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Thanks for the love! Celebrating a year of success in women’s intimate health

What an amazing year 2023 has been! We're thrilled to have celebrated our 20th birthday and partnered with some incredible brands and initiatives dedicated to improving women's health. Our customers have been wonderfully vocal in sharing their experiences, from the ups and downs of menopause to matters of libido and beyond. Their input has been invaluable in shaping our products and the way we talk about them. 

While it might seem a bit self-indulgent, we believe in celebrating our successes, especially when it comes to intimate health. So, let's take a moment to highlight our 2023 award nominations and wins and what these achievements mean for both our wonderful customers and our beloved brand. 

2023 Awards and Nominations  

Janey Loves Platinum Award YES WB

YES® VM is named a winner in the Janey Loves Platinum Awards 2023 in the Feminine Care Category. The Janey Loves Awards celebrate the very best of natural, organic and holistic beauty products. Judged by an expert panel including Janey Lee Grace- author, radio host and trusted women’s health advocate, they are an authentic ambassador of natural lifestyle, skincare and women’s health products.

Why our customers love it:  Let's talk about one of our all-time favourite and most trusted products, YES® VM. It's like a trusted friend, always there when you need it! YES® VM is a daily, certified organic vaginal moisturiser specially crafted to keep your intimate tissues hydrated for up to three days. Whether you're dealing with irritation, discomfort, or dryness, YES® VM has got your back. It's a popular choice with those going through menopause, pregnancy, childbirth, or dealing with various medical conditions, and just about anyone who wants to keep their vagina happy! 

“Lovely product. Easy to use. Very effective at relieving symptoms associated with menopause and vaginal atrophy.” 

“VM is essential for my wellbeing. I will always use this moisturiser.” 

“I wouldn't be without it now I've tried it, it’s made such a huge difference to my comfort and irritation levels during menopause.” 

Try YES® VM for yourself here. 


YES® WB wins 'highly commended' in the Global Green Beauty Awards 2023.  The awards celebrate brands that have moved towards making their products, packaging and sourcing more kind to the planet and to our skin. 

Global Green Beauty Awards YES WB

Why our customers love it: YES® WB is our water-based personal lubricant designed to provide a quick hit of rehydration during sex. As always, it is certified organic and designed to be side-effect free. Our customers love it because it's designed to feel just like natural vaginal moisture – no stickiness, no strange tastes, and no unpleasant odours. Just pure comfort and enjoyment! 

“For the best feeling, warm it up a bit and you'd never know it wasn't your own lubrication at work. Amazing!” 

“Brilliant product. Doesn't irritate. Very natural and long lasting. Wouldn't be without it. Use it alongside VM for everyday comfort since the menopause.” 

“Makes sex enjoyable again.” 

“Superior product to other popular market products. Naturally lubricating, feels part of you and not a man-made feeling. No irritation, smell, or aftereffects. I would recommend this product over and above other products.” 

Check our YES® WB here. 


YES® CLEANSE is a finalist in the Clean + Conscious Awards 2023. Founded in 2019, the Clean and Conscious Awards were launched to recognise and celebrate the manufacturing of safe and socially responsible products. Their goal is to empower consumers to choose products that work in harmony with their bodies and the environment.

Clean and Conscious Awards 2023

Why our customers love it: Next up; YES® CLEANSE, our range of certified organic, pH-matched feminine hygiene washes. We know how tricky it can be to find products that are gentle on intimate areas, which is why our customers love our ultra gentle formulas. We've put safety and purity first when crafting these washes, making them perfect for anyone dealing with intimate dryness, irritation, or discomfort. Your comfort and well-being are our top priorities!    

“This is the only intimate wash product that I tried that does NOT cause irritation. The only one I use now. Thank you!” 

“The YES intimate wash is a god send! Where I was sore before, with this wash I am much better I will be getting more of this, very happy.” 

“Been using this for a couple of years now and love it. It’s great on my dry sensitive post-menopausal skin.” 

“Second purchase of this as I absolutely love it! Cleans without stripping your own moisture down there. Deals with odour well too. I tell everyone I know to buy this! Good value for how long it lasts.” 

Check out YES® CLEANSE here. 


YES® O YES is a finalist in the Soil Association's BOOM Awards 2023, in the Best of Organic Health and Personal Care Products category. The Soil Association launched the BOOM (Best of Organic Market) Awards to honour the brands behind the UK’s organic industry. The awards play an important role in celebrating businesses that take ingredients and manufacturing seriously whist prioritising human and environmental health.

YES O YES Soil Association BOOM Awards

Why our customers love it: It's been just two years since we launched YES® O YES, and we are absolutely thrilled by the incredible feedback from both our customers and healthcare professionals! This little gem is our first and only clitoral stimulant oil, and as ever, it's certified organic. We've carefully blended a variety of oils to stimulate desire, quicken arousal, excite sensation, and take pleasure during sex to a whole new level.  

“O YES O YES! – After suffering a stroke, sensation restored! Thank you!”  

 “A good little surprise – post-menopausal and happy to have this little treat to add to my toolbox. Thank you!”  

 “I already use the range of YES products, so when this came along, I was excited to try it out. It’s small and powerful. Producing excellent O’s”  

Check out YES® O YES here.