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YES® O YES! The YES YES Company named BOOM Award finalist 

We’re thrilled to announce that The YES YES Company has been shortlisted as a finalist in the Best of Organic Health & Personal Care Products category of the BOOM Awards 2023!  

About the BOOM Awards  

 The Soil Association launched the BOOM (Best of Organic Market) Awards to honour the brands behind the UK’s organic industry. The awards play an important role in celebrating businesses that take ingredients and manufacturing seriously whist prioritising human and environmental health. 

About YES® O YES – empowering women to take control of their pleasure  

YES® O YES lets you take control of your pleasure. It’s our organic clitoral stimulant oil that’s been created with a unique blend of organic oils, crafted with care to stimulate desire, quicken arousal, excite sensation, and intensify pleasure during foreplay and climax. It can be offered to women experiencing a drop in libido and decreased sensation and anyone wanting extra stimulation or excitement during intimate moments.  

Certified organic is at the heart of what we do. Our entire product range is certified organic by the Soil Association to ensure that we use only the purest ingredients possible to safeguard the intimate health of our customers.  

What our customers say 

Below are a handful of our independently verified customer reviews.  

 “O YES O YES! – After suffering a stroke, sensation restored! Thank you!” 

 “A good little surprise – post-menopausal and happy to have this little treat to add to my toolbox. Thank you!” 

 “I already use the range of YES products, so when this came along I was excited to try it out. It’s small and powerful. Producing excellent O’s” 

Say YES® O YES to intense pleasure  

Click here to check out our range of certified organic intimacy products or to try YES® O YES yourself.