YES® is committed to the highest professional standards of customer support, quality, integrity and honesty throughout all aspects of its business dealings, and requires the same dedication to be upheld by our suppliers, agents and designated third parties in the conduct of their businesses.

Our Code of Conduct describes the principles we adopt in the workplace and expresses our commitment to probity in relationship to our customers, suppliers, employees and the environment.


The Customer Comes First

Respect and care for our customers lies at the heart of all our activities. 

We seek to surpass their expectations, and value them not just for their loyalty, but also for the views and preferences they express. We learn from their feedback, which enriches our understanding of their needs, and informs our business development.


Animal Welfare

We are totally opposed to animal testing, and uphold all the values of the Organic movement, which lobbies against animal testing, cruelty and abuse.


NO to Child labour

YES® does not tolerate child labour. All our employees are recognised as adults by the law and work on a purely voluntary basis. We believe that children should be in school, not at work.  No child should be deprived of their childhood, safety or education.


Quality, Health and Safety

We are committed to marketing products that have proven efficacy and safety, guaranteed by rigorous evaluation methods, fully complying with the strict regulatory requirements for medical device products. 

All members of the YES® team share the same dedication to total product quality, from its conception to its distribution and after it has been put on the market.


Environmental Sustainability

Care for the environment, the planet’s people, animals and plants is enshrined in our business ethic, and evidenced in all our practices. 

We communicate openly about our achievements in this area, as well as being honest about its challenges. We are mindful of our impact on the environment; constantly seeking to reduce it through the sourcing of our organic ingredients and recyclable packaging materials. 

We are determined to avoid compromising tomorrow for the sake of today.


Fair treatment of suppliers

The relationship we enjoy with our suppliers extends beyond the delivery of goods and services.  

Courtesy, trust and goodwill are the hallmarks of our approach. We are audited on how we select our suppliers, and the congruence between our respective business values and practices is key.


Privacy and data protection

YES® is committed to respecting the confidentiality of its customers’ personal information. We are scrupulous in retaining only such data as is necessary for the effective operation of supplying them.



The diversity of individual talents in our workforce enriches our creativity, and we actively recruit and employ on a basis of equal opportunity.


Our Employees

We make YES® a great place to work. 

Recognising that our employees are our greatest asset, we ensure that they enjoy a safe and healthy working environment. Personal talent and merit are recognised, diversity is valued, privacy and the balance between professional and personal life is respected .


Political activities and lobbying

YES® does not contribute to any political parties and is not affiliated to any related institutions.