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Menopause after cancer: YES joins forces with Dani Binnington – cancer survivor and patient advocate

So, you’ve finished cancer treatment, and now you’re facing another unexpected transition with its own throng of symptoms – menopause. You’re not alone. Dani Binnington was thrown into early menopause in her late thirties after undergoing a double mastectomy and hysterectomy. After surviving breast cancer, she set up the world’s only podcast on Menopause and Cancer and is the founder of The Menopause and Cancer CIC, a non-for-profit organisation aiming to educate women on their options.  

Dani Binnington

We’ve partnered with Dani to offer information and support to women experiencing temporary or permanent menopause due to cancer treatment. Our goal is to help women understand the link between early menopause and cancer treatment and to help them navigate common menopausal symptoms such as vaginal dryness 

Menopause after cancer treatment: the facts  

stats on menopause after cancer treatment

Studies have found that anywhere from 0-40% of women under 40 go into permanent menopause due to chemotherapy, while 70-90% of women over 40 do [1].  

What cancer treatments can cause early menopause?  

  • Surgery to remove the ovaries 
  • Radiotherapy to the pelvis 
  • Drugs that block or lower the amount of hormones in the body (hormone therapy) 
  • Chemotherapy [2] 

Whist all women will go through menopause, a sudden menopause (due to cancer treatment) can cause more severe symptoms than a natural menopause. Symptoms can last several years and change with time, and they may also impact fertility.  

With only 52% [3] of oncology or clinical nurses discussing menopause with their patients, navigating menopause after cancer can be a lonely and confusing time. Dani’s personal experience as well as her passion to support women is helping to shed light on the reality of early menopause after cancer treatment.  

We've launched a dedicated space on our website with resources and information to support women affected by early menopause due to cancer treatment.  We’ll also be collaborating with Dani across social media and are looking forward to appearing on the Menopause and Cancer podcast.  

Check out Dani’s podcast Menopause and Cancer here, or head to her lifestyle platform, Healthy Whole Me for holistic well-being advice.  


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