and now I don't have to. Thank you for this product. I've shared your info with my OB/GYN doctor and she was impressed. " TC, Horsham (7th Mar 2020)
"As a menopausal woman...very important...I use VM daily for general comfort. " IV, South Africa (1st Feb 2020)
"The Yes range of products have been an absolute saviour to me as a long term menopausal sufferer, especially with vaginal dryness and discomfort/sexual activity. The VM range has also assisted with urinary and anal discomfort because the moisturising properties permeate the pelvic region. " WL, Marlborough (7th Jan 2020)
"Am so grateful to have found your products, especially as I now have a menopausal body which needs some special care to stay comfortable and be able to still enjoy the sexual pleasures in life. " LS, Rustington (20th Dec 2019)
"Just awesome... lovely ladies on the phone who are soo helpful and understanding. I love the OB so luxurious and healing.. early menopause, hysterectomy and repair has changed my vagina in how it feels. Never gave it a second thought when I was younger. (51) now.. Keep doing your fabulous work ladies you're brilliant! " AD, Durham (9th Nov 2019)
"Absolutely amazing product, it has helped tremendously with my condition which came about after the menopause and I would not be without it now. " TR, Tottenham (8th Nov 2019)
"I have found Yes WB and OB brilliant for my sexual health as I'm menopausal and have vaginal atrophy with dyspareunia, without these products I couldn't make love to my husband at all. So pleased I found Yes !!!! " PA, Rome (7th Nov 2019)
"Love all the information provided. I have MS and I am post menopausal, so very sensitive/allergic to practically everything on the market until a friend told me about your company. I am very thankful for YES. Has been a true blessing to me. " GW, New Mexico (5th Nov 2019)
"I love the oil based lubricant which really helps me as since menopause, I have had a very dry vagina. It is perfect and gives me and my husband huge satisfaction and help with our love making. " NE, New Jersey (27th Oct 2019)
"Nothing complicated. Very helpful at time when women continue to suffer the indignity of the menopause. When you have smart 30 somethings telling you it is a natural right of passage... I answer with, just wait!!!! I started at 40. And so it goes on, albeit less severe... Thank you so much for at least making us women feel human. Well done..... " IN, Rutland (21st Oct 2019)
"The water based lubricant and vaginal moisturiser have genuinely saved my sex life since having problems with dryness after menopause " YY, Iowa (18th Oct 2019)
"Excellent products which have really helped with some of my peri menopausal symptoms. What a relief - literally! " IS, Southend (13th Sep 2019)
"This is the best personal lubricant that I have used and I have tried many. I am post menopausal and the VM lubricant is my go to. Feels natural and never sticky or messy. " GG, Reading (29th Aug 2019)
"Love your pre filled VM have been using it for a while now. It really works and it doesn't all leak out. So good to find a hormone free option for dealing with menopause dryness. " FO, Falmouth (20th Aug 2019)
"Thank GOD for your products. I was going out of my mind with menopause issues! Saved my life & my sanity! " UB, Oregon (8th Aug 2019)
"Great products that I feel safe using as they don't contain mineral oil. Love using your products knowing they won't add to the problem of post-menopausal dryness " PM, Portsmouth (18th Jul 2019)
"Great product. It has been a "saving grace" for my wife going through and out of menopause. Only product that works well and naturally. " IN, Norwich (12th Jul 2019)
"great product, especially if you don't want to take estrogen. " CA, London (10th Jul 2019)
"I have used this for a few months now and these are the best lubricants that I have found and the ingredients are not irritating and love that they are organic. Being postmenopausal it is a struggle trying to find products that work and are safe for our sensitive areas. " DG, Peterborough (7th Jul 2019)
"Brilliant! Totally solves menopausal dryness. " WC, Colchester (26th Jun 2019)
"I love your products. Your products help me so much after menopause and surgery. " GP, St Andrews (20th Jun 2019)
"Love these products so much. I'm heading towards menopause & without regular use of Yes VM I know I would have many problems controlling my many different symptoms. " HF, Swindon (10th May 2019)
"Yes vaginal moisturizers have been a great help with vaginal dryness I experienced after menopause. Engaging in sexual intercourse was very painful. After using Yes VM for a short time I experienced a more comfortable sexual connection. I am very pleased with this product, and I am so glad my gynecologist recommended the product. " JA, Arundel (3rd May 2019)
"I love your products. I am in menopause, and have finally found relief from dryness and itchiness. Thank you. " AH, Bristol (25th Apr 2019)
"I have vaginal atrophy and do use a vaginal pessary but it is not enough. The Yes products have helped me a lot. " BB, Midlands (22nd Feb 2019)
"Very informative, easy and quick to use. Menopausal life changing. " CD, Petersfield (21st Feb 2019)
"Both myself and my patients (I'm a Medical Herbalist) find the Yes products extremely helpful - especially for post menopausal dryness " SS, Colchester (20th Feb 2019)
"Easy to use. I have used your products for many years . They are excellent. I get a painful reaction from other similar products. Particularly KY jelly! " LA, Hartlepool (18th Feb 2019)
"20 years into menopause and I am enjoying sex again. Thank you " PY, Inverness (29th Jan 2019)
"These products have made my nights more comfortable! I can actually sleep and not have the intense itching that I have experienced for years. Very informational, I always appreciate the research and care taken to ensure good, organic products. " JR, Bromley (28th Jan 2019)
"This has made a real difference to my life. Sex is no longer painful. Life after the menopause can go on normally now. " MB, Harrogate (23rd Jan 2019)
"Think more peri-menopausal women need to know about it. It's fab and has completely changed my feelings about having sex in just one sachet!! " EK, Malborough (21st Dec 2018)
"My partner and I have always had a very loving relationship. Getting to the menopause changed things drastically as intercourse became uncomfortable. This product has been a real life saver for us. " NB, Birmingham (12th Nov 2018)
"*BRUTALLY HONEST POST ALERT* Apparently, today is #WorldMenopauseDay (wtactualf!), so I'm using this as an excuse to talk about the Unspoken. In my experience, it's probably still the biggest taboo in discussing our breast cancer treatment and its side-effects. I KNOW that I will have Facebook friends reading this who are suffering, but YOU DON'T HAVE TO SUFFER! We just have to talk about (literally) uncomfortable things. VAGINAL ATROPHY With many endocrinological breast cancer treatments inducing an early menopause, this is something that many of us have become too familiar with, too soon. Even having ceased my Tamoxifen and regained the strength in my joints, this is a lasting legacy that I still have to actively manage every day. Yes, we discuss all the socially acceptable effects of menopause: the hot flushes, the joint pain, the fuzzy head, the hormonal rages.. the stuff the rest of the world sees. We don't talk about the most intimate changes, which have the most insidious ways of messing up so many aspects of our everyday life: confidence, relationships, planning your day... That sensation of needing to pee all the time, even if you don't have a UTI? Uncomfortable sex? These things are a big deal, so we should address them. We worry so much about moisturising our ageing faces; we need adjust our daily routine to apply that regular care to our lady parts. I tried a few different brands of vaginal moisturiser (with hilarious/distressing results! Some brands separated into what I can only describe as "curds and whey", meaning that a while after application I would experience a vaginal flush followed by pellets of cheese- very sexy indeed) before coming across YES - the organic intimacy company! Now, I can't be without these products. I'm not sponsored by them, but I simply can't endorse this stuff enough! YES! has made my life so much more comfortable: water-based for daily maintenance and oil-based for sexytimes. Unlike others on the market, it's also hormone-free, and doesn't contain oestrogen-mimics like soya, so it's suitable for the er+ club. It took me a lot of lonely, uncomfortable, embarrassing and distressing experimentation to get to where I am now. Lube is not shameful; lube is your friend. So is bloody-minded honesty about the real consequences of menopause. Let's talk, and if anyone starts squirming, at least it won't be because they desperately need to pee. " MN, Harrow (18th Oct 2018)
"Great product and relieved so many different menopausal symptoms " HI, Worthing (28th Sep 2018)
"Wonderful products that have really helped me with post menopausal symptoms, and given me peace of mind in not having to use anything hormone based. " MT, Camberley (26th Sep 2018)
"I love your products! I thought intercourse after menopause would be forever painful, but thank goodness, with your products, that is not the case. Thank you! " HD, Middlesex (21st Sep 2018)
"Helped sexual intercourse since the menopause " SW, Milton Keynes (5th Sep 2018)
"YES products changed my life. I am commenting in the hope that my experience might be of use to other women. I was diagnosed with genitourinary syndrome of menopause a few years ago. Neither Replens, nor local estrogen treatment addressed my symptoms of a dry and irritated vagina and anus, painful intercourse, and frequent urinary tract infections. Eventually, intercourse became impossible and the opening to my vagina contracted so much that the only option my gynecologist recommended was surgery to increase the size of my vaginal opening followed by regular vaginal dilation and intercourse. Given the guidelines in my country for the treatment of genitourinary syndrome of menopause, co-authored by my gynecologist, did not mention the surgery she was proposing, and given she told me that she did not have data on the efficacy of her surgery, I decided to try daily vaginal dilation first. It worked. After a few months I was able to enjoy intercourse again. I cancelled the surgery. Since I was using so much lubricant (KY jelly) with the dilation, I decided to look for other options as I did not like the stickiness or consistency of any of the KY lubricants. That lead me to the scientific articles on lubricant osmolarity and pH which lead me to the YES products which changed my life as I noted above. YES VM is so much better than Replens. It is soothing and there is no discharge. I use the tube with applicators that I buy elsewhere as this allows me to determine the amount of lubricant based on my needs and it allows me to lubricate both the vaginal and the external genital area. I find the YES WB lubricant works well with the dilator which I still use a few times a week. For intercourse, my husband and I really like the "double glide" (YES WB and OB). I use the YES Cleanse Rose to clean my genital area in shower rather than using soap since the former has the correct osmolarity and pH for this area is it is soothing. Finally, I found that the YES BUT product was able to address my itchy anus and urinary tract infections. I use it as a lubricant to help me clean my anus after defecating. It turns out that my urinary tract infections were due to fecal-perineal-urethral contamination. Following menopause, my anus became so dry and itchy that using only toilet paper to clean the area lead to bleeding and I was not able to clean myself properly which lead to more itching and the above mentioned urinary tract infections . I really like that the osmolarity and pH of YES BUT is matched to the anus. I will admit it is an "off label" use of YES BUT, but (pun intended) it works for me! Thank-you so much for developing your line of products." YU, Canada (14th Aug 2018)
"I have to tell you, that I am beyond pleased with your products. I have been experiencing a very dry vagina since menopause about 13 years ago. And it has truly affected my marriage due to the extreme discomfort. The only options my doctor was able to offer were prescription drugs with serious side effects, which I have refused. Thanks to these products and using them for the past thirty days, my husband and I were able to have intercourse once again! I would love to sell these products in the USA! " KW, CA (6th Aug 2018)
"Menopause has caused many issues I have never had to deal with!! Bought after reading many positive things about your company. The first purchase was water based and oil based. For my personal needs the oil base is a great asset, without any side effects. Thanks and I will continue to spread the word about how wonderful your product is here in he USA. " JC, Ohio (26th Jul 2018)
"The Oil Based Lube has been great and makes lovemaking much more enjoyable for me and my husband who knew I had alot of pain from sex due to menopause. We don't worry about condoms now so the oil based product is perfect! " SW, Buckinghamshire (25th Jul 2018)
"I like YES as it is made from natural ingredients and has made life better! Sounds dramatic but can't believe that nobody offers help. I had to find out by my own research. Had an early menopause and have never been advised or offered any remedies for inevitable problems that have arisen so I'm really glad I found YES online. Thank you " BY, Oxford (21st Jul 2018)
"I really love your product, its non- irritating and that's very important to me. Menopause has been very hard. Thank you " CC, Brmingham (9th Jul 2018)
"I struggled with painful sex as soon as my hot flushes started some 10 years ago. I tried HRT in the form of cream and pessaries with limited success. Lubricants such as those by Durex didn't help much. I heard about replens and tried that but found it left an unpleasant discharge. I searched the internet for a better product and found Yes. I have been very pleased with the quality and effectiveness of VM, OB and WB (though the OB can be difficult to get out of the tube as it clogs, particularly during colder weather. It has taken time to become more confident with sex because it became so very painful. While not completely resolving discomfort I would say it's a good 80% better. I think it's a great shame women don't talk about lubricants, maybe younger women do, I hope so. " WN, Salisbury (6th Jul 2018)
"Best product I have found for menopausal vaginal dryness. I highly recommend it " KD, West Sussex (10th Jun 2018)
"Love the product has saved my health and wellbeing. Painful sex after menopause could not be resolved by any OBGYN for years I have had this problem. Additional all soups resulted in a tremendous amount of vaginal burning and cracking only the YES products resolved the issue. Thank you " NF, Reading (20th May 2018)
"Best product I have found for menopausal vaginal dryness. I highly recommend it " TC, Cardiff (16th May 2018)
"As a post menopause user these products have helped me greatly " LO, Plymouth (30th Apr 2018)
"I had not encountered vaginal dryness and BV before I entered menopause and I have found the symptoms quite distressing. Yes VM has really helped me restore and maintain the balance needed. My symptoms have all cleared completely and I feel comfortable and well which I attribute to the daily application of Yes VM. Thank you for putting it out there! " GH, Milton on Keynes (20th Apr 2018)
"The best vaginal lubricant for post menopause. " LO, Oxford (17th Apr 2018)
"Your products have been immensely helpful to me in my post-menopausal state " SH, Horsham (19th Mar 2018)
"Have used Yes products for the last 2 years. Have found to help with menopausal dryness. Would recommend Yes products " LY, London (6th Mar 2018)
"I have been using this product since post menopause. It was the answer to vaginal dryness and tearing. I highly recommend it for older women. Great product with great results! Thank you. " AB, Birmingham (26th Feb 2018)
"I was lucky to meet my husband when I was only 16. He was and remains my only partner and I love him (and fancy him!) as much today at the age of 58 as I did then. As soon as I hit menopause sex became painful. Without Yes it would be impossible. When you have been together as long as we have the intimate part of a relationship is too important to lose. " OJ, Nebraska (22nd Jan 2018)
"Used VM for first time today and am delighted with the relief from post menopausal vaginal atrophy. " ZJ, St Austell (10th Jan 2018)
"Unbelievable lubricant! I went through menopause and intercourse was painful. No pain with the oil based option. The water didn't help but the oil is amazing. I love that the product is natural! Thank you for saving my sex life!! " SK, Yeovil (27th Dec 2017)
"Found your products by chance looking for an intimate wash. The OB range has made such a difference to our post-menopause sex life, it's like being 21 again!! " EA, Esher (8th Dec 2017)
"Really glad to have found a good product that can help me through a difficult change in my life (the menopause)! Other products available from the shop shelf don't work as well." SP, Dorchester (1st Dec 2017)
"It's fabulous - helps keep menopausal dryness at bay and make sex enjoyable again 🙂 " KU, Penrith (23rd Nov 2017)
"Made all the difference - menopause was a shock, but the biggest one was that I could not enjoy sex due to vaginal dryness, now I feel fantastic, sex is great ! " SU, New Forest (31st Oct 2017)
"Post menopausal woman read about Yes products in Suzi Godson's column in Times years ago....... wonderful products, safe, ethical, and THEY WORK!!! Lovely to have the feeling of natural lubrication again - so sexy. " PR. Surrey (28th Oct 2017)
"I have a partner for the first time since I went through menopause, and your products are a lifesaver for us. Thank you!!! " SI, Salisbury (19th Oct 2017)
"Fab products for menopausal women who still want to enjoy sex " PD, Cumbria (4th Oct 2017)
"I was really struggling with intimacy after experiencing the menopause at a very early age. I had tried so many different products on the market, none of which helped and was finally advised to try Yes. I tried both the water and oil based products and was thrilled with the oil based product and have been using it ever since. The fact that it is totally natural and chemical free is fantastic and I advise all my friends to use it too. " YA, Durham (24th Sep 2017)
"Going through the menopause and the VM pre-filled applicators have given me my sex life back. " RO, Peterborough (16th Sep 2017)
"At last a non-hormonal new product for menopausal / vaginal atrophy and painful sex. " SK, Yeovil (31st Aug 2017)
"Fabulous product. Has given me back sexual pleasure since the menopause. " PA, Eastbourne (12th Aug 2017)
"I've found intercourse painful since becoming menopausal. Increased anxiety about painful sex made this even worse. I've used WB and OB separately and both together. It's easy to use and I feel much more relaxed making sex a more enjoyable experience again. Thank you. " YN, Norwich (4th Aug 2017)
"Brilliant! Have tried so many other things but your product made me feel like I used to before the menopause and made sex truly pleasurable again. " LS, Rye (27th Jul 2017)
"I think Yes organic products are fabulous. I'm post menopause and suffer from vaginal dryness and consequently sex became painful. I'm so pleased to have discovered Yes VM and Yes WB - which have resolved my problems. " WB, Bolton (23rd Jul 2017)
"Due to menopausal changes I now rely on Yes products for comfort in my everyday life....thank you. " NF, Gloucestershire (26th Jun 2017)
"Yes water based is a fantastic product, that has really changed my life, going through the menopause and bladder problems, led to dryness, but this product sorted it out. I told my GP about this product and suggested that he should recommend this to other patient going through the menopause that cant take HRT, it is a life saver, thank you " RL, Merseyside (9th Jun 2017)
"This is an amazing product that helped me to become sexually active again after menopause. I cannot thank you enough for your work to help women. " FS, Normandy (6th Jun 2017)
"This is the only product which I can use post menopause. It has given me peace of mind, confidence continued happiness with my husband. Thank you! " WC, Denby (26th May 2017)
"I could not be intimate with my husband without it, menopause has many challenges to your relationship and without Yes products I would have closed myself off to the sexual side of life as it was simply so painful and frustrating. " RC, New York (24th May 2017)
"Having a bad menopause and very low estrogen levels I developed an atrophy of the vagina + I also have a damaged cervix. Sex was very painful and my husband gave up on me and took a mistress, putting our marriage under very severe strain. We are now able to have sex again (I am enjoying sex and it is mostly pain free) the mistress has gone, sadly not so sure about the marriage! " ID, Doncaster (7th May 2017)
"Makes life more comfortable after the menopause " WO, Warwick (14th Apr 2017)
"Great products. Being chemically sensitive, it's so difficult finding intimate products to use. Also, the combination of the WB applicator gel and WB lube have eased menopausal symptoms of dryness hugely. Thank you! " DE, Poland (13th Apr 2017)
"Very good product! I cannot go back to the store products. Yes is long lasting and it has helped me deal with serious issues related to menopause and my sex life. " TC, New York (29th Mar 2017)
"I never had any lubrication problems until I was done with menopause. Yes products help immensely. I can now enjoy sex with my husband again! " TK, Bethnal Green (22nd Mar 2017)
"Yes WB is the perfect everyday lubricant for post-menopause dryness. I've recommended it to my doctor as a healthy and effective alternative to Vagifem. " LY, Bristol (12th Mar 2017)
"I am 55, menopausal and was continually getting thrush last year until I discovered Yes VM applicators....and a pack of 30 has lasted me for months. " PD, Donnington (7th Mar 2017)
"Makes life more comfortable after the menopause " YN, teovil (6th Mar 2017)
"Great products. Being chemically sensitive, it's so difficult finding intimate products to use. Also, the combination of the WB applicator gel and WB lube have eased menopausal symptoms of dryness hugely. Thank you! " LL, Glasgow (5th Mar 2017)
"Brilliant products,helped ease me into a happy and fulfilling love life with my new partner, post menopause and post divorce , 60 is the new 40! " BD, Southend-on-Sea (9th Feb 2017)
"Excellent products. Enables me to continue my sex life in spite of vaginal atrophy. Hope for all women especially post menopausal. Thank you . " LR, Hampshire (8th Feb 2017)
"I have been using Yes for couple of years now. It has 'saved my life'! Awful problems with vaginal atrophy/dryness after menopause, this has completely solved my problems. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful product! :)) " EC, Warwickshire (13th Jan 2017)
"I am peri menopausal and this is the only thing that helps my valvular irritation. " PL, London (31st Dec 2016)
"Amazing. I don't recognize much about how my body feels or looks since menopause. Yes allowed me to connect with my lover again without pain. " CB, Cornwall (27th Dec 2016)
"Cancer treatment caused me to go through the menopause at 30 years old. The side effects of this were uncomfortable to say the least. I tried several products, none which have compared to YES. Keep up the good work! " EB, Birmingham (5th Dec 2016)
"I love your product. You have saved my relationship with my sweetheart as I have been in menopause for the last 7 years. The last year has become more difficult until finding your products. Thank you so much! " HM, Harrogate (4th Dec 2016)
"Fantastic - I am so relieved to find a company that has addressed these problems in an intelligent, ethical manner, enabling me to reclaim my femininity during my menopause. x " GB, London (1st Oct 2016)
"Your products have restored the natural moisture that was lost due to post menopausal changes. Thanks! " KR, Belfast (28th Sep 2016)
"Since having severe menopausal systems including dryness, lichen sclerosis etc, I found your website and have been using your water based and oil based products together with the wash for about 6 months. What a difference this has made to me. Although I am still on some mild form of HRT, I can honestly say that your products have changed my life. Intimacy with my partner had become very strained but now we can honestly enjoy our time together without the anxiety we had both experienced before. Thank you so much. Thank you does not seem enough for the way you have improved my life with your products but I recommend your products to friends and to the consultant at my local menopausal clinic. " ER, Middlesborough (4th Aug 2016)
"Great products and a great company. Post menopausal vaginal atrophy was so very uncomfortable. Also had frequent UTIs. Unable to use Premarin cream due to irritation and rash. Thank you for YES. have recommended products to other women. " CM, Suffolk (30th Jul 2016)
"It's made a huge difference for me, both in daily comfort due to post-menopausal dryness, and for making sex pleasurable again! I love that it's organic and has no synthetic additives. Thank you. " NM, Hampshire (27th Jul 2016)
"Yes is amazing - we tried so many other lubricants and they didn't work, didn't feel right or were sticky . Going through menopause is hard enough as it it - but Yes definitely made it better for myself and my husband . Thank you for a great product ! " KO, Worcester (25th Jul 2016)
"Love the product, ingredients & company. Thank you for helping me enjoy intimate relations with my husband again. Early menopause & OTC lubricants that don't work as promised. It's nice to trust organic again. " GB, Normandy (22nd Jul 2016)
"No one prepared me for menopause. I had a strong libido and always ready, but then Vaginal atrophy hit me two years after menopause. I hit menopause at 55 . I couldn't let a man penetrate me...too painful and burned. My vulva was also dry. I cried. I researched and found Yes, moisturizer and lubricant. My boyfriend is much younger and the process is humbling, but he was non judgemental and loved how the lubricant felt when inside me. Thank you. You saved my life, my relationship and took the pain away. " AC, Colchester (10th Jul 2016)
"You have saved my life, thank you so much. Tried everything I could find on the Internet for menopausal women but didn't get on with any of them, then discovered Yes and my sex life has returned to as good as, no better than it was in my twenties! " HS, Harrow (2nd Jul 2016)
"Now more than ever in menopause Yes is the only lubricant that really feels natural. Never want to be without it. " UM, Liverpool (30th Jun 2016)
"Yes yes has revitalized my sex life with my partner. I'm 58 and experienced very painful dryness after menopause. I sadly thought my love life as a sensual woman might be over. I tried many products in pharmacies and specialty stores, and all caused more irritation, itch, and dryness. It was somber and sad. I searched the terms natural and hypoallergenic and finally found yes products. My partner and I have a lovely fully erotic love ljfe, very much due to the availability by mail of yes products to Canada. Many many thanks. " ER, Toronto (28th May 2016)
"Love it !! Completely helps post menopausal issues which I think don't get discussed sufficiently and which male doctors just don't seem to understand! Do keep your good work going, will continue to spread the word about your amazing products. " JR, Thorli (4th May 2016)
"I just love the Yes lubricant, as i am going through the menopause, it really helps with the dryness, also helps during sex, me and my partner are more than happy, brilliant product thank you. " FB, Penzance (30th Apr 2016)
"Vaginally dryness was causing me painful intercourse and creating anxiety which only made this worse. I first bought Yes to take on holiday in the hope that it would help. I haven't looked back. I would highly recommend it to all menopausal ladies. Thank you. " IC, Rhode Island (29th Apr 2016)
"It's a fantastic product (water based gel) before using this product I had so many bladder problems caused through menopause, but after using this products, life's back to normal again thanks Yes! " SA, Cumbria (14th Mar 2016)
"The product is amazing and after years of being in pain with sexual intercourse I have finally found your product. Menopause has magnified vaginusmus for me & the WB applicator inserted before using the oil based product has been amazing. Thank you to the women who have developed this fantastic product. I want to shout out to all women suffering with Menopause & Vaginusmus, we can finally have a beautiful & fulfilling intimate life. Thank you again. " RB, Peterborough (27th Feb 2016)
"I discovered "Yes" a while ago after reading an article in PRIMA that mentioned its effectiveness for post menopausal dryness. I had already tried others on the market and was not happy with their ingredients and in some cases, bad reactions. I won't use any HRT creams because of the risks attached to them and my GP wasn't interested in anything else. This has saved my sanity, because there were days when I could have cried because I was burning & in agony. "Yes" is wonderful!! " HP, Delaware (14th Feb 2016)
"After trying every lubrication out there due to post-menopausal vaginal atrophy and dryness and getting a horrendous rash from all of them, I found you on the internet and decided to give Yes Water based a try. So far, so good after about 2 years. Thank you for giving me my love life back. " AJ, Anjou, France (8th Feb 2016)
"Very pleased with this product. Regular use of the water based lubricant in applicator has dispelled vaginal dryness due to menopause. Delighted. Sex is no longer painful " AJ, Birmingham (25th Jan 2016)
"Fabulous products that have made a real difference. No longer fearing the menopause. " RF, Surrey (19th Jan 2016)
"Have already said this in the past - but using Yes has helped me to keep my marriage together after menopause and other issues made sex so painful. Thank you! " LP, Basingstoke (1st Jan 2016)
"This is a brilliant product for menopausal women who want to carry on enjoying a fulfilling sex life. I have used it for 5 years and it is an integral part of managing life after menopause. Thank you. " IT, Tidworth (20th Dec 2015)
"As good as hormone treatments but without the awful side effects " PN, Norwich (12th Dec 2015)
"As a woman in menopause, I'm VERY grateful for your products. It's also a relief to use something that doesn't contain potentially irritating ingredients. Don't know how I'd be having any sex at all without YES! " AJ, Oregan (16th Nov 2015)
"Have used Yes for several years and have found it very effective in easing dryness. Has made lovemaking possible and pleasurable again after menopause. " BN, Brighton (20th Oct 2015)
"After the menopause, and extreme dryness this product is brilliant with no unpleasant irritant after effects. " KG, Norfolk (28th Sep 2015)
"I was struggling with recurring vaginitis due to menopause and the change in my vaginal PH. This product has changed my life - it's absolutely wonderful!! " AT, Bexhill-on-Sea (12th Sep 2015)
"My husband and I love the fact that water-based Yes lasts as long as we do. As a post-menopausal woman, dryness was a problem. I was sensitive to silicon and other oil-based products. Water-based Yes is perfect for me. It feels natural and doesn't cause any irritation. I highly recommend it. " HS, Essex (11th Sep 2015)
"My wife is post menopause and is in need of a little `assistance` as it were. We have tried many types of lube and YES is the best, other lubes have caused irritation which does not help. p.s. Thanks " UL, Seville, Spain (27th Aug 2015)
"I had taken my natural speedy lubrication for granted my whole life - menopause, cancer treatment and so on were a real shock. I hated the smell and taste and texture of the various lubes my partner produced. YES lubricants are obviously designed for women - I feel I have ownership of my body back. Thank you. " LO, Devizes (8th Aug 2015)
"One really important outcome for me (as I am menopausal) is that I no longer get UTI's after intercourse." PL, Norwich (21st Jul 2015)
"What a great website - I'm a "first-timer", had never imagined I would ever have a dryness problem and so miserably uninformed. In ten minutes you had given me all the information I needed! " LW, Wales (5th Jul 2015)
"I am post-menopausal and gradually, vaginal atrophy set in. Horrid. Didn’t know what to do. The Dr.’s answer was HRT cream which I didn’t want to use. I tried natural remedies but they didn’t work. Constant rounds of Cystitis and anti-biotics. Also horrid. Finally, a couple of months ago, I was at my wits end and just wondered if somehow the world had moved on and somebody may have produced something that was entirely natural and worked to alleviate this for me. Well, straight away I found your products on the internet. I saw what other women had written on your site and decided to try them. Goodness me. My life has been transformed (and my husband’s who thinks it’s all pretty wonderful as he has his old wife back again). I am my old pre-menopause self. I feel so much better. Life has returned to full colour. I cannot thank you enough but in any case, thank you, thank you, thank you!!" DE, Dulwich (8th Apr 2015)
"Yes is just what I was looking for! It has transformed the pain that I have experienced since the menopause - both with washing and with sexual intercourse. Now I feel comfortable again and reassured that I am not using harmful ingredients. " TD, Wiltshire (30th Mar 2015)
"While approaching menopause, I have experienced hormonal fluctuations that have affected natural lubrication and your products are the best that I have tried. I am so happy to have found your products! " ID, Christchurch (31st Jan 2015)
"Very effective for women of a certain age!!! " JH, Kent (24th Dec 2014)
"Yes is amazing - my wife is going through menopause so needs the lubrication and Yes delivers beautifully!!! " DC, Colchester (17th Dec 2014)
"It is great! I was desperate after the menopause and allergic to all products before I found this. I am very happy! " PR, Cumberland (26th Oct 2014)
"I am still shocked at how 'changed" your body becomes after the"change" and this is the ONLY solution to my sex problem which was I wanted it but didn't as well being it felt so painful this has changed me back to someone who looks forward to my Saturday night with my partner... " IC, Yorkshire (5th Sep 2014)
""I have been searching for a solution to my post-menopausal dryness and painful intercourse for several years. The chemicals in other lubricants I used in the past only complicated the issue, making love-making even more painful. Yes! lubricants are amazing! When using them, I now experience no pain whatsoever, and your combination of oils even seems to be helping the vaginal tissues heal. Thank you so very, very much!!! And please, don't ever change your formula!!!" " SW, Buckinghamshire (12th Aug 2014)
"It's like nothing ever happened. I am back to normal. " OL, Ireland (11th Aug 2014)
"Thank God for your hard work and mission to help your sisters! Nobody warned most of us that menopause would bring such discomforts. Your products have been life-changing. I'm so much for comfortable! I already need to reorder my bulk pack of water-based applicators, because I have given so many away to my fellow menopausal girlfriends to try! We have such a laugh when I surprise them with a tube, but they are SO thankful and grateful, and deeply curious! Cheers " JW, Chester (8th Aug 2014)
"Post Menopausal and for almost five years I have suffered from severe vaginal atrophy with pain, irritation and burning. I have tried so many different products and nothing seemed to give much relief. So far, Yes has given me the most relief. " IN, Gosport (21st Jul 2014)
"I use yes water based every day for moisturising. After menopause I suffered terribly from vaginal dryness and painful sex. Thankfully Yes has solved my problem and I wouldn't be without it now. " MC, Yorkshire (1st Jul 2014)
"Love your product (I'm post-menopausal, so really need lube). I am allergic to everything I have tried, even lubes stating all-natural or for sensitive skin. Bonus points for not being sticky like a lot of lubes. " AD, Norfolk (12th Jun 2014)
"It is the best personal lubricant we have found! My husband was unaware that I had purchased the introductory kit when he commented on the improved lubrication. So I'm back, ordering the 30 applicators and the oil-based lubricant. " WN, East Sussex (7th Jun 2014)
"An excellent product. I had an early menopause and we were both so disappointed at the problems it created in our love life. Finding Yes was fantastic its the only lubricant that doesn't cause other problems for me and it doesn't have the side effects of the hormone based cream my GP prescribed so its better all round! " WN, Durham (28th May 2014)
"Very comprehensive, menopausal dryness wasn't something I was informed about or knew so it came as a complete shock, good to know there are products to help with intimacy especially since I was only 47 when the menopause hit. " DO, Guernsey (17th May 2014)
"This is my second order of Yes products. Have tried others and had severe reactions...Yes works great! Going thru menopause and having vaginal dryness ..this makes sex pleasurable again without hormones! " AK, Liverpool (9th May 2014)
"It feels so natural - my husband can't tell the difference and really likes it, as do I! " LB, Bristol (21st Apr 2014)
"Its been great for me post menopausal and makes things SO much easier!!!! " IA, Aylesbury (20th Apr 2014)
"Have been using for over a year now and have never looked back. Helping greatly with menopause systems and have been relieve to continue a normal lifestyle. " JE, East Sussex (14th Apr 2014)
"Truly wonderful products which have changed my life. I've gone from painful dry sex to having the best sex life in my entire life. I am post-menopausal and aged 56. I use the oil base first then the water lubricant. Nothing dries up and sex is once again not only not painful but extremely pleasurable. Thank you so very much!" Tracie, Windsor (20th Feb 2014)
"Its brilliant, both my partner & myself are so happy as its organic, natural. My doctor suggested l try as l am going through the menopause & was suffering dryness but Yes products have solved the problem. " Stacey, Somerset (9th Feb 2014)
"Early menopause has caused me all sorts of discomfort and Yes has solved the problems. Thank you for a wonderful, natural product 🙂 " Sara, Wiltshire, UK (4th Dec 2013)
"I use Yes lubricants everyday, they relieve the pain of severe dryness following the menopause. They are a necessity for me, I use oil based in the daytime and water based at night. Without them I would find walking and moving around very painful. The oil based gives me hours of relief from each application during the day, and the water based (I feel) supports my healing system overnight. If I don't use the water based at night, I have problems the next morning, and I can tell straight away from just getting out of bed. " Linn, Suffolk, UK (3rd Dec 2013)
"As a post-menopausal woman with vaginal dryness issues these lubricants tick every box. I've tried countless other lubricants from the chemist but nothing comes even close to the Yes products. I actually feel more confident and feminine again and you can't get better than that. " Linda, ME, USA (20th Nov 2013)
"I am post menopause and therefore suffer from dryness, I have tried several lubricants in the past but many irritate - particularly the oil based ones. A friend has been using "Yes" and gave me a couple of sample applicators - this product is the best and I am hoping to be a regular customer. " Sarah, Cornwall, UK (18th Nov 2013)
"So pleased to have found it! Hurrah for the internet and all the information available on how to cope with vaginal dryness that comes with menopause. It was somewhat of a shock to me when I wasn't as moist as I used to be and I really didn't know what had happened to me or how to deal with it. Thanks to some useful websites about menopause symptoms and how to treat, I came across your products. I'm very careful about what I put on my skin, so should be doubly careful about what I put on an intimate area of my body, so it's great to know that your products are organic, natural and PH balanced. With the help of Yes, our sex life is wonderful again!!" Helena, Kent, UK (14th Nov 2013)
"Since my partner went through the menopause we struggled for a while with the lubricants available over the counter then I found your products online and we think they are the best on the market, very natural." Mike, Cheshire, UK (11th Nov 2013)
"It has probably saved and rekindled my 38 year marriage without embarrassment thank you :)) " Nadia, Hampshire, UK (28th Oct 2013)
"I am post menopausal and thought there was no hope for being intimate again. With a course of low estrogen suppositories and your products we are singing Yes, Yes, Yes!!!! We particularly appreciate the pre-intimacy application and long lasting effects. Thank you for developing these quality products! Sincerely, Barbara" Barbara (25th Aug 2013)
"It saved my menopausal sex life! " Mrs Dennany, IN, USA (10th Aug 2013)
"I have used your products in the past and have been very pleased. I have also contacted your company and have personally spoken to your representatives who were both helpful and informative. I have told many friends about your products who are menopausal and/or dealing with vaginal atrophy. Your products have helped to improve my overall sexual health and quality of life!" Tammie, USA (30th Jul 2013)
"It has made all the difference in getting back my sex life after menopause." V Walker, New York (24th Jul 2013)
"I found Yes when I starting going into perimenopause, and looking for an alternative to the lubricants, we have tried that don’t last and get sticky... All I can say is WOW. My husband and I absolutely LOVE your products and recommend them to anyone who asks! Thank you Thank you Thank you! YES YES YES!" Nicole, TN, USA (22nd Jul 2013)
"Love the oil based. It helped with the discomforting dryness I was experiencing due to menopause." Mrs Harris, IN, USA (8th Jul 2013)
"Has made a huge difference to my confidence during the menopause." Mrs Redmond, Middlesex, UK (29th Jun 2013)
"Wonderful products. We use the water based which are very kind to bedding as well as us. I'm post menopausal and tried all the usual things including hormone cream from my GP. I get most of the benefits of the hormones without the side effects from yes and our love life has improved enormously now I have no pain and discomfort and can relax and enjoy intimate time with my husband again." Liz B, South Yorkshire, UK (21st Jun 2013)
"Yes (water based) has helped to overcome my chronic painful sex after the menopause and the longer applicator is a great help." P Allen, Fife (13th Jun 2013)
"Having gone through the menopause, I now experience problems with vaginal dryness, painful sexual intercourse and soreness due to the change in hormones. Yes really helps. I sometimes use even when not having intercourse as it helps with the vaginal dryness." Pat, Goole, UK (30th May 2013)
"I love your products and how they have changed my life for the better, I am 47 and having had a very early menopause at 40, I feel I can now have some real fun again. " Mrs RB, Worthing (24th May 2013)
"Wonderful for menopause problems - takes the worry away wonderfully!" K Brown, California, USA (22nd May 2013)
"Transformed our intimacy after the menopause and all it entails!" Hillary, Wales, UK (21st May 2013)
"I can't believe the difference it has made to the way I feel about myself as well as the general health and wellbeing factor. It has definitely made me feel more feminine - I thought I was well 'past it' having had an early menopause." Mrs G, Cornwall (21st May 2013)
"I love what this product is and appreciate its ethics. Plus it great to have a lubricant post menopause that continues the pleasure of sex." Alice, Victoria (21st May 2013)
"'Yes' is without doubt the best intimate lubricant on the market. I am a 61 year old lady, and never had the need for such things in my youth, but after the menopause everything changes, and as my husband is 10 years younger than me I can now keep up!" Mrs Davies, Essex, UK (20th May 2013)
"I love it! I love that it is safe and chemical free, it really helps menopausal problems. I cannot do without it! Thank you so much for a great product." Mrs H, Cornwall, UK (13th May 2013)
"Tried samples given to me by the gynaecologist and really feel like this is a great answer for post menopausal pain-free sex " Donna, AL, USA (25th Apr 2013)
"I used so many other products like KY jelly or others but it didn't help me. Due to menopause a few years ago my vagina got so dry and my husband always complained. Now I have used the Introductory pack and we love it so much. Plus I got my feelings back that I have not had for few years. I'm so happy that I found Yes products! I’m now ordering more in bigger boxes. Thank you so much! God bless you. " Ju, PA, USA (15th Apr 2013)
"Excellent product, natural organic ingredients that do not cause any irritability. An absolute must for post menopause dryness and soreness. " Mrs S, Yorkshire, UK (11th Apr 2013)
"Wonderful product for women with vaginal problems, as dryness due to menopause and age." Irene, New York, USA (3rd Apr 2013)
"Outstanding product. Thank you so much for helping me feel more like me. Menopause seems to have robbed me of my natural moisture. This product has helped bring it back and my husband and I feel like a new couple again. Having great fun and feel the flush of "new love" upon us. Thank you so much. I love your product so much I've told my gyno all about it. Expect more orders from NJ, USA!!!" Mrs D, NJ, USA (7th Mar 2013)
"I'm menopausal and my boyfriend doesn't know the difference between my natural lubrication to yours. WIN-WIN. And OH I love it too!" Doris. NY, USA (28th Feb 2013)
"Wonderful. I'd had problems with other lubricants which was disappointing as I have had an early menopause and need a little help. I found yes while shopping for unrelated products and it’s my best discovery ever. It feels lovely for both of us, works beautifully, lasts a treat and no irritation. I can’t thank you enough." Elizabeth, South Yorkshire (28th Feb 2013)
"So happy to have found YES products, especially the Oil Based. Has helped my menopausal dryness immensely." Jill, Merseyside, UK (28th Feb 2013)
"I am 56 and newly married. I had not had sex for years and was in trouble being menopausal. I tried everything but was not able to fully enjoy intercourse without vaginal damage until I found YES. thank you " Ellie, Queensland, Australia (28th Feb 2013)
"I used the water applicators and found things slid about great...found the oil a bit too thick for me...going to use water for daily moisture and sexual ease. Excellent website - good graphics, easy to use and happy excited tone...pH balance just what I’m looking for as suffering with a bit of everything with the menopause!! " Mrs Morris, Dumfriesshire (28th Feb 2013)
"Helps with menopausal vaginal dryness like nothing else I have tried." Mrs W, WA, USA (28th Feb 2013)
"Fantastic Product! I was looking for help with vaginal dryness and the resulting painful intercourse with my husband. I do not use any products that contain parabens, petro-chemicals, etc., only organic products. An internet search led me to Yes and my first shipment turned me into an instant fan! Thank you very much for providing such a great product and offering discounts and free shipping to your US-customers!!!" Anita, AK, USA (28th Feb 2013)
"The best product I have used. Most other products leave me very uncomfortable and irritated. Excellent, every menopausal woman should know about it." Mrs Key, NJ, USA (28th Feb 2013)
"Yes products are great for both sex and everyday vaginal lubrication after the menopause. And no synthetic chemicals!" J Hanson, London (28th Feb 2013)
"It is the only lubricant that felt natural, as if my body created it. I tried other lubricants after menopause but none of them helped very much. I was on the internet looking for any alternative to hormone replacement to put joy instead of pain back into my sex life when I found Yes and ordered a sample pack." Lynn C, FL, USA (28th Feb 2013)
"Improved comfort post menopause." B Williams, Lancashire, UK (28th Feb 2013)
"completely satisfactory for post-menopausal women" Patricia, Nova Scotia (28th Feb 2013)
"Menopause has ruined an enjoyable sex life - 'Yes' has made a great improvement and is the best lubricant I have found. Thank you." Mrs B, Newcastle Upon Tyne (19th Jan 2013)
"Your products are truly a blessing! I don't know what I would have done without you! Thank you for this high quality lubricants/moisturizer for helping me deal with post menopausal vaginal dryness!! Thank you!!!" Mary, California, USA (12th Jan 2013)
"Lovely product. Feel free to send a few samples for my fellow menopausal friends - it's so much better than anything I have ever tried." Mrs H, Exeter, UK (11th Jan 2013)
"The oil-based lubricant is the ONLY product, prescription or non-prescription that effectively addresses my menopausal itching. THANK YOU!" Pam, MD, USA (7th Jan 2013)
"I am 55 years old going through menopause. I highly recommend this to anyone suffering from dryness. It is wonderful!!!" Vicky, United States (16th Dec 2012)
"It has really helped me. As I am suffering from the menopause... I have been using your products for a few months now and I really like them. " Mrs J, Devon, UK (16th Dec 2012)
"You should be marketing this big time to post-menopausal women!" Mrs H, Merseyside, UK (15th Dec 2012)
"Great product - has restored pleasure to intimacy after menopause." Angela, UK (12th Dec 2012)
"Very satisfied with the product, especially good for menopause women." Mrs B, Switzerland (8th Dec 2012)
"I would not be without this product! The water based is great for my everyday needs (menopausal dryness) and the oil based brings joyous relief on my bad days when just moving around is uncomfortable. I am actually glad that my previous supplier no longer makes a lubricant, because I wouldn't have found Yes - which is far superior, and doesn't sting upon application, even when I am really sore." Mrs N, Stevenage, UK (6th Dec 2012)
"Highly delighted with product and service. Has made dealing with the menopause much easier." Ms Wandsworth, UK (17th Nov 2012)
"I am going through menopause and dryness is an issue and I have tried all sorts of things but they all burn, this is natural and feels fine. " Michelle, UT, USA (3rd Nov 2012)
"Wonderful everyday personal moisturizer. Very helpful for menopausal vaginal dryness." Sharon, MI, USA (5th Oct 2012)
"I have been enjoying this lubricant and I even recommended to my friends who have similar problems during intercourse. In our minds we want to feel sexy and feel young as we get older but nature has its way of slowly taking that away. One of those is menopause and the vaginal atrophy that comes with it is no fun. So I am glad I found this new lubricant and I am going to try to mix water with oil and sees what happens.... Yes I will have sex and Yes helps.......:)" Josephine, CA, USA (4th Sep 2012)
"I have really bad problems with dryness due to menopause & health problem. Your product (oil based) is the ONLY product I have found that helps make me comfortable. Please don't ever stop making it! You can't get oil based lubricants in this country (USA), & yours are organic as well. They're terrific." Linda, WA, USA (20th Aug 2012)
"Tried the product for the first time. It was amazingly helpful. I am post- menopausal, having sex for the first time again in a very long time. My partner appreciated it too. The oil and water combination was perfect. Thank you." Mrs Leslie K, MA, United States (19th Aug 2012)
"Tried the product for the first time. It was amazingly helpful. I am post- menopausal, having sex for the first time again in a very long time. My partner appreciated it too. The oil and water combination was perfect. Thank you." Leslie, MA, USA (19th Aug 2012)
"My husband and I are very pleased with your product. Going through menopause created problems for us with dryness and pain. We did not have good results with other products. I was so pleased to find out about your products. Thank you." Brenda, SC, USA (11th Aug 2012)
"Love your products. I was about to give up on sex after being married for 34 years and I thought we were done after the menopause. I hope we can now have 35 more happy years !! Thanks again. " Mrs R, PA, USA (7th Aug 2012)
"I have used water based Yes before, and my vaginal dryness (due to the menopause) had all but subsided so I stopped using it. I had failed to notice that it is also a moisturizer that can heal dry tissues with continued use, so now I will keep using it. I am also trying the oil based version because some days, the discomfort is really bad and moving around and walking is difficult." Linda, Stevenage (6th Aug 2012)
"Life changing product! Helped my menopausal dryness better than any expensive prescription product. " Lou-Ann, KY, USA (1st Aug 2012)
"I really appreciate the samples you sent. After just one time trying your product, I was sold on it and ordered it the next day. Due to menopause, my sex life seemed to be over. I felt so hopeless, trying many other products, and nothing worked, until Yes. I am so grateful to all of you at Yes." Elsie, WA, USA (22nd Jul 2012)
"I cant thank you enough. Your products have restored my sex life basically following problems due to menopause. I recommend you to everyone!" L White, Staffordshire (15th Jul 2012)
"After menopause love making became very painful as my vaginal walls became quite thin and dry and no amount of arousal seemed to make any difference and it really became a matter of 'close your eyes and think of Britain!’ Yes water based lubricant has made a great change to my comfort and pleasure and I thank you for this." Kaye, NSW, Aus (7th Jul 2012)
"Thank you so very much! This could not have come at a better time and it is why I continue to do business with you and constantly refer others to you for your product. Because of your products I sleep so much better nights. Most women may not have found there is a direct correlation between menopausal vaginal dryness and insomnia. Your products don't just help with our sex life, it allows me to get to sleep at night when I need to without the use of sleeping aids!" D Fletcher, Chicago, USA (28th Jun 2012)
"I am a post-menopausal woman who still likes to enjoy an active sex life with my, (much younger) husband!! So I find this product perfect for me! I prefer the water based to the oil based, as that is a little too thick. 'Yes' also means that I don't have to take HRT medication, so that’s good too! " S Davis, Essex, UK (28th Jun 2012)
"I was slipping into even deeper depression because I could no longer comfortably have sex with my husband. I'm a young breast cancer survivor, thrown into full menopause at 33 years of age. Thought I was done for good - dryness, cuts, extreme pain. This product has restored hope that I can not only be comfortable again but actually enjoy having sex again with my husband like the good ol' days! Thank you so much for your product. NOTHING I have tried before has worked as well as YES has. I love it -thank you! " K Phipps, CA, USA (28th Jun 2012)
"I ordered your trial pack last week, and am very impressed by the results so far. As a post-menopausal woman, I have experienced increasing dryness and nothing helped. Gynaecologist prescribed HRT cream for a short while, but I have not been happy with that and have found other lubricants to be unsatisfactory. " Mrs Hollands, Middlesex, UK (28th Jun 2012)
"Of all the products I have tried YES has been the best for me. It is gentle, soothing and perfect for helping me deal with menopausal symptoms. " S Rose, Essex, UK (28th Jun 2012)
"Excellent product, I have very sensitive skin so have to be careful with what I use, has helped so much since the menopause, don’t know how I would get on without this product." C Hobbs, Dorset, UK (28th Jun 2012)
"This is the only product I'll ever use! It's safe for my sensitive skin, and always feels wonderful. I would recommend it for any women who are post-menopausal and are in an intimate relationship. Always happy with my buying experience and product. " M Cahill, CA, USA (28th Jun 2012)
"The first product that I have found satisfactory since my menopause. Excellent product." Patricia, Cardiff, UK (28th Jun 2012)
"Menopause dryness, and sensitivity to things. This product seems to work!" A Grant, South Yorkshire, UK (28th Jun 2012)
"The oil-based product has been such a blessing after years of post-menopausal vaginal atrophy and associated excrutiating pain!" E Nolan, Middlesex, UK (28th Jun 2012)
"Only thing I've found that really works for painful menopausal dryness." L Mitchell, CA, USA (28th Jun 2012)
"Induced menopause due to breast cancer treatment, glad to find a natural non irritating product." K Tyler, MA, USA (28th Jun 2012)
"Love, Love, love your product! I recommend it to my aging friends! LOL!!" Pamela P, NV, USA (1st Apr 2012)
"Very pleased with this product - as a post-menopausal woman, I was having increasing problems with dryness and discomfort during sex and this stuff is brilliant!" Janet R, West Sussex, UK (1st Apr 2012)
"I have a very sensitive vagina, big pain my whole life. This stuff is great, no irritants, feels great, it's not sticky and it's good for my menopausal skin down there. I love this stuff" Laura V, IL, USA (1st Apr 2012)
"being post menopausal, intimacy can be very painful and I did not want to use hormones - this water based product works perfectly." Patricia F, MD, USA (1st Apr 2012)
"This is the best product I have used. I'm menopausal but my husband and I still LOVE to be intimate. The dryness I was experiencing made sex hurt. Yes Oil base feels so natural and you don't have to keep applying if you are having a more longer loving time than just a "quickie!" I LOVE your product and have thrown every thing else in the trash but my vitamin E suppositories which also help lubricate and thicken the vaginal wall as when I was younger." Rita P, GA, USA (1st Apr 2012)
"I am over 65 years and my husband and I still have a fantastic relationshop (we have seven grown up children). There was a little difficulty after menopause and then got Yes free sample. Everything changed for the better thank you." Shirley D, Middlesex, UK (1st Apr 2012)
"This is a quality product and very safe and effective after menopause. I have brought the information included with the product to my GYN." Jean FE, PA, USA (1st Apr 2012)
"In my 50's I started to experience problems with dryness and imbalance of "ph". This product was recommended by my gynecologist who I respect and trust. I love the way YES feels and the fact that it is natural, fragrance free and comes in clean easy to use disposeable applicators. Thank you for notifying me of your recent bargain which I have ordered." Roberta E, IN, USA (1st Apr 2012)
"It is everything you say it is. A treasure for post menopausal women." J Archer, MD, USA (1st Apr 2012)
"For women who cannot use hormones. I love that it is not just a temporary fix but works on keeping that part of the body moist when I cannot naturally do that any more." S King, CA, USA (1st Apr 2012)
"I love this product. Since going into menopause and having the vaginal dryness it has saved the day for me, I love the natural ingredients no worry about chemicals or allergies...and a side note...my husband loves it too. Please do not stop producing this product." Debbie D, CA, USA (1st Apr 2012)
"Your product has been the only one to give me any significant relief from vaginal dryness caused by menopause in almost 2 years. I am so grateful! Nothing else I have tried has worked. Many of the products I have tried have burned more than the discomfort of not using anything. I am hoping that using your product more routinely, I get begin to recover what was a great sex life." (1st Apr 2012)
"Daily use prevents vaginal dryness and maintains comfort." Julia, Cardiff, UK (1st Apr 2012)
"Without YES making love is just impossible due to excessive dryness after the menopause. I'm getting married to my partner of the last 7 years in June, at the tender ages of 68 and 70. Many thanks YES!!" Ms L, Hants, UK (1st Apr 2012)
"Have found products effective for menopausal symptoms, pleasant to use and pleased to find a completely natural product." Lesley, London, UK (1st Apr 2012)
"I used the water based YES today for the first time and it was amazing! I've had pain during intercourse since I went through menopause last year no matter which lubricant I used. No pain with YES! Worked like a miracle. Hooray, more sex! Your product just turned the clock back. Thank you so much." Mrs M K (1st Apr 2012)
"During early menopause dryness was an issue tried KY jelly was sticky and dried out very quickly, this is the 3rd time I have ordered yes water based lubricant and it is great use it now even though I am on HRT as it’s so good but is nice to feel, makes things better." Mrs Taylor, Perthshire (1st Apr 2012)
"I have suffered from atrophic vaginitis since the menopause. Apart from making a sexual relationship out of the question, the internal pain was awful. "Yes" has helped to improve my life so much that I cannot manage without it. I recommend it to all post menopausal women. DON'T SUFFER!" (1st Apr 2012)
"These products are wonderful I am a menopausal woman and they have helped me to regain my sexuality. Sex was extremely painful and now I am able to feel like a woman again. Thank you." (1st Apr 2012)
"The oil based lubricant along with the water based is the only product that has made post menopausal intercourse pain free." Mrs T, Dorset, UK (1st Apr 2012)
"Thank you for a fantastic product! A boon for us menopausal women suffering from vaginal atrophy - it really works!" Mrs G, Gwynedd, UK (1st Apr 2012)
"Brilliant for women after the menopause, brings back the fun without discomfort." Mrs S, Wiltshire, UK (1st Apr 2012)
"Yes products have saved my post-menopausal womanhood! Painful intimacy is no longer a problem!" Mrs S, Ohio, USA (1st Apr 2012)
"I have used Yes before some years ago when you just had water and oil lubricant - I didn't need it too often so it lasted a long time however as I am now going through the change I need to replace a lubricant and my previous experiences points to me using Yes. I tried oil and water and couldn't tell the difference – don't need to worry about condoms as my husband has had a vasectomy. Will try the two together as that sounds like it would meet my needs." Mrs G, Hertfordshire, UK (1st Apr 2012)
"I LOVE - rather WE love - your products and I can honestly say without them I would either have no love life or have to be on HRT. Heartfelt thanks." Carol, Huntingdon, UK (1st Apr 2012)
"The oil based product is as effective as hormonal creams" Cynthia Z, SD, USA (1st Apr 2012)
"My gosh i used your product for the first time over the weekend.. lets just say it worked... i have been raving about your product to my friends in work.. i have been avoiding having sex for months due to the effects of the menopause.. after reading an article from Jane fonda in the daily mail you magazine . i thought i would order some. i really didnt expect it to work !!!!!! but my gosh it does.. thank you sooo much.. my hubby is wondering what has happend!!" J Rider, Devon, UK (1st Apr 2012)
"I absolutely love your product! I am 57 yrs. old and thought my sex life was over after menopause. Intercourse became so painful, I avoided sex. Thanks to Yes, there is no more pain or bleeding and my husband and I are much more intimate! Yes lubricant has saved my marriage! Thank you!" Gwen R, CT, USA (1st Apr 2012)
"Your products have truly changed my life. After menopause, I suffered from vaginal dryness, and was subject to irritations and infections. In the time I've been using your products faithfully, I've been a different woman. Thank you so very much for making these." M Rogers, CA, USA (1st Apr 2012)
"This is a fantastic product, I have dreaded intercourse due to discomfort, I have tried other products and nothing matches this as you can use it when you want. I use to forget to use the stuff bought from chemist as you had to put it in at certain times of the day. Along with Yam and Macca suplements I am now really enjoying a satisfying sex life and am well past the menopause." Robina F, Bucks, UK (1st Apr 2012)
"I just LOVE this product now I can't live without it...expensive for me as I am disabled but has made my life so bearable considering thanks so very very much. "YES" is a Blessing." MW, Ohio, USA (1st Apr 2012)
"Have had little help from my G.P. with acute, dryness, soreness and being constantly uncomfortable due to menopause. Have tried using other over the counter lubricants but they have caused stinging and soreness. Have only used the Yes trial pack so far but do feel considerably better down below already and have just ordered more. I read the testimonials from your customers and could relate to so many of them which gave me the confidence to make my first order." Mrs Wilkins, Nottingham, UK (1st Apr 2012)
"It's just brilliant transformed life after the menopause." Mrs K, Aberdeen, UK (1st Apr 2012)
"Have had difficulty finding a product that is a gel instead of a messy liquid. The individual applicators are great for "pre-intimacy", feels like my old self! Married, late 50's post menopause." Mrs H, OH, USA (1st Apr 2012)
"I was post-menopause at age 48 (just two years ago) and have tried various products that left me worried about adverse effects and lost my self-confidence with not feeling 'natural' anymore. This is a product that restored my confidence and is also priced reasonable and competitive with others. Even the most well-known, household brand cannot match what this product offers. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the care that went into producing this product and product line. Thank you!" (1st Apr 2012)
"After the menopause vaginal dryness became a real problem and this product has no irritation to it at all. Very pleased." Mrs R, Surrey (1st Apr 2012)
"My sister-in-law gave me a sample pack last week and I quickly fell in love with the product, my husband more so. Going through menopause is not a joke but if you can find something that's good for you why not. So I'm ordering for myself. Thanks for coming out with such a great product." Brenda, NY, USA (1st Apr 2012)
"Since the menopause intercourse has been challenging so when we first tried Yes oil- based lubricant I was a bit anxious but was so pleased to find that it has been wonderful and has enhanced our enjoyment of love making more than we thought possible. Thanks so much for this solution." (1st Apr 2012)
"Readers of website Menopause Matters recommend it." Alison, Herefordshire, UK (1st Apr 2012)
"You have a very important product for the comfort and health of older women. Thanks!" Mrs Sappington, MO, USA (1st Apr 2012)
"Highly recommended for older women." Mr M, Hampshire (1st Apr 2012)
"Your product is amazing. I'm bringing it to my NYC Gynocologist to tell her to recommend it to anyone who has an issue with vaginal lubrication and moisture, especially during menopause." Barbara, NJ, USA (1st Apr 2012)
"Having had a bad attack of Lichen Sclerosis, vaginal atrophy and menopause and thrush...yes all at once i was afraid to use chemically made lubricants as even KY Jelly burnt! Thank you for YES!" Elizabeth, South Yorkshire, UK (1st Apr 2012)
"This is the only product that has made sexual intercourse possible for me, following menopause." Mrs M, Dorset, UK (1st Apr 2012)
"I have ordered for the 3rd time tonight. I was at the end of all I knew to do about vaginal dryness from menopause. Every product I tried cause rash and/or bleeding. I was a little intimidated to order a personal product from a company I did not know in another country. But your organic ingredients cause me to do so. I cannot tell you how much of a change I have undergone with this product. The oil is fabulous. It does what the water just cannot in vaginal dryness of such severity. I recommend this product to every menopausal female who does not want to have to take hormones or use harsh chemicals that harm.I hope you expand your product to USA retail someday." (1st Apr 2012)
"I have been in menopause for several years now, but I've always been on HRT, so I was not having any dry vaginal issues. About a year ago my gynocolgist started to reduce my estrogen, and after several months I discovered I was getting vaginal atrophy. Not necessarily dry, but thinning vaginal tissue, which irritated severely. None of the lubes I tried were sufficient for that problem. I discovered Yes while researching vaginal atrophy and initially ordered the introductory package about 6 weeks ago. Although the water-based product is wonderful for dryness, the oil-based is really life changing. It blocks the irritation from occurring while still feeling completely natural. I have reordered everything in larger quantity and I'm using the applicators to replace the twice weekly usage of RePhresh moisturizer applicators that my doctor wanted me to use. The Yes is much more natural AND les expensive. I love the fact that it is all odourless and tasteless and organic. Thank you so much for a fabulous product. " (1st Apr 2012)
"Excellent product. I have used it before and am back for more. Due to vaginal atrophy I was looking for a product to soothe and heal and this is great for my issues. Thanks!! Love the water based YES." (1st Apr 2012)
"I have suffered from severe post menopausal vaginal dryness. For the first time in 5 years I have been able to have sex without pain and bleeding. I use Yes water based 2 -3 times a day and it has transformed my life." (1st Apr 2012)
"I love your product. Because I found Yes several months ago I no longer have to use estrogen prescription. What a blessing!! " (1st Apr 2012)
"This is my second order. Have been very pleased with the moisturizing health benefits from my introductory order." (1st Apr 2012)
"I was desperate after menopause to be able to enjoy sex with my husband again. After years of a fantastic sex life,when my hormones changed sex was very painful and doctors were NO help. I did not want artificial hormones. This is the ONLY product available that actually allows me to have sex . Thank you for giving me my life back. " (1st Apr 2012)
"Thank you YES!!!!! I tried the introductory offer and it is fabulous! I'm 61 yrs. and have been using estrogen cream because nothing else worked.Now I feel so safe, YES is all natural. " (1st Apr 2012)
"After the menopause I suffered vaginal dryness. Thanks to YES, I've overcome this problem. I have recommended the product to my clients in Greece and in South Africa" (1st Apr 2012)
"Just to say I like the water based product very much. It's my second lot and although I have severe vaginal menopausal symptoms this does help. " (1st Apr 2012)
"My husband and I are so pleased with your product! At ages 61, we feel very young again! I say Yes! to your product!" (1st Apr 2012)
"Combats menopause! " (1st Apr 2012)
"The water based is great, so helpful for menopausal dryness. I recommend it highly to anyone else suffering. It really helps to enjoy a sex life again! I am ordering more in preparation for my husbands return after 4 months. Probably too much information but so good for our health in more ways than one. " (1st Apr 2012)
"I have been very pleased with this product. I have been having an early menopause for 6 years and although on HRT this does not alleviate vaginal atrophy. Yes is the only product I have been able to use without having any irritation." (1st Apr 2012)
"Thank you so much for making the product available to all of us in our 50's who want to keep active into our 90's! Thanks to you my sex life continues on" (1st Apr 2012)
"LOVE the product. No irritating substances, lasts long enough. Finally enjoying sex again after the menopause! " (1st Apr 2012)
"I love your product. It is so helpful after the menopause." (1st Apr 2012)
"I would like to thank you for your wonderful product. I had a terrible experience with Replens and almost gave up on sex. After looking on the net I saw lots of recommendations for Yes and thought I would give it a try. I am only 42 and found sex impossible, now all of that has changed! " (1st Apr 2012)
"Yes is amazing but I only discovered it after the medical profession had failed to sort out my problems and I had surfed the net in desperation. Why isn't every GP/gynaecologist handing out leaflets??? (Or, indeed using Yes!) " (1st Apr 2012)
"Fantastic product that makes me enjoy our sex life again after going through the menopause" (1st Apr 2012)
"Yes makes aging pleasurable!! Thank you! " (1st Apr 2012)
"It has been a lifesaver from the dryness of the menopause." (1st Apr 2012)
"This is my second order and it truly is a brilliant product. Post menopausal hormone desert leads to very uncomfortable intimacy and this has really brightened my life once more! " (1st Apr 2012)
"Had purchased your product for lubricant and ended up using it daily for post-menopausal tissue repair! It's great and has helped so much! Thank you for making such a great product! " (1st Apr 2012)
"I love this product - it works really well for me as I am less lubricated after the menopause. It also works well on my husband too!" (1st Apr 2012)
"I find this an excellent product now I have reached a certain age." (1st Apr 2012)
"Many women in menopause are searching for quality products to help them live a more enjoyable, healthy life. I am eager to try your products as the testimonials inspired me and I have not given up! A true pleasure to work with you and I wish you Life's Finest just as you give that to others." (1st Apr 2012)

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