Hello Love Organic Shop in London

Guest blog: Jane Hutchison on her experience with breast cancer and setting up the Hello Beautiful Foundation

We were lucky enough to visit the Hello Love studio through a Soil Association Organic Beauty and Wellbeing Week panel discussion, and having discovered the amazing work that Jane has been doing, we asked her to share with us how she’s making a difference to the community with ‘The first space in London dedicated to NonToxic Practice™ and personal sustainability as a means to illness prevention’ 

I set up the HELLO BEAUTIFUL FOUNDATION (Cancer prevention charity) after my own diagnosis with Breast Cancer. Cancer is a word that has caused fear for decades but we must understand what Cancer really is to ensure the best chances of prevention and recovery. Cancer is a malfunction of the body on a cellular level and is the body's way of telling us that change is needed. The malfunction is triggered by a prolonged exposure to a variety of different toxins that deplete our cells of oxygen, water and nourishment. Over time the stress and inflammation that result from the toxic environment leads to the dysfunction and currency depletion of the cells. 80% of Breast Cancer tumours are full of everyday chemicals that have seeped into our skin in lots of the toxic brands we are using. We set up HELLO LOVE (our social enterprise and wellness space) in London’s Bloomsbury, 62-64 Southampton Row which is the home of HELLO BEAUTIFUL where we provide education about NONTOXIC PRACTICE™, the practice of stripping out toxicity from all facets of day to day life.

The Human body is capable of miraculous things if we adopt a lifestyle that is both NonToxic and Sustainable. Everything is considered in Hello Love even the paint on the wall is NonToxic and chemical free. Our practice takes place on three different levels: MIND, BODY & SPIRIT


  • We practice being mindful and emotionally aware.
  • We are proactive about reducing stress and anxiety, which can cause other illnesses to manifest.
  • We meditate to delve into the inter workings of our minds and draw clarity.


    • We nourish our bodies through plant based diets that are wholly organic and free from pesticides, preservatives, processed sugars, genetic modifications and artificial enhancements.
    • We use plant based cosmetics that are completely organic and free from parabens, SLS, emulsifiers and other chemicals.
    • And we bolster our existence through movement, breath, sound, light and energy.


    • We use dream work to interact with our subconscious.
    • We strengthen our spiritual being by becoming one with the universe around us.
    • Finally, we remember that we are all worthy of being healed because we are all made of infinite love
    • We provide free holistic classes, workshops & educational programs to people with Cancer & educate the community about prevention.
    To find out more contact: hellobeautiful.org | @hbcanceruk (instagram) Jane Hutchison, Founder & Creative Director