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20 Years, 113 Countries, 2 Brands, 1 Mission: the story of YES®

We can hardly believe it’s been 20 years since Susi Lennox and Sarah Brooks launched YES® from a small warehouse in the Hampshire countryside. Now globally recognised and selling in over 100 countries, YES® is making tidal waves in the women’s health market. With an array of awards piling up, YES® has become a trusted name in organic health and beauty, offering products designed to care for intimate health and increase pleasure without causing harm to people or planet.     

Our products:  

Our product range consists of over twenty intimacy products, some have such therapeutic value they are available on NHS prescription in the UK. All our Personal Lubricants have been designed for women in search of natural, plant-based options to enhance pleasure as well as soothe discomfort, irritation, pain or dryness. Our Vaginal Moisturisers have become a go-to for women experiencing vaginal dryness, particularly due to menopause, hormonal imbalances, or medical conditions. YES® O YES, our groundbreaking Clitoral Stimulant Oil, empowers women to take back their pleasure and is favoured among those struggling with decreased sensitivity or arousal. YES® CLEANSE, our range of Feminine Washes offer a gentle pure and effective alternative to popular products made without pH-disrupting ingredients.   

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YES® products are recommended by gynaecologists, sex therapists, GPs, oncologists, and menopause professionals, and have continually developed our products to better support women who experience intimate health challenges such as vaginal dryness or pain and irritation. 

We want to see all women empowered with the knowledge to make informed choices about their intimate health. Do you know what typical Vaginal pH should be and why it is so important? If not, read about it on this page.  

Two Brands? We were unable to Trademark YES® in USA, so our products are called AH! YES® there. 

Over the last 20 years YES® has set the standard globally, for natural, pure, sustainable AND effective women's intimate health products.  

We’d love to remind you of the vision and values that sit at the core of our heritage as a brand as well as our goals for the future.   

Our vision:

our vision is to change the world from the inside by creating pure, natural and certified organic products designed to respect intimate pH without side effects or the use of harsh or irritating chemicals.  

Our values:  

  • Be kind to humans. We work with integrity throughout our supply chain right through to YES® HQ. We nurture our customers and aim to make a positive difference in their lives by listening to their experiences and adapting our services and even products to cater for their needs. We listened when our customers told us that menopause was causing vaginal dryness on a scale no one was talking about. We expanded our product range to support this need and worked alongside menopause specialists and the NHS to make sure everyone has access. We are now one of the brands advancing the menopause movement and challenging taboos through our partnership with GenM.  
  • Care for animals. YES® say NO to animal testing and do not use any animal body parts at any stage of production. ES® products are either Vegetarian Society approved, or Vegetarian Society approved – Vegan.
  • Nurture nature. All YES® products are certified organic by the Soil Association, and we use plant-based ingredients wherever possible. We do not use any GMO ingredients.  
  • Profound purity. We work in adherence to a strict ingredients policy and take into careful consideration feedback from our valued customers. YES® is dedicated to educating our audience with accurate information to help them make informed choices about their intimate health.  
  • Revere the planet. Sustainability is one of our core values. In all aspects of our operations, we Reduce - Reuse – Recycle. This is true of our packaging (where we use FSC certified card) as well as well as our office waste. We have recently joined Provenance, the global leaders in sustainability marketing technology. Provenance makes it easier for us to provide transparent, verified claims about the sustainability of our products.  

Read more about our values here 

Our customers:  

We are continually humbled and delighted by the stories and experiences of our customers detailing the impact YES® has had on their lives.  Here’s some of things our customers say about YES®:  

I went over five years with painful sex too embarrassed to see a doctor or ask for help. Finally, I talked with a specialist and she recommended YES! It is absolutely amazing. The pain is gone, dryness is gone. You can truly tell and feel the difference. We use VM and WB as lube. And I just ordered OB, excited to try it! I will happily order this stuff for the rest of my life.  - MY 

The menopause had my libido at an all-time low. YES® O YES has given me back my mojo with bells on! When you apply the oil give it a minute for the magic to happen. - Fran.  

I am astonished at how good YES® CLEANSE wash is. I assumed that being itchy was just another joy associated with being post-menopausal but after one wash the itchiness has gone! Thank you YES for yet another outstanding product! – Jeanie  

A note from Susi Lennox, co-founder of The YES YES Company LTD:  

"Birthdays call for celebration, and often reflection and reminiscence too, and ours is no exception.  

‘The person who sets out on the journey is not the person who arrives’ says the inestimable David Whyte, and Sarah and I can attest to that. As individuals we have evolved, and the business has grown, in unpredictable and transformative ways.  

From two creative women, with aspirations and innovative concepts, to our now magnificent and burgeoning number of gifted and dedicated team members, YES® has gone from strength to strength.  
While from our first formulation experiments lined up in wineglasses on kitchen windowsills, to major production runs at several Laboratories, our trajectory has been true, and our vision realised.  

Christening our brand YES ~ “The Eternal Yes” as EM Forster referred to it, has proved an enduring asset. Memorable, elegant, international and affirmative, it has shone through two decades as a name to be proud of, while our plays on the word in product titles and website url (yesyesyes.org, YES® O YES, AH!YES etc) invariably make people smile.   

As planetary citizens, we all aim to contribute to the greater benefit of Earth and her peoples. In this spirit, Sarah and I set out to ‘Change the World from the Inside’, and our customers confirm that achievement. They inspire tears, they inspire wonder, they inspire gratitude.  Our bold ambition, through the efforts of our entire team, is being realised.   

Is the future bright?  YES! 

Are we expanding in territories and product ranges?  YES! 

Do we continue to add to the sum total of happiness on the planet?  YES, YES, YES!” 

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