Date Inspiration for Valentine’s Day

Date Inspiration for Valentine’s Day!

Why not go all out to make this Valentine’s extra special for your lover, they’re worth it, right? Here are a few of our favourite date ideas, go on, spoil them… 1. A romantic night in with YES Staying in is the new going out! Cosy up with your other half this Valentine’s Day with a […]

Posted 12/02/2018

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sheep following lamb in a pram

Signs of Spring – the New Lambaaaghini!

Here at YES, some of the team have interesting ‘other lives’ and Sally, our ‘Treasure Measurer’, spends many hours delivering lambs in March and April both in Hampshire and on Exmoor. The lambs are born outside but then both the lamb and ewe are moved into the barn to make sure that there are no […]

Posted 11/04/2017

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Emily Hill with Ugandan mother and children for Mobilise a Midwife project

Mobilise a Midwife: Inspirational work with women giving birth in rural Uganda

Since 2006 when we first started sending YES products out to customers, we have delivered to more than 90 countries worldwide including some far flung locations such Nigeria, China, Belize and even the North Pole! It is a heartwarming thought that YES is bringing comfort and joy to so many women around the globe, so […]

Posted 21/12/2016

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intimate lubricants and moisturisers infographic

The Science of Lubricants

Why should I care about the ingredients in my lubricants and vaginal moisturisers? With a myriad of different products to choose from on the pharmacy shelves, how can we tell the difference between the brands, and what are the important points to consider when choosing a product to alleviate dryness or simply to make sex […]

Posted 21/12/2016

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