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Natracare Guest Blog: Are Intimate Wipes as Bad as People Say?

Guest Blog written by Natracare to celebrate YES now stocking Natracare Intimate Wipes in addition to our own YES Cleanse Intimate Wash.

Are Intimate Wipes as Bad as People Say?

Intimate wipes are a useful, quick way to freshen up whilst on your period or after sex, especially when you’re on the go and don’t have access to clean water or toilet paper. All convenience considered, wipes in general and intimate wipes especially often get a bad rap. At Natracare, we believe that not all wipes are created equal.

Read on to find out why not all wipes are bad, and what to look out for when purchasing intimate wipes.

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The issue with intimate wipes

The stigma surrounding intimate hygiene and periods means that products like intimate washes and wipes are often marketed to people with vulvas by preying on their insecurities. Sold with the perceived benefit of feeling ‘cleaner’, ‘fresher’, and ‘sexier’, all when in actual fact the vagina does a remarkable job in keeping itself clean and healthy on its own! Intimate wipes are not a necessity for intimate hygiene, but we realise that they can come in handy for cleaning your vulva (never your vagina!) when you’re on the go, travelling, at a festival, or when you’re without clean facilities. It’s important to understand what’s in your intimate wipes, and how they affect your body and the planet.

Several wet wipes on the market in general contain unnecessary ingredients and materials that are harmful to the environment as well as your body, especially your intimate skin. Here are some things to look out for in intimate wipes:


Seeing ‘fragrances’ written on the ingredients list is an umbrella term that can indicate a lot of unknown, unwanted ingredients in a product. Shockingly, perfume mixtures are listed as ‘parfum’ or ‘aroma’, and there is no legislation telling companies to give a full ingredients list for their personal care products, meaning that a lot of the time, you don’t know what you are putting in or near your vagina. Fragrances can contain irritants, cancer causing agents, and hormone disrupting chemicals, so should not be going any where near your intimate skin. Natracare’s intimate wipes are infused with organic essential oils of chamomile, calendula, and French rose ensuring your delicate skin is left feeling fresh and moisturised.


Although preservatives are needed to keep wet wipes wet without growing any bacteria or mould, there are some preservatives such as parabens that can cause allergic reactions and even breast cancer and fertility issues. This is why it’s important to read labels and avoid buying intimate wipes or other products with harmful preservatives in.


Did you know that 90% of wet wipes still contain plastic? Many wipes you see on the shelves are made from synthetic materials, plastics, or polyester that do not biodegrade and pollute our planet and oceans forever. As people wake up to the damage that wet wipes are having on the environment, large supermarkets have banned sales of wipes containing plastic and there have been a number of policy attempts to tackle this growing issue. Natracare makes a range of plastic free wipes made from organic cotton, including the intimate wipes and baby wipes. Also, the Safe to Flush moist toilet tissue which is made from 100% paper and is certified Fine to Flush by Water UK and flushable by IWSFG.

Are all wipes as bad as people say?

Intimate wipes are not an essential part of your intimate health and hygiene. Your vagina cleans itself and manages it’s pH level without the need for a wipe or a wash to interfere. Wipes should never be used to clean your vagina.

Your vulva can be cleaned with warm water alone, but for when you want to use an intimate wipe (or any other wipe!) choosing ones that are free of harsh chemicals, parabens, and plastic will help keep your intimate skin in balance and protect the planet from plastic pollution.

So, not all wipes are as bad as people say. Wipes that steer clear of all the nasty chemicals and perfumes are better for you and the planet. Check out Natracare’s intimate wipes for wipes that are kind to sensitive skin, made from organic cotton and natural ingredients that leave you feeling refreshed and moisturised whist on the go, after sex, or on your period.

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