YES seed polysaccharide based lubricants are the subject of a family patent applications based on our first British application filed on 1st March 2005, the priority date of our patent family. This priority application describes the invention which is fundamental to our lubricants and from which our range of organic lubricants has been developed. We are proud to have been able to stay true to the natural organic philosophy of the original invention. The current state of our patent applications is as follows:

UK – Patent No 2,437,903

Granted on 5th August 2009. 

European Patent Application No EP 1,865,971

pending, published as WO 2006/092581 and accepted after examination and hearing, please see

US Patent Application No US 2008/01,46,472 

pending and published under this number, please see

Naturally we have an active IP enforcement policy in respect of lubricants which plagiarise our invention without permission and which fall within the scope of claims of our patents granted in respect of the territory of production or distribution

Sarah and Susi.