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YES Pre-filled Applicators – YES WB water based personal lubricant

Yes WB in applicators offers a convenient, clean and hygienic way of delivering a suitable amount of lubrication deeper inside the body.

5mls of YES WB is dispensed in a sleek applicator tube with smooth contours, and an easy twist off closure.

The soft clear gel will gently adhere to the walls of the vagina, imparting moisture to them, without any risk of embarrassing leakage.

Once in place, the presence of YES WB is hardly detectable as a lubricant, as it closely simulates natural lubrication. There is no betraying smell or taste, making it suitable for discreet use, if desired.

NOW Available: YES OB in applicators

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YES WB Apps - 5ml/0.17fl oz - apps x 6
YES WB Apps - 5ml/0.17fl oz - apps x 24 (4 for 3)
YES WB Apps - 5ml/0.17fl oz - apps x 30 (bag)

YES WB in Applicators
(contains 6 pre-filled applicators)

YES WB in Applicators
(4 boxes of 6 pre-filled applicators)

YES WB in Applicators
(bag of 30 pre-filled applicators)

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Why Applicators?

  • The discreet & convenient way to deliver deep lubrication & hydration in the right amount to the right place
  • Each box contains 6 pre-filled applicators (5ml) for single use
  • When inserted in advance of lovemaking, yes water-based forms a protective, lubricious film ensuring effective, discreet and natural feeling lubrication
  • External use of a lubricant is still recommended to ensure adequate lubrication.

YES WB water based lubricant in applicators

  • YES WB is a natural bio-adhesive gel, which adheres to the vaginal walls to lubricate, moisturise and protect the surface layers of the vagina
  • YES WB is hypoallergenic, hormone free, neither a spermicide nor a contraceptive and is never tested on animals
  • Compatible with natural rubber, latex and polyisoprene condoms and toys
  • Personal lubricant YES WB contains no concerning chemicals, no skin irritants, no sugars, no glycerin, no grapefruit seed extract and absolutely no parabens
  • YES WB is a clear gel and does not produce white fall-out

Directions for using applicators

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  1. Remove applicator from the container. DO NOT USE if applicator tamper evident tip has been removed
  2. Hold the applicator at the wide end and shake contents to the narrow end before insertion
  3. Snap off tamper evident tip by twisting
  4. To apply, insert the narrow end of the applicator only, into the vagina. You can lie down, stand or sit to insert the applicator – whichever position is most comfortable.
  5. Once inserted squeeze the wide end, several times, to ensure the contents are released
  6. Continue to squeeze the applicator as you extract it. These are single use applicators – discard when empty.
  7. They are made from recyclable materials, please recycle where possible

Yes water-based applicators are available in 6 packs, in a four pack for three multi-buy and in units of 30.


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12345   3rd April 2017

This product is as perfect as I was in my 20's. Discreet lubrication- its my secret and a life saving product. Highly recommend to all experiencing dryness due to birth control and or age. Its you, only better!

12345   15th November 2016

I first tried the YES WB product in May.I was shocked how amazing it was! IT IS DEFINITELY THE BEST PRODUCT THAT EXIST ON THE MARKET.I will order the VM soon. It sounds like a perfect product for an everyday use then every three days.The YES products saved me!I ACTUALLY LUV SEX! So there is NO WAY that life without it was going to happen! I can only say THANK YOU YESYESYES!I am and will continue to recommend it to all my women's friends!


Questions & Answers

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Can WB applicators be used in conjunction with vagifem?
There will be no conflict with using them in combination over a period of time, but it might be rather messy to use them at exactly the same time. As you know Vagifem is a topical oestrogen to help progressively restore the elasticity and moistness of the vagina, while YES products have no hormonal component, but will impart moisture and slipperiness to the vulval and vaginal area, while maintaining the right pH level, which can address dryness and reduce irritation. It might be suitable for you to insert the estrogen cream during the morning, to allow it to disperse, and to apply the YES lubricant in the evening, and before intimacy if required. It is of benefit to apply liberally to the vulvar as well as to the vaginal area, to ensure maximum moisturising and intimate comfort.
Hi, I am interested in purchasing the WB applicators for convenience. Once applied how long does the lubRican stay active in the body? Thanks
We would recommend using 1 applicator every 3 days to help rehydrate/replenish damaged tissue in relation to vaginal dryness/atrophy. Depending on the severity of the dryness you may wish to use the applicators more often and this is perfectly fine to do as the products are all natural.
Hi, I just purchased the pre-filled applicators. I have lichen sclerosis and vaginal dryness, I would like to use the applicators on a regular basis to keep my vaginal tissue supple. How often should insert the gel? Once a day, every few days, once a week? If i use it on a regular basis for therapeutic reasons, should use an extra one before sexual intercourse? Thank you for your prompt answer. Caroline
Thank you for your recent purchase and for your question. To address vaginal dryness we usually recommend using the applicators once a day to establish a good degree of hydration. Once any pronounced dryness has been alleviated, it is usually sufficient to use one applicator every two to three days to maintain comfort and internal moisture. This may well give you sufficient lubrication for intercourse, but can of course be augmented with an extra application if necessary. It is best to be guided by your own body and its needs, to determine how much to use. Many of our customers who have LS find it helpful to moisturise the vulva too, and we would recommend this. YES WB in tubes can be applied externally with the fingers to achieve this. I hope that helps.
I have intertestitional cystitis with vaginal atrophy. I wish to use a altenative to vagifem. Can you reccomend a product? I am not sexually active this is purely for iritation and burning. Thankyou
The depletion of oestrogen during menopause can cause thinning of intimate tissues and pronounced dryness and discomfort. While Vagifem, or other forms of HRT can reverse some of these symptoms, YES products will alleviate rather than repair symptoms. YES Intro pack could allow you to discover which product would work best for you. YES WB, in tubes or in applicators, can relieve the irritation and burning you are experiencing, by balancing the pH and hydrating the vulva and vagina. If you require stronger protection then YES OB can soothe and restore day to day comfort.
Is it safe if you have oral seed with it. Just wondering if it's OK to ingest? What are the ingredients? Is there preterition available in the states?
All the ingredients are food grade, making the products suitable for oral sex. Apart from OB Vanilla, Yes products have little or no smell or taste, and can be ingested. Availability on prescription is confined to UK only.

"Thank you for providing a safe, natural product that moisturizes and lubricates dry tissues and makes intimacy something to enjoy again!"

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YES WB water based lubricant is made from organic Aloe Vera, a renowned skin food; from organic Flax extract which is particularly beneficial for the mucous membranes and from three synergistic plant based gums – guar, locust bean and xanthan, all of which contribute to the deep velvety texture. Food grade preservatives are included, and citric acid to buffer the pH.

YES ingredients policy

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