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"These products are brilliant ! Not least because it makes you relax to know that there won't be any difficulties - there will be slide and glide, with ease." GD, Cheshire (6th May 2022)
"The only lubricant I use, purchase every month and never disappointed. " DL, London (30th Apr 2022)
"Fabulous product. Please NEVER discontinue!!! Thank you so much. I'm 70 and I have a sex life again..... " GK, Weybridge (17th Apr 2022)
"Tried the samples I got and loved the products had great sex again which is what we needed as a couple - thank you " WD, Bude (30th Mar 2022)
"I have a pleasurable sex life again." CF, Switzerland (14th Mar 2022)
"I am 69 & she is 64 and we are still doing it! But we could not do it without you. " NM, Hampshire (6th Mar 2022)
"I am a happy and repeat customer. I have tried, but found nothing like the Yes products (the double-glide system) for ease of use and effectiveness. " AM, Godalming (23rd Feb 2022)
"Changed my life and enhanced my sexual experience. " PL, Plymouth (24th Jan 2022)
"This is the best lubricant I've tried. Maintains friction and doesn't cause irritation. " DD, Kent (9th Jan 2022)
"My husband and I agree that our sex lives would have come to a non sticky end about 10 years aqo without our discovery of Yes OB! It's amazing! " DB, Birmingham (27th Dec 2021)
"Yes has saved my sex life. It solved the problems I had since menopause, absolutely fabulous products. " PB, Norwich (15th Dec 2021)
"Yes products have made such a difference to my sex life. " ND, London (9th Dec 2021)
"I have been using the VM for a few months and love the difference it has made to my vaginal health and therefore my sexual experiences!" AL, Peterborough (24th Nov 2021)
"Your products have helped make intimacy with my partner possible. What a relief and a joy! " HD, Cirencester (17th Nov 2021)
"I am really pleased with this product and it helps immensely when having sex. " WL, Penrith (15th Nov 2021)
"Wonderful renaissance of sex life! " OF, Bridport (8th Nov 2021)
"Yes VM has been life changing. I'm a 56 year old menopausal and are going through without HRT. I struggled with vaginal dryness which was detrimental to my sex life. After using yes VM I immediately felt better even just sitting and doing every day activities etc. Also Vm absorbs quite quickly so you don't feel sticky and messy Thank you Yes " RN, Cheshire (5th Nov 2021)
"This has been a god send and has given me me back my confidence to continue having a healthy sex life " AN, Liverpool (24th Oct 2021)
"It is the best! It makes shower and water sex amazing. " SW, Southampton (23rd Sep 2021)
"Has made a huge difference to our sex lives - it feels natural and comfortable again. " NG, Nottingham (8th Sep 2021)
"It feels very natural on the skin! Best lube ever! " MT, Surrey (27th Jul 2021)
"I use both YES WB and YES OB. The YES OB Lubricates longer. I am 80 years old my husband 10 years younger and we both appreciate your products. Also like the fact they are tasteless and odourless. So a BIG THANKYOU from both of us. " WF, Midlands (25th Jul 2021)
"The most natural products that I have ever found, I don't have any irritation during sex " MA, Aldwich (7th Jul 2021)
"After years without help from doctors for vaginal atrophy after menopause, I found YesYes online and we got our sex life back fully. Can never thank you enough. " NW, Kingston (18th May 2021)
"Since buying this product I have a fulfilling sex life without pain and discomfort. I have stopped using vagifem which is a relief as always a bit nervous using them after many years of abnormal cells - all clear now though. " TT, Witterings (4th May 2021)
"We have actually been using YES for years and are a returning customer. We have been together for 54 years and are in our mid 70s. YES has been in so important in continuing our intimate love life. " JW, Essex (29th Apr 2021)
"I like all the products I have used so far, but I definitely have a favourite. YES OB makes sex absolutely awesome and my partner finds it really comfortable too. It is made me more comfortable with sex and got to a point at which I do not necessarily need OB every time. Thank you for taking the anxiety away and making this part of my life fun again. " DA, Liverpool (5th Apr 2021)
"What a difference this product has made to my life which was unbearable thanks to vulvodynia . Now I can sit in comfort and enjoy sex which has never been so good - and I'm 74!!! " FG, Christchurch (4th Apr 2021)
"Fabulous products. Hoorah for sex at sixty! " LR, London (26th Feb 2021)
"Fantastic product. Helps me feel healthy and clean following intimacy." AM, Norwich (18th Jan 2021)
"Best products on the market; as good as it gets when faced with physically challenged sexuality! High quality, no nasties, and ethical...whats not to love?! " MB, Birmingham (5th Dec 2020)
"It's the first intimate lubricant we've used that doesn't produce irritation after making love " OP, Plymouth (29th Oct 2020)
"Used before and made huge difference as used to get uti after sex. " HN, Harrow (10th Oct 2020)
"Yes is the best product I've found to improve the sensuality of the sexual experience. Thank you. x " OH, Weybridge (5th Oct 2020)
"Fantastic products that have changed my sex life and massively reduced regular occurrences of thrush. Thank you so much you wonderful people! " MR, Liverpool (25th Sep 2020)
"The best lubricant I've ever tried. " OL, Cardiff (20th Sep 2020)
"Used before and made huge difference as used to get uti after sex. " SD, Salisbury (13th Sep 2020)
"Yes is the best product I've found to improve the sensuality of the sexual experience. Thank you. x " HD, Hungerford (9th Sep 2020)
"ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT, has saved my sex life!! Thank You! " DS, Dudley (24th Aug 2020)
"I have been using this for about a month and it has changed my intimate life with my partner completely. This has made being intimacy enjoyable, fun and stress free. " DM, Malrborough (7th Aug 2020)
"We just may be getting our romantic life back as husband & wife. " RM, Kingston (7th Jul 2020)
"Best lubricant I have ever discovered, no sex life without it..... " DD, Oxford (23rd Jun 2020)
"Makes an incredible difference to quality of sex thank you! " WV, Peterborough (19th Jun 2020)
"Love it! Lubricates completely down there. Lovemaking is wonderful " CG, Newbury (26th May 2020)
"Older user, happily returning to an active sex life after a 20 year gap. Thank you it has been a very fulfilling experience. " PA, The Highlands (25th May 2020)
"It's fab for old dried up prunes like me! " GD, Bournemouth (22nd May 2020)
"The oil-based lubricant is so amazing. I had no idea that sex could be so comfortable and also mind-blowing. I've used water-based and silicon-based lubes before, but they were only okay, The oil-based is everything. I wish i had known about it earlier! " NM, Wakefield (28th Mar 2020)
"I never have sex without it " LG, Glasgow (1st Mar 2020)
"I am so grateful I found you. At last, I can have a sex life without all the problems of atrophy. " KL, Kingston (19th Feb 2020)
"As a post menopausal woman who has recently begun a sexual relationship after many years of no sex I can say my partner and I are delighted with both OB and WB products - a great help - Thank you. " OT, Oxford (11th Feb 2020)
"Your products have changed my sex life. After struggling with Vaginismus for the past 3 years and that affecting my orgasms, confidence and sex drive, I bought the oil lube. After 1 use I had my best orgasm in 3 years and after 5 uses I was back to my horny, thrush free self. Thank you for these products. They really are doing good work we need. " LH, Ludlow (10th Feb 2020)
"Fantastic products. Better than anything else we have used. " HF, Farlington (28th Jan 2020)
"Wow...a terrific experience...definitely recommend this product...the best sex stimulating product in the Market. It has helped my wife from intimate dryness. " NR, Nottingham (21st Jan 2020)
"Fantastic product, sex would be impossibly painful without. " RT, Rome (15th Oct 2019)
"My wife and I love it. She is 74 and I am 71. We enjoy sex. YES makes it very fulfilling. " AI, Alton (25th Sep 2019)
"I love the product, it has reignited our lovemaking, thanks " BS, Swindon (22nd Aug 2019)
"It's made such a difference to me, using WB. Given me my confidence back to have sex again. Thank you. " NA, New Jersey (7th Aug 2019)
"Doesn't burn like so many others. Sex has been so painful and this helps a lot " RE, Ealing (16th Jul 2019)
"We love the fact that it does not dry up fast and it leaves no sticky feeling after our sessions. " LS, Warwick (9th Jul 2019)
"Yes VM and WB have changed my life. They make having sex awesome " AA, Durham (5th Jul 2019)
"Great product! I've never bought lubricant before as I don't like the idea of all those nasty chemicals in my intimate areas! I love using this with my boyfriend and it makes both vaginal and anal sex wonderful! " DD, Rye (1st Jul 2019)
"Great products. Work well for me and partner. As mature folks we enjoy togetherness, and Yes has helped, " GW, Chester (21st Jun 2019)
"It's the best thing for our love life! " TZ, Woking (14th Jun 2019)
"Good so far. So far it has stopped me from getting bad cystitis after having sex, so I'm happy! " TT, Rugby (9th Jun 2019)
"Using Yes products has given me back my sex life. I am grateful. " WL, Coventry (4th Jun 2019)
"It's improved my sex life tremendously and I'm glad it's been approved by the NHS. Keeps me wet and I don't dry out like the other lubricant brands made me. I love it and my husband loves it too. " EM, Inverness (9th May 2019)
"Best lube I have tried. The double glide system is perfect for me and my partner. No pain and no drying out. Thank you for creating such brilliant products " KY, Bishops Norton (2nd May 2019)
"It's amazing and has made such a difference to our sex life. " IN, Rochester (19th Apr 2019)
"I absolutely love it makes such a difference to my everyday and sex life. " LA, Foxbridge (7th Apr 2019)
"We've really started to enjoy using it. " DN, Marlborough (6th Apr 2019)
"Love, love the confidence and pleasure I experience. " TS, Sittingbourne (5th Apr 2019)
"Your products are brilliant and have made an amazing difference to me. I thought my sex life was over and now this isn'€™t the case. Thank you!" SJ, New York (12th Mar 2019)
"This is our 2nd purchase of YES OB and we love it. We've tried many other products but Yes is the very best. " UF, Lymington (22nd Feb 2019)
"Yes OB, Yes butt and vaginal moisturizer have been a total life saver. I love that it doesn't have a crazy smell or taste. " JB, Plymouth (22nd Feb 2019)
"Best lube I've ever used, never causes issues with thrush etc. It's slippery but still slight friction. Perfect. " EL, Offlay (20th Feb 2019)
"YES DG double glide really works!" PR Havant (15th Feb 2019)
"I've used it for years and it has kept my sex life going " MZ, Montreal (7th Feb 2019)
"It is the best thing I have ever found. I have a love and sex life again! " EG, Glasgow (29th Jan 2019)
"As a 75 year old woman, married to the same man for 53 + years, YES has allowed and encouraged these years of our life together to remain physically enjoyable. We are both grateful. Thank you. " MT, Newhaven (29th Jan 2019)
"It's great! We have tried lots of other products and none of them are as good as YES! " FP, Texas (29th Jan 2019)
"Your products are amazing & gave me my marital life back! Vaginal dryness & painful intercourse is the worst & the only medical treatment options I was offered were hormone treatments with potentially horrible side effects. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! " BF, Colchester (28th Jan 2019)
"It has been life saving!! You have saved our sex life!! " TC, Georgia (28th Jan 2019)
"Your products are amazing & gave me my marital life back! Vaginal dryness & painful intercourse is the worst & the only medical treatment options I was offered were hormone treatments with potentially horrible side effects. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! " JO, Portsmouth (24th Jan 2019)
"I was recommended Yes by a consultant due to severe vaginal Atropathy and could not believe how quickly my symptoms began to ease. This is a very distressing condition but thanks to Yes I am getting my confidence and sex life back. " HW, Warrington (21st Jan 2019)
"Amazing product which we have used for a number of years now. It is really versatile and has really improved our lovemaking. " RT, Reading (14th Nov 2018)
"I am in my early 70s and have a younger partner who I have been with for a long time. Our sex life is great but obviously my age makes me drier which is uncomfortable for both, so after trying the moisturiser, (which is brilliant) and unsuccessfully trying other methods I am returning to YES! " MD, Bridport (1st Nov 2018)
"Used both WB and OB lubricants since new relationship started in 2012, works amazing well, no side effects. Find WB better for me personally. " EG, Bury St Edmonds (31st Oct 2018)
"You saved my intimate life! " ME, Farlington (6th Oct 2018)
"It has made so much difference - I now enjoy sex again " CW, Dartmouth (4th Oct 2018)
"The intimate moisturiser has been a life safer. I thought I was destined to suffer great intimate discomfort until I discovered why I was being affected and how to help it with the moisturiser. " ZP, Plymouth (1st Oct 2018)
"Your oil based product is so much better than using coconut oil! the Water based lube is good too. No weird foaming. Thank you. Sex is pleasurable again and I feel good about what I put into and on my body. This is the best product I've found. I'm telling all my girlfriends! " ER, Peak District (8th Sep 2018)
"Made such a difference to our sex life and to the way I feel about myself. I had come to dread having sex but now I can look forward to it again. " WS, Durham (28th Aug 2018)
"The use of your water-based lubricant has made my sex life much more pleasurable. Thank you!!! " AJ, Somerset (18th Aug 2018)
""Yes" definitely enhances the sex life of the octogenarian. " OC, Isle of Wight (7th Aug 2018)
"Really enjoyable lubrication for us 75 year olds !! " WN, Norwich (18th Jul 2018)
"Wonderful product. My wife is much more interested in sex!!! " BT, Texas (17th Jul 2018)
"YES is the only product that works and heightens a satisfying orgasm. The oil base seems to our favorite. It doesn't dry out as quickly as water base. This will be forever in our lubricant. Thank you for such a life changing product! " DD, Texas (7th Jul 2018)
"AMAZING! You won't be disappointed and your spouse will thank you. " LG, London (7th Jul 2018)
"It€™s amazing - my husband and I really struggled before this was suggested by my gynaecologist " PO, Portsmouth (21st Jun 2018)
"Since recommended by a friend, YES products have really helped with the management of recurring UTIs and increased my confidence about having sex without triggering unpleasant infections. " HK, Washington (18th Jun 2018)
"Since recommended by a friend, YES products have really helped with the management of recurring UTIs and increased my confidence about having sex without triggering unpleasant infections. " KW, Warwick (24th May 2018)
"Using the Double Glide of Oil Based on one person and Water Based on the other produces the most amazing long lasting lubrication... perfect! " MH, Manchester (4th Mar 2018)
"Transforming because of Yes OB's staying power " TN, Inverness (2nd Dec 2017)
"Thank you for your safe, organic, pleasure enhancing products. It brings spontaneity, freedom and joy to our love making. Yes products help us, as a mature couple, to enjoy the pleasures of an intimate life together. " WL, Oxford (24th Nov 2017)
"Amazing, it makes intimacy so much easier and less painful for my wife and I. The organic makeup of the lube helps with no irritation to worry about. Thanks from both of us. " TW, Durham (7th Nov 2017)
"I suffered horribly from painful sex with my husband. I am a 58 yr old post menopausal woman who was not able to take HRT. My feelings of self-worth were shattered. I tried a lot of products to no avail. I was giving up hope until my husband found the Yes website. The testimonials were amazing! We quickly ordered the Yes VM and Yes WB! I tried the VM for about 4 days straight. It was so soothing and I could feel healing take place in my inflamed vaginal walls! I felt ready to try again! We used the WB and the sample of the OB together. We were able to have enjoyable sex! Every day that passes it gets better and better with the use of these products! Thanks to YES and all their research! " KJ Ohio (26th Oct 2017)
"It has improved comfort and quality of our sex life. " SK, Salisbury (11th Oct 2017)
"My husband and I are in our 70's and Yes has enabled us to enjoy our sexual relationship with no fear of the dryness associated with age. Thank you Yes! " AK, Switzerland (27th Sep 2017)
"This product brought love making back to being a pleasure in our 40 year marriage. " TS, Durham (20th Sep 2017)
"Thank you! My husband and I are older (62 and 58) and are so grateful to have found your product. It is far and above anything else we have tried in this stage of our lives. " IB, Ipswich (11th Sep 2017)
"It is a great product that both my wife and I love. Improves sex life greatly. " JC, Skegness (20th Aug 2017)
"I thought that my intimate relationship with my husband was fading due to health reasons. After reading up about yes yes products and the reviews from other people, I tried Yes yes and I am so glad that I did. It made a big difference to my intimate relationship. Thank you for Yes Yes. " MW, Middlesex (1st Aug 2017)
"Love the product! It has changed our sex life for the better. My husband and I would love to see some natural flavours though. Keep up the good work! " DL, Derby (30th Jul 2017)
"I like the water based personal lubricant best but I'm glad there are other options to try in the future. I'm 58 years old and am pleased I can still enjoy sexual relations with my lovely husband. Thank you. " HS, Sussex (8th Jul 2017)
"Discovering Yes has without doubt extended our lovemaking by many years! We both love it. Very natural. " DK, Chester (10th May 2017)
"Love, love, love your products!! Has truly made sex a lot more comfortable and enjoyable since I've been treating VA with VM and using the WB and OB " ER, Kansas (8th May 2017)
"Using Yes VM regularly has made me feel normal again, no dryness and pain during sex and so much happier! " DN, Bristol (1st May 2017)
"Very distressed, beyond belief that I thought my sex life was over. Now I know it's not I could cry !!!! " IN, Crewe (3rd Apr 2017)
"Very distressed beyond belief that I thought my sex life was over. Now I know it's not I could cry !!!! " DC, Colchester (25th Feb 2017)
"Oil based lubricant may has made my marriage ROCK again !!!!! I am a Pastor's wife and I may have to share with my lady friends. Thank you for making this time in our life vibrant again! " YM, Illinois (14th Feb 2017)
"It's great!!!! Glad I found this product. My sexual experience is much more intense with this product " DE, Detroit (16th Jan 2017)
"Love it - it's the only brand that my husband and I use, and I recommend it to everyone. I love that it's NOT bad for us, and that it can be used with a diaphragm. " NO, East Sussex (14th Nov 2016)
"Fantastic product. We use the oil based for him and the water based for her. Before using yes I used to get irritation and infection from the chemical types. Yes solves this in the most pleasant way imaginable. " LD, Durham (21st Oct 2016)
"As usual, you are brilliant - your products are awesome, it is enables me to have a full and enjoyable sex life - Thank you and I hope that you will continue to grow and produce new products !! " TB, Derby (2nd Oct 2016)
"Love it. It has made a real difference to our sex life. Love that it is safe and natural. " VH, Gloucestershire (27th Sep 2016)
"Brilliant product and has improved intercourse to that experienced when we were thirty years younger. " AC, Berkshire (25th Sep 2016)
"I just wanted to let you know how amazing your product is! My partner and I are both over 65 years old and met 6 months ago. We were both nervous about any sort of sexual relationship at our age but I can only tell you that since I found your products we have enjoyed a superb sex life. So thank you so much for sharing this product with us and allowing us to have a fulfilling and exciting time together." TY, Surrey (16th Sep 2016)
"This is the best lubricant I have ever used, the water based feels so natural. I love it. It makes me enjoy sex so much more. " PI, Cumbria (2nd Aug 2016)
"My husband and I have been using "Yes" for over 5 years now and it has transformed our sex life! We recommend it to everyone we know who we talk to about relationships and sex -and as Tantra teachers that's a lot of people! " LW, Bath (25th Jul 2016)
"Totally transforms sexual experience " TD, Cannes (19th Apr 2016)
"I have used the product and it is great my partner loved it, it really helped her, it prevents the condom drying up quicker and make our time together more intimate " IY, Cornwall (10th Dec 2015)
"My husband and I totally enjoyed our encounter using YES! This product very much enhanced our romance. " EF, Florence, Italy (2nd Sep 2015)
"We have tried a lot of lubricants that haven't worked, or that stopped working before sex should be over, or that irritated me. It's great to find one that does work, and that lasts a long time. " SA, Surrey (24th Aug 2015)
"Great product! We love it! We have tried them all and yours is the best by far. " NR, Essex (1st Aug 2015)
"Yes made our love life a beautiful, sensual experience! We are in our mid sixties and love the freedom of enjoying intimate moments frequently due to the ease of use and feel of the Yes products. We don't leave home without it! Also, many friends report great results with it! " DC, Durham (22nd Jul 2015)
"The products have changed my sex life beyond recognition. " WS, Berkshire (17th May 2015)
"I am over 60 and it is great to find a product that helps me to maintain the pleasure of life I had at a young age. " CG, Utah (3rd May 2015)
"It is the BEST lube I have found and feels completely natural. This product changed our sex life. " RF, Maryland (29th Apr 2015)
"I didn't quite get the name until my husband and I made awesome sex/love making - Yes all the way!!!!! This product is the best I've tried, thank you for making me feel like a woman again 🙂 " LL, Dallas (8th Mar 2015)
"Has made our sex life come alive again " OL, Liverpool (13th Feb 2015)
"It has made lovemaking easy and relaxed. Without there is anxiety, pain and possible cystitis - no pleasure for either person. I am 66. " ZO, Spain (2nd Feb 2015)
"The combination of the water base & oil based is the best. Thank you for a truly amazing product " LP, Worthing (31st Jan 2015)
"I had always had reactions to any lubricants till I tried YES and thank goodness for YES because it has changed my sex life " OJ, Croatia (29th Jan 2015)
"I love this product, it has helped my husband and I tremendously, we could never find a lubricant that felt good to both of us, it allows us to relax and enjoy our intimate moments without one of us feeling we aren't doing something right. It is by far the best I have ever tried and believe, we tried a bunch. Thank you for making such a great product! " CF, Northampton (3rd Jan 2015)
"Absolute wonderful. We are a couple in the late sixties and never before have had such a dreamful, intimate feeling. When we have sex, my wife is doing the lubricating on me with Yes and hereafter the penetrating is the most wonderful feeling you can dream of. What a lovely feeling of contact, far away from the feeling you'll get from other lubes we have tried. It sounds like a phrase, but sex has now moved to the highest level. " CH, Glocs (10th Dec 2014)
"It makes sex even better. " SE, New Jersey (17th Oct 2014)
"The product is so luxurious, it has become indispensable during love making. " DN, Isle of Wight (3rd Oct 2014)
"This lubrication is absolutely amazing! After going thru a complete hysterectomy, I was thrown into menopause at age 38. Then I submitted myself to conventional cancer treatments which only added fuel to my then inadequate sexual capabilities. My husband and I tried several different lubrications. Nothing worked. After two years, we succumbed to the fact that this is just the way it was going to be. However when doing a search for organic lubrication online, I came across your products. I tried a medium sized bottle. OMG! After just 6 uses I no longer had dryness, pain with intercourse, and my vaginal sensation was back again. My husband and I both cried tears of joy! Thank-you for giving us our love-life back again!! " BD, Merseyside (26th Aug 2014)
"Just wanted you to know the shipment made it on time! YAY! Had a great trip and anniversary! Nudge nudge. Wink Wink. Say no more! 🙂 Like they say, just because there is snow on the roof doesn't mean there isn't a fire in the stove! 😉 " LW, USA (19th Jun 2014)
"Your product saved my sex life and my marriage. Love u guys. I will be a customer for life." PA, Cumbria (18th Jun 2014)
"Before we found Yes, my wife had severe vaginal pain due to dryness... that problem is no more. This product saved our sex life. " UA, Paris (20th May 2014)
"We have used Yes for a couple of years now and am so pleased - has made myself and my partner totally relax about sex again. " WK, Hull (15th May 2014)
"Sensual pleasure added back to my life after a long absence. " LK, Cumbria (15th Apr 2014)
"Sensual pleasure added back to my life after a long absence. " LY, texas (15th Apr 2014)
"Yes has transformed my sex life! The oil-based lubricant is superb! " LM, London (18th Mar 2014)
"Love your products. They have meant continuous and pleasurable intimate relationships with my partner...NO other products worked for us. " Winifred, Bristol (7th Feb 2014)
"Yes is a quality-of-life-saver in reality - couldn't have sex without it - well, could use other stuff if wanted petroleum products etc all over my parts!!! " Anna, London (5th Feb 2014)
"Wonderful product that I can use with confidence when making love - bless you xxxx " Frances, Bucks (3rd Feb 2014)
"Best lubricant we have found. We are 70 and need lots. Most others we have tried have been unsatisfactory. " Giles, Cheshire (31st Jan 2014)
"As a sexual health nurse I recommend your products- and use them myself " Jayne, Somerset, UK (2nd Dec 2013)
"Don't change the winning setup both website and product, they are both great. Yes has started up a new sex life for a 66 and 68 yr old couple!" Damon, AZ, USA (17th Aug 2013)
"It adds more pleasure to our sex life and it’s organic and natural! " Mrs M, NY (31st Jul 2013)
"An awesome product! Has greatly improved my sex experience." Mrs Thomas, AL, USA (30th Jul 2013)
"Thank you, I thought that side of our relationship was over. " S Edwards, Ceredigion (25th Jul 2013)
"I am so happy with your products. I can finally enjoy sex again without pain. " Pattie, CA, USA (21st Jul 2013)
"I got a free sachet - I thought it would be fun to try something new. My husband was very impressed - he loved it. So did I, because for the first time in ages I was able to have ouch-free sex. Can't wait to receive the introductory pack!" Mrs H, Stroud, UK (18th Jul 2013)
"It's saved my sex life! " Caroline, Cardiff (16th Jul 2013)
"In a new relationship after a few years alone and also I am at an interesting age! Your products have most definitely put sex back on the menu!" Ms J R, Somerset, UK (7th Jul 2013)
"Fantastic! Revitalised my love life! Thank you so much." Mrs N, Dublin (30th Jun 2013)
"I see the brand appears to be going from strength to strength. Not surprising. It's an absolutely wonderful product that THE WORLD NEEDS! Bravo and Bravo again. Our sex life has been reignited with a bang, if you’ll pardon the expression...!" Alan, Hamburg (28th Jun 2013)
"Love the fact that sex is becoming NATURAL!" M Wilson, London (23rd Jun 2013)
"Amazing products, restoration of pleasure!" Mrs D, Monmouthshire (20th Jun 2013)
"Your water based product is brilliant! I was originally recommended it for health reasons, but it has proved very popular in the bedroom too! You are streets ahead of other brands." Bryony, Perthshire, UK (16th Jun 2013)
"I thought my pleasure days were over until I discovered your oil lubricant - it took all the pain away!!! (And I've tried many). Thanks!" Kathy, CT, USA (9th Jun 2013)
"Thank goodness for Yes. Tried the water-based lubricant and it is marvellous. Other lubricants really stung and made intercourse a very anxious time for us. Now back to being happy, relaxed and ... willing! Thank you. " Lynda, Worcestershire, UK (6th Jun 2013)
"I simply love it. Somewhere around 35 I just stopped getting as wet as I used to. I use YES and not only do my lovers not know, but with all the moisture I get more aroused and produce more of my own natural lubrication. This really is a Godsend. " Miss Holden, MD, USA (5th Jun 2013)
"From a man’s point of view it just feels natural and pleasurable." Mr Bush, London (24th May 2013)
"Excellent products - have rejuvinated our sex life" Richard, Doncaster (22nd May 2013)
"It is superb. Gently lubricates to increase our pleasure." Mrs T, Swindon (21st May 2013)
"I and my husband think you are wonderful! You have been such a boon to our sex life -- thank you!" Mr & Mrs S, NY, USA (21st May 2013)
"Third order - Thank you! Helps us make sex much more fun! And no cystitis which used to be a regular problem." S Batts, Devon, UK (20th May 2013)
"This stuff is awesome. It gave me back my sex life." Mrs V, IL, USA (19th May 2013)
"Works great for the two of us - almost like being newlywed again!!" Alan, British Columbia (13th May 2013)
"Very pleased with product; makes a big difference to what was a not-so-good experience before. Thank you." Cheryl, VIC (1st May 2013)
"Great resource in our lovemaking" Peter, Flintshire (29th Apr 2013)
"You have saved my sexual life and maybe my life itself. " Carolyn, IA, USA (24th Apr 2013)
"The initial cold feel of the water based lubricant adds to the fun. And our sex is even more fun because of it since my wife no longer has natural lubricants and it helps to keep me erect (we are both in late 60's). Can't say any more than that. " Alan, Glos, UK (16th Apr 2013)
"We have been using Yes for the past year and it has made a great difference to our love life. Thank you!" Carol, Kenilworth, UK (15th Apr 2013)
"I love your products and they've saved our sex life!! Thank you!!!" Mrs B, California (11th Apr 2013)
"Very good product, great for heightening pleasure!!!" Lynda, Lancashire (9th Apr 2013)
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"Great product. Thank you so much for producing such a product that works well (lubricates well), feels so natural (no stickiness), and does not have any questionable ingredients. It is so wonderful to have sex without any soreness; I did not know it was possible." Wendy K, MA, USA (1st Apr 2012)
"Sex is a pleasure again since I discovered this. I think I'm 25 again and not 49! Thank you." Annie L, Herts, UK (1st Apr 2012)
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"This product is FAB! I used to use KY but they changed the formula which made me look around and I found this one which is much nicer and I trust it to work every time." Sharon, Cardiff, UK (1st Apr 2012)
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"I have forgone lubricants for many reasons. Here are a few: Being creeped out by unnatural ingredients, scent, residue ,etc. High price and unappealing packaging of other natural alternatives. Inability to try a small amount of said pricey lubes. THANK YOU! I just purchased the Introductory Pack and I think my sex life will finally get some well deserved spicing up." Jenny, NY, USA (1st Apr 2012)
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"I just wanted to add that the oil-based lube is the absolute best that I have ever used! I also enjoy the water-based, and obviously I can't use my oil-based lube with condoms, but it is my favourite nonetheless. Thanks so much!" Amanda, Texas, USA (1st Apr 2012)
"Great product. The best I have ever used." Mrs Norman, New York, USA (1st Apr 2012)
"Brilliant product, it has made such a difference to me and my partner so thank you!" Mrs S, Tonbridge, Kent, UK (1st Apr 2012)
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"The use of the oil based Yes prior to water based is effective. Many Thanks." Mrs Hickson, Yorkshire (1st Apr 2012)
"I was having trouble ordering and contacted you, and Claire sent me a couple small trial packets. I LOVE the water based...It should be called Oh My GOODNESS!!!! I love that there are little applicators so I can take them wherever I go. You just never know right??!!!!" Crystal, PA, USA (1st Apr 2012)
"It is good that it is tasteless as I often want to lick after it is applied. Others are not so palatable." (1st Apr 2012)
"We have just celebrated our 40th year together and we enjoy making love but due to age I just wasn't as moist as when I was young. I wanted something not chemical based, not hormone based, not smelly or artificial....your water based lubricant is just wonderful....not sticky, feels all right during and after making love....a perfect product for us." Christine, Hertfordshire, UK (1st Apr 2012)
"I have tried many other products, all of which have never worked well. Thank goodness for YES as I am now enjoying intimacy again, so much so , that it's me that is dragging hubby to the bedroom. Nothing else has lubricated as well as YES. Thank you for giving me back my libido." (1st Apr 2012)
"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Me and my husband used the yesyesyes water-based lubricant for the first time last night, we made love.. and it didn't hurt....!! Something that I never thought I'd say again! It's a great product and it's organic! I'm still breastfeeding my 22mth old and have been suffering from vaginal dryness for a long time, even before I became pregnant making love had been hurting....not any more! Thanks so much yesyesyes." (1st Apr 2012)
"As I said before, my partner and I both LOVE the product. It is nice to know that it is protecting my delicate vaginal lining all the while is it healing with the aloe and other ingredients. We also tried putting some in the receptacle of the condom, and that increases the sensations for the male participant!" (1st Apr 2012)
"I was fortunate to be sent a sample small bottle of YES and I just had to tell you that it's the MOST amazing lube I have ever had the pleasure of using. It's provides the very best sesitivity whilst creating a feeling and sensation so enhanced that it takes you to new levels of pleasure. Just AMAZING!!!!" (1st Apr 2012)
"First of all I would like to thank you for the sample. After years of going through an early menopause and lots of discomfort this little magical bottle has put all the fizz back in my sex life so much so that I think I am really going to have to catch up on some sleep LOL I can highly recommend yes thank you all at YES." (1st Apr 2012)
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"A great product that makes love making a continuing pleasure even as we age ... thank you We love it as lovers .. great smell and texture" Alice C, Victoria, Australia (1st Apr 2012)
"Love the product. I'm very sensitive and other products left me feeling uncomfortable for days after use. Yes works great every time and I don't have to be distracted during intimacy about the later effect of the product. Boyfriend loves it too :)" Rachel E, KY, USA (1st Apr 2012)
"Fantastic natural product. Both of us are fully happy with its performance" L Brown, Cornwall, UK (1st Apr 2012)
"We are happy with the results of the Yes lubricants we have had in the past and have had no sign of skin irritation from their use. Great result thankyou!" June W, Cheshire, UK (1st Apr 2012)
"Whilst my wife and I are in our early 70's "Yes Yes" has been the perfect answer for us and we couldn't recommend it highly enough Thank You." Michael B, Derbyshire, UK (1st Apr 2012)
"Both Yes water-based and oil-based products are very pleasurable to use and definitely enhance feeling in love making - your packaging reflects the quality of these products. Fabulous - thank you!" Christine, Hampshire, UK (1st Apr 2012)
"My husband and I love your product, it is far superior to anything else on the market, and its organic, icing on the cake. Thank you, we are life long customers!!" R Moses, Queensland, Australia (1st Apr 2012)
"It has been as good as the reviews we read. It has made an enjoyable experience wonderful again." K O' B, Isle of Lewis, UK (1st Apr 2012)
"I also want to add that my husband prefers this lubricant to all the others we have tried." Carol S, IL, USA (1st Apr 2012)
"My husband and I both love the product. It feels clean and natural, with no stickiness, smell or taste. We also love how long lasting it is. Re-application is rarely necessary, making it a good value as well." Michelle W, NV, USA (1st Apr 2012)
"This is actually my second purchase, my husband and I love the water based. It has helped me be able to not feel pain and to remember what it used to feel like. Thank you." Kerry, CA, USA (1st Apr 2012)
"Great product, improves sexual activity because pleasure is received by both partners" Scott C, MO, USA (1st Apr 2012)
"You're applicators have revolutionised my sex life. My natural sources have all diminished with age. Applicators bring it all back. Thank y" J.G., London, UK (1st Apr 2012)
"It has been what I have been looking for. No yeast or irritation after. Could not find the perfect product for my 62 year old body, and just about gave up; but it gave us both a wow in about 1 minute. With no infection in the days after - this is it! My husband is 66 and we are grateful for your creation." Donna, USA (1st Apr 2012)
"It is non-messy and works every time!" Caroline, London, UK (1st Apr 2012)
"All I wanted was to have a normal sex life. For years I experienced painful intercourse and it seemed like every lubricant on the market was causing more irritation than enjoyment. Sex had become a painful, anxiety filled activity. Then came YES! For the first time in a very long time I actually want to have sex because I know that there is no more pain! Yes made sex enjoyable again and for that I will forever be grateful!" Jennifer, Windsor, Canada (1st Apr 2012)
"Use it, love it!" Diane, Washington, USA (1st Apr 2012)
"I just used the water-based product for the first time. It is amazing. I am so grateful to have found this. Thank you." Miss B, Ojai, CA, USA (1st Apr 2012)
"I have tried various lubricants without great success. This worked first time and continues to work with the confidence that it is all natural. It makes sex possible again and my husband loves it! Well done. Keep up the good work." Mrs Kitt, Lanarkshire, UK (1st Apr 2012)
"Fantastic product - wish I got to use it more often - if you know what I mean!" Louise, Gateshead, UK (1st Apr 2012)
"I am a middle aged woman and was told 3 years ago have got rheumatoid arthritis on top of menopause. It's very important for our 27 year relationship to still stay the same. Thank you Yes for helping us maintain this using your products." Mrs Jones, West Sussex, UK (1st Apr 2012)
"It makes me feel free and attractive because Yes makes it possible to continue and enjoy sexuality." Alice, Denmark (1st Apr 2012)
"I think I've told you before that this has completely changed my view of intimacy with my husband. I am no longer afraid of penetration as previously it hurt to make love but now, there is absolutely no problem! Thank you." Mr & Mrs Home, Lancashire, UK (1st Apr 2012)
"I am so glad we found your site. We had almost given up and that part of a relationship is too important to give up so we persevered until we found your product. My husband wants it to come in 5 gallon pails - what does that tell you?!" Mrs Green, Canada (1st Apr 2012)
"This is my second of many orders. Using 'Yes' has made a sex life possible again." Mrs B, Leicester, UK (1st Apr 2012)
"Has transformed post-menopausal sex - no longer dread it as before (due to dryness, soreness and the horrible feeling that that part of my life was over and my youth had gone). Aside from sex, when I feel dry/uncomfortable, just pop some in as a lubricant and it does the trick. Thank you!" Mrs A, Rickmansworth, UK (1st Apr 2012)
"Having found YES now I would not use any other lubricant, it’s been a good experience to find this product and has made our sex life far more interesting." (1st Apr 2012)
"After 2 years of use, YES has truly changed my relationship with my fianc" (1st Apr 2012)
"We have found this product to give us a new love life without any problems." Warren, East Yorkshire, UK (1st Apr 2012)
"We love the product! It's enhanced our pleasure so much. Thank you for making a healthy lube. We love it!" Mrs Fry, WA, USA (1st Apr 2012)
"We love your product. Yes, we have the Yes has become our secret motto. We are a couple, aged 57 and 64 (Yes, she still loves me,...when I'm Sixty Four!) Thanks!" John, CA, USA (1st Apr 2012)
"Made such a difference to a difficult condition. Sex is enjoyable again!" (1st Apr 2012)
"Your product greatly enhances our sexual experience. I am over 60 and needed the lubricant and was pleased to find one that was hormone-free and natural with no silicon or petrochemicals." Mrs L, California, USA (1st Apr 2012)
"Used it before - Shagtastic!" John, Cheshire, UK (1st Apr 2012)
"My girlfriend and I used Yes water based 2 times last week, it was great, so I'm ordering more online. It is currently not available locally. I wish Good Vibrations carried it." John, California, USA (1st Apr 2012)
"I love it, I love it, I love it!!! I am 47 years old and I am really thankful for this product. Our love life is still just as amazing as it was when we were in our 20's. I feel good about using it because it makes me feel good and I am not worried about it having any harmful ingredients. Thanks for making such a wonderful product!" Mrs F, Canada (1st Apr 2012)
"Your product has given us back our sex life. Age and chemotherapy for pre-cancerous breast cancer has wiped out my vaginal moisture and reduced my libido. Your product is wonderful." Elaine, CA, USA (1st Apr 2012)
"My husband and I just love the water based lubricant. I'm sure we will remain life long customers. I just wanted to express how wonderful it is to come across such a great product. We live in California and are delighted we are still able to order this. We recently ordered six little bottles as they are great for travelling and more discreet in the bedroom. We really appreciated the packaging and thought it was a nice touch. The lubricant has improved our sex life and my well being, you don't even notice it at all it feels so natural, almost like water. A little also goes a long way, so it lasts. Thank you yes!" (1st Apr 2012)
"Both the water based and the oil based are the best in terms of quality, purity and by far performance" (1st Apr 2012)
"I love this product! The water based is fabulous and my boyfriend and I are completely satisfied! No irritation just wonderful sex when we thought we could never have it again. Thank you so much! " (1st Apr 2012)
"I love the Yes products! I am only 19 but the pill caused me to have dryness. It transformed my sex life, takes away all the worry and adds to the fun. Thank you!" (1st Apr 2012)
"Your water based product has given me back my sex life! " (1st Apr 2012)
"Since finding Yes my sex life has been transformed. Sex is no longer painful but extremely pleasurable " (1st Apr 2012)
"Your products are just wonderful and have transformed our sex life, hence the bulk order! Thank you so much for putting the pure pleasure back into our lovemaking" (1st Apr 2012)
"What can I say" (1st Apr 2012)
"Have tried all three products in the starter pack " (1st Apr 2012)
"I thought I would not be able to continue to have an intimate relationship with my partner of 20 years (I am only 36). We are now close again thanks to Yes lubricant. I would highly recommend Yes. It really works. " (1st Apr 2012)
"You have a great product. Thanks so much for giving me back pleasure in sexual intimacy " (1st Apr 2012)
"After 3 kids, Yes has put the fun back in our marriage " (1st Apr 2012)
"It's a great product and our sex life has improved since my first purchase." (1st Apr 2012)
"I have used your product for over 18 months so far and have found it to be invaluable. After having surgery it has made such a difference to our lovemaking. Thank you. " (1st Apr 2012)
"When I tried it this morning I was amazed! My partner and I had a wonderful Sunday and you were a part of it too! " (1st Apr 2012)
"My wife has never complained since we started using Yes." (1st Apr 2012)
"Yes helps pleasure! " (1st Apr 2012)
"It's excellent and renewed our sex life " (1st Apr 2012)
"This is a sexy company. The fact that we need a lubricant now that we are getting older was a bit of a turn off, Yes actually makes it kind of sexy!" (1st Apr 2012)
"Thank you so much for the free gift you sent me for my suggestion about coming the oil and water products into a multibuy offer! I was thrilled to receive it. Even more, I am so thrilled with your products. I have tried all types of personal lubricants in the past, yet I always hated the way they felt, but YES is so different and it feels so natural that I don't have to get up and wash myself after sex. That alone is huge to me. I desire to have sex more and my husband is delighted with this as well. Once again, thank you for such a wonderful product." (1st Apr 2012)
"Yes is great. I've finally found a personal lubricant I can trust and enjoy. " (1st Apr 2012)
"Really great " (1st Apr 2012)
"I introduced Yes to my husband on holiday, We applied the water based sachet that you sent on top of the Oil based Yes!! WOW!! we had a fun week I can tell you!! We also tried it with a new little toy that I got from someone you might know at Beecourse! no mess, no stickiness, and I think very important no odour! truly orgasmic!! and I am a women slow to !come to the boil but Yes seems to get me there quicker! Hes hooked and now we are home and back to everyday routine, we have date nights which are so much fun....! " (1st Apr 2012)
"My wife says that she suspects you have a secret spunk farm somewhere....!" (1st Apr 2012)
"I can't say it often enough, Yes has revolutionised my love life! Depending on lubricants for medical reasons it is a joy to use YES. YES does what its meant to do, lubricate, but in addition feels wonderful and natural, tastes neutral and is sexy to use and it doesn't leave you sticky all over. I can feel great about YES because its organic and I'm not putting junk into my body and I no longer have to worry about the possible long term side effects of the other lubricants on the market." (1st Apr 2012)
"Thanks soooo much! " (1st Apr 2012)
"You have transformed my sex life " (1st Apr 2012)
"Reading the testimonials on the website is very uplifting and it's great that your product has been life-changing for so many people. Without detracting from these more significant achievements, I also wanted to say, as a 24 year old man in a couple fortunate enough to still enjoy plenty of natural lubrication, that Yes shouldn't be considered/marketed as a product only suitable for older people or those suffering from vaginal atrophy. My girlfriend picked up some free samples at a trade show and we both loved it when we tried it out. I don't think we would ever have considered using a lube before then and the fact that Yes is pure and harmless means we are happy to use it whenever we like. Anyway, regardless of whether we strictly need it or not, we have just bought a 125ml bottle because it's so much fun to use and feels so nice for both of us. I definitely think it's worth representing those Yes customers who use it for no other reason than it's a great product which is huge fun to use and truly pleasure enhancing. " (1st Apr 2012)
"This is my 3rd. order. I LOVE your fantastic product, & absolutely EVERYTHING about your amazing company!!! It was such a pleasant surprise, last time I ordered, to have my order size increased. Thank you SO much!! Today, I'm ordering the 75ml size, for a shower gift for my 24 yr. old niece. She's getting married, on Aug. 1st., & they're both virgins!! I'm thrilled to gift them with something that I know will make their honeymoon even better!! I also ordered your 6 pack special, so I can gift my 2 daughters, & my sister, & anyone else I can think of!!! I know they'll all love it as much as my hubby & I do!! Thank you SO much for your generosity & all the good your doing for so many. What a great, fun job you have!! God bless you & your business!!" (1st Apr 2012)

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