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Post-Pregnancy Vaginal Dryness

It’s no secret that the body goes through many changes during pregnancy and post-childbirth - particularly the vagina. Yet, no one seems to talk about vaginal dryness despite it being a very common symptom experienced by post-natal women.

Pregnant person holding their bump

Straight after a woman gives birth, her oestrogen levels drop drastically. Oestrogen is responsible for maintaining vaginal moisture and lubrication. Without it, the vagina can become very dry, itchy and uncomfortable.

How does breastfeeding affect vaginal dryness?

The benefits of breastfeeding for mother and baby are well known. However, just as pregnancy causes a shift in women’s hormones, so does breastfeeding. This is because the breast milk hormone prolactin inhibits the follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH), the hormones that trigger ovulation and allow eggs to develop and mature. This in turn means oestrogen levels will be very low until the woman’s periods return. These low levels of oestrogen have a similar effect to the decreased hormone levels seen in menopause, and can also result in a thinning of the vaginal tissues and increased vaginal dryness. It is important to continue breastfeeding if possible and there are simple solutions for vaginal dryness. YES products can help to make sex more comfortable and ease intimate dryness and discomfort for women during the period that they are breastfeeding. For day to day dryness, we recommend YES VM, as this vaginal moisturising gel is designed to revitalise and hydrate tissues to relieve discomfort. For use during intercourse, we recommend YES WB water-based lubricant or YES OB plant-oil based lubricant. YES WB feels just like natural lubrication, and its high water and aloe vera content means that it is ideal for hydrating tissues. YES OB is a longer-lasting lubricant formulated from natural plant oils, shea butter and cocoa butter which work to nourish and protect sore, delicate tissues. (Both YES WB and YES VM are condom compatible, whereas YES OB is not). Being a natural plant-based oil, YES OB can also be very helpful for perineal massage in the last few weeks before labour to help prevent a tears or episiotomy.

Why YES?

YES products are hypoallergenic and certified organic by the Soil Association, which offers reassurance that they are formulated without synthetic ingredients or potential skin irritants that are preferably avoided during pregnancy and post-childbirth. All of our water-based products are also pH matched to the vaginal environment. Maintaining typical vaginal pH may help to protect against bacterial and yeast infections.

Don’t just take our word for it…

“YES, is an invaluable resource for all pregnant and postnatal couples as it brings natural relief from vaginal dryness brought on by hormonal fluctuations and increases the potential for sexual arousal during this time of transition. Being completely natural YES is a perfect addition to a healthy pregnancy. I recommend it to all mums as their choice lubricant for genital massage. Not only does it feel good, it also brings guilt-free pleasure as there are no extra chemicals going into your baby.” Rachel Foux, Women’s health and holistic healing, maternity and fertility therapist, psychosexual therapist.

“I had chronic dryness after breastfeeding my second baby. Three doctor visits and a steroid cream later there was no improvement. Then I found YES, it was like night and day the difference. I have no more problems. Thank you!” YES Customer