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yes® water-based Organic Lubricant and Moisturiser

  • Realistic lubrication
  • Velvety sensuous feel
  • Intensely hydrating
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Releasingly free of any smell, taste, colour or residue to distract your senses.
  • Replenishes natural moisture
  • Perfect substitute for the body’s own lubrication
  • Compatible with condoms, latex and silicone toys
  • Protects mucus membranes, and if necessary, supports healing
  • Leaves skin clean and residue free
  • pH compatible
  • Non-staining
  • Changes your world from the inside

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12345   24th October 2014

We are an older couple in our 60s and have been married for 44 years. My lovely wife began to experiance vaginal dryness and everything we tried, after a while, maybe twenty minutes, they would begin to cause a little burning. We think because they contained glycerin and parabens. We wanted to use a water based product and after searching on the WEB, we found your YES that did not contain these two products. Even though we are an older coule, we like to spend time with each other, enough to allow me to give my wife multiple orgasms. It became difficult with the other lubricants we used because of the burning. The very first time we used YES there was absolutely no burning sensation, and that completely sold us on your product!!! We will continue to use YES for hopefully years to come! Thank you for an excellent product, and for caring enough for woman to address their needs! HN, Texas

HN, Texas

12345   17th March 2014

Awesome, I feel like I did when I was 20, solved my vaginal dryness.


12345   15th October 2012

i have been diagnosed with atrophic vaginitis, i was given ortho gynest cream by my doctor which cleared it up but made me bleed have stomach pain and sore boobs. i tried yes and it has been a godsend . i use it about twice a week and so far (after about 3 months) i am almost symptom free just wish my gynacologist who gave me vagifem which i did not use because i read stories of hair loss etc would start recommending natural products like yes.if you have been diagnosed with atrophic vaginits try yes i have not experienced any down sides at all


12345   2nd May 2012

This product has saved me as i suffer with vaginismus, and at 21 i thought my life was over!!! but ive received this and tried it and its amazing!!!! thank you so much! and i hope you carry on working your magic with these amazing products!

victoria, uk

123..   17th February 2012

A wonderful product completely turned my life around. Many thanks to a brilliant team who are kind and have helped so many people.


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When do u have to use this product is it just while having inter corse or can it be used a few times a week to soothe a dry vagina?
Yes water-based works as an intimate moisturiser, not just as a lubricant. It can be used on a daily basis or as required to address the discomfort of vaginal dryness, and its natural formulation can sooth the possible itching and soreness that can accompany vaginal dryness. So, Yes water-based is versatile, and operates as an effective intimate moisturiser, as well as being an outstanding lubricant. You can use it at your discretion, and depending on the degree of the dryness, might find the applicators a convenient way of restoring comfort and calm to vaginal tissues.
i have been diagnosed with vaginal atrophy, have suffered with soreness, burning and stinging for 6 months now, have had prescribed creams and gels but nothing eases it, will YES work for me? if so which product do you recommend
I feel very sympathetic towards you and the symptoms you describe, which are classic symptoms of vaginal atrophy, and trust that our products will enable you to experience some relief from the extreme menopausal dryness, soreness, burning and stinging you are suffering from. Given how much vaginal discomfort you are feeling, and how fragile your vulval skin probably is, I would recommend using Yes oil-based, quite liberally, internally and externally, and on your partner. This is a very soothing and protective product which can calm the irritation you are experiencing and provide a cushioning effect that can permit penetration and even restoration of pleasure in time. Many of our customers with vaginal atrophy, who have been intolerant of more chemical products, have found that Yes has restored comfort safely and gently. Because everyone is different, we do not specify an exact dosage, and for you to achieve day to day intimate comfort, we would suggest using more to begin with, to provide the healing and protection you require, and then you can reduce the amount of daily application according to your needs. I am suggesting the oil-based because of the dryness and sensitivity you describe. Water-based will re-hydrate wonderfully, but if you have any broken or inflamed skin it might not be a suitable to begin with. I do hope you can join the many women we know who have had their intimate comfort and their sex lives restored.
what is the difference between yes water base and yesbaby? I have and use yes water base, love it! we are trying to have another child, does the water kill the sperm or something I don't get why there needs to be a special one to get pregnant
We are more than happy to clarify the difference between our water based and Yes Baby products. Yes water-based is designed to match the vaginal environment at a low (acid) pH, but when you ovulate, the fertile cervical mucus changes as you may be aware to be more alkaline, to enable sperm survival. At this time, you need a lubricant which supports this pH change and matches that of sperm. Which is when you would use the Yes Baby pack. It is because of this that we do not recommend Yes water-based during the ovulation period, although it is fine to use outside of the ovulation period. We designed Yes Baby specifically to help people to conceive. It consists of two different packs of lubricant, the first pack is sperm friendly with raised pH, but with a second pack to bring the pH down to around 4.5 immediately after ovulation (and hopefully conception!) in order to optimise vaginal health. Most lubricants will kill sperm because they need an alkaline environment. Yes Baby sperm friendly lubricant also takes into account motility and osmality so the sperm can move freely and remain hydrated. The reason you need to use Yes Baby rather than just our water based product is because it does not produce the right PH balance. Given the purity of its ingredients, Yes water-based is the least likely of available water-based lubricants to damage sperm, but its pH is acidic, to match the usual vaginal environment, so is not ideal. We hope that this helps explains the difference that you were querying.
I am 53 years of age and have been through the menopause i now suffer terrible from vaginal dryness which causes thrush from time to time. Sex is off the menu because of all these symptons as penetration is very painful and uncomfortable i think now i have got myself into a state that i am now afraid to have intercourse with my husband . Would the yes products help me and if so which one?
Thank you for writing to us and for describing your situation. Postmenopausal dryness can be severe and debilitating, and as you say, is capable of causing thrush. I am sorry that you have suffered so much pain and attendant anxiety. It is natural to flinch at the thought of penetration when it has previously been painful, and it is not surprising that you end up avoiding intercourse all together. Happily, your story corresponds to many we have received from customers who had given up on the prospect of sex after menopause, but who discovered that Yes products successfully restored their ability to enjoy intimacy physically, by cushioning, moisturising and soothing intimate tissues, and emotionally, by releasing the fear of and resistance to sex that had built up post menopause. Because it is so long since you have had intercourse, I would suggest that you start by using Yes water-based quite liberally for a week or two to begin to moisturise your intimate tissues, to condition and prepare them before penetrative sex. You are best placed to determine the degree of dryness, and to assess how long to allow for Yes water-based to rehydrate and restore comfort to your vulva/vagina. Yes in pre-filled applicators might be suitable for vaginal moisturising, and in a tube for external application. When it comes to making love again, I suggest you use what we call the Double glide technique which ensures more comfortable penetration. For this, apply Yes oil-based to your partners penis, and water-based to yourself, internally and externally. This gives strong lubrication and enables longer lasting and more comfortable intercourse. When your body is fully comfortable and can relax into sexual activity, it can rediscover the ability to be aroused and even to climax. Your age should be no barrier to this. We have had such moving and encouraging feedback from many women who have regained their sex lives after long periods of abstinence, by using Yes to rehydrate their intimate areas, and restore the comfort of sex, and hope you will be able to share their relief. I hope this is helpful.
Will it help with volvodynia please.
Thank you for your question about relief from vulvodynia. This condition has many causes and presentations, so it is not possible to offer a Yes/No answer to your question. I can only say that many of our customers who have suffered from vulvodynia and painful sex, have had great results from using Yes. Here is the link if you wish to read some of their encouraging comments: http://www.yesyesyes.org/yestimonials-painful-sex Dr David Nunns, a consultant specialist in vulvodynia, has this to say about Yes: Dr David Nunns MD MRCOG Consultant Gynaecological Oncologist at Nottingham City Hospital, Chairman of the Vulval Pain Society and council member of the British Society for the Study of Vulval Disease. (BSSVD) I frequently tell my patients to use lubrication during intercourse, and it is important to be wary of over the counter lubricants which can contain synthetic chemicals, capable of causing irritation and inflammation. I recommend YES certified organic dual purpose moisturiser and lubricant as it is guaranteed free from all synthetic chemicals and all known skin irritants. I find it helps most women either post surgery or those with a painful sex condition such as vulvodynia. YES can provide a pure and simple solution to symptoms, and is often as effective as the medical interventions. Depending on the nature of your condition, there is every possibility that Yes would help ease your symptoms.

"The only product that works!! I have been so happy with Yes! "

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Yes® water based lubricant is made from organic Aloe Vera, a renowned skin food; from organic Flax extract which is particularly beneficial for the mucous membranes and from three synergistic plant based gums – guar, locust bean and xanthan, all of which contribute to the deep velvety texture. Food grade preservatives are included, and citric acid to buffer the pH.

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