Case study demonstrating a new resource for treating women who experience vaginismus

Ruth Hallam-Jones, Mary Clegg and Marnie Brewster

YES Double Glide pack with plant-oil based and water based 100ml tubes
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Double Glide Technique

  1. Initially using the oil-based YES® product apply to the tissue in a generous manner on the penis / trainer and in the vagina.
  2. Then using the water-based YES® add a second layer of lubricant to all areas.
  3. Using the relevant and appropriate exercises of sensate focus or individual self program encourage the slow and regular progress towards vaginal penetration with suitable therapeutic support, adequate sexual physiology understanding of their own arousal process and emotional encouragement1.
  1. Integrate where appropriate and necessary with medical / physical therapy/ relevant education of their own anatomy and physiology using diagrams of arousal, physiotherapy assessment and an understanding of the pelvic floor trigger points to aid the patient in increasing control of the muscle spasm and confidence in their own arousal ability.

How YES Overcomes The Dryness Circle



Case Study Material

6 women with vaginismus (not partial – no vulvar vestibulitis – vvs). Not using condoms for contraception. No previous psychotherapeutic treatment, no obvious psychological aetiology and assessment revealed no physical aetiology2,3.

Using the ‘double glide’ technique they all achieved penetration with their own digit after a first session, with partners digit after a second session and with penile penetration before the fifth session.

I suggest that these women just needed the increased ability to achieve greater physical arousal, and the removal of any friction by using the extremely high level of lubrication provided by the combination of these two products.

Caution needed – oil based lubricants are not suitable to use with condoms. Move to ‘water-based Yes’ before penile penetration, if using a condom for contraception.

  1. The woman who experiences the involuntary, spasmodic contraction of the pubococcygeus and related muscles controlling the vaginal introitus may be unable to tolerate penetration or have intercourse but may be quite capable of becoming sexually aroused, lubricating, and even experiencing multiple orgasms with manual or oral stimulation (Leiblum 2000 ,Krause 2009)
  2. 2007 Engman Maria, partial vaginismus – definition, symptoms and treatment

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