To change the world from the inside

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Be kind to humans

Yes commitments

  • Ensure human rights standards are respected throughout our supply chain as well as at Yes HQ 
  • Listen to our customers and make products that will make a positive difference and further wellbeing 
  • Communicate / market Yes products without causing fear or leveraging insecurities.   
  • Involve our employees’ hearts and minds by values initiation, honouring diversity, and supporting working flexibility and personal development. 
  • Become more radical, communicate and educate about chemical body burden and Transdermal uptake

How we deliver on our commitments

  • Supply chain questionnaires / data gathering started in 2008.  We aim for all our suppliers to demonstrate compliance with the Ethical Trading Initiative Base Code. 
  • Customer feedback continuously requested and acted on.  We request feedback on products, performance and our customers’ needs 
  • Our marketing messages sell benefits and facts, not fear 
  • Feedback from the people who work in Yes confirms all five values live and work for them too 
  • We are setting up a program to set targets, monitor performance to ensure we live our values as our business grows 
  • We are increasing the volume of our campaigning voice, via our website, about the implications of chemical body burden / dermal uptake / mucosa uptake
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Care for animals

  • No to animal testing
  • No to animal body parts
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Nurture nature

Yes commitments

  • We use certified organic plant-based ingredients wherever available 
  • We never purchase wild crafted plants or plant extracts 
  • We never use genetically modified ingredients 
  • To look for Fair Trade sourcing alternatives to reinforce local investment and sustainability in the plants we love 
  • To sing about the miraculous plants we use in our products, and to tell their stories 
  • To shout about bogus or misleading plant and/or “natural” ingredients

How we are delivering on our commitments 

  • In 2008 we started an investigation to determine how many of our ingredients can be sourced as Fair Trade, this continues
  • We have never used wild crafted or endangered species
  • Our sourcing policy confirms all the above commitments and our continued organic certification by the Soil Association demonstrates our adherence to it
  • We already sing about flax on our website, more to follow
  • We are outraged by the continued use of Grapefruit seed extract as a natural preservative – it is not – it is adulterated with parabens and other synthetic chemicals please read  
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Profound purity

Yes commits to making a difference 

  • We want to screech about why certified organic is COMPLETELY different to saying organic ingredient(s).  But we commit to educating everybody we can about this difference. 
  • Our products are created from a strict ingredients policy combined with requests from our customers (and a goodly piece of our formulation brilliance). 
  • We never use bad science to prove a point and we can decide never to use an ingredient based on our customers concerns even if it has not been conclusively proved to be detrimental, such as parabens.  
  • We create products that delight our customers and exceed their expectations 
  • We will continue to launch new products that meet our high standards and answer a demonstrated need

How we are delivering on our commitments

  • We have published our ingredients policy on our website from the day we launched – Aug 1st 2006,
  • We are euphoric to make the first Certified Organic range of intimacy products, certified by the Soil Association (UK)  
  • We use packaging that minimises preservation requirements
  • We publish our customer feedback
  • Profoundly pure products can begin to change your world from the inside   
  • Yes is a signatory to the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

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Revere the planet

 Yes commits to making a difference 

  • In all aspects of our operations we Reduce - Reuse - Recycle
  • Reduce waste, reduce packaging and reduce our energy use
  • If we cannot reduce it to nothing, we reuse what we can and recycle what is left. 
  • Ensure we adhere to our sustainable wood policy
  • Ensure some of our donations support a climate change initiative.

How we are delivering on our commitments

  • All office paper waste is reused if possible and then recycled
  • We use recycled paper and card whenever possible
  • All our packaging, plastics, paper or card can be recycled
  • We have formalised some of our random donations by linking with the Woodland Trusts' Climate Change project