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YES Organic Intimacy Week

What is Organic Intimacy Week?

Organic Intimacy Week is our chance to shout about the importance of organic and why product purity matters. Our certified organic status is at the core of our value system and our mission to ‘change the world from the inside’.

When it comes to skin care, we’re very good at paying attention to our face. It’s a no-brainer to seek out a moisturiser if our skin is dry, or invest in a blemish buster when acne appears. If we’re particularly health conscious, we may even opt for natural ‘clean’ skin care products. But when it comes to our intimate health, chances are most of us won’t give the products we’re using much thought, let alone the ingredients within them. After all, surely the products designed for use on our delicate tissues, only contain the best ingredients for our bodies? Sadly, that’s not always the case.

Many ‘mainstream’ products actually contain potentially concerning chemical ingredients, such as parabens or hormones which can cause irritation, burning or tissue damage. Statistics suggest that around 60% of what we put onto our skin (particularly the mucosal membranes such as the vagina or penis) can get into the bloodstream, just as oral medications can when swallowed. It’s no longer just a case of ‘you are what you eat’ but also ‘you are what you put onto your skin’.  When you choose an organic product certified by a third party organisation, such as the Soil Association, you’re guaranteed to be making not just the best choice for the environment, but also the best choice for your own wellbeing.

We are passionate about ‘doing the right thing’ for our customers which is why our Organic Intimacy Week campaign aims to educate others on what to look for when choosing an intimacy product, placing importance on:

Brand transparency – choosing a brand certified by a third party such as the Soil Association in order to guarantee their integrity and purity of ingredients.

Familiarising oneself with the ingredients on a label, in order to make informed decisions about products purchased and understanding the effects of these ingredients on the body.

Understanding the importance of ‘voting with your wallet’ and how swapping to organic also supports a system that respects animals, wildlife and the environment.

When is the campaign?

The campaign will run from 1st September to 8th September 2019 (with World Sexual Health Day on 4th September).

What are we doing?

Enter our exclusive YES Organic Intimacy Week social media competition to win an organic hamper filled with Soil Association certified skincare and lifestyle goodies! (Entries open 1st September)

Watch our Soil Association social media takeover on World Sexual Health Day (4th September).The YES YES Company co-founder Sarah Brooks will be answering questions on the importance of organic and intimate health.

Keep an eye out for our informative organic blog series, ranging from topics such as ‘Why organic is the best choice for your intimate health’ and ‘Say YES to better sex’ to ‘The truth about the ingredients in intimacy products’ and ‘Voting with your wallet.’

How can you get involved?

Follow us on social media and sign up to our newsletter to receive the latest Organic intimacy Week news and exclusive offers.

The Organic Intimacy Week Competition!

*Win an Organic Hamper Worth over £170*

To celebrate Organic September, we’re launching a social media competition to promote the benefits of swapping your everyday ‘essentials’ to certified organic products. One lucky winner will receive an organic product hamper featuring Soil Association certified brands including:


How do I enter?

The good news is that entry is free.

  1. Sign up to The YES YES Company email newsletter to be entered.
  2. Head to one of our social media channels (Instagram/Twitter) and find the competition post.
  3. Follow the social media accounts of the brands tagged in the post.
  4. Comment and tag a friend in the post.
  5. For a bonus entry, share the post on your social media page.


The winner will be announced on Sunday 8th September 2019. Good luck!

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