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YES® CLEANSE - Intimate Wash

YES CLEANSE are sensitively formulated intimate washes, designed to respect the delicate vaginal ecology, with a refreshing and effective cleansing action.

Our organic feminine wash is available in two versions: Unfragranced and Rose

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In Stock

Discreet Delivery

FREE on orders over £30/€30/$50

Supports good intimate hygiene

Specifically designed for the vulva

pH matched formulation

Washes away odour causing bacteria

Excellent product, I now don’t know what I’d do without it! Good value for money and I particularly like the product’s natural origins, organic ingredients, the company’s ethical credentials and the fact it is made in Britain. This is my second order and now happily signed up for subscription.

- OS, Mar 24

Perfect. Best on the market.

- MS, April 24

The absolute best! I suffered from an unrelenting itching that nothing seemed to alleviate. Within a short time of using this, the problem has disappeared. Thank you!

- IO, April 24

Successfully used daily, seemed to help with long term problems. Lasts longer than expected.

- TH, Mar 24

This is my second tube of foam wash that I have purchased it lasts a long time as my first tube is about three quarters full. I will be purchasing this foam wash on a regular order as I now use it to shower my whole body it will be so handy to bring away on holiday instead of the old fashioned perfume soap and shower gel. Ladies happy shopping ❤️

- MK, Mar 24

I've been using Yes products for the last 18 plus years since having breast cancer. I wouldn't use anything else. I use the wash also on underarms it's great if you have any sensitivity.

- HF, Jan 24

Benefits of YES® CLEANSE - Intimate Wash

- Ultra gentle intimate foam wash
- Guaranteed Pure and Natural
- Washes away odour-causing bacteria without irritation
- Foam pump producing soft gentle lather
- 200+ washes (that’s over 6 months, when used daily)
- Luxurious pH-matched feminine washes you can use with confidence and safety day after day
- Formulated specifically for external intimate tissue of vulva and labia
- Washes away harmful, odour-causing bacteria without irritation
- 150ml Bottle

Delivery & 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

- All orders are shipped with discreet packaging
- Orders placed before 15:00 GMT are to be dispatched same day, excluding weekends and UK public Holidays.

- UK orders - Royal Mail 2 to 3 business days
- Canada & Non-EU - 5 to 10 business days
- EU orders - 5 to 7 business days


Water, Lauryl betaine, Decyl glucoside, Rosa damascena Flower Oil*¹, Calendula officinalis extract*, Aloe vera*, Citric acid, Potassium sorbate, Sodium benzoate,

*certified organic ingredients
¹Only in YES® CLEANSE Rose

- No colour, taste or residue
- No dyes
- No Glycerine, or Glycols
- No Oestrogen or other hormones
- No parabens
- Formulated to minimise the risk of allergies

Frequently Asked Questions

How many washes do I get out of one CLEANSE bottle?:
- We're value conscious at YES®. There are over 200+ washes in each bottle.

Can I use CLEANSE on the rest of the body?
- CLEANSE can be used on the rest of the body


- Certified Vegan by the Vegetarian society
- Certified Organic by the Soil Association
- Good Shopping guide Ethical

Why use an intimate cleanser?

When it comes to feminine hygiene it seems like everybody has an opinion. Which is why we think it's important to stick to the facts.

You do not need to clean your vagina. The vagina is designed to clean itself by producing natural secretions (also known as discharge). You do need to clean your vulva - this is the external parts and includes the labia.

The vulva and external genitalia have a high concentration of sweat glands - apocrine - the same type of glands you have in your armpits. The vulva is exposed to this sweat, mentrual blood, urine, semen, and faeces - all of which can expose you to bacteria which needs to be removed.

Soaps and shower gels can do an effective job at removing this bacteria, but they are not formulated for delicate vulval tissue causing other intimate health problems

What is good intimate hygiene?

Wash the vulval area regularly with water at least. During times when you are on your period, after sex, or after playing sports, use a specifically formulated intimate cleanser.

YES® CLEANSE is designed to wash away bacteria while still protecting your intimate health effectively.

Our formulation matches the pH of your vulva, helping maintain your body's best line of defence against infection. Our gentle formulation and organic ingredients are designed to minimise the risk of allergies or other side effects.

It’s What’s Inside That Counts...

Why pH Matters to Intimate Health

The pH levels of different parts of our body vary. For example, vaginal & vulval pH is typically acidic, between 3.5 and 4.5, while rectal pH is neutral at pH 7.0. Semen, on the other hand, has a slightly alkaline pH of around 7.0-8.5.x

Maintaining a healthy vaginal & vulval pH is crucial for safeguarding your intimate health. Vulval tissue has more in common with vaginal tissue than with our skin, and as the entrance to the vagina, it maintains an acidic environment to help guard against infection.

Using a pH matched feminine wash like YES® CLEANSE helps to maintain your natural pH while washing away bacteria.

Intimate Health Routine

Every woman's intimate health routine should be lead by their own intimate needs, but here's our view on how to care for your intimate health

1.Wash the vulval area regularly, at least with water.

2. After sex, during your period, or after daily exercise use an intimate wash

3. Use a pH matched moisturiser like YES to ensure your moisture levels are optimised

4. If the vaginal or vulval tissues are sore and irritated apply an oil based lubricant like YES® OB or YES® COCO to soothe and provide an extra layer of protection

5. If you like to use lubricant during intercourse make sure it's one that will not disrupt your vaginal pH, choose a water-based like YES® WB for a natural feel, or an oil-based lubricant like YES® OB or YES® COCO

Making Vaginas Happy®

YES® products offer you the discretion of products which, unlike traditional intimate health brands, draw no attention to themselves through disturbing smell, taste or colour.

We aim to Make Vaginas Happy by thoroughly researching, and responsibly formulating our products. We use plant-based, effective and certified organic ingredients, elegantly packaged and sensitively dispensed. YES® has the power to change your world from the inside.

Top Tips From Our CLEANSE Customers

YES® cleanse has a pump to dispense the right amount of cleanser into your hands

After cleansing use a vaginal moisturizer like YES® VM to hydrate your vaginal tissue and support your intimate health

YES® cleanse is gentle and effective at washing away bacteria anywhere - it's formulation is gentle enough to use on the rest of your skin as well

Why Certified Organic?

When most people read organic, they think about sustainability. Perhaps you think about responsible sourcing and being kind to the planet. To us, choosing organic ingredients means we can guarantee the purity of our formulations, which puts you in control of what you are putting in the most intimate part of your body.

Moreover, all YES products bear the prestigious certification of the Soil Association. This means that every ingredient that can be certified organic in our formulations is! The Soil Association's high threshold for certified organic is a testament to our commitment.

Using certified organic products instils in you a sense of trust and confidence, knowing that the purity of the products you use is guaranteed. Certified organic encompasses agriculture, manufacturing, production, and even ingredient selection-it's so much more than just adding one organic ingredient!

Who knew that making the Earth move could be good for the planet?