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Vaginal Lubricants & Moisturisers To Relieve Vaginal Atrophy

YES VM Vaginal Moisturiser and YES WB water-based personal lubricant are two of the safest options for resolving Vaginal Atrophy. Guaranteed pure and natural by their certified organic status, they both offer instant relief from itching and soreness, their differing formulations offer you choice depending on your needs. Both YES VM and YES WB protect, moisturise and lubricate sensitive tissues naturally.

How YES VM & YES WB help relieve Vaginal Atrophy

  • Relief from symptoms of vaginal atrophy, dryness & irritation – fast
  • They instantly resolve, soothe and revitalise dry tissues
  • Dual action lubricant and moisturiser although YES WB is a better lubricant and YES VM is a better moisturiser
  • Restores typical vaginal pH so helps protect against Thrush (Candida albicans)
  • Hypoallergenic, no skin irritants or concerning chemicals
  • Glycerine and paraben free
  • Hormone free, safe to use during cancer treatment
  • Registered medical devices and protected by international patents
  • Can be used freely and frequently to re-moisturise dry vaginal tissues
  • Read how YES has transformed our customers lives – Yestimonials

Which product should I use, YES WB or YES VM?

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