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"It's transformed my sex life! I was living with day to day discomfort in my vagina that OBGYNs could not offer any explanation for, and that OTC remedies weren't touching. It has taken all the discomfort away and made sex extremely pleasurable. So grateful. " LT, Bude (10th Nov 2021)
"No more painful sex. I will buy this product for years " GW, Dundee (18th Oct 2021)
"Best lube I have ever used. Used to suffer with painful sex until I discovered yes! So thankful " MM, London (14th Sep 2021)
"Makes all the difference. Renders what had become a fairly tortuous experience, with the foreboding of subsequent discomfort, irritation, infection, to one that you can enjoy with confidence " RB, Birmingham (14th Aug 2021)
"Wonderful! After many years of suffering from dyspareunia I can now enjoy sex again (at 70) with my husband of 50 years (who thinks all his Xmases have come at once 😀 ) Thank you so much! XOX " GF, Cirencester (24th Jul 2021)
"Fantastic! Without my YES products I would not be able to have intercourse with my husband. A real life saver. " NH, Harrow (6th Jul 2021)
"Used a few others and this actually gives us pain free sex, which is brilliant! " PR, Tottenham (13th Jun 2021)
"I use this in conjunction with Vagifem vaginal inserts and it has enabled me and my husband to resume our sex life as I am no longer in pain from vaginal atrophy. A great product thank you. " LW, Guernsey (28th Apr 2021)
"After years without help from doctors for vaginal atrophy after menopause, I found YesYes online and we got our sex life back fully. Can never thank you enough. " FW, Devon (26th Apr 2021)
"Life changing! Suddenly sex has become groany from pleasure rather than feeling the barbed wire of 'this is awful'. My husband likes it too! I am hoping that the vaginal moisuriser will eventually kick in and I can start to feel comfortable all the time." DT, Dudley (12th Apr 2021)
"This has made such a difference. Sex is so much more comfortable and enjoyable. " NH, Harrow (9th Apr 2021)
"I love it! Sex as an older woman is absolutely amazing with the water-based lubricant!" DS, Donnington (25th Mar 2021)
"Made what can sometimes be a little painful and frustrating, to an easy experience and both feeling very satisfied " TK, Kingston (7th Mar 2021)
"Love! Love! Love these products!! Changed my intimate experience for the better!! Feel "young" again!" PS, Warblington (20th Feb 2021)
"As an older woman I couldn't have a pleasurable sex life without Yes!" AD, Reading (10th Feb 2021)
"It's been live changing for me, and enabled myself and husband to have much more comfortable intimate relationship. " BH, Chester (24th Jan 2021)
"Only lube products I ever buy. now.. cannot be without them! Thank you." SR, Tottenham (15th Jan 2021)
"Only lube products I ever buy. now.. cannot be without them! Thank you. " LD, Lymington (28th Dec 2020)
"Saved my sex life, no more painful sex. No itching from allergic reactions to products. Thank you for caring about women!! " RT, Caterham (14th Dec 2020)
"Makes painful sex disappear " LR, Warwickshire (1st Dec 2020)
"It's saved my relationship, made sex possible and enjoyable again " OP, London (1st Nov 2020)
"Really worked for dryness and painful sex. Also more helpful than anything else i have tried for Interstitial Cystitis. " SB, Welshpool (11th Oct 2020)
"I've had painful sex for most of my active sex life. It wasn't until a friend suggested I switched up my lube that I came across your products and tried them. I suffered from pain during sex during to dryness and regular cystitis. I've tried both Yes OB and WB and OMG! What a difference! I'm now a regular WB user, both with my partner and on my own. It lasts for a long time, no pain, no infections after, no sticky feeling, just pleasure! This is a game changer and should be given to every woman as they enter puberty! " OM, Salisbury (29th Sep 2020)
"Your products are a GOD SEND!! It literally has made a complete difference in my intimate life with my husband. " JN, Chichester (24th Sep 2020)
"Saved our relationship! sex was so painful I tried to avoid it for a long time before seeing consultant at hospital who told me Yes products were excellent, he was so right. " HD, Ludlow (3rd Sep 2020)
"Your product is gives amazing results. " BS, Warwickshire (26th Aug 2020)
"I made my first order only 2 weeks ago to get some samplings and I LOVE LOVE the WB products! So much that it has only been 2 weeks and I want to load up my stock already. The Applicators are easy to use and have just the right volume. It has changed my relationship dramatically, as I can now enjoy being with my partner rather than worrying about the dryness and pain. " MM, Norfolk (14th Aug 2020)
"I wasn't able to enjoy pain free sex until I tried AH! YES water based. Not only is it amazing for pain free sex it doesn't have a gross smells and is so easy to clean up. A little goes a long way. My sex life is 100 percent better. My partner also loves it and is grateful that I found something that actually works. I definitely reccomend it. " KD, Crewe (30th Jul 2020)
"By using water based products on myself and oil based on my boyfriend I feel young again (and not 70+) and able to enjoy intimacy without pain. " BH, Harrow (23rd Jul 2020)
"Works very well and has help my discomfort during sex " SD, Dudley (19th Jul 2020)
"It's great. Wouldnt be enjoying sex without it! " HN, Yeovil (8th Jul 2020)
"I love this product, we use WB and OB and swear by them. It makes such a difference to the pain I get during sex usually " GW, Halifax (26th Jun 2020)
"Since using Yes together with medical guidance I now enjoy sex with my husband after a long period of abstinence due to painful sex " JN, Ravenglass (16th Jun 2020)
"It as unbelievable the difference that I feel when using this product and having sexual intercourse " IR, Ripon (27th May 2020)
"For those of us in the over 70 group. it helps make intimacy exciting " HU, Whitby (4th Apr 2020)
"I can not thank you enough, after a couple of years not being able to have sex with my husband due to vaginal dryness and the menopause, I have used this product just a couple of times with great success. I have been using a hormone cream prescribed by my Doctor with minimal success mostly due to my worry about using the product after losing my Mum to breast cancer ( I have to stress my Doctor absolutely confirmed it was safe to use just my insecurities) " AN, Bristol (16th Mar 2020)
"We tried your dual intro pack with oil based and water based lubes and we had to come back for more. It's been so helpful with dryness and pain with intercourse, especially since the birth of our daughter. Thank you! " OT, Bologne (12th Dec 2019)
"The best, I can now safely have intercourse with my boyfriend and not worry about being extremely dry and it being painful. I can now enjoy the times we are together. " GH, Farlington (11th Dec 2019)
"My wife and I have had difficulty with penetrative sex right from the start - when we married, nearly three years ago. We have both tried various medical treatments, with little success. Last night, trying again, we found a sample sachet of Yes OB that the gynaecologist had given us. We tried it, and in I went, no problems! " HL, Oxford (19th Nov 2019)
"Best product I've tried. Finally I found a product that works. I've had intimacy issues for about 15 years and finally I get to enjoy being w/my spouse of 25 years. Thanks to you! " NE, Louisiana (2nd Nov 2019)
"I am 72 years old and sex has become unpleasant due to my dryness. My husband still enjoys sex and I always dread it. I am hoping this will make sex as exciting and pleasurable as it used to be. " NI, Oxford (10th Oct 2019)
"I had not been able to have pain-free, worry-free sex for 4 years before finding Yes. " AL, Oxford (7th Sep 2019)
"I am in my early 70s and have a younger partner! I always enjoyed a fantastic sex life with him and was devastated when it started to hurt and he was also uncomfortable. Yes has brought all the joy, anticipation and painfree lovemaking. We are delighted. Thank-you so much. " OK, Oxford (2nd Sep 2019)
"Such a relief to be pain-free during intercourse. " AK, Kingston (28th Aug 2019)
"After reading a lot of articles, I realised the health of women's intimate areas both inside and out should not be forgotten about or neglected. Even if an active sex life isn't on the cards there is a benefit to taking care of this area. The thought of having a smear filled me with dread due to it being painful the last few times - now I feel better about dealing with it as I'm using the VM. Also as sex can be infrequent I find using the lubricant means it's much more pleasurable - I can relax without thinking 'this might hurt'. Great products. " IA, Gloucester (19th Aug 2019)
"For me a female of 70 it is the best lubricant I have used, so it means intercourse can still be enjoyed it's not just enjoyment for the younger generation. " MS, Southampton (17th Aug 2019)
"This product was recommended to me by Gynaecologist after suffering painful sex and repeated infections. This product has really been a life changer, saved my relationship with my partner! The lubricants you can buy in chemists contain chemicals that make the problem worse, just wish more women knew about your products. " RA, Chester (10th Aug 2019)
"I find it very easy to use with no adverse reactions. It's a natural, ethical choice. Really I couldn't do without it for intimacy. " HF, Cardiff (24th Jun 2019)
"The WB lubricant has regenerated my relationship after being diagnosed with my health problem which made sex very painful and dreading the experience! " LO, Pembrokeshire (18th Jun 2019)
"Absolutely the best products I have ever used! After experiencing beyond painful sex to to a very dry vagina, these products have saved my sex life & marriage! And no hormone treatment & serious side effects! THE BEST!!!! " SL, Bembridge (16th Jun 2019)
"Amazing products. I took the advice to follow OB lubricant with WB lubricant and sex is now comfortable " FS, Falmouth (2nd Jun 2019)
"At 50 yrs old reaching crisis point in a relationship, Yes has changed our lives. Thank you x " YN, Kennilworth (11th May 2019)
"Changed my life no more burning and have a sex life again " FB, Hampstead (4th May 2019)
"The best lubricant available - DG is best for lubrication - great as does not cause any reaction " LY, Southampton (18th Apr 2019)
"It has helped me immeasurably. Before discovering this product I had real problems with pain, cystitis and bladder irritation after sex for most of my life. Your product has literally enabled me to keep having pain free sex at 65! " SA, Yorkshire (2nd Apr 2019)
"The YES OB made intercourse much more comfortable. " ND, Durham (20th Mar 2019)
"Absolutley Brilliant! Just starting the menopause.. sort of! No idea where I am... was sore for ages.. sex hurt.. and this realy helped and now I enjoy sex again!" CW, London (6th Mar 2019)
"I'm a man and I Love it. Sex was painful for my wife, and when we would, the moment would be lost because it was uncomfortable for her, but with YES it's YESSSS!!! " GW, Delaware (29th Jan 2019)
"I bought the trial pack a few weeks ago and I have found the products have helped so much. Sex has been painful for some time and my doctor put it down to my age! Just because you are post menopausal and over a certain age doesn't mean that you have to stop enjoying things. Made me so mad!! I tried various hormone based products which did not work and one even made me bleed!! I saw the advert for Yes on Facebook and was pleased I did. I have now just ordered some more stuff and I want to say THANK YOU Yes for making a difference! " AP, Bayswater (28th Jan 2019)
"Easy to use and always enjoyable. Great products, really appreciate the difference they make in quality of life. " DH, Hampshire (28th Jan 2019)
"I bought the trial pack a few weeks ago and I have found the products have helped so much. Sex has been painful for some time and my doctor put it down to my age! Just because you are post menopausal and over a certain age doesn't mean that you have to stop enjoying things. Made me so mad!! I tried various hormone based products which did not work and one even made me bleed!! I saw the advert for Yes on Facebook and was pleased I did. I have now just ordered some more stuff and I want to say THANK YOU Yes for making a difference! ;0)) " JV, Polperro (25th Jan 2019)
"Literally saved my sex life. The lady I spoke to on the phone was so helpful and I found myself telling her stuff I hadn't even told close friends due to embarrassment " TP, Guildford (28th Dec 2018)
"The cream has revived our sex life after the menopause kicked in a couple of years ago. Other lubricants made little difference to me - sexual intercourse remained very painful " TW, Warwickshire (14th Dec 2018)
"I had not realised how much difference using Yes could make. I previously used to use a popular lubricant, but it caused irritation and was not that effective, so after sex I felt very sore and uncomfortable. Yes has brought the pleasure back to having sex - so thank you! " KO, Christchurch, NZ (7th Nov 2018)
"Love that its natural. I experience vaginal dryness occasionally but often during sex. This product has been amazing at relieving this and the stress of being affected when being intimate with my partner. " AM, Marlow (3rd Nov 2018)
"It makes sex possible " FS, Salcombe (20th Oct 2018)
"It's really helped cure painful sex thank you " LM, Manchester (2nd Oct 2018)
"Has definitely resolved issues with discomfort during intercourse " LR, Luton (27th Sep 2018)
"I am so pleased after 25 years of pain to find your product. I am 52 and glad my husband and I can enjoy sex worry free! " WP, Warrington (15th Sep 2018)
"Love the stuff made so much difference to sexual intercourse " DK, Poole (13th Sep 2018)
"This product has been a blessing, my husband and I still enjoy intimacy after 35 years marriage, Thank you!! " KW, Queenstown, NZ (9th Sep 2018)
"My wife has been using your product for several years. It makes a real difference to her.This product has made our sex life much more enjoyable and pain free. " PT, Southend (22nd Aug 2018)
"Love the WB lube. We ran out months ago and now I am wondering if that's why sex has again been painful. Can't wait to try the vaginal moisturizer. I am 48 and my vagina needs some serious nurturing. " DJ, Sussex (24th Jul 2018)
"After a lifetime of painful sex, extremely fragile vulval tissue and some UTI issues, I can now fully enjoy life with my husband and even ride my bike in the heat and humidity of Minnesota summer. " KS, MN (20th Jul 2018)
"This is the very best product, I have a 68 year old body that behaves like its 30 years younger when I use Yes. My intimate life is very pleasurable which was certainly not the case before I found Yes. There are no words to say how grateful I am for this product. " DW, Durham (12th Jul 2018)
"After prolapse surgery left me with pudendal neuralgia and also struggle with hypersensitive skin. I had almost given up on sex, I have tried virtually every intimate moisturiser but my skin seemed to react to everything. YES OB has not caused a reaction and feels like silk, I feel more womanly thanks to this. " CV, Epsom (10th Jul 2018)
"Changed my life and let me enjoy sex again after years of discomfort and burning the VM and lubricant are the best products I'€ve ever used. " AL, Croyde Bay (8th Jul 2018)
"Love the dual glide! Otherwise penetration is quite painful : ( " UB, Birmingham (26th Jun 2018)
"After using the WB applicator it's the first time I've not felt sore after sex for years. " AK, Humberside (12th Jun 2018)
"Samples from the doctor have enabled me to enjoy sex again. " KW, Surrey (30th May 2018)
"Makes intercourse less painful and actually helps healing. I am allergic to other lubricants so this one is great and is tailored for my specific needs with having lichen sclerosis. " LA, Canterbury (23rd May 2018)
"After using the WB applicator it's the first time I've not felt sore after sex for years. " LS, Dublin (18th May 2018)
"Since my partner has had issues ovarian cysts I have found sex painful. Your products are the only ones that help me and my partner remain intimate " IG, Ipswich (29th Apr 2018)
"Delighted that it works and sex is more comfy again " LI, Eastbourne (22nd Apr 2018)
"I find this product exactly meets my needs for lubrication and enhances my enjoyment. " SM, Guildford (15th Apr 2018)
"I am really thankful I found your products. They have really saved my marriage because sex was very uncomfortable and painful. Thank you sincerely and also thank you for not making your products super expensive. I truly appreciate your company. " OP, Birmingham (12th Mar 2018)
"Fantastic lubricant, extremely soothing and nourishing. Would highly recommend. Has been instrumental in healing my dyspareunia, thank you. " NC, Bembridge (2nd Mar 2018)
"My partner and I had intercourse the other night, and for the fist time in over 6 months I was able to really enjoy sex without pain, and without the need to reach for the lube, I also had my first orgasm in months thank to YES VM. Thank you " ID, York (18th Feb 2018)
"This stuff is saving my sex life. Sex was painful and un-fun because of the dryness. I was also getting VB which I'd never had and realized that I needed a lower pH product to keep things healthy. Love the discreet tubes - no need to make a big production of it. And the Yes But is really great (my husband loves it.) So envious of your NHS and its modern perspective on womens sexual health. Here in the US.... well - we can only hope for national healthcare let alone a focus on sexual well-being. " GF, New York (17th Jan 2018)
"No pain during intimacy. If you have had these problems and you finally find a product that works, you are emotionally and phyiscally relieved. " IM, Harrow (15th Jan 2018)
"I bought several of your products few months ago; using them has restored my sex life in terrific ways and additionally, my partner was very pleased with OB and DG used on him! Thank you. " DD, Farlington (16th Nov 2017)
"Best thing ever! Finally enjoying sex again! " OI, Rye (6th Nov 2017)
"Made my life a lot more fun and enjoyable as the old man takes Viagra now! From a much happier pensioner! " EF, Guildford (2nd Oct 2017)
"Sex just could not take place with out yes lubricant many thanks to your products " RW, Kent (26th Sep 2017)
"We have used the oil based Yes products for several years. At age 67 and 69, the oil based product makes intimacy possible and that means a lot. " HM, Oxford (25th Sep 2017)
"You guys are AWESOME. I tell every woman in my age range when an appropriate conversation arises of your amazing product and company. Thank you so very much for all that you do. Your products have made a wonderful, positive difference in my life (and for my husband, wink wink)! It got to the point that I was having excruciatingly painful sex, that is when we had it, a couple years ago. The result was we quit having sex altogether because I couldn't hide it, didn't want to, and my husband didn't like hurting me. We just lived with it. I was very healthy otherwise (I walk 2.5 miles 4 to 5 days a week) and eat for nutrition... but had no idea I had vaginal atrophy. Women don't talk about these things that happen to most of us of a certain age. We should. But now, thanks to YES, my body, and my sex-life is 'normal' again. Thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU! 🙂 " CP, Swindon (6th Sep 2017)
"Your product has been a life changer. After menopause, the dryness, itching and pain with sex has been unbearable. Since using your product, that has all but disappeared. I'm going to try the VM product to help with the dryness issues on a more long term basis, but the applicators are the best. I also love the organic nature of your product. I had some bad reactions from most of the over-the-counter products here in the States. YES has never given me any problems. " AL, Oxford (3rd Sep 2017)
"61 years old. Makes all the difference in the world to a great sex life. No vanilla sex here. I've introduced many of my friends to the product. " WB, Teddington (2nd Sep 2017)
"This is the most amazing product for older people and we are very happy that it works for us. An amazing product without which we could not have sex. Thank you. " GY, Glasgow (13th Aug 2017)
"My husband enjoys the natural feel and it really helps in making sex enjoyable again. Thank you " FG, Falmouth (10th Aug 2017)
"I LOVE your OB lube!!!!! Thank you SO much for making sex fun again!!!! " IN, Ipswich (18th Jul 2017)
"Brilliant products. My girlfriend has had vulvademia and other issues causing pain with penetration. These are the only products that have helped us be intimate and they are organic and cruelty free which is important to us too. Love the yes water and oil lubes together. Not sticky at all " WT, Worcester (6th Jul 2017)
"Used the VM moisturizer for a couple of weeks and it has changed my life!!! Hardly any pain during intercourse now, amazing!!! I am sure the more I use it the more effective it will be. Love it, yes, yes, yes!!! " PW, Portsmouth (30th Apr 2017)
"Having had vaginal atrophy diagnosed using Yes has improved our sex life tremendously " WL, London (31st Mar 2017)
"I love using WB applicator & VM applicator for love making. My husband uses the OB Lubricant. The pain I had before buying these products was intense and i did not want to even think of being intimate. Thanks for that! I also do use the VM every few days for my own health. It does help with burning urination! " EB, Brighton (4th Feb 2017)
"Thank you for letting me find out I can have pain free sex with my husband again, it has been wonderful for both of us after years of struggling... " ON, Nottingham (8th Dec 2016)
"For health reasons I cannot use oestrogen and other lubricants have caused soreness or skin reactions. Yes has changed my sex life " OG, Reigate (23rd Nov 2016)
"I have always adopted a 'use it or lose it' approach to post menopause sexual intercourse so wasn't too surprised, after an accident which involved a short period of enforced abstinence, when I found that penetration was initially a bit uncomfortable. However, over time it became increasingly painful, and terribly stressful for both my husband and I, and made me really fear that my sex-life might be over. Yes products seem to have sorted out all the dryness and irritation, and feel like a mini miracle - and I've got my Mojo back! " NH, Harrow (24th Oct 2016)
"I've been struggling with endometriosis and this really takes the anxiety out of sex. I love sex but the endometriosis was causing pain and this had devastating effect on my mood. But yes really helped eased the pain so a can enjoy sex again. " TF, Durham (7th Oct 2016)
"Great - couldn't have sex without it - I am 73! " EC, Warwickshire (20th Sep 2016)
"Very pleased, love making is not so painful now, still a little painful, but it is so much better. " OP, Idaho (2nd Sep 2016)
"I have been using it for 3 months now and it has changed my life - no more pain in intercourse - wonderful " ED, Derby (26th Aug 2016)
"I’ve had pelvic pain for 15 years and one of the most challenging aspects has been comfortable sex with my partner. Yes products were the first thing in years to actually help provide comfort and even pain free sex and the ability to desensitise. I use both water and oil for easing uncomfortable days also. It’s an amazing fundamental leap in a very long exhausting emotional journey. If has given me important aspects of my life back. I had almost given up hope of anything working and I’m so pleased to have found this. " UF, London (9th Aug 2016)
"I was having pain during sex for the last several years, which made it impossible to enjoy it & be with my husband. It has been a relief to find your oil based formula - no more pain, good for very sensitive area, no toxic ingredients. Thank you!! " RC, Colchester (3rd Aug 2016)
"This stuff really works!! My wife had not been able to have intercourse without pain for over a year. We tried YES and wow!! We are back in the saddle. 🙂 " AW, Surrey (27th Jul 2016)
"It has given me back a sex life. Thank you. " CC, Coventry (24th Jul 2016)
"Finally a product that allows for comfortable sex. We had almost given up. " PM, Portugal (24th Jul 2016)
"I hadn't had pain free sex in a year and now using oil based for me and water based for him, can enjoy it again. There are no oil based lubricants I could find in the U.S., just water based - and those don't work for me. " ZS, Mississippi (21st Jul 2016)
"We had almost given up on sex and were very disappointed with other lubes, as they are all chemical, unhealthy and many hurt as much as sex. We tried yours and !!!!!!!!! We feel young again. Thanks so much for what you have done " IL, London (15th Jul 2016)
"My wife no longer experiences pain and/or discomfort when using your products during lovemaking. " WH, Harrow (14th Jul 2016)
"All the yes products are soothing and most definitely help to reduce painful sex " AC, Brussels (20th Apr 2016)
"It is the only product that lubricates so that I may have painless intercourse with my husband of 44 years of marriage. I told my Doctor about YES and she's passing on your name to others having painful intercourse. " SH, Pulborough (31st Mar 2016)
"After my hysterectomy, I was always as dry as the Sahara Desert, and sex was excruciatingly painful! Before YES, I tried every lubricant created and hated them all! Until I tried YES I thought there was no hope for me. All I can say is YES, YES, YES is THE BEST BEST BEST!!! Thank you for making me feel "normal" again!! " CN, Cambridge (21st Feb 2016)
"Yes has changed by life, without your product I would not be able to have sex as it was painful - I am now a different person full of confidence, love your product. I am in a new relationship of six months and he does not know that i am using your product... he is just full of compliments because he like the feel of the oil base that I am using... Thank You Very much you have given me back my ""life"" and I am having a great time. Keep up the good work! " FV, Florida (18th Feb 2016)
"Your product cured my vaginismus - the burning and pain are no more. Thank you for saving my relationship with my husband. Unbelievably effective! I'd say my intercourse pain went from 90% to 5%. " KY, Lancashire (10th Feb 2016)
"I've tried every product on the market to prevent bleeding from vaginal dryness during intercourse. Yes oil base lubricant is the ONLY product that worked. Thank you!!! " YN, Yorkshire (6th Feb 2016)
"I have not tried to have sex yet. Too scared to try but tampons now do not hurt to remove. So that indicated it's working. " ZW, Washington (4th Feb 2016)
"Easy to use. The product is amazing and has changed my sex life!! I've even sent the product to my mother... Thank You. I use Yes Oil with an applicator prior to sexual intercourse...it is much better than just having my husband apply. I am now pain free. " EF, Havant (16th Jan 2016)
"My sex life would be non existent if it was not for yes products. " SW, Bristol (14th Jan 2016)
"Yes oil lubricant is wonderful as it has ended some serious issues for both husband and myself. We are a loving couple and have been together for over 28 years. The natural aging process creates issues for both the male and female in a heterosexual relationship. This product has given us back our "lovelife." It has harmless ingredients and is very pleasant to use. Thank you! " TS, Salisbury (11th Jan 2016)
"All the difference to whether I can participate in love making or not!!! Many thanks for such a helpful to what is seen as generally a natural and bonding of couples in their relationship ..but for those like myself have been afraid to for the pain and soreness involved without 'yes'... I still need a good week ahead of to build up enough protection which all creates a 'planned' event unfortunately but a vast improvement of not. " VG, Vauxhall (5th Jan 2016)
"It's a wonderful product and without it I would not be able to make love with my partner without pain. " TT, Sussex (22nd Dec 2015)
"After months and months of trying different lubricants, with symptoms of vaginal thrush and painful sex, I finally found something that I can trust and feel good about. And it does feel good! Thank you so much for making this possible. " WD, Vancouver (26th Nov 2015)
"Finally! I have tried so many products, including those recommended by my gynecologist. But sex was so terribly painful that I was avoiding going to bed, much less having sex. Needless to say, our intimacy was suffering, and that didn't help the marriage. Then I did a web search for natural lubricants and discovered Yes. I loved everything I read, and the fact that you're a woman-run organization made me say "oh, yes!" So I sent for the sample package. The first time I used your product (the water-based applicator*) I knew immediately that this would be a different experience. And it was! It was the best sex we've had in years and I was 100% pain free. My husband is as thrilled as I am. It was like opening up a whole new world for us, and we're now devoted fans of your products. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!! *By the way...I didn't even read the instructions for the applicator. The easy, snap-off tip was fast and self-explanatory. Great idea! " ED, Derby (15th Nov 2015)
"The produce has changed my intercourse experience for the best. Easy to use and lasts, I can now enjoy the experience rather than worry about the pain. I even mentioned it to a friend. " CG, Oxford (13th Nov 2015)
"My wife has been on a cream from her doctor for 3 years, did not work at all and was not good for her. After the 2nd use of your water based the pain having sex was reduced by 90 % in the first week and better since then! " RD, Chester (14th Oct 2015)
"As we are an older couple sex had become painful but with your gel it is a pleasure once again. " OK, Worcester (12th Oct 2015)
"Your water-based personal lubricant is THE BEST. I am VERY sensitive "down there" and most other products irritate my skin or even give me an infection. Yes feels and acts exactly like my body's own lubrication. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to be able to enjoy pain-free sex again and not have to worry about infection or skin irritation. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making this amazing product! " DE, Cirencester (2nd Oct 2015)
"I love love love yes, we started using yes in 2014 where I had some vagina dryness and my husband had some pain when we have too much sex but with Yes we can go for hours with no pain and the vanilla scent is just heavenly! " OI, Barcelona (1st Oct 2015)
"I've used the products before and I love that they allow me to enjoy sex without any discomfort " FV, Italy (19th Sep 2015)
"I love using the water-based on myself and the oil-based on my partner. It feels so lovely and suddenly there are less problems getting in the way of enjoying myself! " TB, Cornwall (17th Sep 2015)
"Love the oil and water based lubricants! So nice to once again look forward to and enjoy sex without the pain and discomfort. My hubby loves the smooth sensation, too! Thank you!!! ; ) " PT, Norfolk (14th Sep 2015)
"This is a fantastic product. My husband and I are not as restricted by my condition and can enjoy our time together without me suffering the discomfort and avoiding intimacy. " KS, Merseyside (11th Sep 2015)
"Yes provided great satisfaction with vaginal dryness and allowed us to enjoy sex again.. " UC, Paris (10th Sep 2015)
"Love this product. It has improved my intimacy issues tremendously. Thank you!!! " PL, London (26th Aug 2015)
"Finally! Only product that prevents painful sex with my 53 year young wife " JK, NY USA (15th Aug 2015)
"I am so thankful for Yes! It has given me a pleasurable pain free sex life again! My husband and I thank you! " SF, France (18th Jul 2015)
"I would not be able to have sex if not for your product. " WD, Durham (14th Jul 2015)
"Yes allows my husband (of fifty years next month) and I pleasurable and pain free love making. Thank you." RF, Norfolk (12th Jul 2015)
"Love this stuff. Bought one 6 pack box and was impressed after the first use. There was no irritation at all. Also I had forgotten how good sex felt until I tried Yes. Thank you. " RL, Isle of Wight (2nd Jul 2015)
"Having used water based yes for approx. 2 years I couldn't be without it. Vaginal atrophy and dryness previously made sex painful - it's made a huge difference. " CF, Swansea (20th May 2015)
"I tried other lubricants. This lubricant is best for intimacy and ability to engage in sex. Helped with vaginal atrophy. " PH, Cumberland (30th Apr 2015)
"I have experienced terrible pain during intercourse for the past 18 months. I have tried everything from the doctors with no benefit. I was so happy on trying the "Yes" trial pack, amazing. We can now make love without pain. Thank you so much! " KS, Southsea (18th Apr 2015)
"We love your water based YES!!! My wife does not feel any burning like she has with other lubicants. We've been married for nearly 45 years, and I still love being intimate but now we find that is only possible using YES because it allows her enough time without that burning sensation of other lubricants with chemicals that can cause that. Your YES water based product has allowed us to continue to enjoy our special times when for a while we thought they were over. Thank you so very much for your most wonderful product!!! " IO, Manchester (27th Mar 2015)
"I've quite recently started a new relationship, which is not bad at 71! I've always enjoyed good sexual relationships, but at my age, without 'Yes' it would be a lot less fun! Thanks. " RF, Worthing (16th Mar 2015)
"It had been 16 yrs since I had intimate relations. I didn't think it would be possible. I can not believe that after using your product 1 time that all my problems are gone!! I feel normal again!!! " IY, Cumbria (11th Mar 2015)
"Yes has brought our marriage back to life! " TY, Yeovil (7th Mar 2015)
"It has changed our lives and our sex lives - I have been in despair for nearly 2 years and tried every form of treatment I was recommended and could find. It was a desperate comment to my nutritionist, that I thought I should consider hormone treatments that made her jump out of her chair and grab the samples of YES. One use and I knew we were on the right track, that penetration after a year of none, was still possible. Three uses adn we felt like we were young again. Thank you so much for developing this product. you saved me, my marriage and my self-esteem. " GH, Hereford (6th Mar 2015)
"There is a definite improvement in comfort and I am feeling more at ease and more confident." DF, Paris (4th Mar 2015)
"We tried the sample and finally did not have pain for the first time in years. " ED, Hertfordshire (2nd Mar 2015)
"Just received the sample packet and loved the product. After just using for two days, I feel more lubricated and sex is more comfortable. Thank you. " SW, Worcester (18th Feb 2015)
"Fantastic product, my wife no longer has pain with sex. " TH, Harrington (14th Feb 2015)
"Love it! First time sex hasn't been painful in years. " SS, Shefield (29th Jan 2015)
"Very satisfied with your water based product and I wouldn't be able to have intercourse with my wife without it. " AS, Sussex (26th Jan 2015)
"Unbelievable - pain free sex for the first time for years! " DE, Florida (17th Jan 2015)
"I am 47 and YES products have made a huge difference in our sex life and particularly my comfort due to vaginal dryness. I am allergic to everything else I've tried. I can't live without it now. Thank you. " CQ, Berkshire (16th Jan 2015)
"After trying over 20 different products, YES finally made intimacy somewhat bearable. Thank you so very much. " RE, Reading (12th Jan 2015)
"The products are amazing and have made sex comfortable and pleasurable again. Thank you. " GH, Edinburgh (8th Jan 2015)
"Wonderful stuff. Would be having painful sex without it. Highly recommended " WS, Hampshire (16th Dec 2014)
"I'm finding Yes very helpful in regaining my sex life after many years of pain and distress " PS, Somerset (6th Dec 2014)
"Excellent product. I highly recommend to anyone who has had issues with dryness, pain during intercourse or stress about those. Yes helped me break the cycle between experiencing pain- worrying about/expecting pain - experiencing pain. It has greatly helped in saving part of my relationship. Sometimes you just need a little help! " DF, Kent (1st Oct 2014)
"I have been having problems with vaginal dryness and painful sex for over 10 years and your product is the only one that has helped and gave back my sex life. Thank you so much " JT, Essex (18th Sep 2014)
"Yes has brought pleasure back to intimacy for me. Particularly the water over oil method has really been a life saver! " NH, Cheshire (17th Sep 2014)
"Changed my outlook on being sexual in my 60's. Thought that part of my life was over because sex was so painful!!! Thanks!!! I feel 20 again!!! " KL, Hastings (14th Sep 2014)
"Thank you, thank you, thank you. I had resorted to taking antibiotics after intercourse, very scary indeed. Your product has freed me! I simply can't thank you enough. " HD, East Suffolk (13th Sep 2014)
"Yes made sex sooo much more comfortable and stopped me literally "gritting my teeth" Thank you.....a life and love saver! " JA, Colorado (10th Sep 2014)
"Your product is amazing, truly! I know that many of the testimonials have already said this but it has saved what was a previously horrendous sex life - meaning I did not want sex EVER as it was far too painful to endure...which my husband interpreted as me not wanting to have sex with him EVER again. The intimacy in our relationship really went through the ringer and for two years we limped along with lots of resentment and hurt on both sides. I finally went to the Doctors and discovered that I was/am still going through peri menopause at the moment resulting in a very dry vagina which then often brought terrible bouts of bladder infections. Now after three months or so of using your product, we are thoroughly enjoying an amazing sex life. I want to have sex and I want to enjoy being intimate with my hubby. Honestly, my vagina now feels like it felt when I was 20 years old, well lubricated and ready for great sex! I have told me Doctor about your product and the remarkable affect it has had on my hubby and I, she is now recommending Yes lubricants to other patients! you, Thank you, thank you for developing such a great lubricant well done! " RB, Nottingham (14th Jul 2014)
"This product has completely revived our intimacy....when it become painful to have sex and everything we had tried before Yes didn't work I had become pretty depressed and my husband and I were both very frustrated...once we began using this product we can hardly keep our hands off of each other! 🙂 " IL, London (12th Jul 2014)
"I have tried many lubricants and was suggested YES by a friend. I don't think I will ever go back to another lubricant. I finally can have sex and actually enjoy my experience instead of dreading doing it. Before I would have physical pain from intercourse, and now when I use YES I never do. Thank you for this product! " YD, Hampshire (5th Jun 2014)
"My first experience was very good. I'm 62 and I haven't had pain free intercourse in years. Yes does work! " RD, Richmond (22nd May 2014)
"I just wanted to take the time to thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating such an amazing lubricant! This product has changed my life. My Yes water based lubricant arrived several weeks ago, but I wanted to wait to be sure that I did not have an allergic reaction after using it, as I have had with other products. I have several allergies, including those related to substances, foods, and drugs, and Yes is the ONLY lubricant that I have tried that does not make my vagina burn and itch! I suffer from endometriosis and uterine fibroids, so sex can be uncomfortable at times in addition to the vaginal dryness that I often experience. I am proud to say that I am a confident woman who enjoys sex, and thanks to the Yes water based lubricant, I have been able to have more pleasurable sex without my super sensitive vagina being overly irritated from dryness and friction during sex. This product has also helped to prevent any further yeast infections/thrush that I previously experienced!!! The Yes lubricant is excellent and I cannot wait to reorder once I run out.....which should be really soon ! Yes rocks!!! Please keep up the amazing work! " Beth, Texas, USA (22nd Mar 2014)
"Amazing, unbelievable, blessed to have found this! Have gone from such painful sex that I quit having it, to being able to have it again due to this wonderful product." Hope, USA (23rd Feb 2014)
"Glad I found "Yes". Makes lovemaking the pleasurable experience it is meant to be. " Jill, Cambridge, UK (29th Nov 2013)
"Amazing - I had been avoiding sex for a couple of years due to pain. My husband and myself are very happy! " Debbie, CA, USA (3rd Nov 2013)
"Beyond amazing!!! Me and my husband are so thankful. I am very young but due to health issues making love was very very painful for me even though I wanted to so badly my body just wouldn't allow it to happen without pain. I did research tried different natural products and WOW!! SO amazing no pain at all anymore. We use the water base. It feels like nothing is there at all and it last the whole time and it heals you! We don't need nearly as much as we did in the beginning of using this product. Thank u so very much! " Lisha (5th Sep 2013)
"Your products are amazing and have been so helpful for me. No more painful, dry intercourse. Thank you." Mrs Morris, MA, USA (22nd Aug 2013)
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"Yes has totally changed my sex life! I always found sex painful and although my husband suggested it might be the fruity lubricators with god knows what ingredients, we never actually got as far as trying to find an alternative. I just put up with the pain and presumed that was just my lot! I'm loving Yes. I am no longer in any pain at all. Thank you - I am now a lifetime fan. " Kim, US (7th Mar 2013)
"This absolutely saved my painful intercourse problems!" T Mattos, Los Angeles (28th Feb 2013)
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"I was looking for an organic solution to help me with a sexual difficulty and found that it exceeded expectations. Using the oil based stuff goes beyond helping me with my issue; me and my partner have more fun." Mrs F, Hampshire, UK (12th Nov 2012)
"This is my second order and I will be a life-long customer. I am a 48 years old, married, in great shape and otherwise very healthy female who has had a major problem for the last two years with tearing, bleeding and pain during intercourse. I have been to 3 different medical specialist, been treated with all kinds of creams, estrogens products and other frustrating attempts to help but all to no avail. I am ecstatic to report that with Yes Water Based lubricant, for the first time in over 2 years, I have had amazing, no-pain, no-bleeding sex!!!! My husband is thrilled as well. We were even able to try different positions - I cannot tell you what this means to me. THANK YOU makers of Yes!! You have a very satisfied customer for life. " Mrs S, MD, USA (5th Nov 2012)
"Super product and lovely feminine packaging but most importantly has changed something from painful to comfortable, thank you" Mrs Lee, Cambridgeshire (8th Sep 2012)
"Do we have our sex life back? YES!" Douglas, KS, USA (12th Aug 2012)
"I purchased my trial products last week and used them this weekend and for the first time in a long while had no pain during intercourse, wonderful experience for both of us, particularly found the applicators useful. " Kathy, Derbyshire, UK (23rd Jul 2012)
"I have been suffering with painful intercourse since a prolapse operation and your products have helped me considerably, thank you." C McAnally, Victoria (28th Jun 2012)
"Finally! Easy, clean, pain free love with my husband. Love after 60 is pain free again." J Murphy, AZ, USA (28th Jun 2012)
"After many trials of different creams this product is the best for painful dry sore intercourse making my sexual relationship a nightmare thank goodness I have found it( yesyesyes) " K Chivers, South Gloucestershire, UK (28th Jun 2012)
"Yes has truly changed my life. Intercourse was extremely painful for me and almost ruined my relationship with the love of my life. After finding Yes, we reconnected and were much happier and carefree. Now, we are married and are planning on starting a family soon. It might not have happened without Yes! I tell all of our married friends about it!" Julie B, FL, USA (1st Apr 2012)
"I read an article in the Sunday Mail You magazine dated Sunday the 23 of October. it was by Jane Fonda !!!! she had written her 10 must haves .. number 10 was your product and she was raving about it.. so i thought i would log onto your site and it was sooo good and all the letters sounded so positive.. i am almost 48 and have been in the menopause for over 2 years, the last few months have been rather hard in the sex department .. my fault totally and my poor hubby i think had almost given up !!!!! we have been married almost 23 years,, and the thought of sex was such a no no .. i was in America in August and bought a product called Silky.. it was rubbish and made me more sore.. i ordered some oil from a company called love honey. again it didn't work.. It was easier to avoid sex and i would wait until my hubby was asleep before going to bed. and even slept in another room again to avoid sex.. as you can imagine this was not doing our relationship any good. Two weeks ago i saw the article and thought sod it i will order the indroudcty pack. all i can say is a huge thank you.. my hubby works away during the week so last Friday i used the water base applicator.. i was sooo embarrassed but it was amazing sooooo lovely.. .. we used it again on the Saturday ..( i know sex again !!!!!!!! ) and it was just as lush. i cant describe how lovely it was.. i feel normal again.. i have ordered the multi pack.. my hubby is wondering what the hell id going on.. you have saved a marriage so a megga thank you.. I have had no side affects i haven't been sore i haven't had any sign of thrush which i was getting all the time.. I have been telling EVERYBODY in work. how amazing your product is.. i am sure you will be getting more orders from the south West !!!!!!... I can honestly say it is not normal for me to be chatting happily about sex !!!!!!!!!!! .. . i think you should get in touch with Jane Fonda and say thank you for telling people about your product .. i am sure lots of people will have ordered Yes after reading what she had said.. I hope , this email has helped and i am sorry for going on...... Can i ask a question ??? how soon can you use the applicator before you actually have sex ??. i felt such a twit going to the bathroom to use it before we actually made love. sorry for sounding thick.. I would like to say a huge thank you again... my hubby has sent me lovely texts all week, we are talking more. and its just made us sooo much more happy love from June R. xx" June R, UK (1st Apr 2012)
"I had hysterectomy surgery 5 years ago and my sex life was a problem. My gynaecologist told me to take hormones but I did not for some physical reason. Every time I had sex with my husband I always felt terrible pain inside and outside. I was using a different kind of lubricant before but it wasn't working. I was so curious about thinking that there could be a product that would help me, so I looked online and found your website with some excellent feedback from the users/customers. So I ordered to try for myself. It was so astonishing, the product works brilliantly for me, it is very effective and my sex life now is back to normal. Thank you so much for making Yes Products." Rebecca, IL, USA (1st Apr 2012)
"I find the product extremely helpful and has improved our sex life, which otherwise was very painful due to vaginal dryness following a hysterectomy. I am very happy with the product. My first purchase was a trial size, however I now feel confident to buy the large bottle." (1st Apr 2012)
"First I will start by saying THANK YOU for making this wonderful product. I ordered the YES oil&water based due to a severe vaginal dryness I have. I'm 29 years old and have been married for almost 8 years and let me just tell you that I was never able to enjoy my married sex life. Due to the vaginal dryness, I always experienced a horrible pain, cracks and vaginal infections after sex. It got to the point that I just did not want sex anymore I was AVOIDING SEX in every way possible. Hormonal therapy prescribed by my OBGYN and different lubes just never worked leading me to believe that something was definitely wrong w/ me and my OBGYN always told me that every test I did was normal nothing was wrong but didn't believe her until now. I used YES oil first then water based lube and OMG THANKS TO GOD AND YES LUBE I can say that "I ENJOYED SEX AGAIN IN YEARS" now my hubby and I are confident we can conceive our first baby. I don't know if you can get the picture of me trying to conceive a baby avoiding sex because of painful intercourse. So, now the fear is gone and my husband and I can get busy enjoying sex and instead of having sex once every couple months now we can have sex everyday no pain and hoping to get pregnant very soon. YES product made this possible for me all I have to say is thank you and if you are reading this testimonial give it a try because IT WORKS you will be amazed just like me. And to add one more thing my husband did not complain of the texture it is very light unlike the other lubes I tried that did not work and was very sticky and always gave me a burning reaction but, Yes lube was just perfect! Before Yes LUBE "NO FOR SEX" after YES LUBE "YES,YES and million YESSES FOR SEX LOL... my hubby now has to work hard to keep up w/ me!" Val (1st Apr 2012)
"Thank you again for the wonderful solution to our soon-to-be-forgotten painful lovemaking!" (1st Apr 2012)
"THANK YOU! I cannot express how relieved I was when I tried yes for the first time - making love was fantastic. I have experienced dryness since I was 28 even though I would become aroused and I am now 36 - I can now enjoy making love again without any worry and it has almost saved my marriage. That may sound very dramatic but any woman who logs on to yes web site will fully understand what I am saying. So if you are reading this message it is not just a gimmick, it is real and that is why I felt strongly enough to write this message. It works and lasts so you do not have to plan your love making - it's so natural! Thank you yes for a product that does what it says!" (1st Apr 2012)
"Intercourse has become very uncomfortable since the menopause. Yes lubricant has helped make it enjoyable again. Thank you for such a great product!" Mrs M, Utah, USA (1st Apr 2012)
"I love this product, it is the first in many years that does not cause burning." (1st Apr 2012)
"Since beginning the birth control pill, I've experienced horrible pain while being intimate with my boyfriend. We tried everything we could find in stores and even talked to a doctor. After three years of pain, I can finally enjoy being intimate with my boyfriend. Yes is the only thing that has helped keep the pain away. THANK YOU!!!." (1st Apr 2012)
"This is my second time ordering. It is the first such product I have used that did not leave me with stinging pain. We are SOOOOOO Happy, thank you." (1st Apr 2012)
"I have been using your water-based product for well over a year now, in fact ever since I was diagnosed with Lichen Sclerosis a year and a half ago. I use it every day and the last time I visited my gynaecologist he said how pleased he was with my condition. I know that there has been a big improvement in the symptoms and I believe this to be in part down to your wonderful product which I use every day. I also take a supplement of sea buckthorn oil which I believe has also helped. I am very grateful that such a pure and natural product exists and I hope that other people with the same condition may be encouraged to try it and see if it helps them in the same way. Many, many thanks from a very satisfied customer. " (1st Apr 2012)
"It has definitely stopped soreness. The best lubricant we have used to date. " (1st Apr 2012)
"After some years of sexual inactivity till last year, I had a bad attack of vulvodynia last summer. Excruciating and it was several doctors till it was diagnosed. The others (including a supposedly excellent gynaecologist) didn't have a clue and just told me to use vagifem. Anyway, luckily it went away after proper diagnosis and simple treatment, but am now extra careful, and Yes certainly helps here." (1st Apr 2012)
"I Have a condition called Lichen Sclerosis. The yes sample you sent me meant that we had sex without bleeding occuring. Whilst it will never be pain free at least we can be intimate again. Thank you." (1st Apr 2012)
"I just wanted to write and tell you that because of your products, I had pain-free sex for the first time in 18 months! I can hardly believe it. After the birth of my daughter, I suffered severe pain and was diagnosed with vaginismus. So I ordered your lubricants after reading wonderful things about them, and now I am a customer for life! I cannot thank you enough for helping me experience pleasure without pain once again. I really appreciate everything your company stands for and its ethics. Thank you so much! " (1st Apr 2012)
"Sex used to be very painful. It is enjoyable once again, thanks to the Yes products. " (1st Apr 2012)
"My GYN told me to buy this product. My husband and I are so glad we did. It makes us say Yes every time we use it. This product is amazing so I am back for my second tube of it. Sex does not hurt anymore at all. Thank you for making this wonderful product." (1st Apr 2012)
"Your oil based product is the best we have found and has really restored our love making to how it was many years ago. We had almost given up hope of enjoying comfortable sex again " (1st Apr 2012)
"What an amazing product. My years of suffering are over. Bring on the pleasure! " (1st Apr 2012)
"I love this product. The oil based lube was better than I had hoped for! It has helped with vaginal discomfort and does not burn like other lubricants! An ethical and quality product, great combination. I am a loyal customer now! " (1st Apr 2012)
"Your product has really helped my marriage, as it has helped my health, which helps my mind. Now I can look forward to our special times, and not dread it due to pain or irritation. " (1st Apr 2012)
"This is my second purchase which I know there will be many more to come. Love your product. It was the first time in six months that I experienced painfree sex. I thank you and I'm sure my husband thanks you. You make a wonderful product. " (1st Apr 2012)
"Four years ago I had a complete and radical hysterectomy which resulted in very painful sexual intercourse. I was very dissatisfied with the OTC and doctor prescribed products I tried. As a result, my husband and I avoided sexual intimacy. I happened upon the YES web site and products. After reading about the products felt we should try these. I placed my order and received your products in a timely manner. I purchase both the oil based and water based products. What a difference the YES products have made in restoring sexual intimacy back into our 40 year marriage." (1st Apr 2012)
"This is my second order it has made a huge difference to my comfort and confidence." (1st Apr 2012)
"It seems that many of the people who commented were happy about the relief of painful sex due to atrophy. I am hoping this will work better than the lubricants I have tried. " (1st Apr 2012)
"I'm anxious to try the applicators to help with severe vaginal dryness due to menopause. I'm currently using a product called Me Again with applicator delivery but it's not organic and contains parabens. For the applicators that I just ordered, it would be nice if it gave directions for use on website. The Me Again product that I'm currently using (purchased here in the USA) says to use daily for 7 straight days and then twice a week thereafter. Not sure if your product is used this way. I'm looking not only for lubrication for intimacy with my husband but also healing of the vaginal environment due to SEVERE vaginal dryness and extremely painful intercourse from menopause. I love that your products are all organic! Thank you for making such products... I cannot find anything similar to yours in the USA. We always put so many bad ingredients in our products " (1st Apr 2012)
"I wanted to say I have been suffering with bacterial vaginosis for 10 months now. This has been one of the hardest things to deal with. My husband and I are pretty active. (yes together) and I have been feeling VERY dirty and not pretty at all. Dealing with smell you can't control is very depressing. After using this product I have been cured and no longer need the antibiotics that cause me to have yeast infections. And have to say im soooo happy with YES YES YES... I highly recommend to every woman besides our own spit this is the closest to the safest product out there. So thank you YES.." (1st Apr 2012)

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