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YES WB water based personal lubricant

YES WB key features:

  • Enhances sexual pleasure and sensitivity
  • No smell, no taste, no stickiness
  • Compatible with natural rubber, latex and polyisoprene condoms and toys
  • pH balanced for the vagina
  • rapidly relieves dryness and discomfort
  • Gynaecologist recommended
  • Hypoallergenic: formulated to minimise the risk of allergies.
  • Realistic texture
  • Silky sensuous feel
  • Intensely hydrating
  • Replenishes natural moisture
  • Perfect substitute for the body’s own lubrication
  • Protects mucus membranes, and if necessary, supports healing
  • Leaves skin clean and residue free

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YES WB - 50ml/1.7fl oz
water based personal lubricant

YES WB - 100ml/3.4fl oz
water based personal lubricant

YES WB - 150ml/5.1fl oz
water based personal lubricant

YES WB - 2 x 150ml/5.1fl oz
water based personal lubricant

YES WB - 100ml/3.4fl oz + 6 WB apps
water based personal lubricant

YES WB - 150ml/5.1fl oz + 6 WB apps
water based personal lubricant

YES WB - 100ml/3.4fl oz + 6 OB apps

YES WB - 150ml/5.1fl oz + 6 OB apps

Natural Water-Based Lubricant

YES WB natural lubricant allows you to:

  • Experience the discretion of a personal lubricant that feels and behaves like the real thing
  • Appreciate its skin-nourishing and moisturising effects
  • Celebrate the absence of anything that might interfere with your intimate health or pleasure
  • Delight in anointing your body with silkiness
  • Enjoy prolonging your love-making with ease and sensuousness
  • Discover the release from anxiety about synthetic ingredients
  • Relax in the certainty that you are cherishing your body and that of your partner

Thoroughly researched, responsibly formulated with original, effective and certified organic ingredients, elegantly packaged and sensitively dispensed, YES has the power to change your world from the inside.

YES lubricants offer you the discretion of products which, unlike most other lubricant, draw no attention to themselves through disturbing smell, taste or colour. We believe that lubricants should facilitate your pleasure, without masking your skin and senses.

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YES WB Reviews

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12345   26th October 2020

Having suffered with Lichen sclerosus for many years, which made sex very uncomfortable, this product has made such a difference. I wish I had found it years ago.

LZ, Somerset

12345   20th October 2020

Purchased this after being recommended it as a solution for endometriosis-type soreness after sex - I have tried a lot of other lubes and always ended up with the same burning sensation afterwards. This has completely eradicated that. It is pricey, and I find I use a little more than I do with other lubes but it feels a lot more natural and like the real thing. One of those things I now cannot live without and will happily pay extra for. Highly recommend!

S Dixon

12345   24th May 2020

I often get vaginal itchiness or thrush esp if I use scented products or get dry during sex. Specific times in my cycle I will be prone to dryness too. I discovered YES lube a few years ago when we were trying for a baby. I've never looked back since. I never seem to suffer and continues to help sex remain enjoyable!

FB, Graceland

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Questions & Answers about YES WB

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Can I use the lube while trying for a baby? I see there is citric acid in the ingredients so wondering if it is safe to use while trying to get pregnant. Thanks
The pH of the vagina during most of your cycle is acidic (typically around pH4), however when you ovulate the pH of fertile cervical mucous changes and becomes more alkaline, matching that of sperm. YES WB water-based personal lubricant is designed to match the acidic (pH4) vaginal environment and is not intended to aid conception, however, this product has undergone sperm motility testing by an independent laboratory and has proven results that using YES WB water-based lubricant whilst trying to conceive should not lessen your chances of becoming pregnant due to any effects on sperm motility. YES OB plant-oil based lubricant is designed to nourish and sooth tissues and is pH neutral so it will not change the pH of the vaginal tissues. This product has also undergone sperm motility testing by an independent laboratory and again the results are; that using YES OB plant-oil based lubricant whilst trying to conceive should not lessen your chances of becoming pregnant due to any effects on sperm motility. The testing for both products evaluates whether a lubricant is toxic to sperm (i.e. does it cause sperm immobilisation or non-progressive movement). Eight hours after exposure to YES WB water-based lubricant and YES OB plant-oil based lubricant, the results showed the ability of sperm to make progressive movement was unaffected compared to controls. Citric acid is used in miniscule quantities and is essential in achieving the right (normal vaginal) pH value for the water-based products
Hi,I think I suffer from intermittent dryness of the skin on the outside of the vagina (vulval). It can feel dry, itchy and painful sometimes. I have been treated for long term thrush and the doctor recommended a moisturiser for the skin so I have been looking for one to use as and when needed that won't cause thrush or cystitis. Would this lubricant suffice as a moisturiser as well as as its obvious use or can you recommend another product?
To help with vulval issues we would recommend that you use our YES OB (Oil Based) as it is very nourishing and healing. Both our VM (Vaginal moisturiser) and our WB (water based lubricant) will balance the pH and therefore prevent infection.
Can you use this product along with a duration spray (like K-Y Don't Stop)?
There is no reason why you cannot use our products alongside a duration spray
Hello, I'm just wondering what type of preservative is in the water based lube? (I totally get that you have to use them, I just wanna know what exactly it is)Thanks,
We use Sodium benzoate as the preservative in the WB this is at the lowest possible concentration to provide sufficient shelf life and to ensure we meet European and USA/FDA preservative efficacy standards, for Sodium benzoate/Phenoxyethanol in our class of product the maximum this is 0.5%. The use of these preservatives at levels below 1.0% has been well researched and they have been deemed safe by European and American authorities. We have to use a preservative in our water-based products to ensure they remain safe for you to use after they are made which gives them a reliable shelf life. All our products are certified by the Soil Association UK as ORGANIC, this means we have a very restricted list of preservatives we can use, they have to be as natural as possible. Sodium benzoate is a naturally occurring chemical in many fruits where it acts as a preservative. The Sodium benzoate we use is not harvested from nature, as it is widely used in foods and cosmetics, it is not possible to harvest enough to satisfy demand. It is made in a chemical reaction with Benzoic acid and sodium hydroxide. Along with Phenoxyethanol, Sodium benzoate is the best most natural preservative we have found for use on the sensitive mucous membranes. Neither are irritants to the mucosa and at lower concentrations than other preservatives are effective at keeping our products safe for use. In summary Sodium benzoate is a naturally occurring molecule, it is non-irritating to the vaginal mucosa, it works well at low concentrations, is approved by the FDA and is so widely used it has to be man-made. Phenoxyethanol is a food and cosmetic quality/grade preservative. YES products are certified organic (greater than 95% organic ingredients) by the Soil Association in UK, this supports our ingredients policy, in that we can only use certain approved (gentle) preservatives (for example no parabens).
Do you sell applicators for the 150ml/5.1fl.oz. tubes? If not, what size applicator would I need to fit over the tube?
We do not sell reusable applicators as we produce single use pre filled applicators. You can buy reusable applicators online but our tubes are designed to be used with finger application
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YES WB water based personal lubricant is made from:

  • Aqua (Water)
  • organic Aloe Vera, a renowned skin food;
  • organic Flax extract which is particularly beneficial for the mucous membranes
  • three synergistic plant based gums – guar, locust bean and xanthan, all of which contribute to the deep velvety texture
  • food grade preservatives
  • citric acid to buffer the pH

YES ingredients policy

"This is my second order. I cannot begin to tell you how pleased I am with your product!! It has made the world of difference for us. Your product beats the local competition hands down! "

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