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YES® O YES: 5 Ways to enhance clitoral play in celebration of National Orgasm Day

For centuries, the clitoris has been shrouded in mystery- overlooked, and misunderstood. However, its role in female pleasure and sexual satisfaction can’t be underestimated. The clitoris boasts a staggering 10,000+ nerve endings [1], making it the key to unlocking waves of pleasure for those of us blessed with vulvas.  

Where is the clitoris? Understanding clitoral anatomy 
The clitoris is a highly sensitive, pleasure-producing sexual organ located at the top of the vulva. Despite being a relatively small structure, the clitoris consists of a complex network of erectile tissue, nerve fibers, and blood vessels. While the visible part of the clitoris is typically the size of a pea, it extends internally along both sides of the vagina and can vary in size and shape. [1]  

Importance of Clitoral Stimulation: 
You might be aware that many women don’t experience orgasm through vaginal penetration alone. For many of us, clitoral stimulation plays a crucial role in achieving sexual pleasure and reaching climax [2]. Keep reading to discover 5 fun ways to enhance clitoral pleasure, just in time for National Orgasm Day (31 July).  

Five ways to enhance clitoral stimulation: 

  1. Try a clitoral stimulant!  
    Clitoral stimulants are typically topical oils or gels that can be applied to the vulva to enhance sexual pleasure and sensation. Some sexual stimulants provide warming or cooling sensations, others create a tingling affect.  
    YES® O YES is our organic clitoral stimulant oil that’s been designed to enhance sensitivity to touch. It’s been created with a blend of organic oils, crafted with care to stimulate desire, quicken arousal, excite sensation, and intensify pleasure during foreplay and climax. It’s also a great option for anyone experiencing a loss of sensation in the clitoral area.  
YOY Clitoral stimulant
  1. Manual stimulation (don’t forget the lube!)  
    Gentle manual stimulation of the clitoris can be a great way to initiate arousal. Start with light, circular motions around the clitoral hood and gradually increase pressure and speed based on your partner's (or your own) response. Try using a natural lubricant on your fingers for a smoother, more slippery, and pleasurable experience. Using a lube will also get rid of any friction or discomfort.   
  1. Try a vibrator or clitoral toy  
    Vibrators are popular tools for clitoral stimulation as they provide consistent and targeted sensations. From clitoral pumps to suction stimulators, vibrators and clamps, there’s no shortage of options on the market. Check out Lovehoney for some great options. Again, using a toy-compatible lubricant such as YES® WB can be a great way to enhance pleasure during solo or partnered fun.  
  1. Don’t skip the 69   
    If you’re with a partner, oral sex can be a fantastic way to stimulate the clitoris, providing next-level pleasure. Using your tongue, lips, and even light suction can create a variety of sensations, enhancing arousal and pleasure. Why not try a combo of masturbation with your fingers or a sex toy with oral stimulation for ultimate arousal?  
  1. Communicate your way to climax  
    It might sound obvious, but if you’re with a partner, communication is key. Try telling them how fast or slow you want them to go, or where to touch and when to speed up or slow down. There’s no need to silently hope they find the right spot – telling them exactly what you want can be a sexy addition to your bedroom routine.  

Whatever your preferences in the bedroom, it's time for all of us to increase our understanding of the clitoris and give it the love and attention it so rightfully deserves!    

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