Sex can be an important part of being an adult and relationships. But, as most of us know, sex is better for everyone when it's well lubricated! So, whether you need help with your natural lubrication (time of the month, life stage) or want to increase the fun, there is an organic lubricant for you!
All YES® lubricants are plant-based, certified organic, pH matched and designed to be side effect free!


Water-based lube has a more natural texture and feel, not to mention no sticky residue. 

In contrast, oil-based lubricants are more silky and luxurious feeling YES OB doubles as an excellent massage oil as well.


If you intend to use condoms with lube, you need to avoid oil-based products and should look at YES WB. 

You can use either YES OB or YES WB for compatibility with silicone toys. 

But for water-play, you will need an oil base; YES OB is your best choice.

Application type

Choose between a tubes which dispense the amount you want, and apply by hand.  Or an applicator which applies upto 5ml internally.

Both YES WB and YES OB are available in a tube or a vaginal applicator for internal use.  

Where you use it

Did you know the vagina and the anus have different pH levels? So we knew we needed a dedicated anal lubricant, and YES BUT was born!

YES WB and OB are pH matched to the vagina

YES BUT is pH matched to the anus