YES is on UK prescription for vaginal dryness

Getting your GP to prescribe YES - one customer's story

This is a YES customer's story about how she encouraged her GP to prescribe YES for vaginal dryness

Good Morning Lavinia Just thought I would update you on my appointment with the GP yesterday - it might help someone else. I had my appointment and explained to the GP that I had experienced awful side effects from the Vagifem, and was especially worried with the dizziness and loss of balance. I informed her that I had phoned Novo Nordisk - she seemed a little surprised I had got in touch with them, and asked me what they had said. I asked her if, as I was 14 years post menopausal, I was taking too much of the oestrogen systemically because of the lack of good mucosal tissue. She then agreed that that was probably the case. I then asked her where do we go from here ... she replied that she could offer me Vagisil, Replens, or Sylk - which was on the practice formulary. I said I was not prepared to take any of the above because of the issues with parabens and glycerine and went on to show her the information you sent me regarding what was in these products and the problems that could arise. I also said that really I was not prepared to take the chance of trying something that would cause so much irritation and tissue injury after this last episode. I asked her if she had heard of YES Lubricants - she did not comment but I went on to show her one of the applicators, your GP leaflet, and the Review Article on lubricants and moisturisers - I had highlighted the conclusion of the article which stated that the best course of treatment would be a natural product which is balanced for osmolality and pH and near enough to normal vaginal secretions. After all this she agreed that a product like that would be beneficial - so I asked her how do I get this - she then said that although it was not on the practice formulary she could prescribe it and went on to do so and gave me two months supply - 24 applicators. I then said to her that this is going to be ongoing therapy and could she put it on my repeat prescription which she agreed to do. I also left all the information with her and said that perhaps somebody else could benefit from YES in the future. So I was a happy bunny - obviously went to the Chemist not in stock as they had never issued any but they will get it in for me by tomorrow. I do hope Lavinia that any lady who requires YES (in Scotland or anywhere else for that matter) will be strong enough to push the GP - it is available no matter what the GP comes back to you with.

Maureen from Scotland