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"This product completely reversed the vaginal atrophy I got from menopause." RL, Ludlow (13th May 2022)
"Easy to use amazing for my medical conditions vaginal atrophy and Lichen Sclerosis. " WO, Woking (16th Apr 2022)
"I have vaginal atrophy, and painful dryness. Due to your product I was able to stop taking estragon. Thank you for your product. " CW, Warwick (12th Apr 2022)
"Best thing ever to relieve vaginal dryness, not felt so comfortable in years " KA, Devon (12th Mar 2022)
"It helps with vaginal dryness caused by medication following breast cancer " TC, Horsham (20th Feb 2022)
"Ordered previously - you are my go to for dryness " NH, Devon (4th Feb 2022)
" The vaginal moisturiser, I can't rate it enough, transformed how I was feeling down there.. must buy, highly recommend. " HW, London (6th Jan 2022)
"Great product and provides a lot of relief to my vaginal dryness symptoms so that I can get on with every day living discomfort free. " DG, Inverness (26th Dec 2021)
"Yes I love it. Thank you for existing. I loudly recommend your products to anyone who mentions "discomfort" about "down there" " LW, Woolwich (14th Dec 2021)
"Helped me so much, I was diagnosed with severe vaginal atrophy and these products have made a massive difference to my life as it removes the feeling if dryness & pain. " AL, London (3rd Oct 2021)
"I went over five years with painful sex too embarrassed to see a doctor or ask for help. Finally I talked with a specialist and she recommended Yes! It is absolutely amazing. The pain is gone, dryness is gone. You can truly tell and feel the difference. We use VM and WB as lube. And I just ordered OB, excited to try it! I will happily order this stuff for the rest of my life. " MY, Oxford (30th Sep 2021)
"This product completely eliminated very painful labial spasms I was beginning to develop due to vaginal dryness. Thanks for developing this product and having periodic sales so I can continue to use it! So grateful for the pain relief within a matter of days after first use! " TC, Colchester (15th Sep 2021)
"Just absolutely love your products. I have such sensitive skin, and allergies, and I have a lot of concerns about what is going INSIDE my body. You deliver on all of it. Having dryness in your early twenties SUCKS! You changed the sex game for me and just every day comfort! No more tearing ! I have only tried the moisturizer so far and I am hooked. I am buying a whole wack to try and I am really looking forward to it. Thank you for your product. Seriously. Thank you. " PM, Blackpool (13th Aug 2021)
"Recommended by my GP to help vaginal dryness. It works. " KO, Beer (7th Aug 2021)
"These products are an integral part of our sex life as I have vaginal atrophy. The products are lovely to use and have enhanced our lives. " SH, Poole (4th Aug 2021)
"Stopped my uncomfortable feeling, which I had to endure for two years. All the recommended creams etc were no use. This is magic. " KU, Chester (3rd May 2021)
"I can't thank you enough for this wonderful product. Soreness and irritation a thing of the past. Highly recommend and so much better than anything prescribed. " ET, Liverpool (2nd May 2021)
"I have been using the products for a while now and find them to be the best and most comfortable moisturiser for LS and severe vaginal dryness. " NA, Italy (30th Apr 2021)
"I have vulval problems due to Atrophic vaginitis. Yes VM makes a huge difference to my comfort and allows me to walk and run without pain. " DH, Bournemouth (23rd Apr 2021)
"Has been so very helpful - I have suffered from vaginal dryness for over three years and in the end consulted a private oncologist who recommended your product and have used it ever since" WN, Warwick (29th Mar 2021)
"Im a huge fan and have recommended the VM a lot. This is a HUGE issue (vaginal atrophy, dryness etc and GPs dont seem to know about VM. Thank you for doing this. " HN, Ipswich (24th Feb 2021)
"I have found the Yes moisturiser and lubricant have helped enormously in relieving vaginal dryness and enabling comfortable sex. Would hate to be without it now! " AH, Spain (30th Oct 2020)
"Yes personal wash was a game changer for me. I think more women should know about it. Post menopausal vaginal health - basically atrophy - is still so taboo and thereby so humiliating. " SA, Sittingbourne (25th Oct 2020)
"My wife has tried just about every brand of vaginal lubricant and your product helps most for vaginal atrophy " RB, Falmouth (21st Sep 2020)
"Didn't realise that the itchiness I was experiencing was "curable" until I read the article in the Telegraph magazine and found great relief instantly on purchasing your product. " LB, Norfolk (16th Sep 2020)
"I am 56 years old and I have just started Vagifem (alternate days) but it was not enough to relieve the pain with atrophic vaginitis. I am now using both Vagifem and VM and this has transformed my quality of life. I am so pleased to have discovered VM as no other vaginal moisturisers was as efficient to relief the burning, itching and pain. Great product. " TR, Reading (7th Sep 2020)
"Fantastic. I have tried everything possible to resolve dryness and nothing worked. This gel is amazing and does not sting like a lot of them. " EF, Falmouth (4th Aug 2020)
"After using a number of different products for menopausal vaginal dryness and found i was allergic to most of them ,I have found yes the only product that does not irritate me and gives me instant and long lasting relief " KF, Okehampton (4th Jul 2020)
"It's the best product l have tried for vaginal dryness. " RE, Bath (3rd Jul 2020)
"Excellent. Using for 5 years! No issues with BV!! I am 61, perfect for managing vaginal dryness. Partner loves the feel and taste! " AW, Skipton (6th Jun 2020)
"Works very well. I have been using for 6 years and helps with vaginal atrophy. " JP, Portsmouth (4th Jun 2020)
"Has definitely improved my quality of life since 2013 when vaginal atrophy diagnosis. Thank you for your products! " FA, Farringdon (29th May 2020)
"Received a free trial pack and used the VM moisturiser, it really helped " NA, Woking (4th May 2020)
"As a sufferer of atrophic vaginitis the website is very informative and I found it reassuring that your products contain no hormones. " PL, Glasgow (15th Mar 2020)
"Yes lube and wash are the best I've ever used. No discomfort during the time I've used both. Prior to using these products I suffered the pain of vaginal atrophy, but now I feel as comfortable and confident as I did when I was young!! Thank you so, so much for these perfect and 'life saver' products " EL, Redditch (4th Mar 2020)
"Great product. I have been using it for some years now and recommend it to anyone that mentions issues with dryness or just needing to add a bit of something extra. I call it my fun cream ; ) " IB, Birmingham (10th Jan 2020)
"Finally to be able to feel comfortable with myself. The pain of being so dry is uncomfortable. I really do like this product. " DM, Grimsby (23rd Dec 2019)
"Love your VM products. Wouldn't be without them. I have been using your VM for several years and find it so helpful in the battle against the dreadful dryness. " CR, Colchester (15th Dec 2019)
"I suffer with vaginal atrophy and use the YES VM several times a week, I have recently had an internal examination by my GP and she`s very happy with the outcome from me using it. It was my choice to use YES VM rather than a hormone cream as I have had breast cancer several years ago. I`m very happy to continue using it, I also find the YES WB helps with dryness for intimate contact. " FO, Middlesex (26th Oct 2019)
"Has transformed my experience of pain/atrophy of vaginal walls and thinning after sudden removal of fallopian tubes and ovaries at 51. I am no longer in pain sitting and walking and I have a happy love life. " GM, Bedfordshire (22nd Oct 2019)
"I have to say you have saved me. I have tried everything, didn't know about YES. Life has been awful. So upset, so emotional to have found these products, they're AMAZING. All GP's should know about YES and tell their patients. I have Vaginal Atrophy and LS, other products burn, sting and make things worse. Thank GOD for you and thank you, thank you, thank you. " CI, Somerset (29th Sep 2019)
"Wonderful lube and an amazing wash which has cured all vaginal atrophy pain!!!!! Thank you sooooo much for your brilliant products xxx " KW, Warwick (14th Sep 2019)
"The Yes VM has provided me with a better quality of life and used regularly twice a day has brought marvellous results.. Goodbye to oestrogen and steroid creams which caused unpleasant irritation. YES,YES,YES to a brilliant natural alternative.. " HW, Reading (12th Sep 2019)
"Making all the difference to what was a very dry vagina!! " TE, Eton (30th Aug 2019)
"At the age of 66 I thought I had got through the menopause, but last year, at the age of 65, my life literally came to a stand still with repeat UTIs and vaginal and vulva soreness and itching and the burning was unbearable. I had a cystoscopy which showed I was very inflamed around the whole area, I was prescribed steroid ointment to reduce the inflammation and I was started on Vagifem, and that is when I read about your lubricants, and what a life saver they have been. At first I found the VM, WB and the OB hard to use because they were all stinging when I used them, but as the area has all improved, I can now use all of them and they do not sting anymore, so I alternate them now, because I found that by just using one product it didnt seem to be as effective as when I switch between them all. I also use the wash that you sell, it is really good. " AN, Harrogate (21st Aug 2019)
"Excellent product the VM moisturizer, leaves me feeling really comfortable, " MP, Surrey (18th Aug 2019)
"Ethical and does what it says it does quickly. I have spent about a thousand dollars looking for relief for vaginal atrophy and pain; worried for years about what on earth was going on with my body; tried many different products claiming to help but did not. VM is a miracle product to me! Thank you! " IN, Vermont (16th Aug 2019)
"It has changed my life. I used to suffer every day and now it is like my condition has disappeared as long as I use my product every day. Twice a day. " WL, Dorset (25th Jul 2019)
"I suffer with vaginal dryness and UTIs from other lubricants and washes. Yes has worked wonderfully for me! " KS, Solihull (14th Jul 2019)
"I use the VM applicators and they have been such a welcome relief. My whole outlook and general well being has improved significantly since using the vaginal moisturiser. Other atrophy problems have also eased. " GR, Chelmsford (1st Jun 2019)
"Excellent products. I was not happy to use HRT and this has solved vaginal atrophy naturally. Thank you. " KP, Pulborough (12th Apr 2019)
"I am so glad I found this product. It has been very helpful for the vaginal dryness. I had gotten to the point where I didn't wear slacks or jeans because of the dryness, felt uncomfortable and felt there was friction between the pants and my body. Now, After applying and using the Yes products-I feel comfortable and relaxed when wearing jeans or pants. " ZW, Wycoming (27th Mar 2019)
"Only 23 yrs, have found out myself that this is the only thing that cures my vaginal dryness that the doctors cannot work out. Stopped all my UTIs and daily pain if I apply 3x a day. " TB, Exeter (12th Jan 2019)
"The pain from vaginal dryness is hideous. This product has changed my life. Couldn't sit on a chair comfortably never mind having sex. I was heading to depression after getting through breast cancer treatment. I can't thank you enough for the vaginal moisturiser product. " CP, Horndean (30th Oct 2018)
"Your products are amazing- they really work! I was diagnosed with a severe case of vaginal atrophy. I had soreness , burning, and bleeding. After countless doctors visits, many lubricants, estrogen cream and Osphena, I was getting more and more depressed. Nothing worked! Then I discovered your products. I started using the VM moisturizing gel. I was discouraged after a week of using it because it stung a little at first and I was still having symptoms. I spoke to a kind, understanding rep from your company who encouraged me to keep trying it - sometimes with severe cases it takes a little more time. I started using the cleanser as well as the WB lubricant. It took a total of two weeks from starting it to see a difference. And what an amazing difference it has made!!!!! All soreness, burning and bleeding has stopped!! Now I only use the VM moisturizer once or twice a week and the cleanser every time I shower, and lubricant as needed. So I encourage anyone who tries these products not to give up if you don’t experience an immediate change - give it time. It really works!!!! " FD, Dallas (9th Oct 2018)
"My Dr. was concerned about the condition of the intimacy in our marriage because of vaginal discomfort. She wanted me to start using an estrogen based prescription cream - but I chose your VM product instead. She was a bit skeptical, but was willing to give me two months of using the VM every other day for 2 months and let my pap exam be the test. With great results, not only was I able to tolerate the Pap exam - but she was absolutely amazed at how healthy my tissue looked at 56! And slowly but surely, the intimacy in my marriage has a chance to recover! She also took all the information of your company and the product I was using so she could research it more and consider talking to some of her cancer patience about using Yes products since they cannot use anything hormone base products. So glad I found you! Thank you. " EN, Arizona (7th Oct 2018)
"Did you know the pill can cause vaginal dryness? I certainly didn't and I hadn't experienced it last time I was on it. The three doctors I went to see didn't seem to know about it either. And yet, apparently it is a thing. And it's a really uncomfortable thing. I couldn't be intimate with my partner without pain and bleeding. It was horrible and with doctors simply shrugging and suggesting more lube I was at my wits end. I tried every product available. Each one stung and it's one place to do nooooot want to sting. After searching the internet I found Yes VM and when it didn't sting upon application I was happy with the momentary relief. And then with repeated applications (I was in a bad way, so sore, so sorry for myself) I began to actually heal. This had been going on for months, even after coming off the pill, but within a few days all felt good again. Best product out there and believe me, I've tried them all. There's a lot of shame and frustration with intimate issues, I'm so relieved I discovered Yes VM." RK, Guildford (15th Aug 2018)
"Post menopausal vaginal atrophy this has really helped these difficulties have not only been physical but emotionally a great product " HA, London (3rd Aug 2018)
"Used your products previously to treat vaginal dryness and had excellent results in that issued disappeared. Problem has returned, unfortunately, so buying again, confident the all will be resolved given a bit of time and slathering. " IN, London (30th Jul 2018)
"Finding this website was a blessing. I am now free of the vaginal itching. I have to use it about every 3 days. I love it " DW, Colchester (28th Jul 2018)
"This is the best product ever! It really helps alleviate vaginal dryness. Thanks! " NN, milan (26th Jul 2018)
"Just starting to use VM & feeling more comfortable already thank you " TE, Bexhill (19th Jul 2018)
"The products have been revolutionary for my vaginal dryness! " KA, Sydney (16th Jul 2018)
"Your products are absolutely wonderful. I have had severe vaginal Atrophy. At the moment I get your VM Vaginal Moisturizing gel and the Intimate VM off my Doctor but will soon be ordering directly off you as I use the Gels every day. I also use your Rose Wash. I was using the Simple Soap but have now changed to your wash " OY, Whitstable (31st May 2018)
"I was given HRT for dryness three years ago by a doctor, this made things much worse and caused more dryness and ripping of my vaginal wall during sex. The dryness was possibly due to stress as I am still having periods three years later. Yes could have saved me a lot of pain, anxiety and damage if i'd known about it sooner. " JR, Gillingham (11th Mar 2018)
"I tried the water based a year ago it was ok, I have vaginal atrophy, I don't want HRT cream you insert as I have fibroids and it would cause them to grow and bleed and risk of uterine cancer. I've tried over the counter creams but they make me so sore and the applicators scratch me inside. This applicator is the best and the fact you don't have to mess around refilling and washing the applicator out always thinking reusing it I could get an infection. Coconut oil is good for such a lot of things. Vaginal atrophy is painful all day long and using just one tube gave me instant comfort. I'm so happy! " BF, Bristol (11th Jan 2018)
"I've found the YES VM to work quickly to relieve dryness, feeling relief very soon after. I have itchiness too and that has also disappeared - hurrah! " DC, Dudley (23rd Dec 2017)
"My OBGYN advised that my vaginal walls were thinning and dry. She prescribed a cream containing estrogen which was very expensive and not without side effects. I didn't purchase the cream, but did search for alternatives. I purchased Yes and when I went for my annual this year, she advised that my vaginal walls were fine. I advised I was using Yes. You should send information to all OBGYNs. Thank you! " GG, Worthing (27th Nov 2017)
"Has made my life much more bearable with atrophic vaginitis. Thank you. " SK, Birmingham (19th Nov 2017)
"Great product which quickly relieves vaginal atrophy. " FW, Harrogate (14th Nov 2017)
"It has helped me regain a sense of normalcy by helping with debilitating dryness. Thank you " CW, Penrith (12th Oct 2017)
"Best product I've had for vaginal dryness, would recommend. " SL, Peterborough (28th Sep 2017)
"It's a very good product for vaginal dryness in advanced years! " LW, Southend (31st Jul 2017)
"I can't thank you enough. I thought I was suffering from recurring thrush on and off for two years - couldn't get any answers. Then i thought maybe it wasn't thrush but vaginal dryness and since using VM I've been back to normal and so much more comfortable and no problems since! That's been 8 months now. Thank you " LD, Doncaster (10th Jul 2017)
"A friend turned me on to YES after I rejected my doctor's suggestion to take hormone therapy to relieve my vaginal dryness. I've been using YES for a couple of years now and am completely satisfied. I've told my doctor about this product and I know he noted it down in his notebook. " AK, London (9th Jul 2017)
"The pre-filled WB applicators are a must for any woman (especially of a certain age) experiencing vaginal dryness. Totally changed my sex life. And no scent or stickiness: you really can't even tell you're using something, It just feels like things used to when you were 22. Love this product! Awesome functionality and natural ingredients. I wouldn't use anything else. " IO, Belgium (3rd Jul 2017)
"Really helped with vaginal dryness, made having sex a pleasure again. " PW, Shropshire (23rd Jun 2017)
"Amazing suffered vaginal dryness after menopause and it has changed my life without the need for hormones. " TL, Isle of Wight (13th Jun 2017)
"First class results for vaginal dryness and prolapse " RC, Swindon (30th Mar 2017)
"Brilliant! It enabled me to have a smear test which a few months ago wouldn't have been possible! I found the link to information about osmolality of Yes and different products and research etc. very interesting too " UB, Birmingham (4th Mar 2017)
"Having had vaginal atrophy diagnosed using Yes has improved our sex life tremendously " PN, Chester (23rd Feb 2017)
"First class results for vaginal dryness and prolapse " RC, Durham (22nd Feb 2017)
"At 76 years of age, and with what is described by the medical profession as "extreme atrophy" of the labia etc., this lubricant is an absolute godsend to help in keeping my younger and still very fit husband! " TV, Derby (13th Feb 2017)
"Very very pleased with the water based lubricant that my doctor prescribed has changed my life after 9 months of extreme discomfort " OA, Suffolk (1st Feb 2017)
"It is a fantastic product for treating vaginal dryness and great because it is all natural products. " YN, Yeovil (13th Dec 2016)
"Safe to use, natural and the only product that has given relief to vaginal dryness without any side effect. " ED, Hampshire (15th Oct 2016)
"Yes VM has completely alleviated my Vagina atrophy and stopped pain and burning during sex. After Cancer treatment that involved completely blocking of any oestrogen I had dryness and (unknowingly) Vaginal atrophy. When I began a new relationship I was shocked an totally embarrassed at the difficulty I was having when we became intimate, the atrophy and dryness was that painful I thought it was all over, at 45 years old I was completely gutted. What the doctor prescribed helped slightly with the dryness but was very messy and sex was still too painful. The vaginal moisturiser has been that effective I don't even need lubrication now I just use this every 2-3 days; it took a good few weeks for everything to settle but it fantastic now. I have recommended Yes to my friends, GP and my BC Nurse so many women suffer post Cancer treatment and through the menopause. I think Yes products should be available from the GP for these symptoms , the other products they are able to prescribe which are sub standard in comparison are actually more expensive over the counter. Anyone reading this, just give it a go, it works! And they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. " DT, Tunbridge Wells (10th Oct 2016)
"After suffering for 6 year with severe vaginal dryness yes oil base was recommended by a gynecologist. Since then my life have gone back to normal that was over a year ago. " DH, Harrow (17th Sep 2016)
"I've had severe postmenopausal vaginal atrophy for several years. I was trying to avoid using estrogen and had tried the major brands of lubricants and vaginal moisturizers. Nothing worked 100%, still painful. I found your site by searching for different vaginal moisturizers (the previous brands helped at first then started burning after a while). I've only used your VM twice so far but I can already feel the difference. Both times, no pain or burning with intercourse, for the first time in 3 years!!. I am ordering more!! " RF, Maine (3rd Sep 2016)
"Yes VM Moisturiser is amazing, so natural feeling! " RF, Cambridgeshire (31st Jul 2016)
"I was trying everything because of vaginal dryness and nothing worked except Yes.. " AW, Norwich (27th Jul 2016)
"Great products. suffering from vaginal atrophy and dryness, very soothing and has eased almost all symptoms. Thanks " ED, Kent (27th Jun 2016)
"Great to have something with no sickly smell or a taste, doesn't sting and means that as an older woman with vaginal dryness I can continue to enjoy sex. " RE, Nottingham (23rd Mar 2016)
"Yes has allowed us to overcome the dryness issues and continue a fulfilling sex life " BE, Salisbury (11th Mar 2016)
"I actually googled "personal lubricants" and found Yes. I am so happy I found your products. They are the best on the market with no side effects.They are the best on the market for vaginal dryness that I have found. No use to waste monies elsewhere. I have suffered many years with vaginal dryness and have tried oral medications, bio identical hormones, creams, lubricates with not much help. Wish more women and doctors knew about Yes products in America. Also, works on hydrating your legs and arms. The oil based product is just awesome. " ED, Connecticut (22nd Feb 2016)
"I have now started using Yes water based instead of using Vagifem with great success. My GP has now prescribed Yes on repeat prescription and said she would inform other women of my success story with this product. Thank you so much it is a wonderful product " WC, Northumberland (29th Jan 2016)
"Best product on the market for dryness I have found. Never stings. I love it. " MN, Ipswich (26th Jan 2016)
"I have used the water-based applicators for 4 months to treat vaginal dryness and narrowing of vagina (almost closed). My gyneacologist inserted the first applicator since I couldn't even find the vaginal opening. The results are next to miraculous. The vaginal opening has enlarged and the burning and itching are almost non existent. Thank you Yes " NH, Harrow (24th Jan 2016)
"Has transformed my life. Prior to using other types of products always triggered me to have BV. I'm also pre menopausal and suffer vaginal dryness and painful intercourse. Because the products are more nature they are aligned and in balance with my body. Can't praise enough. Had never heard of you till a nurse recommended you due to the extent of my problems. " LY, London (23rd Jan 2016)
"I can't believe I no longer have vaginal dryness. I was going crazy when my insurance wouldn't refill my vaginal estogen inserts (I had been worried about using it anyway since my mom died of breast cancer) A friend told me about Yes and if I use the applicators 3 times a week I have no dryness. The Estroven was much more expensive and harmful. I couldn't be happier. Thanks so much! " IH, Colorado (28th Aug 2015)
"I suffer from atrophic vaginitis and since using Yes products my condition has greatly improved. " TG, Madrid, Spain (17th Aug 2015)
"My OB/GYN put me on Esterase, which contains hormones. I ended up having breakthrough bleeding and still had the dryness. Yes solved my problem and without hormones! " PD, Michigan (26th Jul 2015)
"I purchased you water based product two months ago and it has helped immensely with vaginal atrophy and painful relations. Thank you. " CS, Suffolk (15th Jul 2015)
"I LOVE YES!! It makes my vagina so moist without feeling gooey and sticky. I really love that I can insert he water based lubricant and still receive oral sex. This product is nothing short of a miracle for women with vaginal dryness. " EE, Lyme Regis (25th Mar 2015)
"I was extremely surprised and pleased that your oil-based lubricant has made my vaginal dryness problems disappear! " RR, Chiswick (13th Mar 2015)
"Products greatly reduced/eliminated painful intercourse due to vaginal dryness. " SA, Selsey (3rd Mar 2015)
"The BEST product I've ever used for vaginal dryness!! " WS, Eastbourne (25th Feb 2015)
"It's been very helpful. I have much less pain than I used to. It has helped so much! I also love that it doesn't have parabens, or propylene glycol, or petroleum derivative ingredients! That's very important to me. " TY, Paris (4th Jan 2015)
"Love love this product. Highly suggest for those suffering from vaginal dryness. Nothing worked, and I have tried them all. This is the best product I have tried. Water based works wonder for me, no more every day discomfort. Thank you. " CY, West Sussex (15th Dec 2014)
"A great product. I can trust it. No adverse effects. Regular, daily use completely heals the soreness and discomfort that I had with vaginal dryness. I can't imagine life without it now. " LS, Glasgow (9th Dec 2014)
"Goodness knows what women did years ago but Yes has helped my husband and I to maintain an important part of our lives that keeps us connected. " SD, Suffolk (5th Dec 2014)
"I'm delighted to have discovered Yes after years of vaginal dryness through needing a hysterectomy in my early 'twenties, and being unable to take HRT. Wonderful ! " HN, Southend (1st Dec 2014)
"I have atrophic vaginitis and am trying to heal the vagina. Having used the water and oil lubricants made intercourse finally comfortable. So nice to have intercourse and not have to be apprehensive about discomfort. " IC, New York (10th Nov 2014)
"I have suffered this condition for years all alone. I didn't know other women were having my same issues. I kept telling my doctors how uncomfortable I was with no suggestion except to take hormones which I refused. I don't feel alone nor helpless any more. The water based product is so light weight and not messy. I don't even have to wear a panty liner. " SG, Michigan (9th Nov 2014)
"Having sensitive skin issues all my life, finding a safe and healthy product was my first concern after reaching the time in life when dryness and painful intercourse issues approach. I consider myself one of the most discerning consumers one could meet, so I have tried them all. This is the only product i can use without suffering skin irritation and other major consequences that come with products loaded with fragrances and other irritants making empty promises for me. " IW, Cardiff (6th Nov 2014)
"Glad I found it as by chance came across it and thought "why not give YES a try"..What a lifesaver this product has made to my life. This product has made a tremendous difference to the vaginal dryness I have been experiencing for almost a year now. Have tried several different products and nothing helped till your product. Plan to never be without. Keep up the good work!! " YD, Kingston (1st Nov 2014)
"Your products have transformed our love life. Thank you! I thought that vaginal dryness was something I would just have to live with, due to my allergies to so many chemicals. But now, yes! yes! yes!" OL, Edinburgh (27th Oct 2014)
"I just had a hysterectomy, seven months ago and suffer from vaginal dryness I thought my sex life was over, all other Lubrication I tried dried up too fast I was starting to feel depressed. I found your product on line at amazon and read very good reviews. I tried it and what a difference! I even use the pre filled ones every day and I love that it feels natural and it's not sticky, thank you so much for creating this product! I am definitely going to be ordering a lot more of it." Jn, Essex (21st Oct 2014)
"Staff always so helpful and very friendly. Absolutely excellent product!!!!! Couldn't really be without it now. I had severe vaginal dryness with the menopause, now I use Ovestin hrt only once every 5 days but that's cause I use yes water base at least twice a day. I honestly wouldn't be without it . " RJ, Utah (18th Oct 2014)
"It has helped my vaginal dryness immensely " GN, Cambridgeshire (2nd Oct 2014)
"I really like your product. It has really provided soothing relief and has done wonders for the dryness and vaginal irritation. " HJ, Norfolk (25th Sep 2014)
"Now the terrible dryness is well on its way to being under control, I feel so much more comfortable. " AC, Yorkshire (23rd Sep 2014)
"I found "Yes" through a google search when I began having severe dryness and pain , and over the counter solutions irritated . Read the glowing reviews and tried the water based first for sexual intimacy , then as my condition worsened , every day. While it is not perfect and I still struggle , I feel much better most of the time . I like that "yes" is not sticky like some , and no odor ! I thank you for your product and hope to continue to use it until a non-hormone cure or solution is found to this distressing , debilitating and demoralizing problem . Thank you ! " GN, Avon (15th Sep 2014)
"It's been the best lubricant for painful atrophy. " EF, Durham (29th Aug 2014)
"Helps greatly to reduce painful sex and vaginal dryness and helps keep away thrush, making sex pleasurable again after many years of discomfort. " RC, Middlesex (19th Aug 2014)
"Brilliant! couldn't have sex as too dry and now back to normal! " PL, Reading (6th Aug 2014)
"A helpful addition, without which a sex life of any kind would be almost impossible - so thank you, thank you! " IM, London (5th Aug 2014)
"Very successful at turning a dry 64 year old lady into a rampant lady with a never-known-before sex drive. New boyfriend also has a lot to do with it! " DF, Glasgow (24th Jul 2014)
"Has improved my sexual experience, after 12 years of vaginal dryness & pain in intercourse " KA, NY (20th Jul 2014)
"It has become necessary for lubrication as the years roll on. We searched the internet and thought we would give your product a try and have since used nothing else. " VW, Reading (29th Jun 2014)
"I had been to the Doctor about problems with vaginal dryness after going through the menopause but it kept recurring. Yes has sorted everything for me when I had given up hope. Thank you. " ER, Dorset (25th Jun 2014)
"This has been an exceptionally effective product for my vaginal dryness. It does have a slight irritation in my urethra - as a cystitis sufferer I have to be so careful with what I use in this area. I was concerned it would aggravate it too much, but it's ok, I am able to manage it. Thank you for such a wonderful product. It has made the world of difference to my vaginal dryness; no more pain, soreness and burning discomfort down there. " GC, Bath (25th May 2014)
"Having recently been prescribed heavy anti-allergy drugs (basically hardcore decongestants) my whole system has been dried up ever since, which made things in bed with my new (and beloved) boyfriend confusingly difficult. I stumbled across YES and things have been so indescribably better - it truly had made the world of difference to a relationship which is just trying to get going. I will be telling my GP to recommend the water-based product to any woman who goes on this kind of medication. Also- your staff are so sensible and kind and friendly. Thank you all x" RG, Oxford (24th Apr 2014)
"Started having some additional vaginal issues related to the dryness as a result of not treating the dryness. Began using Yes regularly and all the symptoms have subsided. Relief at last without using estrogen! Thank you for a natural product that we don't have to be afraid of and one that works! " PB, London (12th Apr 2014)
"I have vaginal atrophy and have found the Yes products the best thing I've tried. They alleviate the symptoms of itching and dryness, and I'm very pleased indeed. " WH, Southern Ireland (10th Apr 2014)
"Awesome, I feel like I did when I was 20, solved my vaginal dryness. " Tanya, CA (7th Mar 2014)
"Simply a wonderful product which has made my life bearable! I was experiencing pain due to dryness even whilst sitting in certain positions during the day. Thanks to all involved in the development of this product. " Sheila, Shropshire (27th Feb 2014)
"I have been using the water base applicators everyday for 3 weeks and absolutely love them. For the first time in 10 years my vaginal dryness is gone. Painful intercourse getting much better." Emma, NZ (25th Feb 2014)
"My husband and I love it. We are in our early 70s and use it almost every time we make love! It is natural feeling, easy to use, and clean. " Lesley, Wales (11th Feb 2014)
"Due to vaginal dryness I am using the oil on a daily basis even when sex is not involved and it is a great help. Have had a lot of discomfort over the last 6 months. Would thoroughly recommend it. " Chrissie, CO, USA (21st Nov 2013)
"Absolutely delighted to find lubricants that really help with dryness and discomfort without any irritation at all. I have highly recommended your products to my doctor." Alice, Yorkshire, UK (16th Nov 2013)
"I find I have instant relief from extreme dryness without the feeling of it being mucky and wet like some other lubricants I've tried." Carolyn, Birmingham, UK (4th Nov 2013)
"Yes is the first product I have tried in many years of searching that has given me relief for vaginal dryness without stinging or discomfort . Thank you " Liz, Coventry, UK (15th Oct 2013)
"I have been suffering from Vaginal dryness, redness, pain and itching for the past one and half year, I tried the Estrogen cream for over 6 months had no relief, just using your water based lubricant for three days, first time after so long I feel amazing with the hope I will get better. " Sunita, VA, USA (21st Aug 2013)
"Love it! Love it is organic, no chemicals. Feels natural. Works great for dryness!" K Hackthorn, ID, USA (21st Aug 2013)
"It’s the best lubricant I have ever used and has made me happy after years of misery due to severe vaginal dryness" Val B, Glamorgan (18th Aug 2013)
"I love the water based product, it seems to really soothe my vaginal dryness after I have relations. I use the oil based product too, but prefer the water based." Barbara, IL, USA (11th Aug 2013)
"I love every single thing about this product. I love that it is natural. I use this twice a day to relieve vaginal dryness just like I put moisturizer on my face, and this has caused such a change in my life. " Deb E, NC, USA (10th Aug 2013)
"I am so pleased to have found your products. The water based lubricants help my vaginal dryness/soreness, and aid the use of vagina dilators to stretch my vagina." Mrs H, Kent, UK (17th Jul 2013)
"Awesome product, using it every day has made a significant difference in treating a dry vagina. " Lisa G, NY, USA (26th Jun 2013)
"Have suffered with vaginal dryness and irritation for a long time and found that this has really helped, and also because it is a natural product find it much more sensitive to use than products such as Canestan. Thank you!" Mrs Plum, Beds, UK (28th May 2013)
"I have used the samples given to me by the specialist nurse. I like the texture of the water based product and its effectiveness with vaginal dryness. " Mekami, Kent, UK (27th May 2013)
"Started using Yes about a year ago, I was having vaginal dryness and could not find a product that does what it said it would do, this has been a product I do not want to be without. I cannot wait to try the new Vanilla. Just placed another order." Barbara, IL, USA (21st May 2013)
"Excellent product took away all the pain from vaginal dryness." Elizabeth, Edinburgh, UK (8th May 2013)
"Fantastic products can’t say enough about them especially for vaginal dryness got my sex life back thanks a lot." Lesley, West Yorkshire, UK (21st Apr 2013)
"I love your product! I can't imagine life without YES It has made me whole again after much discomfort with vaginal dryness. My husband loves it too! Thank you!" Ms R, Highlands (16th Apr 2013)
"It’s so natural, takes the apprehension out of love making. I am 60 and just starting a new relationship but suffer from dryness and atrophy. Without yes I would be very worried about how I would have an active sex life again. Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful product." Judy, Somerset, UK (2nd Apr 2013)
"Fantastic support-e-mail answer to personal questions and offer of samples. After trying no question about going ahead and buying. Thank you! Am using both water-based and oil-based now as replacements for Ortho-gynest vaginal tabs. After hysterectomy, pain, dryness and endless vaginal infections due to atrophy. So pleased to have found something natural that works even better!" Jane, Hereford, UK (26th Mar 2013)
"Have felt much more comfortable and less dryness, I use both water based and oil based for intimate use, with great success. Thank you for a very good product. " Mrs M, Durham (18th Mar 2013)
"It really does HELP with added moisture." Sarah, MO, USA (17th Mar 2013)
"I have already bought the water based Yes and have now tried the sachet of oil based Yes you sent, and both are great. I am nearly 80 years of age and suffer from dryness in the vagina and love the oil based Yes." Lilly, Dorset, UK (11th Mar 2013)
"I would like to say thank you to the Yes team for helping me keep my relationship alive. Finding your products and finding they worked was such a turning point in what seemed like a futile journey to being able to have sex again without pain. I had been to GPs and they knew nothing. I did not even warrant a referral to a gynaecologist. They simply accept vaginal dryness as an inevitable challenge you have to get over. There were so many upsetting occasions when my husband had been terrified of hurting me or to have sex, I had to endure pain. I can now use your products without even my husband knowing. We can get on and enjoy real intimacy again. Sex supports our relationship to be a place of fun and love." Mrs B, UK (7th Mar 2013)
"First time I used the product (Yes Water based) it eased the vaginal dryness immediately. I felt normal and myself without the itching, burning due to vaginal dryness. My doctor is right "skin is skin" and it can become dry without proper lubrication." C Vinson, NC, USA (28th Feb 2013)
"It's been a life-saver for my husband and me. I look forward to sex rather than dread it because of severe vaginal atrophy. And the products nourish my body. " Karen, FL, USA (28th Feb 2013)
"Thankful have found this website. Vaginal dryness and painful sex is a new problem for me. Feel that it is top class, supportive and encouraging. Being a medical professional am so impressed with other medics opinions. Feel that ladies truly care about this issue. I have already started using water based product from Holland and Barrett...it's great. Thanks ladies!" Mrs G, Surrey, UK (29th Dec 2012)
"I find it useful, now that I am getting on a bit (68, yuk!) and there is obviously some dryness around - it’s great." Wendy, Surrey, UK (7th Dec 2012)
"I am 55 years old, have had a hysterectomy, have no ovaries and have vaginal atrophy /dryness. It has been a distressing problem, feeling so sore everyday. My doctor prescribed steroid cream and Sylk both of which burned and made no improvement. I also tried Replens and coconut and olive oil nothing helped. Feeling desperate I found Yes online, telephoned and spoke to a lovely lady called Lynn who listened and helped me choose water based applicators and oil base in a tube. My products arrived two days later. I use water based twice a day, half an applicator each time internally and also oil based multiple times on vulva area. This has helped me feel comfortable for the first time in years. Don't suffer ladies, try Yes. You will be amazed at how much it helps. " Mrs J, Gloucestershire, UK (6th Dec 2012)
"Have severe vaginal dryness - can only make love with yes oil based lubricant externally and water based lubricant internally." Mrs M, Ringwood, UK (25th Oct 2012)
"My husband found yes when I was suffering a very dry vagina. We both love your products!" Mrs M, Arizona, USA (15th Sep 2012)
"Found this product on-line searching for something more natural that works for dryness - This is my second purchase and my husband and I are both thrilled with your product" Kathy, WA, USA (6th Sep 2012)
"I've tried everything for vaginal dryness. I don't want to rely on hormone. I've been using your product and it is wonderful!" Mrs Jenkins, CA, USA (13th Aug 2012)
"Safety and purity were my main concerns in finding a suitable vaginal dryness product. The rest of the benefits are just icing on the cake! " Martha, OH, USA (7th Aug 2012)
"The products are better than any others I have tried, have really helped the pain of atrophy." Mary M, TX, USA (18th Jul 2012)
"First I will start by saying THANK YOU for making this wonderful product. I ordered the YES oil & water based due to a severe vaginal dryness I have. I'm 29 years old and have been married for almost 8 years and let me just tell you that I was never able to enjoy my married sex life. Due to the vaginal dryness, I always experienced a horrible pain, cracks and vaginal infections after sex. It got to the point that I just did not want sex anymore I was AVOIDING SEX in every way possible. Hormonal therapy prescribed by my OBGYN and different lubes just never worked leading me to believe that something was definitely wrong w/ me and my OBGYN always told me that every test I did was normal nothing was wrong but didn't believe her until now. I used YES oil first then water based lube and OMG THANKS TO GOD AND YES LUBE I can say that "I ENJOYED SEX AGAIN IN YEARS" now my hubby and I are confident we can conceive our first baby. I don't know if you can get the picture of me trying to conceive a baby avoiding sex because of painful intercourse. So, now the fear is gone and my husband and I can get busy enjoying sex and instead of having sex once every couple months now we can have sex everyday no pain and hoping to get pregnant very soon. YES product made this possible for me all I have to say is thank you and if you are reading this testimonial give it a try because IT WORKS you will be amazed just like me. And to add one more thing my husband did not complain of the texture it is very light unlike the other lubes I tried that did not work and was very sticky and always gave me a burning reaction but, Yes lube was just perfect! Before Yes LUBE "NO FOR SEX" after YES LUBE "YES,YES and million YESSES FOR SEX LOL... my hubby now has to work hard to keep up w/ me!" Val (1st Apr 2012)
"I love your product. My husband can't tell the difference at all. With your product I feel alive. No more dryness or embarrassing moments." (1st Apr 2012)
"My problem is dryness in the labia -- not inside the vaginal canal. After the use of antibiotics I developed what appears to be a contact dermatitis in the vulva area. So I use water-based YES as a moisturizer -- not during sex. I cannot tolerate oils and it is perfect for me as it is a water based moisturizer." (1st Apr 2012)
"For vaginal dryness which i started to experience after hysterectomy i find that after showering first put a little water based lubricant on and then a minute or two later a little oil based and i can honestly say i have had no soreness or dryness since i started using this product and would say to anyone with this sort of problem order some today you will be so glad you did i also have very sensitive vulval skin since the operation and i have had no bad reaction at all just a soft silky feeling please dont ever stop producing these products they do actually make life bearable again." (1st Apr 2012)
"Excellent product. I have used it before and am back for more. Due to vaginal atrophy I was looking for a product to soothe and heal and this is great for my issues. Thanks!! Love the water based YES." (1st Apr 2012)
"I came upon 'Yes' when I was researching 'vaginal atrophy' on the internet, having been recently diagnosed, and decide to give it a go. The results have been orgasmic!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (1st Apr 2012)
"I was so glad to find this product. I have had many female issues resulting in dryness and all the other lubricants are filled with so many unnatural and harmful ingredients. My husband and I thank you." (1st Apr 2012)
"Thank you so much for sending me my YES product. It is truly amazing!!! I have been suffering from extreme dryness, not only when intimate , but every day. I started using the product and was so thrilled to find relief. My body actually felt like it was producing it's own moisture again. I felt such relief and it also made intimacy so much more pleasurable. Thank you so much for this little miracle in a bottle!!" (1st Apr 2012)
"I had spent a fortune trying every lubricant on the market, but every single one burned or irritated. My doctors had suggested I use Estradial, but because of the cancer risks I was reluctant. (My daughter, sister and father all had cancer.) A medication I am on exacerbates extreme vaginal dryness, and I thought intimacy for my husband and I was at an end until my acupuncturist recommended the Yes line of lubricants. Your product really does everything it says. I consider it truly a miracle." (1st Apr 2012)
"Have suffered with dryness for several years and tried just about everything. My doctors will not allow me to use any hormone replacement therapies because of other medical problems. This is the only product I have found that allows me to have intimacy pain-free with my husband." Mrs C, CT, USA (1st Apr 2012)
"I can only say that all indicators looked like I'd have to go on hormones for severe vaginal dryness with bleeding and I just refused. This product has in almost 3 weeks turned my situation completely around. At first it stung really bad from the citric acid and the cracked tissue but in a couple of days I noticed the atrophy reversing. It really shocked me how much it's helped restore me to normalcy. I'm not there yet totally but I hope to be soon." Mrs S, OK, USA (1st Apr 2012)
"I have severe vaginal dryness and would like to share that applying the oil-based product under the water-based product for a slippery surface works the best. The oil-based product is the best and not available anywhere else. Keep making it, thank you." (1st Apr 2012)
"Your products are everything they claim to be. Perfect. Tried so many other things – most of which added to my discomfort. Best of all, using Yes, the irritation of vaginal dryness no longer wakes me up at night. Can't praise your products highly enough." Mrs V, Malaga, Spain (1st Apr 2012)
"This is a great product. It has reduced my symptoms of extreme vaginal dryness with nightly application. Also has greatly improved my ability to have intercourse – my husband thanks you!" Barbara, FL, USA (1st Apr 2012)
"I am really very happy with this product and would like to recommend it especially for women who are suffering with vaginal atrophy, it really helps." Mrs G, Co Cork, Ireland (1st Apr 2012)
"I use your product for vaginal dryness. I recently switched from water to oil based and find that the oil based works much better for this purpose. Thanks." Diane, California, USA (1st Apr 2012)
"I am an older woman and if you also have dryness issues this is the product for you. IT IS GREAT." Mrs R, KS, USA (1st Apr 2012)
"This is the best product I have tried for vaginal dryness." Mrs R, CT, USA (1st Apr 2012)
"Just love this stuff. My boyfriend has a weird thing about using lubricant and he doesn't even know when I am using this. It's great cause I get embarrassed if I am experiencing dryness. I just go in the bathroom put a little on and he doesn't even know. It's just great!" Cindy, CA, USA (1st Apr 2012)
"Thank you for offering this product. There is no company like this in the United States. It offers long lasting moisture, lubrication and protection for those of us with extremely dry vaginal areas. " (1st Apr 2012)
"I have been using this product for over a year now and it is wonderful! Very healing for me where I was so dry that it was painful to even consider intimacy with my husband. Thanks from BOTH of us! " (1st Apr 2012)
"This is the second time I have ordered from you. Your product has solved my intimate dryness without creating further problems." (1st Apr 2012)
"The applicators of water based Yes are perfect " (1st Apr 2012)
"I had a bad experience when a Dr. gave me the wrong vaginal preparation, which burned me and left me with a very delicate vaginal membrane. Now my life has changed completely! I use the oil base on a tampon and the water base is great - very soothing and great for lovemaking " (1st Apr 2012)
"I am a returning customer and I LOVE YES products - I dread being without them " (1st Apr 2012)
"My wife has issues of dryness and we have had a terrible time finding products that help her. Doctors have done a terrible job giving her direction. We found this on the internet and it's currently the only product that works. Thank you." (1st Apr 2012)
"Yes is better than any other products I have tried for dryness" (1st Apr 2012)
"Have tried many other products with less satisfaction. YES is a great lubrication for vaginal dryness, having no irritants. Love it! " (1st Apr 2012)
"As I need to use your product as a moisturizer as well as a lubricant the new applicators are great, much easier to use " (1st Apr 2012)
"This is the first time I have required any product for vaginal dryness. I did my homework on the net as to what would be the safest and best product to use. As stated above YES came up and after careful reading I decided on the purchase. So, thank you. " (1st Apr 2012)
"This is my second order. Your wonderful product is obviously helping me replenish the moisture in my vaginal cells. I had despaired of finding such a product. Thank you!" (1st Apr 2012)
"Having suffered from a dry vagina and thinning bladder lining I took HRT for years but since stopping things have reverted to previous problems. I had sensitivity to one flavoured variety which caused inflammation and the others are not moist enough. Thank you." (1st Apr 2012)

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