Confident plus size women being body positive

7 Body Positive Influencers We Love

An important part of self-love is treating ourselves with kindness and being happy in our own skin – but this can be really difficult to do if we don’t surround ourselves with positivity and encouragement, especially on social media. So, here are 7 body-positive influencers we love that will hopefully make your feed a little kinder – making it easier for you to love yourself and your body everyday…

Ruby Rare - @rubyrare

Sex-positive, body-positive, and just positive in general, Ruby is a great creator to be following. Her Instagram is full of body love that will definitely help you practice self-love yourself, as well as useful sex-ed advice (she’s even written a book about it!). Ruby is also the co-founder of @bodylovesketchclub - which holds empowering life drawing workshops to help you love your body even more – and she has fantastic taste in lube to boot.

Christine Yahya - @pink_bits

This account champions body positivity and self-love through its beautifully drawn illustrations of women’s bodies. Showing ‘the bits and shapes we’re told to hide’, this page really helps to remove the stigma around natural female shapes and sizes.

Megan Jayne Crabbe - @meganjaynecrabbe

A self-identified ‘woman with opinions’, Megan Jayne Crabbe (aka bodyposipanda) is an iconic figure in the body positivity movement who uses her platform to share her journey to happiness and healthiness through self-love. She offers some great advice and some wonderfully real pictures to brighten up your feed.

Notoriously Dapper - @Kelvindavis

Kelvin Davis proves that body positivity isn’t just for ladies! On his Instagram, he focuses on spreading the message that everyone should be able to love their curves – helping to normalise the topic of self-love for men and taking on toxic masculinity with every post.

Hannah Witton - @Hannahwitton

Hannah is a vlogger who uses her Instagram to break the stigma around sex and stomas. Her account is full of candid messages about loving your body no matter what – something everyone needs on their feed! She also has a podcast chatting about sex and relationships (@doingitpodcast), as well as another account dedicated to discussing periods and contraception (@thehormonediaries) – both of which you should definitely check out too!

Shauna - @Chicover50

Shauna uses her Instagram to show that body positivity and self-love have no age limit! With fabulous fashion choices and some amazing backgrounds, seeing her posts on your feed will definitely help you to feel more confident and comfortable in your own skin.


With the mission to celebrate “average” sized women, this page encourages women to be confident no matter what size they are by sharing pictures submitted by fans through the hashtag #midsizestyle. It’s a great place for body confidence and for style inspo – plus you could even see yourself featured amongst these gorgeous women!