Why are YES products certified organic?

By working with nature and avoiding pesticides, chemical fertilisers and genetic engineering, Organic production promotes the health of the soil, plants, animals and us in the following ways:

1. The Quality

2. The Health Benefits

3. The Standards

4. The Environment

5. The Future

1. The improved quality of organically produced crops and therefore of our ingredients

- No growth hormones, chemical fertilizers or damaging pesticides are used

- No genetic engineering

2. The health benefits associated with using pure ingredients

- No synthetic chemicals present to be absorbed by the skin

- 60% of all chemicals put on the skin end up in the blood stream

3. The rigorous standards for certification

- No compromise on ingredient quality

- No Parabens allowed for preservation

4. The positive environmental impact

- In the UK, organic farms have 44% more birds and more than five times as many wild plants

5. The future looks better for all of us, when sustainable crop production methods, that work with nature, are employed