YES partner with GenM and adopt M-tick menopause logo

YES: Proud partners of GenM

For over 20 years, we’ve been passionately and furiously waving the flag for menopositivity and doing our part to support the menopause community. Why? Because over 15 million women in the UK alone are going through menopause right now! That’s around a third of the entire female population. It’s time to normalise the conversation around menopause and empower what has been a chronically underserved community.

Some of our best-selling products have been developed with menopause symptoms in mind and some are even available on prescription with the NHS (check out YES® VM and YES® WB here). We’ve built hundreds of relationships with medical professionals, menopause specialists, likeminded brands, and influencers across the country. These relationships allow us to understand the complexities of menopause and help us to provide information and support that is current, accurate, and valuable to our customers. By partnering with GenM once again, we’re committing to using our voice and expertise to empower and support women going through menopause. But who exactly is GenM, and what does this partnership really mean?    

Who are GenM?

GenM (Generational M) was founded by two friends, Heather Jackson and Sam Simister in 2021 during their personal perimenopause experiences. Born out of frustration with the lack of accurate information, research, and support, GenM was launched. Their mission is to improve the lives of women and their support networks by uniting brands to better serve the menopause community through menopause-friendly products, services, workplace policies and marketing campaigns.

GenM has not only brought awareness to the 48 symptoms of menopause, but they have also published a ground-breaking Invisibility Report. This report uncovers a distinct lack of support, education, and knowledge on menopause, as well as the extent to which women in our society feel invisible. The report also reveals that 97% of menopausal women believe brands should work harder to cater to them, and over half want workplaces to be better set up to support them. 

GenM commitments

As part of a collective of progressive brands leading the menopause revolution, YES® has committed to the GenM commitment to understand menopause better and provide valuable support through effective products, services and marketing activity. In doing so, we want those impacted to feel listened to, catered for, and represented across society as they navigate their way through the possible 48-associated symptoms of menopause. 

By aligning with the 6-point GenM Commitment, we will:

  1. Become part of a transformative brand-led movement to improve the menopause experience for consumers, clients, and colleagues.
  2. Unite in the education and awareness of the 48 symptoms of menopause, and understand the impact these can have on those affected, both directly and indirectly.
  3. Serve the demand for better showcasing of products and services that can support the 15.5 million menopausal women in the UK and their support networks.
  4. Take an active role in better representing the menopausal woman and those in transition in future brand campaigns.
  5. Be a voice too loud to ignore – a voice for change to normalise the menopause and make it part of our everyday conversations.
  6. Use your leadership status to encourage other brands, organisations, and employers to follow in GenM’s pioneering footsteps for the menopause. 

What is the M-Tick?

M-tick menopause certification

The MTick is the world’s first universal shopping symbol to signpost menopause-friendly products, both in-store, online and on packaging.

United by a universal symbol for menopause shopping, GenM has set into motion a vibrant, inclusive and trusted marketplace that delivers on the needs of an underserved audience, to empower them the choice and control to manage their menopause, their way.

What’s next for YES® and the menopause community?

Normalising conversations related to menopause is something we take very seriously. We continue to produce content in the form of blogs, social media content, videos, and whitepapers to support the menopause community. We are committed to growing our partnerships with professionals within the medical and wellness communities to help us inform and educate our internal team as well as our customers. We have ambitious plans to expand and improve our online content, so it becomes a safe space for women to learn, grow and importantly, connect with one another.  

Our partnership with GenM is part of an exciting journey for YES®. Our goal is to see women equipped with the tools to thrive throughout this unique time in their lives. We hope you come along for the ride!