YES coconut oil-based lubricant applicators

Why coconut-oil might just be your vaginas new best friend...

Coconut oil is something of an ‘it girl’ on the wellness scene – but that’s not why we love it. Long known for its anti-inflammatory properties and gentle lubrication, coconut oil brings something special to the table for those suffering from symptoms of vaginal dryness. And that’s what’s got us hooked.

Used far and wide in the health and beauty industry, coconut oil is increasingly making its mark in the world of natural lubricants. Many people use vaginal lubricants or moisturisers to help ease vaginal discomfort and make intercourse more comfortable, but what makes coconut oil-based lubricants so special?

Let’s dive in.

There’s more to plant oil than meets the eye

As a natural plant-based alternative to silicone, coconut oil creates a thicker coating than water lubricants. It’s also longer lasting, meaning you won't have to reapply it as often (making it perfect for longer love-making). The medium-chain fatty acids found in coconut oil have been linked to reduced inflammation and protect the skin against harmful bacteria.

In addition to the moisturising properties that first propelled coconut oil into the health and beauty hall of fame, its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties offer a beautifully diverse range of benefits to skin and vaginal tissues. For vaginal atrophy in particular, some women believe that water-based vaginal moisturisers and lubricants cause them greater discomfort – creating a need for a natural, organic oil-based solution.

But before you rush out to grab a jar from your local supermarket, it’s important to understand that coconut oil in its raw form isn’t recommended for intimate use. It’s when it’s formulated with other natural, high quality, organic ingredients that it can be a total game-changer for your vaginal health.

Coconut oil for intimate use: what you need to know

When we talk powerful plant lubricants, this isn’t your standard food-grade coconut oil kicking it in the kitchen cupboard.

While supermarket-bought oils might carry a tempting price tag, they’re unlikely to be certified organic, most are intended for consumption only, and they could contain chemicals that are unsuitable for intimate use. Cold-pressed coconut oil in its raw form is also free from preservatives, which means it could spoil. And if you’re taking an open jar of coconut oil from the cupboard to use on your most intimate areas, you might end up introducing a whole host of unwanted microorganisms to the vagina.

Even though bacteria, yeasts and moulds can’t grow in oils because they don’t contain any water, they also can’t die – meaning they’ll thrive in a moist environment! So anything introduced to the oil during cooking could proliferate if used as a lubricant.

Your best bet? Using certified-organic oils that have been designed (and tested) as safe to use for intimacy.

Important Top Tip: One thing to be aware of if you’re using coconut oil as a vaginal lubricant is the way it reacts with latex condoms and dental dams: oil-based lubricants tend to break down latex materials, making them less effective and increasing the risk of STIs. Instead, we recommend switching to a water-based lubricant such as YES® WB, which will provide lubrication compatible with latex-based contraception.

YES® COCO: Making Vaginas Happy®

Unlike raw coconut oil, YES® COCO harnesses the bountiful benefits of coconut oil, without disrupting the natural balance of the vagina. Combining the smooth glide feel of a silicone with the nourishment of an organic coconut oil, YES® COCO relieves vaginal dryness, and richly soothes dry vulval and vaginal tissues.

Safe for external and internal use, YES® COCO can be used as a daily emollient to protect against friction and chaffing, and fluids like sweat and urine – making it ideal for use during sex, exercise, and at any other time you want to free yourself from the discomfort of vaginal dryness.

Big COCO energy:

  • Contains Nourishing Coconut Oil​: A natural plant-based alternative to silicone​
  • Relieves Vaginal Dryness​: Richly soothing for dry vulval and vaginal tissues​
  • Perfect for Longer Love-Making​: Longer lasting glide using natural plant-oils​
  • Respects Intimate Health​: Ingredients which won’t disrupt the natural balance of your vagina

YES® COCO contains organic coconut oil blended with jojoba oil for our most smooth and nourishing lubricant yet! Available in handy applicators for easy and comfortable application, YES® COCO is ideal for intimate moments and soothing relief from vaginal dryness symptoms.