YES Partners with GIRLvsCANCER 'Feeling Myself' Campaign

YES Partners with GIRLvsCANCER 'Feeling Myself' Campaign

Who is GIRLvsCancer?

Lauren Mahon was diagnosed with breast cancer back in 2016, and in her own words she was sure they were ‘having a laugh – how could she have breast cancer when her boobs are more of a nod to a boob – a goodwill gesture’.


Seeking reassurance and support, Lauren discovered that the resources out there didn’t speak to her at all. So, she created her own platform, GIRLvsCANCER, to share her own experiences. GIRLvsCANCER has since expanded into an authentic Instagram community to tackle the cancer taboo and provide a safe space for fierce folk affected to feel empowered to deal with their cancer diagnosis, whilst raising money for cancer charities. Lauren is also well known for her podcast, ‘You, Me and The Big C’, on BBC5 Live. Lauren and her co-hosts are working to change the way that people perceive cancer through opening up the conversation on this sensitive subject. 

GIRLvsCANCER, Feeling Myself Campaign

We are so excited to be part of the GIRLvsCANCER, Feeling Myself Campaign this May! The Feeling Myself Campaign sets out to explore sexual connection and intimacy, placing the cancer crew’s relationship with themselves as priority. Whether it’s physical barriers to pleasure or uncovering confidence, join us under the covers and lay it all bare. We’re proud to be featured alongside brands such as Pai Skincare, Smilemakers and Love Rose Lingerie, shot by Alex Cameron and styled by Alessia Farnesi. Head over to @girlvscancer via Instagram for three weeks of intimate conversations, delectable discounts and pleasurable insights. Plus read the Pillow Talk interview with models Andrea, Charlotte and Tara here. 

How can you donate?

To make a donation and support the campaign, visit the GIRLvsCANCER website, where you can get your hands on a limited-edition sassy ‘tit-tee’ t-shirt, or a YES lube and Smilemakers toy product bundle!

Vaginal dryness post-cancer treatment

Breast cancer treatment can lead to one of the unwelcome and often undiscussed side effects– vaginal dryness or vaginal atrophy. These common but uncomfortable symptoms are caused by a drop in your estrogen levels and can lead to itching, irritation and painful intercourse. Follow this link to read our guide on how to manage vaginal dryness symptoms post-cancer treatment.