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YES Natural and Organic Intimate Lubricants

What is YES?

The founders of YES set out to create intimacy products which would outshine the category. It has taken three years of profound research and creative development.

Yes lubricants offer exceptional performance without compromising on quality. Whether you use a little or a lot, for pleasure or for health, discover the full YES Collection of natural and organic intimate products, in a range of sizes and variants.

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Why YES?

  • Formulated with ingredients that have proven track records as skin foods, so you can trust that your delicate tissues will be treated tenderly
  • Suitable for use as an intimate moisturizer and sexual lubricant
  • pH balanced to restore and maintain the typical vaginal environment. This ensures you retain your natural protection against thrush
  • Hormone and paraben free; no known contraindications
  • Free from all known skin irritants: certified organic and hypoallergenic
  • Recommended by healthcare professionals
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
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Customer experiences…

“It has been the most natural seeming, effective product I have tried; it causes no irritation and avoids causing imbalance in the body’s natural flora. My body seems to appreciate it and I like the fact that there are no harmful chemicals involved.”
Nicole, Granada
(May 2013)

“I am a regular customer and can say that all the products I have used have been excellent. The applicators and both the water based and oiled based lubes are excellent. I do really appreciate the natural preparation and happy with the knowledge that no potential harmful chemicals are used. Thank you to all at YES.”

Nicola, London
(April 2013)

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“My wife and have been using your products for a few years and she likes the non greasy feel as well as they do not irritate her private area. They provide great lube & the applicators are great for one time use & traveling.”
FS, Iowa
(October 2014)

“I just LOVE YES ! It has transformed my life. I feel like a real woman again. It feels so natural and it’s great to know that all the ingredients are natural too. You feel you can use YES as often as you like. I like to use it as a moisturiser and a lubricant – does both beautifully.”
Christine, Cheshire
(February 2014)

“The ingredients in your product are so good for your skin. It’s so nice to use a product that not only does the job it’s intended to do incredibly well, it also is really helping improve my skin without fragrance or harsh chemicals. I wish you would make lotion so I could put it everywhere!”
Carol, VA, USA
(February 2013)

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