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YES VM - natural vaginal moisturiser

YES VM is our new Vaginal Moisturiser, a long lasting natural vaginal moisturising gel. Designed to match the typical vaginal environment with none of the skin damaging or concerning chemicals typically found in Vaginal moisturisers.

YES VM Key Features:

  • Relieves vaginal atrophy and dryness, rapidly
  • Alleviates irritation, itching and burning
  • Moisturises and soothes dry and sensitive vaginal tissues
  • Gentle and long-lasting rehydration
  • Non-hormonal, estrogen-free
  • Lasts up to 3 days per application
  • Case studies show YES VM relieves vaginal dryness, itching, irritation and discomfort rapidly
  • pH matched to restore and/or maintain vaginal health
  • Bio-adhesive so releases moisture where needed
  • Odourless, colourless, no stickiness or fallout
  • Designed to match tissue osmolality* (this is important, see below)
  • Safe for use with condoms
  • Internationally patent protected

YES VM contains no Glycerine, no Propylene glycol, no Aspartame, no Parabens, no unpronounceable preservatives (like Diazolidinyl urea or Triethanoloamine or Imidazolidinyl urea) or Polyquaternium. Have a look at our comparison table below.

YES VM natural Vaginal Moisturiser is:

  • Guaranteed pure and natural by its certified organic status
  • Designed to be side effect free and deliver outstanding rehydration
  • Innovative formulation with natural and organic ingredients
  • Hypoallergenic: formulated to minimise the risk of allergies

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YES VM natural vaginal moisturiser
100ml/3.4fl oz

YES VM natural vaginal moisturiser
6 x applicators

YES VM natural vaginal moisturiser
30 x applicators

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*We mentioned osmolality. A vaginal moisturiser is in contact with sensitive and dry tissues for much longer than an intimate lubricant, so it is even more important that the vaginal moisturiser is designed to release water where needed and to be formulated from ingredients that are gentle. YES VM has been designed to match these vulnerable tissues in two ways. Firstly the pH is balanced to match typical vaginal pH (fairly acidic at pH3.7-4.5) and secondly the strength and concentration of the ingredients used in YES VM also matches these tissues. This ingredients’ strength or concentration is called Osmolality. YES VM is iso-osmotic to vaginal tissues, this means that it will rehydrate tissues that need it, but will not pull or push water into the tissues, unlike strongly hypo or strongly hyper osmotic moisturisers, so minimising any chance of tissue damage.

A review article that discusses the importance of vaginal moisturiser and Lubricant Osmolality in more depth can be downloaded here. A more detailed explanation of Osmolality in personal lubricants can be found here.

How does YES VM work?

YES VM lubricates the vaginal vault, the natural hydrocolloids (gums) are bio-adhesive, they gently hold on to the dry walls of the vagina and release water, where needed, rehydrating dry mucosa. When used regularly, YES VM will restore the natural protective acidity of the vagina.

Directions for using YES VM

Each carton or pack of YES VM contains a leaflet with detailed instructions for use. To summarise:

  1. The pre-filled applicators deliver the right amount of YES VM to where it is needed. Discreetly and hygienically.
  2. The 100ml tube of YES VM does not have an applicator, it is used for finger application to the outer and inner intimate areas. Many women experience dryness not just internally.
  3. For best results apply regularly. This may be daily initially, and then after a week or so, every third day. YES VM is safe to use daily or as often as is needed for comfort.
  4. The frequency of reapplication depends on the severity of dryness. The natural and pure ingredients in YES VM mean you can apply as much as you need to feel comfortable, with no dosage concerns. YES VM is hormone free.

Vaginal Moisturisers’ Ingredients & Osmolality Comparison Table, how does YES VM compare?

YES VM has been responsibly designed and formulated to support rather than compromise intimate health.

Should I use YES VM or YES WB?

Both YES VM and YES WB are pH matched to typical vaginal pH which means both are ideal for vaginal use.

A Perfect Vaginal Lubricant’s osmolality would be hypo to iso-osmotic, this means it would release water more rapidly, rehydrating tissues and enable intercourse. YES WB is slightly hypo-osmotic. YES WB Personal Lubricant is designed to release water more rapidly than YES VM, to instantly rehydrate and lubricate dry tissues to enable intercourse.

A Perfect Vaginal Moisturiser’s osmolality would be iso-osmotic, this means it is identical in water concentration to vaginal tissues and will release water as and when it is needed over extended periods, such as 1-3 days. YES VM is Iso-osmotic. YES VM Vaginal Moisturiser is designed to release water to rehydrate dry vaginal tissues as needed, over extended periods, such as 1-3 days. YES VM will instantly sooth and calm irritation, itching and burning as does YES WB. YES VM is more of a slow release moisturiser, the rate of moisturising is determined by the degree of vaginal tissue dryness. The drier they are the more water will be released. YES VM puts your body in control of rehydrating herself.

Which product should I use, YES VM or YES WB?


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12345   12th August 2016

As a person suffering from vestibulodynia and chronic vulvar pain this product is a bliss. My condition caused extreme dryness and fragility of vaginal mucous membrane that my physicians tried to cure with hormone-based creams that had hideous side effects such as increased candida infection proneness. The first time I used this product I felt a bit of a itchiness, which disappeared after few minutes. I have used it almost daily together with pure vit. E treatment prescribed by new physician. It gives a very pleasant feeling of moisture and comfort and increased the elasticity of the membrane. Absolutely recommended!

Chiara, Italy

12345   15th June 2016

after a recent hysterectomy aged 41, i went into surgical menopause straight away. trying intercourse for the first time left me burning down below which was very upsetting. after extensive research on lubricants and moisturizers i discovered YES. i bought WB and VM as it restores your vaginal P.H to normal levels the first time i used it had a slight discomfort as my own P.H was out of balance. but second time it was wonderful! my lady parts are soft and slippy again! i recommend both products VM everyday i insert this at night with a syringe and WB for intimacy. im so grateful for the wonderful customer service from Susi too! any questions are answered swiftly and in depth for piece of mind. fantastic company keep up the good work ladies!

lisa worrall

12345   8th June 2016

I used the original Yes WB formula for a couple of years and found it an amazing product..I am sensitive to most u.s. products so really loved that it didn't sting or burn..then I got a shipment of the new formula WB..and what a shock to have it burn! I notified the company and right away they sent me some of the original formula to replace the new formula I had received. It seems that I am sensitive to the new preservative in Yes WB. I was sent a sample of the new Yes VM..it took me a couple of weeks to work up the nerve to try it since I had tried the new Yes WB and had a rude shock.. but I did try it a few days ago and will be ordering more. It seems to work really well, and for a longer period for dryness issues, without burning. Thank you

nancy, usa

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Hi. Do you have a complete list of ingredients for YES VM available for me to see at your website? Thanks very much for any help.
Of course. Here is the ingredients list: Water, flax gum*, aloe vera*, locust bean gum*, guar gum*, sodium chloride, xanthan gum, potassium sorbate, citric acid, phenoxyethanol *certified organic ingredients The list is displayed on the YES VM page, https://www.yesyesyes.org/products/yes-vm-natural-vaginal-moisturiser/ with further information on the product.
Hello. Can i use this product while pregnant?
Yes, VM will moisturise and lubricate perfectly safely during pregnancy, although it has been created more as a product to address vaginal dryness during menopause. We would recommend YES WB as the best product to use when making love during pregnancy, and afterwards, when breastfeeding.
Hello, I don't use a shower but I have a bath every day. Should I use the YES VM daily in this case? Or do the effects last regardless? Many thanks.
The effects may well last, perhaps depending on how long you linger in the bath! If you find that the VM has been "diluted", then a more frequent application may be indicated. YES products which are oil based, YES OB and OB in applicators, will of course, survive the suds!
Can I use both products wb and VM
Yes you can - they are perfectly compatible.

"Having had a bad attack of Lichen Sclerosis, vaginal atrophy and menopause and thrush...yes all at once i was afraid to use chemically made lubricants as even KY Jelly burnt! Thank you for YES!"

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Water, flax gum*, aloe vera*, locust bean gum*, guar gum*, sodium chloride, xanthan gum, potassium sorbate, citric acid, phenoxyethanol
*certified organic ingredients

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